May 12, 2020

Luke De-Sciscio • Human Heart • 2020

"Good Bye Folk Boy winnows De-Sciscio's sound down to skeletal sketches made of little more than an expressive voice, intricately plucked acoustic-guitar strings, and songs that'll get stuck in your head for days.”
– NPR, The Austin 100

"De-Sciscio’s ‘Jamie Song’ foments on the angles of sight and sound, promising in the new and old; clamoring in the utmost integrity of love and belonging." – Come Here Floyd

Its music video features a multitude of fan-submitted videos. In each, an individual holds up a sign detailing an apology. It's a vast and varied stream with myriad backgrounds on display—from different languages or locations to differing levels of detail. Together, De-Sciscio and his fans identify and emanate "Ho'oponopono".

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