May 31, 2020

Anna Sofia • Either Way • 2020

On the song Anna Sofia said: “I wrote this song as a note to someone I really care for. They have been struggling with body image issues and have always been very self-conscious. I wanted to find a way to really get through to them and let them know how I feel about them -to let them know that I love them no matter what they look like.”


Projet introspectif et lumineux, Mani Deïz nous livre ici un album très personnel, avec une couleur musicale inédite. Proche d'un univers cinématographique, ces 12 tracks vous feront voyager ….

May 30, 2020

HAMELL ON TRIAL • The Pandemic Songs • 2020

Ed Hamell aka Hamell On Trial offers his unique perspective on life during lockdown with 'The Pandemic Songs'. 

Hypnodial • Good Times End Times • 2020

May 28, 2020

Lake Michigan • Ladybird • 2020

"Intimate lo-fi transmissions from a land glimmering with fairy lights."

"Sounds like he just got out of bed."

May 27, 2020

The Silo Sessions • Wide Open Spaces & Big Skies • 2020

Silver Liz • Microwave S'mores • 2020

Silver Liz, the Chicago-based DIY recording project of Carrie and Matt Wagner, are prepping the release of their sophomore album, a sonic departure from their shoegaze-y debut, I Can Feel the Weight. Genre-wise, the album will be fairly eclectic with "Microwave S’mores" being the only song fitting in the shoegaze/dreampop category.

Impose Magazine described it "Microwave S'mores" as "tailor-made for your next wistful stare out the window. The dreamy track ebbs and flows between lilting guitars and ethereal vocals up to bursts of heavy shoegaze-style TV static making for a delightfully mind-bending listening experience."

May 26, 2020

Clem Snide With Scott Avett • Tiny Desk (Home) Concert • 2020

"The Stuff of Us"
"Jews for Jesus Blues"
"Some Ghost"
"Roger Ebert"

Recording a Tiny Desk concert at home naturally subtracts a lot of familiar elements: Bob Boilen's desk, for example; the wooden shelves full of weird ephemera; the crowd of work-shirking news-gatherers and the applause they provide. But when Clem Snide (the three-decade-old project of singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay) and special guest Scott Avett (the Avett Brothers co-founder who produced and performs on Clem Snide's latest album, Forever Just Beyond) performed together in Avett's barn, they added a few new features you've never gotten to hear at the Tiny Desk — most notably a noisy flock of birds and the unmistakable cries of a nearby rooster.

May 25, 2020

Various Artists • NPUC2020 Compilation LP • 2020

All proceeds from this release will be donated to, who support survivors of domestic abuse in the UK.

Fueled by weird lockdown nostalgia, a hankering for live music and a primal need to JUST DO SOMETHING, I sent out a bunch of emails more in hope than expectation of being able to put an online festival together. The response was astonishing - within a few days I had 80% of a line-up, and NPUC2020 kicked off just 2 weeks after those initial probings. 

Wolfhounds • Can't See The Light • 2020

“Fantastically caustic … always tougher and more canny than their peers” – Uncut

“It makes for an incredibly thrilling journey” – Mojo

“We could call this a reawakening, with the band sounding more relevant and compelling as ever. This is polished sonic firepower for the modern age” – Louder Than War

“The ‘Hounds’ bark is frequently matched by their bite” – Record Collector

“Since their reformation in 2005, they’ve continued to develop their sound without losing the fury that made their songs so memorable the first time round” – Sounds XP

Beat Hotel • Feel It • 2020

"Catchy, feel-good and memorable, not to mentioned polished in both delivery and production. Just the formula you want in a track that leaves a first impression on the listener. This is a band whose music captures the feeling of living in the whirlwind of love – one that is steadfast and timeless" – The Big Takeover Magazine

"Beat Hotel has achieved a fine balance of power pop, melancholic drifter elements, churning guitar vibes and nostalgic flashbacks" – The Spill Magazine

"Six tracks indebted to their heroes that really hit the mark" – Louder Than War

"A kind of pop circadian rhythm, providing another example of the potential power harbored within that ubiquitous palindrome, P-O-P"
 – Stereo Embers Magazine

May 21, 2020

Neil Young • Barnyard Edition • 2020

It took four Fireside Sessions, but Neil Young has apparently grown tired of every fire pit and fireplace in his Colorado home. For the latest entry in his quarantine performance series, Old Shakey took the show down the road — or at least, to the other side of the estate — for a special Barnyard Edition.

Once again directed by his wife, actress Daryl Hannah, the performance is largely delivered to a bunch of chickens and — if you keep an eye out — at least one mallard. The set opens with Young playing “Tumbleweed” from 2014’s Storytone on ukulele while a lama named Lazlo and a horse mosey around their pen. He then moves over to the coop to strum out “Homegrown”, the title track from his long-unreleased 1975 album Homegrown, finally due for release on June 19th. CoS

May 18, 2020

Lucy & La Mer • TOGETHER • 2020

The songwriter shares, “I wanted to create something that would help us uplift and encourage each other. There’s a tremendous amount of good happening in the world right now. In the midst of the intense losses and surreal new normal, I think continuing to share our stories will alleviate the loneliness that many individuals are feeling at home. For me, my mental health struggled tremendously during the first few weeks of the stay-at-home regulation. By connecting with fans and friends to create this video, I felt more normal and less anxious. We’re all doing this together.”

The video features cameos from social media influencers Jessie Paege, Gaby Dunn, and Amber Whittington (Amber’s Closet). As well as TikTok stars Matt Stauffer, Jason “TikTok Doc” Campbell, Haley Faulkner, and Twitch artist Raquel Lily.

Alex Nicol • Two Times A Charm • 2020

Canadian alt-rock singer/songwriter and Hoan frontman Alex Nicol has released a new album All For Nada — and single “Two Times A Charm” — via Anniversary and Michel Records. 

Directed and edited by Alexander Maxim Seltzer, and produced by Nada Termerinski and AMS Films, the video for “Two Times A Charm” serves as a lushly fevered, retro-drenched dream into the prickly and uncomfortable deception of understanding. 

“We know that we don’t control the flow of our ideas, and that they are, by nature, difficult to understand,” Nicol expands. “And sometimes, even if we like to think we have ‘overcome’ feelings, thoughts or behaviours from the past, we are actually deceived by a false sense of self-awareness. 

May 17, 2020

Flower Face • Ain't No Sunshine • 2020

by Bill Withers

May 16, 2020

Phoebe Bridgers • 'Girls' • 2020

Bridgers delivered a haunting, stripped-back rendition of the track that carried us through our teen years and unfortunate tattoo choker phases. The performance truly feels like a marriage between the past and present versions of oneself.

Here, Phoebe Bridgers – who appears on four songs from The 1975’s new album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ –  performs their song ‘Girls’. 

Waxahatchee • Lilacs • 2020

I wake up feeling nothing
Camouflage the wavering sky
I sit at my piano, wander the wild whereby
And the lilacs drank the water
And the lilacs die
And the lilacs drank the water
Marking in the slow, slow, slow passing of time
I get so angry, baby
At something you might say
I dream about an awful stranger
Work my way through the day
I run it like a silent movie
I run it like a violent song
I run it like a voice compelling
So right it can't be wrong

May 14, 2020

Think About Things • Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið) • 2020

Adorned with an infectious chorus and a modern disco flare, Hot Chip cranks up the synths and adds extra punch to give “Think About Things” a dancefloor ready spin. “Think About Things” is funky, cool and nostalgic, with Daði Freyr’s hollow voice giving the single its subdued charm. The track flourishes as Daði Freyr builds stacked harmonies and Hot Chip captivates listeners with a brilliant guitar line that bursts into an all out electronic tune.

Clem Snide & Scott Avett • "The Ballad of Eef Barzelay" • 2020

May 12, 2020

Honey Lung • Big • 2020

 “An exciting glimpse of what’s to come…scuzzy shoegazey bop” DIY

“Clattering guitars and clamouring hearts…quintessential indie-pop” The Line Of Best Fit

“Amplifies their early promise…a brutally blunt, engaging and completely catchy return” Clash

“Grunge infected, scuzzy garage rock” Gigwise

“Honey Lung are back with more hazy, scuzzy fun” Dork

“Hyper-melodic rock with heart and bite” Paste

ISTA • Spell It • 2020

"ISTA has returned with a new music video for “Spell It,” a complete visual delight of colorful, often trippy animation that fits perfectly with catchy song that strongly resembles to many of the bands of the early 00s such as JET and The Hives."

-Vents Magazine

The Rentals • INFORMATION (And The Island In The Sky) • 2020

“INFORMATION” starts with an ethereal exploration of our incessant connectivity and the stress that technological anxiety induces on modern human society. Then, the song unexpectedly shifts gears, exploding into a visceral snarl, bellowing out a primal desire to take refuge in another star system’s faraway sanctuary.

Dancing On Tables • Losing It • 2020

When ‘Losing It’ was written, we wrote lyrics that centered around ‘‘going off the rails’’ post-relationship. Now, in an unprecedented time with couples, families and friends spending who knows how long apart, the track has found an unexpected new context - ‘’Me losing you has got me, got me losing it’’. Although you can’t physically be with all of your loved ones in this ever-changing situation, this track says that although we are all ‘’Losing It’’ in lockdown, we are all in this together.

Luke De-Sciscio • Human Heart • 2020

"Good Bye Folk Boy winnows De-Sciscio's sound down to skeletal sketches made of little more than an expressive voice, intricately plucked acoustic-guitar strings, and songs that'll get stuck in your head for days.”
– NPR, The Austin 100

"De-Sciscio’s ‘Jamie Song’ foments on the angles of sight and sound, promising in the new and old; clamoring in the utmost integrity of love and belonging." – Come Here Floyd

Its music video features a multitude of fan-submitted videos. In each, an individual holds up a sign detailing an apology. It's a vast and varied stream with myriad backgrounds on display—from different languages or locations to differing levels of detail. Together, De-Sciscio and his fans identify and emanate "Ho'oponopono".

Ora Cogan • Sleeping • 2020

Canadian psych folk/darkwave artist Ora Cogan, who will be releasing her 'Bells in the Ruins' LP on 7/13/20 on Prism Tongue Records. Known for her singular voice and cinematic compositions, Corgan's new album is a stunning, ethereal body of work that touches on loss, absence and relationships. 

The Silo Sessions • So Runs the World Away Anniversary Show! • Tonight 7pm ET

Another beautiful Home Concert tonight

May 5, 2020

The Smith Street Band • Shine * 2017

Finally not waking up dreaming of your ghost
And music is for everyone
Why was I always the last to know?
No idea how hard it was to get this close
With all this extra baggage
And a graft that will not accept the host
These tattered coat-tails, these torn tennis shoes
I am not smarter than many
But I do think that I'm smarter than you
Dappled sunlight that the warm air reciprocates
You look up long enough to notice
But not long enough to appreciate that

Down here in the flight path
Down here in the flight path, we do our best
Down here in the flight path, we do our best
To keep our heads up

I'll sing loud at water falling on stones
I want well-timed time with friends
And well-timed time that I'll spend alone
Throw my body into insignificant positions
I'm gonna make more starts
Complete more chances and more finishes
Fly through the world like a whirling dervish in a hurricane
Take off my clothes and run screaming in the pouring rain
Kiss people even when I'm pretty sure it's a mistake
And try to find a love that not for a second I'll have to fake

Ludic • Love Me Like • 2020

“Love Me Like” was inspired by music in the neo-soul and pop genres that we love so much while intertwining modern production and hooks with vintage songwriting sensibilities. This is a song about a one-sided relationship from the eyes of the beholder, grappling with internal frustration and romantic invisibility. 

May 4, 2020

May 3, 2020

ballboy • Coronavirus Live Set 5 • 2020

Live Set #5 featuring: 

Something's Going to Happen Soon 
Your Face Look Like a House that used to be a Shop 
Donald in the Bushes with a Bag of Glue 

Plus guest appearances from The Pope, Elton John and the President of the United States of America.

Hidden sounds behind the window • 2020

“Hidden sounds behind the window" è una compilation contro lo sconforto da coronavirus. In questo scenario drammatico forse la musica è l’unico punto di connessione che ci rimane, così per sentirci più vicini in questi giorni di isolamento forzato abbiamo riunito nuovi e vecchi amici in una compilation di 17 brani inediti.

Tyler Burkhart • Without you • 2020

You’re up there on an airplane to far away 
got a job for a couple of months 

I had so many things that I meant to say but 
I’m driving home into the sun 
without you 

I was hoping we could talk on the phone tonight 
got your letter and it made my day 

I went to Erin’s party, saw all our friends 
but in the end it just wasn’t the same 
without you 

I can’t wait until this summer when you come home 
Let’s pack a picnic and we’ll head for the shore 

To the ocean that’s between us and all those miles 
that I don’t want to think about anymore 
without you

May 2, 2020

Benjamin Shaw • There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet (Remastered & Expanded) • 2020

Originally released in late 2011, this was only the second full-length album that Audio Antihero Records had released (after Nosferatu D2's debut in 2009). We sank a lot of love, time and energy into it and back then it felt like both the beginning and the end of something. But I'm not sure it was much of either. Ben has made a lot of very different records since and for now we're both still here. But it was and still is a strange and special album. 

"A piece of work that could stand the test of time...The solitude is palpable." - Gold Flake Paint

"Superb." - Drowned in Sound

"One of the hidden gems of 2011 - 8/10." - This Is Fake DIY

"You wouldn't want everyone (or anyone else) to sound to like Benjamin Shaw but I'm delighted someone does." - The Line Of Best Fit

"One of the better records of the year." - Is This Music?

"Benjamin Shaw is an outcast, a loner, a maverick and a freak. All of these are compliments." - CLASH Music

"A truly special album." - Music OMH

"An album that is quite unlike anything else, full of blackened charisma and a sonic imagination quite different to most - 8/10." - The Music Fix

Don't Stop Now III: A Collection of Covers & More • 2020

marissa nadler • Covers 3 • 2020

orchid mantis • compositions on midi and tape • 2020

6 ambient pieces arranged in midi using sampled synths. tracked and varisped to a tascam mkIII 424 tape recorder 

Simon Joyner • Live in LA (Living Room Show) • 2020

Recorded in the Glendale neighborhood on February 15th, 2020 while on tour with Dennis Callaci. Living room show with a 40 person capacity. Dennis recorded on his zoom device.

grieving club • Grieving Club​/​/​This Year as a Ghost • 2020

Ethan Gold • Not Me. Us • 2020

“Emotions delivered with an unfiltered, glaring legibility” – Pitchfork

“Unhinged but weirdly compelling” – Uncut 

“Wildly diverting… by some wide-eyed, sun and acid-baked LA wunderkind” – Electronic Sound

"Not every song is born of inspiration and not every song is capable of inspiring. It seems that, in the case of this particular song, certainly both of these factors speak to the truth. What we have here is a beautiful cycle of creation rooted in hope, solidarity and, of course, raw talent" – Louder Than War