Apr 27, 2016

Movie Brain - Breeder EP - 2016

Agent K(ahunasan) Shimmering pastoral light dreampop soundscapes.
Haunting vocals seeping in from the ether are great blend with the melodies on this EP.
Tracks flow from one to another seamlessly & it is all over much too soon.
Gently soothing to the soul; will definitely put your mind at Peace.

Lomelda - 4E* - 2016

a live solo performance of Lomelda's 'Forever' in full -- recorded by Andrew Hulett in Meadows Recital Hall in Waco, TX

Apr 25, 2016

Buddy Holliday - Victoria Street - 2016

"Victoria Street was recorded by Buddy Holiday (Jahan Kumarasinhe, Calum Newton and Bryce Wilson) over the course of a month in our share house in Flemington, Melbourne. The world doesn't need more celebrities, gadgets, fashion and doomsday clock culture, it just needs more people who care about people and the future generations that will inherit the world as we make it. In our own small way it'd be nice to say fuck you to the short sighted culture that ultimately feeds off the future for the short term gain of material comfort. Thank you to our friends for all the help, encouragement and enthusiasm to keep writing, playing shows and making music, we owe you all to the moon and back. See you all soon, xx BH" 

T E Morris - Covers - 2016

A collection of live and recorded demos from the past few years of varying quality. 
Free download x
Described by NME as 'massive, pastorally apocalyptic music" and by The Sun as 'rare and beautiful'.

attic abasement - Dream News - 2016


Dream News is slated for release in Spring 2016 on Father/Daughter Records. Exploring themes including war, indulgence, suicide, messiahs, the dream, and governance/corruption, the songs draw from a wider pool of sonic influence for Attic Abasement while still maintaining cohesion and focus.

moin moin - Dawn - 2016

Very beautiful understated release.

moin moin is Magdaléna, a singer songwriter from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The Bin Bags - The Bin Bags - 2016

Heavy bass lines, slacker aura combine to make this a pretty nice listen.

Apr 24, 2016

The Folk Today Project - ‘The Reason For Living' - 2016

The Folk Today Project are a new concept band from New Zealand whose sole purpose is to turn the folk world on its axis and revive the fundamental intention of folk music; to comment on society. ''The Reason For Living'' is a cleverly crafted response to modern day living, namely big city people preferring to live alone. The song explores this theme, whilst retaining melodic roots in traditional folk.

armaud - how to erase a plot - 2015

“Ten dewy buds, portrayed just before bloom. – 7/10″[Blow Up]

“Excellent debut, intimate and carefully embroidered: enriched by an electronic, slow-core heart … – 7/10” [The Wild Bunch]

“Armaud: delicate and poignant as dark and rich forests where to get lost. A heartfelt album, not to be missed. – 8.5/10” [Music Coast to Coast]

“An album far from obvious, considering it’s a debut: there is the desire to create something new, very international, where decisions are not taken certainly for ease of implementation or with the aim of pointing to the mainstream audience.” [Indie For Bunnies]

Apr 23, 2016

Magnolia Electric Co. - Live At Cat's Cradle, September 25th, 2007

Horse Jumper of Love - Horse Jumper of Love - 2016

Simon Don't know how to describe this. It's one of those albums that you can put on and drift away to another place. I could have this on repeat for a week

Camryn Marquez I really enjoy this record. This band knows that at the essence of slow, indie rock lies the ability to make the listener feel a very contemporary version of morose that stems from a very pragmatic source- whatever that source is. Listen to this and explore those emotions creeping underneath your every day routine. 

Nick Vidal sprawled on the floor, not sleeping, though not quite awake, feeling the breeze and the cold ground, the sun moves out from behind the trees to bathe you in light. you didn't ask for this; you might have enjoyed your darkness, but you enjoy it nonetheless.

4/21 Northeastern University w/ Elvis Depressedly, Florist 
4/22 Mid East up w/ IAN, Ovlov, Florist 
5/14 Shea Stadium BK w/ Siuox Falls 
5/21 Mid East up w/ Adult Mom, Forth Wanderers 
5/27 Laughing Dog Bicycles, Amherst MA w/ Peaer, Hot Dirt 
5/29 Lyric Hall Theater, New Haven CT w/ Peaer, Queen Moo 
6/12 Northside festival BK 
6/18 Shea Stadium BK

The Coathangers - Nosebleed Weekend - 2016

Sammi This trio pulls a lot of sound from its compositions. Their voices are smooth and their approach to rock is authentic. 

Travis Button This album is a shredder. The Coathangers really are the right parts of everything great in Rock-N-Roll! 

Michael P The Coathangers represent a garage punk/rock surfer vibe I wish was around more in music. They are a breath of fresh air in the perfect harmonizing of their vocals and instrumentation. Truly a great band and absolutely worth going back into their discography (while looking forward to the future).

Yung Life Soft​/​Divide - 2016

For most of its eight-year existence, the aptly named Yung Life has been a hobby. That didn’t keep the members of the band—Elliott White, Gabriel White, Judah White, and Will Farner—from releasing two appealing albums of retro synth pop, but stuff like high school and college took up most of their time. Now that three of them have graduated from the University of Tennessee, they’re ready to make a more serious commitment to the band. The first step is the release of their ambitious and long-gestating third album, Soft/Divide, which serves as the next step in the band’s creative evolution. The band got together last week to collectively answer some questions about the new album via email.

Patchwork Guilt - Gold Books - 2016

Patchwork Guilt is a figmental band, i.e. a collection of solo bedroom tinkerings that started in 2014. The songs range from folky to poppy to mildly psychedelic, depending on mood and whim.

Pan Astral - Suburban Blues - 2016

There is a beautiful frame of mind that is exactly as you say and like a hat off the top of your head, this mist, smitten by moss, gives way.

unloved - light comes in, you're forever - 2016

unlove is lucas from madrid, spain 

everything by lucas 
thanks to everyone 

"thanks to bei for putting up with me and every voice note i sent her during the process of recording, xavi and mario too, thanks to filip for the opportunity, thanks to all my friends and family and thank you too" ~ lucas 

Apr 20, 2016

girl valley - soften up - 2016

soft, sweet, subtle - quite lovely release.

Apr 19, 2016

TV SETS - These Rifle Years - 2016

Optimistic Apocalypse - Something New - 2015

A eerily beautiful release… captivating and addictive.

Bonnaroo Mixtape 2016

85,000 happy campers. 700 acres of Tennessee nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ stages of music. Dozens of comedians. Four of the best days ever. Get a taste of Bonnaroo 2016 and help us celebrate 15 Years of Magic!

Buy your tickets here: http://www.bonnaroo.com/

Apr 18, 2016

eskimeaux - Year of the Rabbit - 2016

What people have been saying about "Power," the first single from "Year of the Rabbit": 

"Moments of pure beauty"-NPR 

"Melodically very lovely and thematically very bleak" -FADER 

"The raw emotion is palpable" -Paste

lola demo - Morphine Crush - 2016

Faerytale A work of heart and soul! All at once gritty and smooth with caramel vocals in a lovely, low register that pours on down to the roots of true emotion. Open and fearless, this is.

Anda Volley Enthralled with this new album release from one of my favorite artists lola demo from Ithaca Greece. Every track is go good. Encourages repeated listens. It has all the elements I'm so attracted to: alternative rock with elements of electro and noise, beautifully composed. Her voice and lyrics in the tender emotional depths, confronting the immediate, a warrior on a shore lined cliff, deep in trance, performing a ritual of what's been lost.

Spring's Hope

This little beauty is a sign of what's to come...

Apr 14, 2016

brightener - When The Lights Come Up - 2016

brightener is the solo moniker of Will Sturgeon.

Apr 10, 2016

Adeline Hotel - Near You - 2016

Awesome new song off of Adeline Hotel's upcoming release it's alright just the same, due out May 13 via Wild Kindness.

"Near You" is a breezy driving song, one for the windows down, dusk rolling in as the spring turns to summer. It traces the thrill of being somewhere new through the inevitable leveling out that follows. It's beautiful but it's lonely, invigorating, yet familiar in it's restless; it's alright, just the same. What might be a sobering realization is actually an energizing one. In that moment of clarity, you know you can't outrun your shit, but you really can change it if you try."

The Washboard Abs - Have U Scanned Ur Club Card? - 2016

Outstanding release…

"Sondermann’s music is an entirely captivating affair...not to be ignored but to sit as something of a distant soundtrack, like an old radio waves drifting out of the windows while you idly recline on some rickety old porch." -Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint 

"an album that gently wakes up your senses and makes you feel. For any work of art to accomplish that is surely a home run." - Raquel Dalarossa, ThrdCoast 

"some of the nicest, most heartfelt indie pop around...The Washboard Abs make songs sad and sentimental without ever stepping into melodrama." - Liam Doyle, Wake the Dead 

"Dry leaves rest in an old wooden boat on a lake made of echoes." - VERYSMALLALBUMREVIEW

Tancred - Audiotree Live - 2016

Tancred is the pop-centered, grungy guitar project of Now, Now member Jess Abbott. It's been Abbott's solo outlet since 2011 and has slowly separated itself sonically from the indie rock stylings of the Minnesota trio. Abbott herself is a reserved but energetic performer; her expressive face adds distinct emotion to the confessional lyrical content. Watch the band perform a few tracks here on Audiotree Live.

Frida & Ale - I don't like to see others having fun - 2015

We want music to never turn into something boring for us. It would mean that we have become boring. Because music does not die with mp3′s or copyright: boredom is what brings it down, when it becomes a habit. All we need is a small do-it-yourself collective, as tiny as a simple smile. 

Kelly Dance - ALL THAT'S GAINED - 2016

In her new EP, All That's Gained, Kelly Dance explores living, loving and coming of age in Modern China as revealed through Chinese Science Fiction stories and allegories.

Apr 9, 2016

Ghost Orchard - Poppy - 2016

Spooky Action Space Captain - Wet Bread - 2016

Experimental quirky indie band out of Chicago.

Apr 7, 2016

Kevin Morby Live - 2016

Elder Sister Plum - Ghost Stories Volume II - 2016

The ghosts that haunt our sleep, we can taste them on the back of our teeth. Wake up baby, it's just a bad dream. How'd you like to blow off some steam?

Elder Sister Plum's tunes go down smooth like a good whisky. Her swashbuckling folk lullabies and musical ghost stories provide a treat for every listener.

ings - Afterthought EP - 2016

Four carefully arranged lullaby rock songs for the listener's hearing pleasure. 

A palette of strings, drums, rich vocal harmonies, and guitars that both strum softly and distort to assert a point. 

Lyrics about being a person, self-respect, considering the shortness of life, and having the courage to be vulnerable to new love. 

Afterthought EP features string and vocal arrangements deeply inspired by the album Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, and the album Discover America by Van Dyke Parks. 

Also of PARTICULAR general inspiration is the work of Blake Mills and Feist, whose masterful use of dynamic contrast continues to delight at every turn.

Apr 6, 2016

Major Leagues - Dream States - 2016

After touring consistently in 2015 and on the back of their recent single, ‘Someone Sometime’, Brisbane indie-pop four-piece Major Leagues are ready to enter the new year with their new EP, Dream States. 

Dream States was recorded in Brisbane by local producer/engineer Miro Mackie at Plutonium Studios, and mixed in Brooklyn by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Blouse member, Jacob Portrait and Fergus Miller from Bored Nothing. 

"With great pride, we're thrilled to be putting out this collection of songs that came together over the last eighteen months. It's been way too long between drinks, and in that void we've lived a world of goodbyes, fleeting romances and hard realities. Many of these stories have made their way onto this EP” - Jacob Knuth

Apr 4, 2016

Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp - 2016

"at once cosmically huge and acutely personal, Zauner captures grief for the perversely intimate yet overwhelming pain it is. Long may she keep at this music thing." -Pitchfork 

"Psychopomp is exemplary, finding joy in sadness and despair in the brightest of lights...It’s an immaculately crafted debut, and you should listen" -Stereogum

The Besnard Lakes - A Coliseum Complex Museum - 2016

Unique among their furrowed brow peers, The Besnard Lakes are unafraid to marry textured, questing headphone sonics to the honeyed pleasure of radio hits past: the rapture of My Bloody Valentine entwined with the romance of Fleetwood Mac. Imagine dreamy Beach House riding Led Zeppelin dynamics, with unabashedly androgynous vocal harmonies. 

Channelling their obsessions with the paranormal as well as the dark arts, 'A Coliseum Complex Museum' is populated by cryptozoological creatures (The Bray Road Beast, Golden Lion) while also luxuriating in natural phenomena and beauty (The Plain Moon, Nightingale). These themes are sincere yet good-humoured. The LP’s title jokily refers to a landmark-heavy road sign spotted on tour in Texas, the varied emotional impulses within reflected by its environmentally warped artwork.

gorgeous bully - n​.​w​.​o​.​b​.​h​.​m - 2016

BUY CASSETTES HERE: ztapesrecords.com/products/nwobhm-pre-order 

special cassette edition of 4 EPs: the young obese - nobody hates you as much as you hate yourself - smiling laughing - dumb ideals 

gorgeous bully lives in manchester, uk 

Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge - Bad, Bad Boy - 2016

There is a very limited seven inch version of this song available over at www.hefnet.com

Apr 3, 2016

Eleanor Murray - Lost Songs - 2016

A collection of unreleased studio recordings, home recordings, and compilation songs from the last decade. 

"a homemade hymn that glows like embers." - The Autumn Roses 

"The gentle breath of a tulip mixes with the humid air after an evening rain." -VERYSMALLALBUMREVIEW

TONER - Passing Glance EP - 2016

On the new EP, we get a continuous stream of gleaming melodies that bounce around a ubiquitous, brooding landscape. The band recorded with Dave Lyndell at Camp David in Portland and the result is something more dense and tangible than their last release. An immediate difference being that the instrumentation and vocals are more pronounced and distinct compared to the somewhat fuzzy blend of arrangements you’d find on their self-titled LP release from last year (noticeable with the re-release of “High & Dry”). The title track “Passing Glance” is a short and droning track, perhaps the most melancholic of the EP, especially in contrast to the other tracks like “Juice” because it doesn’t leave room for the same swirling endorphin rush that grabs hold of you as they break into the chorus. the bait shop

Kevin Morby - Singing Saw - 2016

I sang in a re-creation of The Band’s The Last Waltz last fall and it was one of the best nights of my life. The leader was the musician Sam Cohen, who just put out a solo record last year; he was conducting 30-plus people in 30-plus songs and I was so impressed with how he dealt with people in the setting of music and I knew I wanted to record with him. We went up to Woodstock for four days just to try it out and it went great and we finished the record in Brooklyn in a few more. It just worked out perfectly—everything I had in my head he could bring to life. I’d say, now I want three backup singers that sound like this era of Bob Dylan from this Western movie, and right away he’d know three people to call. The bass line on “I Have Been to the Mountain,” he came up with it on the spot. He pulled that out of nowhere. It’s incredible. Vogue Interview

What is a singing saw? It is an instrument that creates ethereal sounds, but it is also a tool: basic and practical while also being fearsome, even destructive. Morby watches the singing saw in its eponymous song; that instrument of eerie soft beauty cuts down the flowers in its path and chases after him, while his surroundings mock and dwarf him, Alice in Wonderland style. And in a singing saw, we can understand music as something more powerful than its inviting, delicate sound. 

Girlpool - Daytrotter live - 2016

Will Wood - Magpie Brain & Other Stories - 2016

Here is the second solo album from Will Wood. It’s a gem – containing a range of emotions, meditations, diary entries and a couple  of knees-up country-folk bangers too. A wide range of song crafting on display here, and whether Wood’s deftly finger-picked guitar and calm voice are to the fore, or it’s the sympathetic harmony and backing vocals of Reb Fountain,  Dave Khan’s multi-instrumental mastery and production and mastering skills of Ben Edwards and  Ben Delaney the songs are always the stars. All of the players know this and are fitting in around a set of tunes that more than once bring to mind the gentler, contemplative moments that Paul Kelly so effortlessly conjures. OffTT