Sep 29, 2022

Tino • For the Stratus Family Video • 2022

Santino Gonzales, who records music under his nickname “Tino,” is an artist from Los Lunas, New Mexico. Moved by the landscape of his childhood, Tino uses ufology, adobe, & radio to investigate cultural attitudes around the fear of alienation & the desire for connection. Lately, Tino has been exploring how these interests relate to ideas about home.

Sonically, Tino uses improvisation and looping to create soundscapes inspired by times past. Fractured melodies weave in and out of one another, punctuated by radio static and home recordings. This sound collage, with instruments both old and new, situates Tino among contemporary sound artists and ambient musicians.

While inspiration comes from many places, Gonzales’ music could join a mixtape with the likes of Grouper, The Caretaker, Windy & Carl, or videogame soundtracks like Kentucky Route Zero.

DOWNGIRL • Manic • 2022

“The 90s references work, but DOWNGIRL work harder. They make this one sizzle.” 
4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J) [About ‘Beauty Queen’]  

“Massive riffs and destroy-everything vocals make for grungy goodness. I really like how this explodes after 2 min mark. Keen to hear more.” 
4 / 5 (Ryan Egan, Triple J) [About ‘Beauty Queen’]

'Beauty Queen' music video played on MTV

“‘Twas the night before Mardi Gras and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… until the first notes of Downgirl, when every living thing within earshot woke the fuck up and wondered, reasonably, whether the world was ending. A fearsome set, where everything is inside out, an impossible puzzle of things that don’t make sense but just do. It’s like enjoying getting a hammer to back of the head. What utter fun.” 
(The Underground Stage)

“Downgirl tore it up like a wrecking machine made of the Runaways and Bikini Kill” 
(Brian Giffin - Loud Mag)

Sep 28, 2022

Lo fi Hero • No Appetite • 2022

Lo-fi Hero is modern music made on analog gear: old and new, loop-based and performed, to create a new sonic landscape. Our project is based on taking live performances, then turning them into samples, and resampling the parts in inventive ways.
The track “No Appetite” was recorded, then exported to an MPC, then sampled back into the DAW. It should feel like longing, and a foreboding heartache.

Sep 24, 2022

Steady Holiday • People Take Pictures Of Each Other (feat. Bedouine) • 2022

People Take Pictures pokes fun at our obsession with capturing our lives instead of living them. We all do this, right? Bedouine and I are constantly catching each other in these moments, and we thought it'd be fun to cover a song that takes aim directly at them. This song was originally released in 1968 and it sure has snowballed in relevance since...

Candy Moore • Memory Of Hope • 2022

Sep 18, 2022

Paula Espinosa • All Summers End • 2022

Axis Neptune • Cherry Red • 2022

Axis Neptune is a project created by Josh Cotterill, a producer from Scarborough, UK. His music is heavily inspired by soul, jazz, indie, and synth pop, creating falsetto-driven songs with live instruments and deep grooves. He learnt to play guitar at the ago of 7, after becoming obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante.

Sep 15, 2022

bonny doon • San Francisco • 2022

Sep 13, 2022

Rubblebucket • "Cherry Blossom" • 2022

"Rubblebucket is the inspired music of singer and saxophonist Kalmia Traver, trumpeter and singer Alex Toth and their wailing band of big-sounding fun."-  NPR 

“The indie rock Miami Sound Machine” - ROLLING STONE 

“joyful, sparkly pop zest” - Paste

“A uniquely New York anxiety, erupting into a cacophony of sounds." - FADER

“The beautiful sounds of Rubblebucket” Kerrie Cosh - BBC Radio 1 - Future Artists

Live Dates
02/11/22: Brooklyn, NY @ Public Records [sold out]
30/11/22: Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
01/12/22: Portland, ME @ State Theatre
02/12/22: Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
03/12/22: Woodstock, NY @ Bearsville Theater 

Sep 11, 2022

The Ember Glow • Silent Love • 2022

“The Ember Glows is just such a time-shifting device powered by the spiraling lead lines reminiscent of the early Cult sound, woven of the same ornate intricacies as Echo and The Bunnymen, as anthemic as The Mission at their most bombastic best" ~ The Big Takeover

"At the intersection between post-punk intensity, the romanticism of new wave and trippiness of psychedelic rock... their sound is more akin to late 20th century northern England" The Spill Magazine

"Moodily brooding to dynamically vibrant songs that are drenched in ruminative baritone vocals, darkly shining guitars, low-register bass lines, and pushing drum beats" ~ The Record Stache

Montreal-based indie rock / post-punk quartet THE EMBER GLOWS (formed of members of Montreal-based indie artists ROOM CONTROL, REPO, SCENE NOIR and CITYLAKE) will soon release their 'Where Spirits Play' EP, teasing this 4-track offering with the single 'The Mirror'. Frontman MARTIN SAINT says, "This song is about how most nations carry skeletons in their closets - even the so-called peaceful ones. Sooner or later, we must face the weight of history and the past hits us hard collectively... The lyrics are only a personal reflection that came about some two years ago after some of my work in association with APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), but prior to the ghastly Canadian Residential School mass grave revelations."

Cosmo Gold • Wildflowers • 2022

"Catchy and upbeat" 
Paste Magazine

"Undeniably sweet"

"Full of catchy pop gems"

The album is the result of a highly collaborative effort & was co-produced by the band and their longtime engineer, Neil Wogensen (Valley Queen) and mixed by Jason Kingsland (DeerhunterBelle & Sebastian). The band and Wogensen were living together when the pandemic struck and felt compelled to dive deep into their imaginations as a form of escape. 

Geiger von Müller • Space Digger #1 • 2022

'Avant-garde slide maestro' -It's Psychedelic Baby Mag

'The future of music. This is how music will be' -Is This Thing On

'Exceptional great piece of guitar playing' -Rebellious Jukebox

'completely unique musician, instantly recognizable with a sound all of his own' -Roots & Fusion

Sep 8, 2022

The Queen is Dead • 1986

Farewell to this land's cheerless marshes
Hemmed in like a boar between archers
Her very Lowness with her head in a sling
I'm truly sorry, but it sounds like a wonderful thing

"I say, Charles, don't you ever crave
To appear on the front of the Daily Mail
Dressed in your Mother's bridal veil?" Ooh, ooh, ooh
And so I checked all the registered historical facts
And I was shocked into shame to discover
How I'm the 18th pale descendant of some old queen or other

Blondshell • "Sepsis" • 2022

Sep 6, 2022

fine. • Fine • 2022

fine. is 

Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon)

Alice Kat

Grade School • 2022

Quivers • I Just Wanted To See You So Bad (Lucinda Williams Cover) • 2022