Oct 30, 2019

Acidhead • Distractions • 2019

Patrick McGee, aka Acidhead, has arrived with his debut single titled "Throw Away The Time." It's the lead track from his forthcoming debut project, Distractions, dropping November 15th via Veriditas Recordings. The track was entirely produced and arranged by Acidhead with 80’s synths and drums inspired by Late Registration-era Kanye.

“Your heart thrills me, mine can kill me” - A love infatuation turning into obsession/addiction, and among other things, distraction. Both parties recognizing a bad situation, disposing of their baggage and wiping the slate clean, having a clear mind after a traumatic experience. - Acidhead

Acidhead is the brainchild of Patrick McGee; saxophonist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, empath. Distractions is his introspective debut, a deconstruction of pop music delivered with auto-tuned vocals and distorted electronic beats. The album is equally influenced by 808s & Heartbreak, Travis Scott, and Stravinsky, blurring and blending lo-fi punk and trap with the tenderness of Aaron Copland. His deliberate fracturing and reassembling of classical beauty is delivered with lovelorn angst, resulting in a compelling, unique debut.

Beatific • Smile Dangerous • 2019

"Any fan of synth-pop will love this one," GroundSounds' Jake Craney raved in their review. "We’ve been jamming it non-stop."

Dan Edmonds • another try • 2019

The record's newest single – "Another Try" – is an impressionistic pop track with layers of pulsing synths and treated vocals, setting a bright and enigmatic tone for the album. It's a song about second chances that came to fruition after Edmonds rescued his dog from drowning.

sobhhï • abu / dhabi • 2019

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sobhhï has established himself as one of the Middle East’s most promising emerging artists in the past couple years, racking up millions of streams as an entirely independent artist with his signature brand of alt-R&B dubbed “Trapsoul Nocturnal”.

Oct 27, 2019

Woods, Kevin Morby & more cover Purple Mountains at Woodsist Fest • 2019

Woods, Kevin Morby, Kyle Field (Little Wing), and Anna St Lous cover Purple Mountains’ “All My Happiness is Gone” at 2019 Woodsist Festival in tribute to the late David Berman. Nearly everyone on stage played on the Purple Mountains album.

Nothing • We Are Real (Silver Jews) • 2019

Up the hill past 694, at the stone wall make a left, 
and I will see you soon my friend if these old directions still direct. 
Is the problem that we can't see or is it that the problem is beautiful to me? 
The birds of Virginia are flying within you 
and like background singers they all come in threes. 
Won't soul music change 
now that our souls have turned strange. 
Once a day, twice a day... 
And when on and off collide 
we'll set our souls aside and walk away. 
We've been raised on replicas of fake and winding roads 
and day after day up on this beautiful stage 
we've been playing tambourine for minimum wage 
but we are real, I know we are real. 
Repair is the dream of the broken thing. 
Like a message broadcast on an overpass 
all my favorite singers couldn't sing. 
My ski vest has buttons like convenience store mirrors 
and they help me see, that everything in this room right now is a part of me. 
Won't soul music change 
now that our souls have tured strange. 
Once a day, twice a day... 
And when on and off collide 
we'll set our souls aside and walk away. 
Realizing is how it feels inside when it happens to you. 
So I took a shot of sugar like snow dumped into the blood 
and children wander off into the ultra-economic 
but we are real I know we are real.

Sam Miller • "The Stage of Aging" • 2019

Sam Miller is a man of unique talents. A rare musical soul who thrives in our modern day of synthesizers and microchips, but who would be equally content playing Bach fugues in a cathedral filled with orangutans. His musical output is driven by curiosity and exploration, noticeably lacking the self-aggrandizing spirit of so much pop music.

Lankum • The Young People • 2019

"I think Lankum are a are combination of talents and can appeal to anyone that loves music," explains Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis to Billboard over email, having signed the group in 2017. "The thing about the [folk] tradition is that it only stays alive when it is constantly being reinvented. Lankum are doing that by adding elements to the music not usually found there."

Paul & The Tall Trees • So Long • 2019

Paul Schalda is a poet, perhaps a bit of a tortured soul, a hopeless romantic, and a guy from Staten Island. That last bit might not make sense to people who aren’t from New York. Let’s say that it puts the blue in his collar and sticks his feet to the ground. Paul’s music seems to embody the unexpected overlap of The Band’s Americana, Ian MacKaye's unhinged emotion, Otis Redding’s raw soul, and the doo-wop melodies his father, Bill Schalda Sr. (a member of Brooklyn vocal group, The Montereys) raised him on. His sophomore album is produced by long time collaborator and old friend Tommy Brenneck and Big Crown’s own Leon Michels. For the people who are already fans of Paul’s debut ‘Our Love In Light,’ the growth and maturity will be impossible to miss.

Oct 24, 2019

Sofia Härdig • RADIANT STAR • 2019

“Härdig does not shy away from looking into the dark corners of the soul, without for a moment losing the sharp focus of her songs…  Portishead, New Order, and Sonic Youth merges in this music….”

“The lyrics and vocals contain a marvelous urgency”

“Having produced and played the entirety of the album, the Swedish-native’s eccentricity shines through her Siouxsie and the Banshees-esque vocals”

"BORN TO WIN …Härdig is on the verge of bursting in like one of the new jewels of the inexhaustible Scandinavian mine There is no doubt that you will end up hearing and speaking of the extraordinary voice and the charisma”
Rock Sound

Eil Marchini • The River • 2019

'Extraordinary, psychedelic masterpiece' - Vents Mag
'A true songwriter who simply wishes to transmit his wisdom to the world' - Happy Mag

With guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante as inspirations you’d expect a virtuoso musician and that’s exactly what you get with Eil Marchini – a maverick artist who excels at combining the very best musicianship with an unbridled talent and expertise for presenting it in endlessly fascinating new ways. Not allowing himself to be constrained by fitting into a genre, Eil flits between making atmospheric electronic and country with absolute ease.

Oct 23, 2019

Alice Boman • The More I Cry • 2019

"Swedish songwriter Alice Boman is a ghostly, whispered presence... which starts as an elegy and ends with solace" - The New York Times on “Dreams”

"Recalls the delicate intimacy of Perfume Genius" - The Guardian

“A subtle, nuanced balance between enthralling dream pop and stark confessional” -Clash

"Mixes ethereal folk twinges with unabashed pop glory" - The Line Of Best Fit 

Oct 22, 2019

Portland • Killer's Mind • 2019

Portland is the creative brainchild of musician and songwriter Jente Pironet. Sometime during the misty autumn of 2015, Jente collected a huge amount of song material, without a specific end purpose. Over the years, the songs were refreshed, adapted, rewritten and eventually gathered together and poured into a new creative receptacle by the name of Portland, a nod to the home of the late Elliot Smith.

Josh Stevens • Somewhere • 2019

Sontag Shogun & Lau Nau • "Photographs From a Moving Car" • 2019

Floréal is about slow change, forced change, and longing for what we may have left behind in the process. This collection of songs combines recordings made all over the spatial/temporal map. "Photographs" and "Floréal" were recorded by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket during the It Billows Up sessions in February 2018. "Plaid Lines" was recorded by the band in their home studios in Montreal and Queens in 2019. "Lament" was recorded by John Hull in Greenwich and assembled by Scott Solter in Durham in 2016. Laura Naukkarinen recorded her vocals at home in Kimito, FI. Ora Cogan's vocals were captured by Jeremy Young in a stairwell in Amsterdam, NL. Bern'rd Hoffmann's estate allowed us access to his archives for research (we didn't go). We're really proud of this beautiful music that came together under strange and complicated circumstances, and we're happy to have worked with some of our incredible friends to bring it to life. Thanks so much for listening.

Cattivo • 2019

You won’t find here uplifting beats or catchy hooks - this is a soundtrack for gazing, for the pure patient joy of listening that leaves you with an undefined feeling of longing. With our backs to the wall we may say that this little EP roams the lo-fi-dream-pop-ambient districts & yet it doesn’t sound like anything we heard before.

Cattivo [from Italian: Bad, Evil] is the sole music project of Omer Farkash, a musician and independent producer who also acted as a guitarist in some significant Israeli indie bands and also composed soundtracks for documentaries and exhibitions in Israel and around the world.
The debut album was produced together with Yair Yona and Boris Fabricant for a year at Omer's home studio in Tel Aviv and is now available for purchase on the label Schwarz Neon Licht Records bandcamp page and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music streaming sites.

Oct 19, 2019

Joel Jerome • It Will Feel Good To Die • 2019

"There’s a powerful Neil Young connection at work, —a bleakness that shifts into something maybe more hopeful" -

"Jerome’s new single sounds like a Beatles gem that’s been left out to ripen in the California sun" -

Late Homework • The Songs of David Berman • 2019

There is an idea that poetry is not the poem itself, but rather the small tidbit here and there that you are able to find, make meaningful connections with. and carry with you in your heart. This is certainly true of what it’s like exploring the absurd yet strangely dignified world of David Berman. In every piece of his writing at any point you might stumble upon the most stunning view of the miraculous beauty of decaying American life. Every line had the same opportunity to blow your mind with it’s brutal and transformative honesty, achingly encompassing a landscape of tragedy-turned-comedy and vice-versa. 

Oct 11, 2019

Club 8 • Så Underbart Va Livet • 2019

Today Swedish duo Club 8 release their first new material in over a year via Golden Islands. On "Så Underbart Va Livet" (which is in English and not Swedish no matter what you think!) they use dusty organs, ambient soundscapes and Asian mallet instruments to create experimental pop music that is overwhelmingly sad and peacefully happy.

Iñigo Montoya • MDTG • 2019

Between melodic and depressive ambient music, ironic rap-punk and electronica Nicolas-Jaar French pop, Iñigo Montoya is definitively a French project without borders. Their imaginary and ironic texts mock both the hypocrisy of an individualistic society, the standardization, the bourgeois classe and give a new message of a return to a fantasized Eden.

Ali Barter • Big Ones • 2019

Dodging the pressures placed on us by work, school, our relationships and ourselves is a constant dance, and Barter uses her frank lyricism as fancy footwork to curve negative vibes on "Big Ones". Of the track, Barter says: “I wrote ‘Big Ones’ during a time when I was sorting through the stress of expectation. Expectations from the people I work with, people I live with and mainly the ones I was putting on myself. So the song is essentially about opinions.” 

Oct 8, 2019

Approaching Perfection • A Tribute to DC Berman • 2019

« The idea came from my friend Baptiste Fick, who taught me two decades ago how to play How To Rent a Room on a guitar. “What if we organized a tribute compilation of David Berman?” As is customary at Section 26, I responded : “Let’s do it. We’ll think about it afterwards.” The musicians we started to contact reacted the same way, with short and direct answers. We often got a modest : “I’m in, buddy!” Sometimes, we’d receive whole testimonies of an encounter, an interaction with David Berman around Jewish mysticism, or teenage memories which obviously struck a chord with Baptiste and me. Even the most legitimate refusals were encouraging. Xavier Mazure

Adrian Prath • Lake Ontario [Full EP] • 2019

"Lake Ontario" - Press Release:
Adrian Prath, the 25 year old from Germany, releases his amazing ‘Lake Ontario’ EP a optimistically wistful ambient adventure. At times spacious and atmospheric and at times upbeat and groove heavy, the fast pace and dance-able rhythms on ‘Rupert Station’ kick the EP into high gear, a stark contrast from the chill down tempo ambient DreamPop that sets the foundation for ‘Lake Ontario’. The track ‘North’ has a haunting guitar melody mixed with psychedelic reverb and effects and crunchy drums that sound like a classic cassette recording. The ever evolving instrumental expands past psychedelia and tip-toes into down tempo experimental funk, another interesting departure from underlying substrate set in the sequence of opening tracks. The closing track ‘2nd Floor’ is indie heaven, dance heavy and heartfelt, the chorus and spacey guitar melody put the listener in a trance-like state. Immediately upon finishing ‘Lake Ontario’ you want to restart it, hearing the tape be inserted one is relieved on the beginning of ‘Hat Away’ , the lofi Indie ballad, not having to actually rewind to revisit this riveting work.

Oct 4, 2019

a Singer of Songs • Portraits • 2019

Dan Moxon • The Blue • 2109

Lounge Singer was a collection of half older songs/half new songs that I collected together to form my first solo album. As with most of my songwriting, I pulled ideas and themes somewhat stream of consciousness style from my own experiences without ever trying to reference anything specific. 

I like to note that there isn't a single guitar on the whole album. I think that with my main rock band, Bend Sinister, things always end up going a certain way when you start adding guitars and distortion. With Lounge Singer, I really wanted to let it breathe and have the piano and vocals be the driving force. 

River Westin • Gardens in the Summer • 2019

My name is River Westin, I really love the music on If It Be Your Will. I thought the vibe of my new track might fit in. It’s a nostalgic, dreampop track with a soft, melancholy tone. It might be a bit slower than you’re typical feature but I thought you’d appreciate the sound! It's my first release since placing Top 10 in the 2018 International Songwriting Competition's Adult Contemporary category and I’m really excited to share it.

Thanks for the share River. I'm digging the vibe of your sound.

Oct 2, 2019

An Orchestrated Impulse • 2019

An Orchestrated Impulse is a flipbook saga of mutual admiration against an electronic landscape. A humble hello that evolves into a hangout. A casual conversation that becomes the desire to communicate across distance, across mediums, in different creative languages to convey a sincere mutual appreciation for and reflection of one another’s perspectives.

Cathedral Bells • "Heavy Rain" • 2019

"As gauzy as it is ’gazy, Matt Messore’s dream pop project sounds like the Gulf Coast response to SoCal’s Surf Curse and their bedroom pop offshoots." ~ FLOOD Magazine

"What began as Messore’s bedroom pop project has flourished into well-crafted shoegaze for daydreams and late-night mischief."  ~ The 405

Oct 1, 2019

Fir Cone Children • Fog Surrounds Us • 2019

"It's a sparkling offering of 11 brand new indie-rock, shoegaze-oriented post-punk episodes blending it all with some psychedelia too, ultimately sounding as what can be best described as dream-punk." - Post-Punk.com (USA) 

Pom Pom Squad • Ow • 2019

solid female vocals push the simplicity of the music to a point of greatness

Bonnie "Prince" Billy • BPB Mix Tape Volume 5 • 2019

1. Kentucky / Will + Dawn 8.14.12 What The Brothers Sang Sessions
2. Bolden Boke Boy / Palace / 10.4.96
3. Ballad of Joe Hill / 10.9.15 Nelligan Hall Louisville KY
4. I Heard of a Source / 7.27.15 Kanfleuten, Zurich, Switzerland
5. The Sun Highlights the Lack in Each / 4.28.02 All Tomorrow's Partys E. Sussex UK
6. A Sucker's Evening / 6.7.04 Sluggo's Pensacola, Florida
7. O Let It Be / 6.29.03 Roskilde Festival, Denmark
8. Idea and Deed / 4.27.05 the Lava House, Louisville KY
9. The Pine Tree / 2.12.07 Corn Exchange, Brighton UK
10. Ode #3 / Ode Music
11. We've Only Just Begun / Carpenter's Cover, Snake Accident 

1. The Butcher / Palace, Springfest, Columbia College MD 4.25.93
2. Let the Wires Ring / ABC Glasgow, Scotland 4.11.06
3. The Devil is People / 6.8.15 Bonny Stillwatter, Louisville Beer Store
4. Ruby / Tweaker 8.12.03
5. Stablemate / PeelSession 2.2.99
6. When Thy Song Flows Through Me/VPRO Radio5 DeAvonden Session 
Netherlands 6.13.98
7. Less of Me / Bonny Roughs 8.2002
8. Forever and Ever / Bonny & Susie
9. Black Captain / Wolfroy Vinyl Master 2011
10. I Am the Sky / 8.29.98 Rare Book Room Brooklyn, NY
11. Midnight Rider / Palace Brothers 9.8.94 Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland

Painter • 2019

simple beauty...