Jan 31, 2024

Hurray for the Riff Raff • Snake Plant • 2024

“I’ve only had this experience a couple of times, where a song falls on me — it’s all there, and I don’t do anything,” Segarra said in a statement. “Writing ‘Colossus Of Roads’ felt like creating a space where all us outsiders can be safe together. That doesn’t exist, but it exists in our minds, and it exists in this song — this one is sacred to me. I’ve also always wanted to make my version of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Was Young When I Left Home,’ and ‘Snake Plant (The Past Is Still Alive)’ is it.”

Nation Of Language • 2023 (Live on KEXP)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Nation Of Language performing live in the KEXP gathering space. Recorded August 15, 2023

Weak In Your Light
On Division Street
Stumbling Still
Friend Machine
Too Much, Enough

Jan 30, 2024

Camera Obscura • Big Love • 2024

Camera Obscura's first album in more than 10 years, Look to the East, Look to the West is the sound of a band that has grown more confident in its sound and purpose than ever. It is Camera Obscura at their best and most evocative, an album that completely rearranges the listener’s emotional core, leaving them sad and exhilarated at the same time. The Tracyanne Campbell–led outfit, reuniting with producer Jari Haapalainen (Let’s Get Out of This Country, My Maudlin Career), have crafted an album that simultaneously recalls why longtime fans have ferociously loved them for decades while also being their most sophisticated effort to date. 

Jan 29, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E01 • Hutch Harris Promo


Podcast with Hutch Harris drops February 1st!

Ducks Ltd. • "Heavy Bag” • 2024

Toronto’s Ducks Ltd. today shared their moody, slow-burning new song “Heavy Bag,” the fourth and final pre-release single from their forthcoming album Harm’s Way

“Racing jangle pop” - The Guardian 

“[Ducks Ltd.] understand that dancing through misery is healthier than dancing around it.” - PITCHFORK

“Moreish jingle-jangle music that fits in neatly alongside the Go-Betweens and the Feelies” - The Sunday Times  

 “A dreamy soundtrack to innocent teen turmoil” NME |“subtly, incredibly catchy” – STEREOGUM 

“Like the Chills mixed with the Feelies mixed with the Wedding Present mixed with the Bats...” - Rolling Stone 

Jan 27, 2024

Terra Twin • Losing Your Touch • 2024

“So refreshingly different…Terra Twin are staying on the sunny side of grunge” DIY 

“Moody art-rock” Rolling Stone UK 

“‘Head Leaking’ is a collection of songs about getting lost. The songs are an attempt to form a genuine connection with overstimulation. How our minds can begin to race outside of our control and how sometimes we need to let it all just play out. Usually there’s peace on the other side of it.” 

Significant acclaim for their Americana-tinged indie has already surfaced from key indie press champions NME, Rolling Stone UK, The Line Of Best Fit, DIY and The Independent, whilst BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Radio X’s John Kennedy have both thrown their support behind the emerging quartet, with fanfare sure to build further following the release of their debut EP. 

Partnering with revered producer James Dring (Gorillaz, Self Esteem, Sorry, Jamie T) for their new material, Terra Twin fall in line with a vanguard of young bands like Wunderhorse, Divorce and Prima Queen in their story-telling-led sound. 

TORRES • Wake to flowers • 2024

What an enormous room is TORRES’ sixth studio album (her third with Merge). It was recorded in September and October 2022 at Stadium Heights Sound in Durham, North Carolina. It was engineered by Ryan Pickett, produced by Mackenzie Scott and Sarah Jaffe, mixed by TJ Allen in Bristol, UK, and mastered by Heba Kadry in NYC. The album contains 10 songs. Mackenzie wrote all of them. Sarah played bass guitar, synths, drums, organ, and piano. Mackenzie sang vocals, played guitar, bass, synths, organ, piano, and programmed drums. Additional synth bass, tambourine, and shakers were played by TJ Allen.

Jan 26, 2024

The Umbrellas • Fairweather Friend • 2024

The Umbrellas leap forward with “Fairweather Friend” is reminiscent of similar growth that we saw with second albums from Veronica Falls, Allo Darlin’ and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart; while the concept remains consistent, the execution is bigger, bolder and ultimately more satisfying. It’s always thrilling to see a young band swing for the fences and succeed, and we’re looking forward to hearing where The Umbrellas go next and watching “Fairweather Friend” enter the indiepop canon.

Jan 24, 2024

Slow Fiction • Apollo • 2024

As the band wrote on their newest release: "The recognition of being in love with what someone could be, but not what they are in reality. Apollo is the god of sunlight and poetry. Perhaps realizing that a person is not a god, without them you can still exist, create, and have a voice. Darkness is the absence of light, but it still has a word and meaning."

The instrumentation exhibited on the track is dynamic and expressive, with each member contributing to create a sense of collective urgency. The guitars of Paul Knepple and Joe Skimmons draw the listener in over the propulsive rhythm section of Ryan Duffin and Akiva Henig. Vassallo’s vocals punch through the mix with a confidence that belies how early the band are in their career.

"Emerging as a synthesis of emotional musicianship and honest lyricism, the band shines on their debut, self-titled EP, showcasing their natural talent and endless potential."
Ones To Watch

"The seismic churn of heavy-hitting guitars; the unrelenting rush of vigorous drums; the delicate, soul-stirring vocals that shine like a beacon of light – hopeful and heartfelt, like a sturdy anchor in life’s stormy seas. Slow Fiction channel inner turmoil into stunning sound on their self-titled EP, a radiant, achingly raw, and beautifully cathartic indie rock record."
Atwood Magazine

the juniper berries • “Online” • 2024

Life is overfull of cliches when it comes to loss and pain. People are so desperate to offer some conclusive thought that they land in an endless and frustrating blur of platitudes. But the real irony is that the revelation doesn’t come from any of the cliches, but from the endless nature of the blur itself. The Juniper Berries’ Josh Stirm came to this realization in 2020, facing the tragic passing of both his brother and grandfather, as well as the looming pandemic. “The grief felt weirdly impersonal—more than losing family members, it gave me a broader understanding of what it means to love people and lose them,” the Austin-based multi-instrumentalist says.

Jan 23, 2024

Cosmo Sheldrake • Does The Swallow Dream Of Flying (live from the studio) • 2024

I am over the moooooon to finally announce that my new album Eye to the Ear will be released on April 12th 2024.

Pre-order the new album on digital, CD and Double Vinyl here

It has been a wild journey to piece it all together over the last five years. Today am very exited to be sharing the opening and final songs of the album together. The first is ‘Stop the Music’, which I wrote after learning about the extraordinary adventures of an ancestor of mine who had been a pickle and condiment maker. The song slowly fermented, and is now a celebratory stomp exploring themes of consumption, excess, madness, and the possibility of transformation.

The final song on the album is called ‘Does the Swallow Dream of Flying’ which I wrote in a solar powered studio in a shed in Dorset. Here, I try to imagine the world from the perspective of other beings, including a bird, a flower, a river, and the wind. It also features the wonderful vocal ensemble Howl. I am so grateful to all the people, places, creatures, plants, fungi, and sounds that have helped to bring this music into being. I hope you enjoy!

Jan 22, 2024

Frog • GROG • 2023

Eclectic and wildly creative, this fully realized LP veers from the gorgeous grooving funk of “Black on Black on Black” to the classic pop of“Maybelline” before “New Ro” exemplifies the “gothic and cartoonish” characteristics that songwriter Daniel Bateman describes his latest work with.

Jan 20, 2024

Strawberry Runners • 2023

The musical project of Emi Night (they/them), Strawberry Runners has existed in some form since 2013, capitalizing on their early acclaim with the releases of the 2015 tape Hatcher Creek and the 2017 EP In the Garden, In the Night; Night's songs have garnered acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Stereogum, FLOOD, Wired, and NPR among others. From there, the journey which has led to Strawberry Runners has been a long and arduous one.

Jan 18, 2024

Sandy Bell • Monster Trying To Be A Lover • 2023

One fine summer day, using some pretty cutting & manipulative words, I hurt someone I deeply loved. The worst part is that what I said - I said on purpose. I hurt someone -.... on purpose. I looked in their eyes and thought - 'Why in the world would you ever do something like this?' This was an alarming realization that forced me deep down into my psyche only to find that I have a very savage part of me that is in desperate need of an evolutionary assist. And it turned out that the pain I was capable of causing others, is a hurt that I carry inside toward myself. Am

Pete Astor • Model Village • 2024

2024 marks 40 years of Pete Astor making records, a suitable
anniversary point at which to take stock and double back on
songs that first appeared on records by Astor-fronted combos
such as Creation Records trailblazers The Loft and The
Weather Prophets and Matador recording artists The Wisdom
of Harry, as well as selections from solo albums that appeared
on labels such as Danceteria and Static Caravan.

Den Der Hale • Donkey Skin • 2024

"Atonal melodies and unique rhythms are sent through a variety of interesting effects and layered with the slowly developing influence of krautrock, folk and post-rock." 

The Most Radicalist

Enigmatic Swedish post-psych band Den Der Hale are known for their boundary-pushing soundscapes. Today, as the group prepare to play Eurosonic Noorderslag tomorrow, they have release new single 'Donkey Skin'. The track is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming second album, Pastoral Light (out February 2nd via FatCat Records) which showcases the band's ability to meld diverse creative inspirations into a seamless and experimental sonic journey, transcending genres and defying conventions.

Jan 17, 2024

Nouvelle Vague • Shout (Feat. Bijou & Marine Quéméré) • 2024

Nouvelle Vague are back with a new album from 2016. The album will be titled “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” and will be released in February 2024.

Jan 16, 2024

Dead Poet Society • My Condition • 2023

The semi-animated video was directed by The Moldy Peaches' Steven Mertens, who has lensed videos for Regina Spektor, Lil Peep, Duran Duran, and more.

DPS have also announced details of an exclusive and intimate record release show. Rock Night Out presents Dead Poet Society: The FISSION Album Release Experience, sponsored by Spinefarm, is set for January 24 in Los Angeles at Pico Union Project. Stay tuned to the band's social properties for more information on this special show.

Holiday Ghosts • Sublime Disconnect • 2024

“Falmouth’s finest blend primal garage rock, rock’n’roll, DIY punk, blues and giddy exuberant tunefulness” The Guardian

“Retro garage-pop” Stereogum

“Full of big hooks and ramshackle charm” Brooklyn Vegan

“Holiday Ghosts’ scrappy, snappy rock & roll feels almost timeless” KEXP

“Rough hewn jingle-jangle with a heartwarming feel” Clash

Waxahatchee • "Right Back to It" (feat. MJ Lenderman) • 2024

Jan 14, 2024

Lily Seabird • “Waste” • 2024

"'Waste' finds Seabird inhabiting a sprawling, expansive mode, building from a meditative opening into a searing finale, complete with squalling guitars and thundering drums. Even in the subdued opening minutes, Seabird commands attention with a voice that strains and aches, backed by instrumentation full of discordant and disquieting textures."
Under the Radar

"...The bar for good indie-country-rock has been raised yet again."
Rosy Overdrive

"Music like this doesn’t just come and go after four minutes’ time. Seabird’s words linger on the air, her warm, wistful guitars and fragile voice haunting our memories like an intimate, ever-present shadow."
Atwood Magazine

Glitterfox • La da da • 2024

Glitterfox’s new single & video for “La da da” is officially OUT NOW on Kill Rock Stars and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all! Along with Glitterfox guitarist Andrea Walker, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck & Decemberists’ Chris Funk add some additional guitar magic on the track. 

"I wrote the song “La da da” during a time when I was really starting to look at myself and how I moved through life. Up until that point I don’t think I was really conscious of how I perceived the world or how I reacted to it. The words “I don’t know what I see, it all looks different to me” are about feeling like I couldn’t trust my own perception. It was a time when I was re-learning how to live life and re-defining who i wanted to be in the world."
- Solange Igoa

Jan 11, 2024

Shaina Hayes • Sun and Time • 2024

“'Sun and Time' is a winding folk song, colored by downtempo, meditative rhythms, and hazy scrawls of guitar. It is gentle and unhurried, drifting in a bleary swirl of sun-dappled instrumentation and plaintive lyricism." Under The Radar

Jan 10, 2024

The Beths • "Your Side” • 2023

Any Other • If I Don't Care • 2024

"Stark emotional honesty, intricate melodic lines and instrumentation that interweaves with delicate poignancy." - The Line Of Best Fit


“Adele has an unignorable presence on stage, switching imperceptibly between vulnerable and formidable, the inner and the outer.” - Under The Radar


"Emotive” - 7/10 Uncut

Jan 8, 2024

St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club • Golden Parachuter • 2024

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club from Stockholm Sweden has been described in media as a mix of The Jam, Inspiral Carpets and Oasis. Star producer Shellback has also compared their music with Arcade Fire. The band is run by Jimi Sebastian, raised in Sweden but with an English father which is reflected in both lyrics and music where the social realist narrative often plays a prominent role.

Jan 5, 2024

Mol Sullivan • Eggshells • 2023

Still Tryin’ seems like a wonderful scene setter for the album to follow, a swirling storm of ideas and emotions, it feels beautiful yet also fragile, a balloon ready to burst and spill out messy, brilliant humanity - For the Rabbits

Her vocal melodies lilt and flicker above the sinuous aural silhouettes, airy in their approach, but each word is sharper than obsidian. - Foxy Digitalis

Earnest and unflinchingly intimate songs leavened with pop melodies and confident vocals - Various Small Flames

Lana del Rey meets Grizzly Bear in a Cincinnati dive bar - Post-Trash

Mol’s voice is her ultimate weapon. It’s sensitive, rangy, and capable of murmurs, shouts, and chorus-pure melodies - The Revue

Semihelix • 2023

Jan 4, 2024

if it be your will 2023 Playlist

The songs I loved to listen to through 2023… no particular order

SOLAR EYES • Let’s Run Away • 2024

Infusing their far-out sounds with low-slung guitar lines straight out of a Morricone flick, the latest from the Birmingham psych/pop duo is set at a galloping pace that leaves no time to waste. 

Spaghetti Western and Sci-Fi in equal parts, the duo conjure a score for the extraterrestrial Alamo that never was in this shoegazing, sensory-rushing, tour-de-force.

Surely contributing to its Tex-Mex flavourings, “Let’s Run Away” was written and recorded in Texas last year following Solar Eyes’ debut appearance at SXSW festival. Feeling the desert surroundings and local mythologies seeping into their songwriting, frontman Glenn Smyth recalls of the experience:

“‘Let’s Run Away’ was one of the last songs to be written on the album, it was written in Texas last March when we were out there playing south by. You can sort of hear it as well, there’s that Americana haze type sound. Spaghetti western vibe. I sort of had in my head – now this might sound a bit mad – Tracey Chapman ‘Fast Car’ – in essence. But with a brummie slant. A Bonnie and Clyde type thing.”

Inspired by small-town tales of daylight robberies in times of old and rumours of the last crimes of the infamous duo Bonnie & Clyde, “Let’s Run Away” is alive with drama and intrigue to rival its pulse-quickening pace. As Glenn sings: 

“I hope that given time, you’ll forgive my crimes, I don’t wanna die alone, I love you, I let you go, I’m to blame // I see it all, I heed the call, let's run away…”

Ducks Ltd. • "Train Full of Gasoline” • 2024

“[Ducks Ltd.] understand that dancing through misery is healthier than dancing around it.” - PITCHFORK 

 “A dreamy soundtrack to innocent teen turmoil” - NME 
“subtly, incredibly catchy” – STEREOGUM 

“A perfect combination of contemporary modern indie rock à la Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and classic jangle pop bands like Belle & Sebastian or The Sundays” – PASTE MAGAZINE 

“Like the Chills mixed with the Feelies mixed with the Wedding Present mixed with the Bats...” - Rolling Stone 

Jan 3, 2024

Alice Merton • run away girl • 2024

"['The Other Side' is a] euphoric pop number that explodes with colorful instrumentals and the songwriter’s ecstatic lyrics about coming out the other side in one piece."

"['Loveback'] sets the stage for a powerful indie pop sound, one that’s full of fun, scream-along chorus, but also underscores the album’s prevalent themes of self-reclamation."
Consequence of Sound

"['Blindside' is] an enormously appealing song, groovy and filled with little rhythmic pops, as though Kate Bush stole Paul Simon’s backing band and took them out to perform last call at a disco."
The AV Club

"As a twinkling tune steals focus, Merton’s raw vocals cut through the melody as she battles with her own mind to finally choose what is best for her. While narrating the downsides to being on the 'Same Team' with a person who doesn’t know what’s best for you, Alice samples her blend of alt-pop with an electronic explosion of energy — getting our hearts racing in the process."

Happy New Year!