Sep 30, 2015

Various Artists (presented by Ennio Styles) - Stylin' 700 - 2015

14 years and 700 episodes of Stylin' on Melbourne's 3RRR-FM, but you get the presents! Stylin' 700 includes many unreleased and under-the-radar cuts, with music from Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal and no less than 13 US states. Mostly originals, as well as some surprising versions of James Blake, Bobby Womack, Thelonious Monk, James Brown, Richie Havens/Bill Evans and Ann Peebles. 

Digging further beneath the surface of these tunes reveals producers and musicians with credits extending to everyone from Horace Andy, Robert Glasper, Butcher Brown, Roy Hargrove and Eddie Palmieri to Carl Craig, MF Doom, Tall Black Guy, Drake, Thundercat, Chance the Rapper, Louie Vega, Miles Bonny, Ayatollah and Q-Tip. 

Freja - Ghosts in the Snow - 2015

Freja is a young singer-songwriter who creates delicately minimalist music with a beautiful story behind it. Her debut EP Ghosts is a celebration of Freja’s youth, covering themes of love, loss and life mixed with folklore and elements of gothic romance.

Freja’s vocals feel effortless, authentic and completely controlled throughout with a hint of her London accent coming through, particularly on songs such as ‘Foggy Days’ and ‘Without You’, not unlike artists such as Lauren Aquilina. With delicate vocals and beautiful piano led melodies entwined, the EP gives listeners an intimate insight into Freja’s inner workings and stunning ability as a songwriter.

Freja first started writing songs at the age of nine with dreams of starting a rock band and becoming the next big thing. As time passed, Freja decided she didn’t need a band behind her and ended up with a collection of sincere songs which she can now use at her disposal.

At only 20 years old, Ghosts is an ode to her coming of age. For the EP, Freja chose her four favourite songs she’d written as a teenager, old friends that she’s ready to introduce to the world on her debut release.

Eef Barzelay - Fan Chosen Covers 4 - 2015

As the titles suggests, these songs were picked by the fans, (and some by the sing song voices in my head). My deepest thanks for the inspiration and also to the writers and their kind hearted publishers.

released 29 September 2015 

All songs performed by Eef Barzelay and recorded by him in the laundry room.

HOO HAs unveil debut single ‘Yankee’ - 2015

Residing in the lesser-trodden crannies of north-east London, freak-rock four-piece HOO HAs draw as much inspiration from Dr Feelgood and JJ Cale as they do Blur, Violent Femmes and JaJa OK. HOO HAs formed when Kent friends Mark (guitar) and Jack (bass) relocated to the capital after stints performing with Liz Neumayr and John Newman respectively. Mark then met Adam (drums) when they both played in Hares, a band formed by ex-Holloways man Rob Skipper, through whom they then discovered singer Jamie at a party (where else?). HOO HAs’ initial collective forays were comical blues jams, from which a more coherent, relevant sound emerged as the quartet focused on each song in its own entity, although their overall style is as distinct, and as earthy, as you’d expect from musicians who cite heroes as disparate as Dylan, Fugazi, Hendrix and Pixies. Add to this Jamie’s deadpan vocal style, which belies his clever off-kilter narratives about the 21st-century experience, and you have a clutch of literate, thrilling songs that at times make you laugh, sometimes make you shudder, but always keep you intensely entertained. 

Sep 28, 2015

The Spills - Collecting Dust - 2015

The Spills may have been Yorkshire's best kept secret in 2014, but it's all kicking off for the Wakefield indie-rock 4-piece, who have signed not only to Alcopop! Records, but also the legendary singles label Too Pure to release an exclusive 7" in June, with new album Collecting Dust set to drop on September 25th…

Amidst writing and recording the album, the band have spent the last year or so sharing bills with The Cribs, Cloud Nothings, Menace Beach, Joanna Gruesome, WOAHNOWS and PAWS, as well as being featured on both Big Scary Monsters' compilation of favourite new bands, and Alcopop! Records' infamous Road To The Velodrome (released as a fixie road bike!).

Releasing their debut LP, Occam's Razor, on prolific Wakefield label, Philophobia Music (Runaround Kids, imp, Mi Mye), Occam's... received the continued support of previous releases, seeing the band being championed by the likes of BBC 6Music, Amazing Radio and XFM, as well as being critically praised both online and in print press with Artrocker describing it as “A completely joyous rock record”.

A rough-edged thing of beautiful simplicity, Collecting Dust deftly blends youthful rawness with polished guitar pop sensibility, rewarding repeat listens with added nuance… DRp

Sep 25, 2015

evols - Shelter - 2015

Evols are not guitars or "fuzzwahs" or "echo's", not even noise!
They are a psychotropic cavalry able to release in a gray brain enough serotonin to make a horse bark!

Sep 24, 2015

Braingasm Gif

Presents for Sally - Colours & Changes - 2015

“Colours & Changes” is the 2nd album from the UK band Presents for Sally. Formed in 2009, the three piece has taken in many influences and managed to form a sound all of their own. If the debut album showed promise of what the band could do, then “Colours & Changes” has set it in stone. The ten songs form a musical journey that takes you down several roads that all meet and make perfect sense in the end. At times melodic and beautiful, and others pure white noise with lots of delayed, detuned guitars sandwiched in between. “Colours & Changes” takes on a life of its own.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Harmlessness - 2015

Max Sandza This album is an emotional experience. It rivals everything that's come out this year. Thank you, TWIABP. 

fullautoAnime This album is Indescribable joy 

Quinn Starkey So good. Sooooo goooooood. I'm literally just taking a random guess at what my favourite track is because every song on this record is god tier. 10/10, highly recommend. 

Danimon favorite album 2015 so far. 

R.B Thank you for changing my life.

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die are an atmospheric emo / indie rock band from Willimantic, CT. The band was formed in 2009 and has undergone several lineup changes since its inception. TWIABP’s now 8 piece lineup writes the songs collaboratively and often on-the-spot with vocal duties shared by 4 members. The band’s sound is easily compared to second wave post-emo indie rock bands of the late 90s and early 2000s and their atmospheric moments are often tagged as “post-rock.” The band creates their dense textured sound with multi-layered and heavily effected guitars as well as synthesizer, cello, and trumpet. label

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - Radio Sessions - 2014

"There's an overwhelming sense of guilt in lavishing praise on Last because it's too little too late...a band that could have been our new Sparklehorse if we'd bothered to listen - 8/10." - The 405 

"This is the band at their most unafraid. It’s a record that will resonate as profoundly personal, packed full of inner-declarations about missing out on your chances, messing up your relationships and coming to terms with who you are. Press play and head out on a long walk – this one deserves your undivided attention." - GoldFlakePaint 

"Bold, underrated...truly represents Low Low’s best work—a jarring collection of acoustic folk songs addled and rattled by synthetic sounds and lo-fi recording hisses." - Paste Magazine 

Sep 23, 2015

Hardworker - The Awful Rowing EP - 2015

Sus Long left Oakland, CA in 2013 (and duo Kit Carson, a collaboration with Ian James Walters) to move to Durham. That same year, she met bass and banjo player Michael Conner and the two started meeting up to play Ramones covers. The friends kept making friends with musical friends and this bluesy folk band has grown to include guitarist Danny Nowell, singer Alex Treyz, and drummer Dave Berka.

This is the first EP from Sus Long and Hardworker. It's got a lot of words and notes, but it turns out that an album is mostly made out of dazzling goodwill and cheering friends and courageous bandmates and the kindness of strange, strange, strangers.

Safia Nolin - Limoilou - 2015

David Waterside Dure de pas ce rappeller ma propre adolescence aussi. Du ruff, des la promenade solo a -25 sur la 1ere avenue. Fuck ca feel motton dans gorge mais ces bon comme ta premiere baise. 

Bernard Chhun Parce que toute la tristesse et la beauté de l'album nous rentre dedans et qu'on sympathise avec l'auteure. 

Titilola She could be cursing me out and I would willingly listen to more. Hauntingly beautiful pieces in this.

dayflower - Departures EP - 2015

Dayflower are four guys who love fuzzed-up synths, shoegaze, dream pop and drum machines. Their music gets made between hot drinks and youtube ping pong. Hazy, glitchy sun drenched pop, recorded in the kind of bedroom where Enid Blyton is still visible on the shelves and a tumble dryer is used for a chair.

Captain Samurai - Hey Thanks Goodbye - 2015

A small dyi band making what they call "dropout pop" for your listening pleasure.

Friendly Savages - East in the Morning - 2015

"East in the Morning" is a story told in 10 songs. The sophomore album infuses folk, rock, blues, and "literally hundreds of words." 
Take a listen if you have two ears and a heart.

the cult of the dead bird - 2015

Ambient instrumental with shoegaze overtones laced with darkness coming out of Brazil.

Rebecca Everett – “Sting of a Kiss” - 2015

Recording is a delicate and wonderful challenge. Sometimes you get lucky…the earth sighs, the sky cracks open and the universe echoes in approval. This project feels like one of those moments. It’s doubtful that any of this album could exist without periods of the obscurity and loss of faith, for we have to let our former stage of faith die to move onto the next.I think the fear of death arises because we have been programmed to believe we are an object. The creation of this album came from being in a space between loss and faith, a meditation that brings deep, dark hidden mysteries up to the surface to look at.

“Sting of a Kiss” is a spectacularly slow-burning, raw number populated by crunchy, ominous guitars and Everett’s powerful, expressive vocals. If possible, listen while staring out the window as the sun sets and nocturnal creatures come out to play. Give it a listen below. GOP

Sep 19, 2015

Tani - Uturnis - 2015

Homemade indie pop out of Buenos Aires. 
Really happy women singing with acoustic charm.

Sep 18, 2015

Air Waves – Parting Glances - 2015

So Good!

For all the characters Nicole Schneit slips into on Parting Glances, all the lives she touches upon and then runs from, she can never seem to sing her way out of her own head. The Brooklyn songwriter’s second record as Air Waves jettisons some of the twang that marked 2010’s Dungeon Dots, opting for urban chug over playful Americana but still holding fast to the guitar as a nucleus for her songwriting. And though she brings on collaborators like Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter and Ava Luna’s Felicia Douglass, Schneit winds up streamlining her sound instead of expanding it. Parting Glances hones in on her laconic delivery and dry touch on the fretboard, never losing its poise but rarely getting too visceral, either.

As a lead vocalist, Schneit also keeps her cool. Her sandy, stoic timbre mingles easily with the treble- and cymbal-heavy orchestrations she wraps around it with her three bandmates. When she sings over Hunter’s low harmonies on opener "Horse Race" and centerpiece "Thunder", it’s like we’re hearing two sides of the same artist. The voices twin each other, leaving just enough space to cast shadow in the valley between them, and lending an extra slice of depth to a sound field that tends to skew flat. PF

Tellison - Hope Fading Nightly - 2015

Like any fan of Portishead, Tool or Dr. Dre will tell you, all good things are worth waiting for. That well-worn saying proves vehemently true with Tellison, who seem to be developing a pattern, keeping us waiting four years between each successive record.

Thankfully, Hope Fading Nightly is not just a ‘good thing’ but a truly great album, one that given the passage of time is surely destined to become a classic for those who like intelligent indie-pop underdog anthems. independent

Joplin Rice - Hurricane Alaska - 2015

Joplin Rice is a songwriter living in Lexington, Kentucky. 
He has released numerous other albums both under his own name and as Ezra Triste
Every band he forms dies.

Sep 15, 2015


Painted Zeros - SVALBARD - 2015

"One of the more hopeful heaps of songs this year...What it is we’re not sure, this is only a five-song (kind of four and a half) EP after all. But whatever it is, it’s exciting." - CMJ 

Back in July, the New York-based band Painted Zeros released their EP Svalbard, a collection of tracks that, despite their sing-along quality, are inundated in the kind of dark sentiments that come with being a young person trying to figure your shit out. The opening lyrics of “Too Drunk” are as follows: “Every night is a Friday night with a handle of gin/ It’s okay to black out, babe, if we just stay in/ It’s not any fun going home with someone when I wake up the next day.”

Various Artists - The Inside Track Vol. 6 - 2015 are delighted to announce the release of the 6th annual instalment in our 'The Inside Track' series. The compilation was started in 2010 to raise funds for Waverley Care and has raised a significant amount of money since its conception. Our other aim for the project is to ignite interest among Edinburgh students in the bands included and Scottish music as a whole. 

Sep 14, 2015

Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong

Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we're wrong about that? "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility.

Sep 13, 2015

Adult Mom - Momentary Lapse Of Happily - 2015

Adult Mom’s debut LP begins with a song called "Be Your Own 3am", a title that obliquely recalls Xiu Xiu’s 2006 song "Hello from Eau Claire". On that track, Caralee McElroy made a rare vocal appearance to sing, "I can weep through my own midnights" and "I know it’s stupid to dream/ That you might think of me as a man." Like Xiu Xiu in their softer, more reflective moments, Adult Mom, the Purchase, N.Y. guitar rock project helmed by songwriter Steph Knipe, scrawls gentle notes to self all over their music. Momentary Lapse of Happily externalizes many of the same queer anxieties that manifest in Xiu Xiu’s work, but in a lighter, warmer cadence more reminiscent of Knipe’s contemporaries in Eskimeaux, Girlpool, or Elvis Depressedly. PF

The Grumblebum Manifesto - A Fieldguide to the Lo​-​fi Bedrooms of Southern California - 2015

Dark, Strange, Noisy, Sad, Lo-Fi Bedroom-Pop Takeover.

Royal Headache - High - 2015

Gillian M Last night in Brooklyn you said Carolina was the best song you've ever written. I agree - love the new record Favorite track: Carolina.

Cvetomir Ginev One of the really fresh recent punk releases. Really like the whole spirit of the album and the fusion of soul and punk in one. Punk's not dead! Favorite track: High.

Chris Lamont Mentally FKIN great album thank fuck someone still gives a fuck! Favorite track: Carolina.

Viva la Punk, great energy. Favorite track: Another World.

Alex Jurkiewicz just try not to dance Favorite track: Garbage.

The Tamborines - Sea Of Murmur - 2015

"A heady burst of fuzzed-up guitar pop" The Times

"Insanely catchy chorus + INCREDIBLY LOUD GUITARS = perfect pop music" NME on 'Sally O'Gannon'

"A perfect song for the impending summer weather" Soundblab on 'Black & Blue'

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures - Berlin - 2015

“The Wave Pictures’ classy post-punkish bite is a great foil to Brinks’ whimsy on these unhinged, loose-limbed story songs. Sometimes gin makes you win as much as sin.” NME 

‘Berlin’ is yet another anthemic Brinks sing-along. Its airy ambivalence celebrates both the freedom and the ensuing pressures of his beloved adoptive hometown. It’s the 
second single taken from ‘My Ass’. 

“sounds like Herman Dune when they were charmingly naïve and elegantly simple, a rock’n’roll strum with an easy rhythm, anthemic chorus and some memorable lyrics” Sounds XP 

Sep 10, 2015

Anchor & Bear - Ahoy! - 2015

Anchor & Bear perform original folk/rock songs layered with lush harmonies & solid musicianship. Featuring the songwriting & vocal talents of Bearkat & Paul Starling.

No Museums - Frightening Camera - 2015

A homemade hybrid of creaking pop and basement rock, using an array of textural devices and hummed noise. Echo boxes, delay pedals, soft distortion dynamics and guitars with buzzing strings. There is drift and there is direction. Enjoys the sounds of Little Wings, Guided By Voices, Velvet Underground, Wedding Present, Television Personalities.

Chook Race - About Time - 2015

Gavin Hellyer "When you sit down to listen to this 30 minute record just make sure you have an hour to spare because there's no way you'll only be able to listen to it once. More great music from Melbourne, this is just fantasic with bits of The Velvets, Love, The Byrds and heaps of other great influences, plus their own very unique and original sound."

Funeral Advantage - Not In My House / That's That - 2015

Wake The Deaf - Quiet, Constant Friends - 2015

Quiet, Constant Friends: A literary-themed compilation in support of global literacy charity Worldreader.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers”

1. The Well – Danielle Fricke
2. Cattleya – Lotte Kestner
3. Akhnilo Blues – Wes Tirey
4. Everything That Rises Must Converge – Pasture Dog
5. Pretty Steep – Old Earth
6. Little Big Man – Salt Altars
7. Not Her – Henry Demos
8. Mexico City – Beat Radio
9. Hair – Sondra Sun-Odeon
10. Haruki Murakami – Nathan Amundson (of Rivulets)
11. Jim and the Rather Large Nectarine – Windmill
12. The Book of Love – ARMS
13. TV – Oh, Rose & Sawtooth
14. Don’t Go Away Ahumpf Acgroomf – Free Cake For Every Creature
15. The Overlook Hotel – John Ross
16. I Drank Phosphorus with my Aunt Lucy – Kissing Fractures
17. Past Lives – Nice Legs
18. King of Crumbs – Ben Seretan
19. Oak and Linden Tree Abridged – Trouble Books
20. I’m a Book on Tape – Lewtrakimou
21. Runway – Nadia Reid

Sep 8, 2015

Billy Crudup - Sing Along - 2014

Stuck in your confines chewin' it over.
Caught in your headlights. Stop staring.
Don?t know what's on my mind. What am I thinking?
Whatever I say is a lie, so stop staring. Tread carefully

Take a breath and count the stars.
Let the world go round without you.
If you?re somewhere you can hear this song
Sing along.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Maybe love's the only answer.
I will find a way to sing your song
So sing along.

Help me understand the silence.
We make the best we can of everything.
Nothing is what it was. Turning the light on.
Honesty changes us completely. Tread carefully.

Take a breath and count the stars.
Let the world go round without you.
If you?re somewhere you can hear my song
Sing along.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Maybe love's the only answer.
I will find a way to sing your song.
Just sing along.
What is lost can be replaced.
What is gone is not forgotten.
I wish you were here to sing along
My son
My son
My son

Sep 7, 2015

FLOWER TRUCK - Dirt - 2015

Cherry Picker - Candy - 2015

i know who you are and you are nothing - in due time - 2015


"Great Francophone pop compilation - from quietly strummed atmospheric songs to electronics and noisier jams" (Bandcamp)

"Compilation éclaireuse activiste, défrichant les souterrains de la chanson francophone en gestation" (Didier Varrod / France Inter)

"Une collection inestimable" (Matthieu Conquet / France Culture)

"Des petites pépites du french pop underground" (Popnews)

"Que du bon, que du neuf, que de l’excitant, donc" (Les Inrocks) 

"A la limite de l'indépassable" (Gonzai )

"La compilation défricheuse" (La Blogotheque)

"Des pépites musicales à découvrir d'urgence" (Le Mouv')

Requin Chagrin est: 
Marion Brunetto (voix, guitare) 
Grégoire Cagnat (basse) 
Yohann Dedy (claviers) 
Romain Mercier-Balaz (batterie) 

Toutes chansons par Marion Brunetto, sauf Ciao Rubello ) paroles de Grégoire Cagnat et Alysson, paroles de Marion Brunetto et Grégoire Cagnat. 
Enregistré et mixé par Marion Brunetto à Paris. 
Masterisé par Dan Emery au Black Matter Mastering - Nashville. 

Nancy Sin - Two Songs - 2015

Two jangle pop indie tracks out of San Diego

Wild Moth - Inhibitor - 2015

Recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Whirr) and Max Senna (Miserable), the new LP sees the Bay Area post-punk band hit a new gear, layering darkly textured guitars and creating a shimmering river of pensive, jagged sound. Think modern shoegaze that mixes spikes of punk-infused energy, akin to Isn’t Anything-era My Bloody Valentine crossed with Drive Like Jehu.

Rudderless Soundtrack - 2014

Track Listing

1. Home (Billy Crudup) 3:56
2. Over Your Shoulder (Rudderless) 2:32
3. Hold On (Ben Kweller and Selena Gomez) 3:09
4. Sam Spirals (Eef Barzelay) 2:29
5. Beautiful Mess (Rudderless) 2:31
6. Stay With You (Rudderless) 2:31
7. The Two-Year Hangover (Eef Barzelay) 2:21
8. Real Friends (Rudderless) 2:46
9. Asshole (Ben Limpic) 3:13
10. Some Things Can't Be Thrown Away (Eef Barzelay) 1:14
11. Wheels On The Bus (Rudderless) 1:40
12. A Day On The Water (Eef Barzelay) 1:04
13. The Gig Is Off (Eef Barzelay) 3:26
14. Sing Along (Billy Crudup)

"Rudderless - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (14 songs; 37 min.) packs a LOT of music in a short amount of time. Basically, you can divide up the soundtrack into three groups: first there is the music brought by Billy Crudup's character and/or his band Rudderless; then there is the mostly instrumental and most short tunes brought as intermezzos by Eef Barzelay; and then there is "the rest". Of course it's the Crudup/Rudderless tunes that carry the weight of the movie, and hence get the closest scrutiny. I was surprised how strong Crudup's voice is, check out the opener "Home", but even better yet, check out the soundtrack's (and also movie's) closer, "Sing Along", which he brings with full emotion. I admit it got the best of me as I was watching it on the big screen. Rudderless isn't named after a Lemonheads song by coincidence. Rudderless goes after a similar vibe, check out "Beautiful Mess" and later "Wheels on The Bus", starting out deceivingly slow and then simply exploding. (It makes for a great scene in the movie.) As to "the rest" of the soundtrack, there is an appearance from none other than Ben Kweller at the open mic night in the movie, and that song "Hold On" is included here (I don't know why Selena Gomez is on here, she plays a small if slightly bizarre role in the movie but was not featured on this song). Rounding out things is Ben Limpic. Bottom line: "Rudderless" is a great soundtrack, full of heartfelt performances.

Sep 5, 2015

say hi - bleeders digest - 2015

Vampires. Does there exist a species more mysterious, slandered, glorified and misunderstood?

Bleeders Digest is their story. It's polaroids of their patience, resilience and wrath. Is there a better metaphor for intimacy than the vampire? The sharp teeth and fluids, the romance of eternity. Throughout the album, we see things from the vampire's perspective. In opening track "The Grass Is Always Greener," the vampires are content with coexisting until the song's protagonist cartoonishly hurls a giant boulder at them (thanks a lot, Jenny). By the time we reach the chugging anthem "Pirates Of The Cities, Pirates Of The Suburbs," the fanged demons have driven most of us from our homes in a bloody wash of brute force and Darwinian eminent domain. On "It's A Hunger," our protagonist literally starves for what the female gender offers to all five of his senses. Elsewhere, as on "Galaxies Will Be Born," the seduction of immortality is eclipsed only by the tenderness of the act of turning, itself.

And so, from his tiny home-studio in Seattle, WA, Say Hi updates the vampire genre with another chapter via eleven rump-shaking vignettes and a giant still-beating heart.

Terrorista - Terror Rooms - 2015

Terrorista is a two-PEACE post-post-post-punk band. We play fast songs consisting of guitar, drums, and vocals.

Sep 1, 2015

Glaciers - A shimmering beast - 2015

For the last 9 years artist, illustrator and musician Nicolas Burrows recorded and performed under the name ‘Glaciers’, releasing two albums and a handful of EPs, and performing regularly in the UK and sat festivals in Canada, Norway and Portugal. ‘A Shimmering Beast’ is the last ever release under the name ‘Glaciers’ and brings the project full-circle to where it began, in Norway in the summer of 2006.

“It was in the islands, hills, fjords and of course glaciers (I chose the name after visiting Nigardsbreen in Sogn og Fjordane) of north-west Norway that I found something to write about. Up until that point I had been in various bands, and was bored with what I was doing musically. My writings and thinking from my time wandering around Norway became the basis for a small collection of songs which I recorded back in the UK, and which lies at the heart of all the Glaciers material. Through my interest at that time in Norwegian art and music, one of the first songs I made ended up on Metronomicon 4.0, and now the very last collection of songs is ending up on the label too”

Nicolas is currently writing and recording under the name ‘Fell’.

Great Panoptique Winter - Wildness - 2015

Great Panoptique Winter is a collaboration project between Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical, Pretty Boy Crossover) and Richard Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter).  

The result is Wildness, a 6-track album clocking in at nearly half an hour, of distinct, icy compositions with a wintery hue veering between the darker territories of 80's electronic pop, sprawling folky improvisation and heartbroken snowed-in melancholy. 
Wildness is a stunning, carefully constructed album which not only appeals to all fans of Hood, The Declining Winter, Panoptique Electrical and Pretty Boy Crossover, but at times also feels like listening to a glorious combination of Talk Talk, David Sylvian, Depeche Mode and Labradford.