Mar 31, 2017

Coast Modern - Pocket full of No - 2017

The LA duo - comprised of Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas - today release their new song, "Pockets Full of No"- a kicked back and mellowed out track that seeks to have you looking on the lighter side of life.  Speaking of the track, the duo noted; 'Pockets' is a song about having fun with no money. When you got pockets full of no u can still have a life full of YESSSS. 

Iv/An - Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari - 2017

Iv/An’s newest songs are in Croatian, using his mother language – with which he has found another powerfull way to express himself.

Kim Janssen - Cousins - 2017

'Cousins', is a pop album, swinging in tone from dark to blinding technicolor, with glossy synths, huge orchestral arrangements and Kim's vocal - at times a Bill Callahan-esque croon, at times a soaring falsetto. Dark strings and steel swells surround hushed ballads and bursts of maximalist pop, as Kim threads memories of Loi Krathong nights, earthquake drills and political turbulence into a domestic landscape of front yards, birthday parties and chinese restaurants. 

Filled with idiosyncrasies, triumphs and tragedies, 'Cousins', is a personal account, about looking back and growing older, about longing and displacement, spiritual doubt, dedication, and obsession.

Mar 30, 2017

Billy Moon - SLY - 2017 single

It’s a song that was stuck in my head for about a year before I actually wrote it down and made it real. It was inspired by a lot of Billy Bragg songs, I love how he can write these powerful political pieces but can also do the some of the most tender love songs. To simplify, the song’s meant for people who get caught in downward spirals and feel trapped inside of them. I see some people (mostly girls) who have these awful self-harm scars and it really makes me sad, because no one deserves to feel that way about themselves. We all deserve love.

Fred Thomas - Changer - 2017

Taken from start to finish, Changer slowly tells a story that is more felt than explicitly narrated. Rather than insisting on finding an answer or some greater meaning in the shifting nature of lives in motion, these songs simply offer vivid snapshots and strange scenes. Even in its darkest moments, however, there’s an underlying sense of hope, that every mundane laundromat trip, every bummer night, every empty gig, hours logged at pointless summer jobs, or even the pain of tragedy could be for something bigger and lead to the next beautiful change.

Mar 28, 2017

Slow Decades - Hinterlands - 2017

"Look no further for dusty songs saturated with an unpolished, melancholy splendour" - NARC.

Mar 27, 2017

Eef Barzelay - Toad Session - 2013

great bunch of songs recorded a while ago, but the minimalist state is awesome...

New Adventures of TBTCI - 2017

for all those that crave new music daily - here's a gift!

This compilation is dedicated to all those who say there is no good new music nowdays. 
Here we have 26 wonderful reasons to prove otherwise. 26 new and talented bands that deserve all the attention. 

Sodastream - Three Sins - 2016

xenon superstar - dreams are for babies - 2017

This fixed my craving for a batch of free songs from the bedrooms of your heart… well done! Hitting all the notes I needed; female, sweet, character, laced tunes.

Skelets On Me - They Come / They Go - 2017

lo-fi, diy songs built on simplicity and heart… 

Kill Yr. Idols - 1993

Chapter Music’s second release in 1993 was, oddly enough, a Sonic Youth tribute compilation cassette, featuring the cream of Perth lo-fi pop bands, including O!, Benji, Sulk, Yummy Fur and Torchey Blane, along with a lone Brisbane contribution from Clag. 

Bright Lights, Small City - 1992

Chapter Music’s first release was not strictly on Chapter Music, but was “A Chapter 24 Compilation”, intended to accompany the fourth issue of Syd Barrett-inspired fanzine Chapter 24, which Chapter boss Guy Blackman began in 1990. The zine never came out but the tape did, featuring the cream of early 90s Perth lo-fi (and grunge, Manchester and shoegazing!) with bands like Mustang!, Yummy Fur, the Wooden Fische and Benji
It was a humble beginning to the label, but a beginning nonetheless.

Mar 23, 2017

Molly Burch - Please Be Mine - 2017

We're all lucky Molly started writing music simply to complement her voice, as we've discovered a great new American songwriter in the process. Captured Tracks is proud to present this debut album of ten beautiful, wistful love songs of loss, loneliness and reconnecting.

fuvk - almost tuesday - 2017

soft, emotional, hypnotic, acoustic, sweet!

soccer mommy - last girl / be seeing you - 2017

Colin F. High quality guitar pop. Manages to balance being super catchy and also not sound insufferably happy. Just feels authentic. And Sophie's voice is heavenly as usual. 

Mar 22, 2017

Rou - Incarnate EP - 2017

Voguing between aesthetics of eastern mandalas into a rare fusion of elegant, minimalist vocal layers and kalimba patterns, Rou has made a world for herself. 

Mar 18, 2017

wombat_army - circling - 2017

'Circling' is the 4th album by London based composer/producer Martin Webb under the name wombat_army. Recorded over the course of 2016, the music was originally composed to be performed live along with rare archive films at a secret film society. Combining live cello through FX and looping pedals with laptop and synths, the intention for the music was to create richly textured atmospheres underpinned by a strong sense of melody and structure that would act as a live score to the visuals, creating an immersive and cinematic experience.

Jay Som - Everybody Works - 2017

On her first proper album as Jay Som, Melina Duterte, 22, solidifies her rep as a self-made force of sonic splendor and emotional might. If last year's aptly named Turn Into compilation showcased a fuzz-loving artist in flux—chronicling her mission to master bedroom recording—then the rising Oakland star's latest, Everybody Works, is the LP equivalent of mission accomplished. 

French for rabbits - The Weight of Melted Snow - 2017

French for Rabbits whispering dream-pop sad songs since 2012, with occasional outbursts.

Jefferson - Rough Choir E​.​P - 2017

Jefferson comes from Chicago and is something of a cosmic folk troubadour. Penning rich acoustic songs full of ideas, brimming with layered vocal harmonies, musical flourishes, scattershot drums and a kind of dreamy sunkissed woozy bliss you would expect from hours spend looking out across Lake Michigan and freaking out because it looks like the ocean

March Playlist #1

A few new songs that have been be living in my speakers for the past while...

Mar 16, 2017

Hurray For The Riff Raff - The Navigator - 2017

The Navigator is ostensibly a rock’n’roll record, but it expands Segarra’s palette beyond the folk/country/blues lane she’s thus far occupied. Her boozy, morning-after croon is still gorgeous, but now there’s elements of Puerto Rican bomba and salsa, son cubano, doo-wop, and even the spoken-word poetry of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe she haunted as a teen.

Mar 14, 2017

The Wheel & The Alphabet: A Tribute To Karl Hendricks - 2017

Karl was one of the best songwriters of this generation (or any other) but he was an even better father than he was a musician, and a thorough inspiration to many as a husband, dad, artist and business owner who carried himself with a quiet dignity through some unspeakably lousy times. 

This collection of Karl Hendricks covers is our perpetual tribute to the "bard of Pittsburgh." 

Crafted Sounds - Have a nice day. - A Pittsburgh Collection - 2017

AllegrA - 
Brianna Snider - 
Capsule Corp - 
Chris Shrift - 
Jack Stauber - 
Pinstripe Sunny - 
mt. marcy - 
Spacefish - 
Sleep Movies - 
String Machine - 
Surf Bored - 

The Winebox Inquiry Sets Sail! - 2017

deadpan vocals are held up with vibrant instruments

Mar 10, 2017

lotte kestner - march covers - 2017

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Mama Tried - 2017

Special guest lead singer Oscar Lee Riley Parsons

Dignan Porch - Don't try it EP - 2017

The last few years has seen a solid return to lo-fi home recordings in the vein of 80’s stalwarts such as Beat Happening and Guided By Voices. South London DIY noise pop quintet Dignan Porch have been very much integral to this revival.

Fazed On A Pony - D'You | Ideal Hand - 2017

‘D’You’ is a laid back track built from a bright acoustic strum, McCall’s voice gentle and calm if not quite as buoyant as the instrumentation. Indeed, the vocals are what elevate the track into something more complex, a certain nostalgia (and therefore sense of loss) allowed to infiltrate the otherwise warm scene, although it’s far more than a simple juxtaposition between light and dark. Instead, we find McCall on the other side of something, the pain and longing long since eroded to a soft-edged pebble, tepid and tactile and and fitting right into the palm of his hand.

Speaking of hands, the second single is based around them entirely. ‘Ideal Hand’ is slower and sadder, pulling the opposite effect to the opener in that hope or happiness is left to appear between the lines, within the light flicks of instrumentation which appear staccato amongst the melancholy mood. As such, the sense of warmth from the first track persists, albeit threatening to leak away, meaning listening is like lying on stone warmed by summer sun as evening descends. WtD

Walter Etc. recording Always Leaving EP

a small video on the making of Walter etc. recent EP.

Alex Maddox - We're in the Minute - 2017

Alex is an old friend of ours who’s always had a better voice than any of us and a keen sense of melody. His new album is perfect for a bubble bath, a car ride with your mom, a hungover weekend morning, a night spent indoors playing Scrabble, or a post-sex heatstick outside your college apartment. 
You may know him from almost all of the group picture comps. We know him as that friend who should really just move to Hollywood and use his angel voice and good looks to take-over the mainstream.

Heavenly Creatures - This Summer Will Kill Us All EP - 2017

We have here the debut release from Cleveland's Heavenly Creatures, and it's a lovely five-song gem! Though current, the band sounds like they were plucked from the Harriet Records '90s catalog, wedged in nicely between similarly female-led bands such as Twig, Pest 5000 and Prickly. That is, this EP is full of catchy pop songs with a bit of an edge both musically and lyrically (see the ode to so-called self-help books in "Blah Blah Blah Amen" and the response to guys' backhanded compliments to female musicians in the opening "Unsolicited Advice"). Last summer may have nearly killed the band (when their drummer moved cross-country and the band almost split up), but this year - and this EP - finds them starting again on a high note.

The Polish Ambassador - Color Of Flight - 2017

The Polish Ambassador is raising the bar for what it means to be a professionally touring musician. Sure, the electronic musician lays claim to producing the sweetest beats this side of the Milky Way Galaxy, but the world’s funkiest diplomat is also using his popularity to steer the millennial generation toward a nourishing and sustainable way of relating with art, community and the planet.

Mar 2, 2017

Bedhead: Live In Chicago - 2015

Captured during their Transaction de Novo tour, Bedhead's Live In Chicago finds the group upon the fabled stage of the Empty Bottle. For their April 16th, 1998 performance, recording engineer Bob Weston set up in the facility's basement, tracking the entire performance onto a mobile 16-track ADAT unit. Mixed by the band and mastered at Chicago Mastering Service, these previously unreleased sessions celebrate the band's live show in ultrahigh fidelity.

Rogue Wave - Cover Me - 2017

01. Rescue (Echo And The Bunnymen)
02. In Between Days (The Cure)
03. Let My Love Open The Door (Pete Townsend)
04. That’s All (Genesis)
05. Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)
06. Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)
07. She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)
08. Under The Milky Way (The Church)
09. Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics)
10. In A Big Country (Big Country)
11. Love My Way (Psychadelic Furs)
12. Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper)

Mar 1, 2017

Happy Sadness - From The Window - 2017

From The Window, by Happy Sadness, is a very succinct and lo-fi sounding concept album, expressing a winters day in the life of an alcoholic who suffers ill mental health. It’s quite an unconventional album, mostly acoustic and DIY orchestral/soundscape sounding, but it’s honest and true, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.
My influences include The Beta Band, The Stone Roses, and Lone Pigeon.

Funeral Advantage - PLEASE HELP ME - 2017

Though the songwriter is clearly in a heavier place, his music thankfully hasn’t lost its lightness. The track movies with the easy urgency of bright melodies and rapping percussion.CoS

PV Digest #6 - Winter 2017

Slumbers - Come Over - 2016

BENJAMINTO do u like the raincoats? are u sad and do u listen to loveless every night? are u a needy colicky bb who needs to be constantly shushed to sleep? are harmonies okay? are u afraid of friendship? hey idiot don't be afraid of friendship, everyone loves u, slumbers loves u, they are so sweet and good u will get dizzy and float for a while. START FLOATIN', BUY THIS ALBUM, PUT IT IN YR GUTS

Miles Recommends - Extended Play - 2017

Extended Play delivers a collision of New Wave chamber pop, retro rock and roots origins as a backdrop to their vocal dissection of social norms.