Dec 30, 2011

Timber Timber 'Demon Host'

Death she must have been your will
A bone beneath the reaper’s veil
With your voice my belly sunk
And I began to feel so drunk
Candle candle on my clock
Oh lord I must have heard you knock me out of bed
As the flames licked my head and my lungs filled up black in their tiny little shack
It was real and I repent
All those messages you sent clear as day, but in the night
Oh I couldn’t get it right
Here is a church and here is a steeple
Open the doors there are the people
And all their little hearts at ease
For another week’s disease
And eagle eagle talon scream
I never once left in between
I was on the fence and I never wanted your two cents
Down my throat in the pit, with my head upon the spit
Oh reverend please can I chew your ear? I have become what I most fear
And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts but I have seen the demon host.

A Few Essential Listens from 2011

Genre: piano/cello slowcore

Genre: indie rock

Genre: lo-fi folk pop

Genre: Indie rock

Genre: indie folk

The Top 10 Songs of 2011

I have enjoyed surveying my year in music... It has been nice therapy throughout the holidays, place to listen and simply be with the music of the past year. A bottle of wine, a raging hot fire and a winter white out helps. Happy New Year to all! Thanks for my first full year on my blog, it has been fun.

10. Intergalactic Lovers - Bruises

9. Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes

8. The Sweep - Wishers Honey

7. Neighbors - Bad Timing

6. Low - Witches

5. DeVotchKa - 100 Other Lovers

4. War On Drugs - Come to the City

3. Old Calf - I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tale

2. Gem Club - Breakers

1. Rowboat - Lay My Worries Down

Top 10 PLAYLISt - HaPPy LIStenIng :-)

Dec 27, 2011

Top 50 of 2011: #20 to 10

20. Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws (classic indie build)

19. Webelos - Jack The Ripper (Experimental electro-acoustic)

18. Thievery Corporation - Culture of Fear (awesome)

17. House of Wolves - There She Goes (the name gives it away ;-)

16. Noah and The Whales - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N (great song - try singing along)

15. Eulogies - Intimate Debris (solid gem of a song)

14. Imaginary Cities - Hummingbird (killer groove, killer vocals)

13. Said the Whale - Holly, Ontario (Canadiana)

12. BOAT - King Kong (sweet theme for a song about Kong)

11. Vetiver - Worse For Wear (beautiful)

#20 t0 11 PlayLIst ENjoY!!!

Dec 24, 2011

Top 50 of 2011: #30 to 20

30. Crystal Stilts - Dark Eyes (Jangle experimental)

29. Times New Viking - Ever Falling in Love (lo-fi garage)

28. SUNBEARS! - Give Love a Try (Epic Indie Pop)

27. Dan Mangan - Post-War Blues (singer-songwriter)

26. Feist - How Come You Never Go There (singer-songwriter)

25. Acrylics -  The Window (acoustic indie pop)

24. Starfucker - Death as a Fetish (electronica)

23. Siskiyou - Twigs and Stones (indie acoustic)

22. Dolorean - Thinskinned (alt-country)

21. Bombadil - One Whole Year (indie pop)

Top 50: 30 to 20 Playlist

Dec 23, 2011

Top 50 of 2011: #40-31

40. Her Space Holiday - The Hummingbirds (I love the build in this song)

39. Lower Dens - Tangiers (any new LD is worth it)

38. Memoryhouse - Quiet America (indie electronica, very lovely)

37. The Pain of Being Pure at Heart - Belong

36. Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

35. WATERS - For The One (crazy Power Pop freakout)

34. David Dondero - San Antone (great cover; alt country)

33. Yussuf Jerusalem - Through Winter's Darkest Day (indie folk, singer-songwriter)

32. Mates of State - Maracas (Indie Pop / duelling vocals - amazing)

31. Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand

30. FM Belfast - American (playful indie-electronica)

Dec 22, 2011

LOW - Christmas [1999]

Genre: indie / slowcore / Christmas

One of my all time favourite Christmas Albums... Happy Holidays

When one thinks of Christmas music, one likely doesn’t think of a band that typically plays glacially slow-paced songs that sound more haunted than holly jolly, especially when that band’s name is Low and it’s label’s name is Kranky–names that don’t exactly scream Christmas cheer. Yet, it is the Low album, Christmas, originally released by Kranky in 1999, that I reach for first when I’m able to squeeze something Christmas-y of my own choosing between my wife’s repeat plays of Merry Christmas from Bing Crosby.

One reason for this is opening track “Just Like Christmas,” a surprisingly upbeat, jangly little tune that gets me in a merry Christmas mood more than any other seasonal song I know. That said, Low fanatics and the generally depressed shouldn’t be too thrown by this because Low also brings its own particular band of gravitas to a few more originals as well as some Christmas standards, including “Little Drummer Boy,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Silent Night,” creating a sedate, somber, yet somehow celebratory album for the lonely, dark, early morning hours just before Santa empties his sleigh and heads north towards home, and the sun dawns on another Christmas day. LG

Top 50 of 2011: #50 to 41

Today marks the date of the beginning of the long farewell to the music of 2011. We are going to countdown the top 50 songs of the year; I should say MY Top 50... You might notice that I am influenced greatly by catchy and melodic songs that have a real character singing. 2011 was a nice year of music - many great songs were released, so finding only a few will be encountered by surprise!

50. Peaking Lights - Marshmellow Yellow (Experimental Electronica)

49. tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta (Experimental Noise Pop)

48. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (Great Alternative Rock)

47. Brown Recluse - March To Your Tomb (Acoustic singer-songwriter - very melodic)

46. Steve Earle - Waitin on the Sky (Classic Alt-Country swagger)

45. Jamaica - Jericho ( Catchy guitar line that makes the song last)

44. Future Islands - Balance (Electronic Experimental melodic music)

43. The Joy Formidable - Whirring (Excellent Power Pop song)

42. Caveman - Thankful (Obscure distance in song, but highly smooth)

41. The Liptonians - You Know I Did (Indie classic)

Songs 50 to 41 for your enjoyment - and please mess around with the order to make the ultimate playlist all for yourself!