Jul 29, 2017

Glass Hour - Burn - 2017

This song takes a slight departure from our familiar piano and guitar tracks and incorporates electronic elements to make an upbeat, catchy tune. It speaks of abrupt silence, unfamiliar territories and the uncertainty of allowing someone to slowly fade from memory. 

KOWL - Memories - 2017

Today, Australian-producer/DJ, KOWL released his new song, "Memories," via Casablanca Sunset. "Memories" is a 4-minute long instrumental electronic tune featuring warm analog synth on top of sultry guitar licks with fresh percussive rhythm. 

The track was originally created in 2013 as a demo. However, in light of the fact that the vocals never came to fruition, we've decided to dust it off and give it a proper release as an instrumental. 

RDU Live Sessions: Aldous Harding - Unfucktheworld (Angel Olsen cover)

Aesop Rock Guest Appearances Vol. 2

a bunch of Aesop Rock collaborations from 2014-2017

Jul 28, 2017

The Just Joans - No Longer Young Enough - 2017

seven at 77 - 2017

for a week this summer wiaiwya will be releasing a 77 minute long song every day (from 7/7, obviously!) to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières - the plan is to raise £7777. 

Dignan Porch - Golden Beak - 2017

Beginning life in 2010 as the bedroom project of lead singer Joseph Walsh, Dignan Porch have developed a sound that is laden with huge pop hooks, bone dry melancholia and skewed takes on everyday life. It’s not often that you can find a band that can be most effortlessly melodic and oddly haunting all at the same time, but Dignan Porch have managed it. 

Jul 21, 2017

VA - Vacations Time - 2017

Jul 19, 2017

Night Talks - In Dreams - 2017

"In Dreams" is also the new single by alt-rock band Night Talks. They're from Los Angeles, born and raised, and they define their own sound as pretty lush, equal parts heavy and delicate. Regarding this song, front-woman Soraya said: ""In Dreams" is about having a terrible day and then realizing that you can, indeed, move past it. Everyone deals with really awful things in their lives, and we wanted this song to remind people that more often than not, you can move on and try to enjoy what life has to offer you. It just takes time."

The Crowleys - LA sunset - 2017

We are releasing this as our first single because we believe it encapsulated all of our influences and styles. The intro is a fresher sound for us - more relaxed and poppy - that our local listeners may be surprised to hear. The body of the song is our more typical psych-surf style to get new listeners familiar with our sound. While the ending is a drawn-out, heavy psychedelic climax to keep people wanting more.

Ratboys - Audiotree Live - 2017

Ratboys' newest album GN is the band's most focused and intriguing release to date. Though some songs were written almost 5 years back, there's an undeniable freshness to the collection that reflects a succinct, forward-moving vision. They've doubled down on the folksy "post-country" of previous releases and managed to tell better stories with stronger, catchier hooks. 

Jul 14, 2017

Paranoia Musique Vol. 1 - 2017

New and exciting dark underground sounds 

thanks for coming - nothing always walks away - 2017

mostly sad and stupid and always in my bedroom

Jul 13, 2017

The Luyas - Human Voicing - 2017

Their retro-futurist songs are drenched in echo, and built from guitars, French horn, piles of keyboards, drums and percussion.The band’s debut album Too Beautiful To Work was included on the long list for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize. 

Lullabies For Insomniacs - Yasuo Sugibayashi - The Mask Of The Imperial Family - 2017

Lullabies For Insomniacs is pleased to present Yasuo Sugibayashi and The Mask Of The Imperial Family; a compilation of music from Mimic Records 1980-1982. Digital download includes 3 bonus tracks.

Yasuo began his musical journey playing guitar in a high school band, in 1980 after moving to Tokyo and immersing himself in various musical groups he founded Mimic Records. Inspired heavily by the art movements of the late 1970's, in particular the innovations of Brian Eno and David Cunningham he purchased a Roland System 100M. He was in search of a sound and the synthesizer had great potential. Simultaneously he had started experimenting with tape, playing with the tactility of the medium so he could understand how to best adapt it for his pieces. 

Yasuo explored ancient ethnic music and wanted to combine his influences with daily experiences of city life. The short lived Mimic records was home to three of his solo releases, a self titled LP and two 7 inches, shortly after this period Yasuo went on to pursue other musical projects, in 1985 he was a founding member of the band Qujila which is still active today. 

"Both profound and profoundly jaw dropping, the esoteric moves of this massively rare and insanely obscure 300 copy Japanese marvel have until now remained the sole preserve of a handful of heavyweight collectors. It's time to let the cat out of the bag on this one. The dankly cavernous and unsettling acid maneuvers of Dome circa their first three LP's (though absent vocals) are the nearest antecedent I can summon for the principal thrust of the sound here. So too, there's a ritualistic dimension to this stuff thats also a bit suggestive of something like Vasilisk or The Hybryds, though the arcane initiatory atmosphere here is far more penetrating that anything I've heard either of those two muster. Combine that with a Johan Hedran-like overlay of wafting, heat-warped systemic electronics and your at least in the general neighborhood, but these are only indicators pointing toward the occult sonic universe that The Mask Of The Imperial Family are enacting..." Mutant Sounds

american poetry club - glad to be here, etcetera - 2017

beautiful bedroom pop

Painted On Silent Blue - Heaven - 2017

The goal of this album was to create something that was beautiful to me. It was hard work, a lot of fun and I found out that the thing that makes making music so beautiful is the feeling of being completely free. As if music would give me a pair of wings. So.. "spread your wings and fly away with me…"

Jul 6, 2017

american poetry club / look mom, i'm on tv! - not the best but not because we didn't try - 2017

shiny and brand new, music for people made of stone

Jul 5, 2017

Biography Of A Silence - wolves - 2017

Tiny little shadow, creating weird vibes for spooky unknown salad eaters.
Singer / Songwriter / Coffee Maker. (indie; shoegaze; lo-fi; psychedelic bla bla).

Jul 3, 2017

Wilder - Buckethead - 2017

soft and delicate indie songs from a bedroom in the UK