Feb 27, 2016

Cadence Kid - Xtc - 2016 single

Hold on to the light, shadows on the wall. 
Dancing in the night, spinning till we fall. 
Lost inside a dream, can u hear my call? 
Silently we scream "I want to lose I want to lose control" 
Close my eyes and I'll drift away beyond the horizon is where will stay.

Your love is like ecstasy ecstasy 

This life without u, colored black and white. 
Every thing was dull but now I'm not afraid of light. 
Close my eyes and I'll drift away beyond the horizon is where will stay.

Your love is like ecstasy ecstasy

thanks for coming - i just want to get high & die // brand new anxiety - 2016

Beautiful yet simple bedroom folk with a ton of heart. I really like the subtle and distinct female vocals that accompany these precious folk gems… well done!

Loop Line - Wakes - 2016

If you're looking to rock out tonight and are sick of all the radio play, pop this one on and see your friends start asking… Weezer like; solid little release.

Loop Line is an indie-rock band based out of multiple locations.  They are but two men, who live in different cities. Currently, Paul lives in Minneapolis and Luke lives in Phoenix. They first met in Minneapolis, where they played together in various bands until 2009, when life got in the way and forced their musical collaboration online. Geographically challenged ever since, they've been making music together by sending files back and forth over the internet, revising and adding to each other's demos until they become truly collaborative songs.  Hence the moniker "Loop Line," representing the musical data packets that are constantly traveling back and forth between two points, thousands of miles apart.

Hayden Calnin - Cut Love - 2016 single

Following two critically acclaimed EPs and drawing comparisons to Bon Iver, M83, Dawn Golden as well as Beach House, Hayden’s rapidly growing fan base have been asking for more releases, more tracks and more of Hayden worldwide. He decided to spend the time refining and cultivating the vision and musical ingredients behind his long anticipated album, which he’s finally completed. And that’s just the half of it… This Spring, Hayden will be releasing not one, but two albums worth of breath-taking material.

The Pathetic and Elegant - Slow Motives - 2016

'Slow Motives' is the Sophomore album from The Pathetic and Elegant, the solo project of Luke Fisher, a lo-fi bedroom pop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. We here at Spellabee Space hope you enjoy it.

E T E R N A L S - Raised By Wolves - 2016 single

Boston’s Eternals are the perfect collusion of timeless sounds with an ambitious sonic language. With hints of Steely Dan and Wilco, the bass led track utilizes warm vocal harmonies and groovy guitar lines to create a lush, but not over-produced sound. “Raised By Wolves” was just premiered on the Boston Herald and is the second single off their upcoming full length Isn’t that Anyone. 

Lucy Dacus – No Burden - 2016

No Burden is an uncommonly warm indie rock record. Lead guitar lines pour in like slow columns of sunlight, and Dacus' voice itself is a comforting blur. "I let my mind get turned inside out/ Just to see what the kids were laughing about," she sings on "Direct Address." "And it wasn't worth understanding/ Something I could've gone my whole life not knowing." Her perspective is sober and carefully composed, but the blur in her voice also gives her songs the casual, permissive dimension that usually slips in after two or three drinks. "I thought you'd hit rock bottom, but I'm starting to think that it doesn't exist," she sings in "Strange Torpedo." "You've been falling for so long and you haven't hit anything solid yet." PF

Feb 26, 2016

TV Girl - Who Really Cares - 2016

On the surface, TV Girl is a sunny, throwback splash of ‘60s French pop and southern California soul. Yet, under that shiny veneer lays a dark heart, beating with sharp wit and cynical alienation, and the music is all the more alluring for it.

TV Girl was formed in 2010 by Brad Petering as an outlet to blend the love of Spector-esque girl-group pop with an emerging interest in hip-hop. Featuring shimmering vocals and sampled beats, the self-titled debut EP of the same year turned heads online immediately; the group’s lush vintage rhythms and timeless pop hooks were even making waves on the BBC. Soon after, Jason Wyman joined the band and they continued to release increasingly popular EPs and mixtapes between tours. 

Lily & Madeleine - Keep it Together - 2016

Indianapolis-based sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz released a beaut of a second album (Fumes) in 2014. Released on Sufjan Stevens’ label Asthmatic Kitty, the record fused folk and pop in a seamless, natural way, resulting in a purified sound that was equal measures Jenny Lewis and Aimee Mann.
Jumping labels may indicate a change of musical scope, and while the siblings’ sound has altered, it remains rooted to its origins. Far removed from the pastoral ambience of Fumes, however, Keep it Together is buoyed by a swathe of instrumentation (supremely delivered by bandmates Kate Siefker and Shannon Hayden) and a groove quite close to raunchy. irishtimes

Violent Femmes - Happy New Year EP - 2015

Indielist The Violent Femmes are ingrained into my musical DNA. Knowing that a new album is on the horizon, I thought to check on Bandcamp for anything I could do to support an all time favorite. Somehow this EP slipped by me until now. 

These tracks sound like they were in a time capsule waiting for just the right time to hit my ears. Always timeless and always a welcomed addition!

Tiny Little Houses - Soon we won't exist - 2016

How weird it is to think in 60 years 
We won't exist and everyone 
We've ever loved will just go on 
The sun, the moon will shine above 

And when we're deep beneath the ground 
Our bodies vacant like the sound 
Of empty space where we were born 
The planets dancing all around 

An eternity to drown 
In a cemetery town 
Is haunting me 

The thing that hurts the most 
The saddest part of all 
Is you won't even know 
That I'm missing you 

Do angels sit up high in silver snow 
I'll hope and pray but never know 
Until they hold me by the hand 
I may not ever understand 

When i've lay here in my grave 
The sun has grown until the day 
It's warmth will splutter in the cold 
The glow will finally fade away 

An eternity to waste 
And a cemetery fate 
Is haunting me 

The thing that i'll lament 
What scares me half to death 
Is you won't even get 
That i'm missing you 

I'm missing you 

And i don't want to die, 
I've told myself a lot of lies 
But i fear my second death 
When someone says my name for the last time 

Darling don't you try 
Don't you ever say that you wanted to 
Oh i know that you wanted to 

The strangest part of life 
What keeps me up at night 
Is you'll sleep sound despite 
That i'm missing you.

burst & bloom records - Some Guys - 2015

A compilation album, recorded and compiled as a surprise birthday present for our friend Guy Capecelatro III. The tracks on this collection are both covers of Guy's songs and songs written for Guy.

Haley Heynderickx - Fish Eyes EP - 2016

wonderful singer songwriter penning powerful songs eventually for the masses - it all starts here for now!

Feb 24, 2016

Winter's Final Hoorah

Eef Barzelay - EP 2 (love spills out) - 2016

When you start to dissect the long and winding road that is the Clem Snide biography, it all traces back to Barzelay’s voice.  It isn’t your traditional singing voice.  It has a whine pitch that is more about emotional exhaustion than it is weakness.  It’s equal parts River Cuomo’s sarcasm, Daniel Johnston’s sadness and Mark Oliver Everett’s attention to detail.  For a time, it was also the most recognizable voice in a small indie circle defined by recognizable voices.  Clem Snide was able to glide between genres like pop and alt-county with relative ease. It was the kind of voice that you would hear through the doors of dormitories and on the far end of music dials.  Truly, it had the potential to be the voice of a decade. popmatters

Feb 23, 2016

Snøskred - Empty House - 2016

very reminiscent to Yo La Tango - great release with lots of interesting tracks

Boston for Bernie - 2016

All songs donated by local musicians in support of our guy, Bernie Sanders. All proceeds go directly to his campaign. Be generous!

self portraits - imperfections - 2016

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Self Portraits at 60 Reuilly Studio. Instruments, voices and lyrics by FLG, except voice on track 4 by R.L. Kelly.

Hello, I'm Sorry - Consolation Party - 2016

The past 6 months have been - hands down - the loudest so far and I've done my best job at documenting them in these 12 little songs and I'm way way too excited for you all to listen. Between moving, smiling, crying, screaming, kicking, drinking, and laughing, this album and these last months can only be described with the two words; IT'S HAPPENING. So go LISTEN and DANCE and tell me what you love and what you hate and GET OUT THERE & GO FOR IT.

Feb 20, 2016

Family Video - Places to Sleep - 2016

sad and lonely dream music out of Newfoundland…

gorgeous bully - better demons - 2016

Some demos of old tunes swirling with bedroom pop, diy flare…

Velcro - VELCRO S​/​T - 2016

some nice bedroom pop out of Melbourne…

Candy - Azure - 2016

It's been ages since I last did a Candy album so i'm stoked for anyone to hear this and if you wanna own it just chuck $0 in the 'buy now' thing :))

Feb 17, 2016

REIGHNBEAU + BK Beats - Sleep - 2016

After you pop out of your REIGHNBEAU-induced daydream, listen to this new release all over again…

Feb 16, 2016

tape deck mountain - Is And Always Was Daniel Johnston's Delay Pedal - 2016

All proceeds will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) www.NAMI.org 

Two Daniel Johnston Covers

Ghost Towns - A Trick of the Light - 2015

Home town back to the dirt, dust and root melodies - very nice release.

Online Piano Lessons


Pianu teaches you how to play the piano
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Feb 15, 2016

fettkakao - Alte Sau / Lime Crush Split - 2016

handsome eric - split - 2016

dublin based bedroom pop musician.

favorite phrases: rad gnarly sick cool awesome

Feb 14, 2016

Cloud Cult – The Seeker - 2016

"The Seeker" is Cloud Cult's newest album, released February 12, 2016. The album features 13 new Cloud Cult songs including the radio singles "No Hell", "Through the Ages", and "Days to Remember". It debuted on the college radio charts at #4 (Most Adds) and Entertainment Weekly calls it a "must listen".

"The Seeker" is also a feature length film due out in late 2016, written by Cloud Cult and directed by Jeff D. Johnson. The film stars Alex McKenna and Josh Radnor, and the music is written and performed by Cloud Cult. "The Seeker" is a story of Grace, a daughter whose idyllic life is turned upside-down by immense tragedy.  As she grows older, her cynicism and apathy towards her new reality is challenged by a reminder from the past that sets her on a pilgrimage that will define her.  

Somewhere between poignant and funny, where good advice, mythology and laughter all seem to collide, The Seeker finds that acceptance and love offer the real answer. Throughout, the troupe pair twanging banjo with dainty piano, cello with percussion and anthemic chants with rhythmic clapping while laying out their uplifting message. exlaim!

Feb 13, 2016

Pinegrove - Cardinal - 2016

a five piece rock hard at work in the promotion of introspective partying! a band living out dreams in a reflective lattice of flavor and strength!! From the glass-lined tanks of old Montclair... we tender this premium aural experience!!!

Yusef S The music is raw and timeless, but the effect is even greater: Pinegrove brings life to deadening nights and makes you feel somehow optimistic about the day after.

Feb 10, 2016

Kevin Morby - I Have Been To The Mountain - Official Video - 2016

Kevin Morby doesn't have Dr. King's serenity or hope when he returns from his proverbial mountain trip. Like so many others, Morby was hit hard by the death of Eric Garner and the subsequent judicial injustice. And in a press release, he said "I Have Been to the Mountain" is "dedicated to and inspired by" Garner's death. The song finds Morby reflecting on Garner as a real person, someone who walked among us and no longer can: "That man lived in this town/ 'Til that pig took him down." He's haunted by Garner's final words, "the sound of a man stop breathing, pleading." Morby asks us to "destroy the destroyer." Pf

Feb 9, 2016

Los Campesinos! - A Good Night For A Fistfight (Live At Islington Assembly Hall) - 2015

On December 15th, 2012 at Islington Assembly Hall, London, we played a 21-song set in front of a sold-out crowd of 800 people to both celebrate our time with and mourn the depar- ture of Ellen Campesinos! as a member of Los Campesinos!. It also marked the first time we were joined onstage by Aleks Campesinos! since her departure from the band, to return to her studies, 3 years ago. 

This was a once in a lifetime LC! gig. One which we enjoyed playing immensely and are delighted to be able to share with you in the form of this live album. We hope that you enjoy listening to it and that if you were there on the evening it brings back floods of good memo- ries. If you weren't, I hope it hits you with pangs of jealousy, and that we will see you front and centre at a show in the not too distant future.

a certain smile - Hold​/​Hush - 2016

Raised on a steady diet of sarah records singles, slumberland noise pop, and creation era shoegaze, Portland's a certain smile work hard to find that balance between the sweet twee, the fuzzy gaze, and punky pop. Having spent years bubbling over in Philadelphia, a certain smile has taken to it's new Pacific Northwest home with aplomb and are now ready to start bringing their noize to the kids!

Golden Groves - IDEAS - 2016

Based out of Kansas City, the Golden Groves are defining how rock ought to be played. The energy, melody, and efficiency in conveying real, musical message is worth every second spent with them - in person or in stereo. Only 1 year old and releasing their first EP, IDEAS, there is so much more in store for the boys of Golden Groves

Great Thunder & Radiator Hospital - The Great Thunder Radiator Hospital Wedding Album - 2016

One album made by 2 bands in holy matrimony. Old songs, new songs, borrowed songs, and blue songs, recorded at home and presented here for your listening pleasure. Available on vinyl from Stupid Bag Records: stupidbagrecords.storenvy.com

The Second Hand Marching Band & Benni Hemm Hemm - Faults - 2016

Collaboration between the Scottish Second Hand Marching Band and the Icelandic Benni Hemm Hemm.

Shakey Graves - Live at Levon's - 2016

This is a live experiment, testing out a few new songs in their baby form and playing others in a different arrangement or manner. 

Feb 7, 2016

Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale - 2016

+ RIYL The Only Ones/England’s Glory, The Modern Lovers, The Clean, The Verlaines, The Go-Betweens, Nikki Sudden, Bedhead, and all things Lou Reed 

Snail Mail - Sticki EP - 2015

Listen to a 16 yr old kid pour emotion into a hand-full of minimal songs… Very impressive start to a songwriting career.

Sea Ghost - SG - 2016

The young Georgia rock band Sea Ghost first caught our attention when they teamed up with DIY weirdo-turnt-OVO cult hero iLoveMakonnen on last year’s tremendous single “Running Away.” We posted the video for their equally impressive “Cave Song” about a year ago, but other than May’s Majical Cloudz-reminiscent one-off “BBQ,” all has been quiet on the Sea Ghost front since then. Not anymore! The band is releasing their new album SG later this month — that’s the cover art by Reginald Levy above — and today we’re sharing opening track “Cowboy Hat.” It’s exuberant yet melancholy indie-pop that reminds me of the Unicorns and the K Records catalog among other charmingly slapdash reference points. “I’ve wanted this since we were kids,” goes the lyric, Carter Sutherland’s trembling voice overflowing with the excitement and terror of dreams coming true.  SG

Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer - Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute - 2016

This entire project was financed by the supporters at patreon.com/amandapalmer. The minimum price here is $1 - $.54 of which will go to Bowie's publisher for the use of the songs. The remaining proceeds from the first month of sales (until March 5th) will go to the cancer research wing of Tufts Medical Center, in memory of David Bowie. 

If you want to support THE MAKING OF MORE MUSIC, join the patreon at www.patreon.com/amandapalmer?ty=c 

Feb 4, 2016

drug cabin - Wiggle Room - 2015

Thibaut Devigne This is sugary pop as it is supposed to be. It does not take itself too seriously and is still very well done on a technical side. Also has a few catchy tunes that will make the listener come back to it more than often.

Yessica Woahneil - Cheekbone - 2016

Yessica Woahneil is a soft electric/indie folk artist from London, Ontario. She's been experimenting with her sound for the last decade, heavily influenced by the raw and honest melodies of Bjork, Cat Power, Regina Spektor, Bob Dylan, Laura Marling, Fiona Apple, and Coeur de Pirate.

talons' - Work Stories - 2016

Indielist Yet another fantastic release from Talons'. Like a nod to a Grandaddy album with a sound that is more electric than electronic and lyrics that cut to the core of simply existing. On top of that, you can support this extremely talented artist and pick up a beautiful print of the album art. One day, Talons' will start pressing music to vinyl and I'll be broke and happy.

Feb 1, 2016

Shocking Twist - pregame the postgame life - 2016

Rafter - A Sploded Battery - 2016

Rafter Roberts stands no taller than your average human male, yet his fiery red-haired head is filled with the minutiae of music, swirling and churning constantly. Fortunately this leaves little room for fear, of which Rafter has nearly none. One of the most intense and powerful music nerds you may ever meet.