May 31, 2023

Pip Blom • Is This Love? (with Alex Kapranos) • 2023

"The nice thing about working with Alex, besides the fact that the atmosphere was really good, was that we both had quite different perspectives. Whereas I am a bit more rock by nature, Alex is a lot funkier. And that turned out to be the perfect addition for this song, both in the verses and completely in the chorus. Never before has such a funky Pip Blom song appeared, and we all absolutely love it."


FRANKIE FLOWERS is an emerging alternative artist from Waterloo, ON. Originally, wanting to explore the electronic music scene, with the goal of being a DJ – she decided to take a course on music production and learned how to spin on vinyl. After an abysmal breakup, and many shifts working coat check at a Toronto concert venue, her musical direction changed and she began writing and creating alternative music as a release, having the sudden urge to use her voice as her main instrument. 

May 30, 2023

Jimmy Whispers • "Ice Cream Truck / Stray Dogs" • 2023

"Summer in Pain is pared down to the basics, spelling out heartbreak and frustration with a tried-and-true palette of organs, drum machines, and a world-weary tremble."

Balmorhea • Range (ft. Sam Gendel and Jason Treuting) • 2023

“There’s grace, sophistication, emotion and pureness and it’s taking elements from all sorts of music I love. Listening now … and absolutely am in love with it.” — Joep Beving on Pendant World

“a really beautiful record”
NPR’s All Songs Considered on Pendant World

“Balmorhea continue to take their minimalism to a new plane of creativity … 

Pendant World promises to stretch the imagination even further” 
Rock & Roll GLOBE 

May 27, 2023

Podcast #13 • Your Heart Breaks

From one island to  another Clyde Petersen of Your Heart Breaks joined me for the perfect conversation.  He is a talented musician, photographer, videographer, and artist that has been crafting works of art for well over 20 years. Multiple records, cardboard installations, music documentaries, art works have graced Clydes timeline over a career in the DYI movement.  Checkout his new documentary coming out this summer called, Even Hell Has Its Heroes, featuring the legendary band Earth, and his new record with Your Heart Breaks, The Wreck Line coming July 7th. Enjoy!

Chitinous Mandible • Summertime Drive • 2023

May 25, 2023

Zack Keim • Maggie • 2023

"I wrote 'Maggie' after a brief fling I had with a girl here in Pittsburgh. We met in a dive bar at the jukebox when she put a Kinks track on — we hit it off and really had no idea where it was going — but I went home after that night and immediately started writing. My whole goal was to capture that moment of excitement and newness you feel at the beginning of a relationship, hence that Buddy Holly / floor tom stomping thing throughout the song, and that McCartney bass line."

"'Maggie' is insular, steeped in daydream psychedelia, fractured piano chords, and longing melodies. Despite the bittersweet overtone, the track also has a propulsive rhythmic undercurrent and beatific melodic presence, lending it a certain nostalgic joy
Under the Radar

hunter & wolfe • Famous Friends • 2023

"hunter & wolfe has made their mark in the indie rock sphere with their uncanny ability to be at once tender and unquestionably vulnerable while maintaining a blithe sense of self-awareness that prevents their songs from crashing into overly emotional territory. "
-The Deli Magazine

“The Brooklyn-based duo of Michael Maffei and Sundeep Kapur, hunter & wolfe have divided their time between breathtakingly sweet acoustic work and lavishly emotional indie rock sounds for the better part of 6 years. Their forthcoming work is no different....”
-Atwood Magazine

May 24, 2023

V/A • BIZCAS10: Ten Years of Business Casual • 2023

May 23, 2023

Castle Frank • For Jamie • 2023

Discussing “For Jamie,” Max noted that, "Jamie is a character I created based on a few people I used to know. It’s a song about their actions and lifestyle and how it was negatively impacting their lives. Whether it’s staying up all night playing video games or lying to and manipulating others for personal and financial gain, it's ultimately about understanding that you can’t help people that don’t want to be helped, and while wishing them the best you have to move on and let go." 

Toronto indie-pop songwriter Castle Frank, aka Max Bergé, released his latest single, For Jamie” today, premiering the track via Spill Magazine. “For Jamie” is featured on Castle Frank’s upcoming debut album, In Your Blood, due out June 23. Additionally, Castle Frank has announced an album release celebration in Toronto, at The Monarch TavernPurchase tickets here.

Teenage Fanclub • Foreign Land • 2023

Norman Blake on Foreign Land: “The song is about moving forward, not dwelling on the past. We shot the video in Hamilton Mausoleum, near Glasgow. Given that the album is called Nothing Lasts Forever we thought it would be appropriate to shoot a video inside a tomb”. 

Feral Family • Fractured • 2023

 “Feral Family is like a drug… hits the spot once again.” - When The Horn Blows
“An industrial sound that gives an apocalyptic mood.” - Our Sound, Single of the Week
“Thunderous, cinematic.” - the most radicalist
“Dark, inspiring and refreshing all at once.” - Music For The Misfits
“It’s bloody hard to release something that feels authentically new these days, but “Spice King” is a catastrophically raw form of originality. Unfathomably strong.” - Flare Music
“A flamboyant backstroke in a sensory deprivation pool of delay.” - Listen With Monger
“Dreamy, melodic undertones and heavy indie swagger.” - Click Roll Boom

May 16, 2023

Big Thief • “Vampire Empire” (LIVE on The Late Show) • 2023


"The evocative, retro-tinged track showcases a '60s Britpop energy"

"TELECOMS wears their Brit-pop influences proudly on their sleeve in a song ready for your next playlist"

"This is a cheerier, poppier, more go-lucky type of sound, reminiscent of a time when there wasn’t such a focus on what the kids think is cool or hip. McVerry is focused on the bottom line, just pumping out songs that are fun, upbeat, and charming"

May 12, 2023

Podcast #12 • Zack Keim

I had the good fortune of linking up with singer songwriter Zack Keim from his home in Pittsburg PA hot off his tour in Spain.  His recent releases are chocked full of revival folk garage jangle goodness, they stay in your head until you listen to them again, and you're delighted you did! I literally listened to "Canyon" till the tape snapped. We talked about his influences, importance of family, love and we decided that without change you can have no progress ❤️ 

Zach's Featured Track is Canyon.

May 11, 2023

It Man • White Heat • 2023

“After much thought and consideration, we have decided that we will no longer perform or release music as The Jacques. Since the formation of the band 8 years ago, our line-up has changed, sometimes amicably but also in ways beyond our control. Four years ago, we lost our best friend and bassist Will. We had just completed our debut album 'The Four Five Three’ after spending our early 20s living and touring together. These are precious memories of ours and we are grateful for all of the friendship, support and love we have received over the years. We are currently finishing an album that we feel marks a departure from our previous musical direction. It is for that reason that we have agreed to be known by a different name moving forward. Thank you all for your continued support. Love, Finn, Elliot, Harry & Dexter a.k.a It Man”

Imogen Moon • Nicolston Dam • 2023

May 8, 2023

Terry Ohms • Let's Do Something • 2023

Rock Songs is Terry Ohms13th and newest LP in a 20-plus-years run of Birmingham, AL resident, Wes McDonald releasing an album with one of his several projects or another. In that time he has participated in several truckloads of quality rock n’ roll and general music making, fronting The Ohms at the turn of the century, then Vulture Whale from 2007-2015 and presently playing drums for The Blips and People Years. And of course he still has “his own thing”, Terry Ohms. This is, where in the name of Terry, Wes lets it all hang out. With an indie-rock flair and glare, Terry is not afraid to cross genre lines or turn the tables upside down from one song to the next on an album. With the freedom of being a 100% pure solo project - Terry plays the instruments, sings, records, mixes, and makes the cover art and the videos himself - Terry Ohms is free to fly as close to the sun as he wants. Rock Songs however, is mostly rock songs. Mostly. 


"'Nocturne,' as it emerges from a gentle chaos, channels straight into a resonant bed of living breathing emotion via the classic simplicity of reverbed piano chords, a pattering heartbeat rhythm and the layering on of spare, echoic, slightly eerie effects that manage edgy and soothing in equal measure. By the time Britta’s vocals arrive you’re so primed for full immersion that surrender is really you’re only option."

May 5, 2023

Podcast #11 • FENCES

What a treat to talk with Christopher Mansfield aka FENCES! This is the kind of conversation you never wanna end… We talked about fatherhood, writing songs, find ones voice and so much more. Truly a great listen. ☺️ 

May 3, 2023

HONEYMOAN • Sorry Like You Mean It • 2023

“Sorry Like You Mean it was the last song we wrote for the album and it's loosely based on a relationship I had with someone who was struggling with their mental health and addiction. The song explores the trials of loving someone who seems unwilling to change and has become so attached to suffering that it is almost pleasurable for them. The narrative touches on the eventual realisation that without their desire to change nothing will change, and then taking responsibility for one's own choices in the face of such a realisation”

Hurray for the Riff Raff • Resistance Rockers • 2023

“‘Resistance Rockers’ is written for the kid in me who discovered live music at age 14 and had my life saved by it,” Segarra explained in a press statement. “The video created by Kelly Gallagher features blink-and-you’ll-miss-it footage of little Alynda dancing in a mosh pit in Tompkins Square Park circa 2000. I wouldn’t have survived my teen years without that energy and inspiration. That’s a feeling shared by many, so I hope the song speaks to your same open-eyed younger self.”

May 2, 2023

FENCES • Thin Legs • 2023

“I felt empowered by other people,” says Christopher Mansfield, ahead of the release of ‘Bright Soil,’ his new full-length album under the Fences moniker. “I didn’t feel alone. I felt happy.”

May 1, 2023

Tina Boonstra • Circle back, start again • 2023

"...a poignant and heart-wrenching ballad..."
- Under The Radar

“...a striking introduction to a rising indie-pop talent...”

- Songwriting Magazine

"Bold and uninhibited..."
- Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music