Oct 28, 2017

❀ Foliage ❀ - Truths - 2017

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Manuel Joseph Walker. 

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Lavender Blood - 2017

Detroit psych-rockers, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, highlight the juxtaposition of horror and bliss with their dizzying new record, Lavender Blood.  One part warm and comforting, the other part heavy and chaotic; the band delivers a psychedelic odyssey worth multiple listens.

Oct 27, 2017

Oct 26, 2017

Cut Worms - Alien Sunset - 2017

Cut worms is a command; if you say so - got a knife? 
Cut worms is a crime scene; my god, who would do such a thing? Cover your eyes! 

Date Stuff EP - 2017

Date Stuff is a duo of luv. Picture this: swan boat.

DOSS FLOY - I'm on the Radio - 2017

Oct 25, 2017

Beach Slang - We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags - 2017

CBMC - .000125 - 2017

i’m taking measurements 
me, i’m an occupied scientist 
and i can’t see you down there? 

falsification! i’m a qualified engineer 
and i’ve got to say, this research just doesn’t add up 
and i don’t care! 
what these graphs are showing 
it’s better off knowing who’s right 
my teeth can’t peel off all the answers you want, 
cause you don’t want to hear 

who’s learning from who? 
i'll take this to where it’s supposed to be 
hiding something in my hair 
i like that your questions are lavished, 
i want you to have this, 
can i still have you here?

Oct 24, 2017

Flying South 2017

Thick Paint & Anna McClellan - Bifocal - 2017

Split release featuring four songs from Thick Paint and four from Anna McClellan!

Oct 23, 2017

Dark Swallows - II - 2017

pickle darling - spring onion pancakes - 2017

louie this is a short album but every song has a special little something in them. seems right for a summer bike ride in the countryside.

Oct 20, 2017

Advance Base - Same Dream (Version 2) - 2017

You wake from the same dream 
where you get fat 
& to your shock you give birth 
to your old cat 
your neighbor’s snoring 
hear the parakeet 
sit by the window 
& stare down at the street 
sunrise grey & orange streaks 
thirty more weeks 

The morning train 
the crush & sound 
it’s seventeen stops 
before you get downtown 
your stomach’s queasy 
with flashes of heat 
but maybe once that belly shows 
you’ll get a seat 
it roars & it creaks 
thirty more weeks 

Check rental listings 
on your lunch at work 
you could have a real house 
if you just left New York 
a vegetable garden 
a white picket fence 
closer to mom 
& reasonable rents 
a happy place for childhood memories 
thirty more weeks

Oct 15, 2017

Last Leaves - Other Towns Than Ours - 2017

As you might have noticed, or not… but LOST and LONESOME label is one of my new favourites. They seem to know me, read my mind in the kind of records I need to listen to. Last Leaves is another great example, of restrained, lovely melodies interwoven with accented vocals. 
Excellent release. You'll have these songs in your head all day once you hit play, so make sure your surroundings are accepting :-)

A few years after the break-up of much-loved Melbourne indie stalwarts The Lucksmiths, three quarters of the band quietly got together again as Last Leaves.

Milk Teddy - Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy - 2017

Like all the best pop groups, Milk Teddy possess the formula – that innate ability to strike a balance between everything being in its rightful place but then forgetting to close the back door before a large gust blows through and dishevels everything. 

Ciggie Witch - Mad Music - 2017

Somewhat indie slackers, somewhat modern indie geniuses - whatever you want to take it as, just listen to this album of pure strumming licks and deadpan delivery - Pavement remembered in many of these songs.

Sunny Side Of Heaven, Fleetwood Mac Revisited - 2017

Some bands make music, some make magic, and some others do both, and there was Fleetwood Mac.... 
I would love to dedicated this project to the wonderful people of Fleetwood Mac and also, of couse, my thanks to all the bands present on this project. 

With love and respect 
Renato Malizia 

Oct 14, 2017

Lauran Hibberd - Eliza - 2017

The barely 20-year old Lauran has been invited to perform at Bestival’s main stage this year after releasing Old Head Young Shoulders, which has been receiving a lot of support from the likes of Clash, Earmilk, Record Of The Day, Konbini and BBC 6Music as well as BBC Introducing.

Oct 13, 2017

deer scout - sad boy - 2017

Pretty and sad

thanks for coming - missing out - 2017

John K. Samson - Prayer For Ruby Elm (DJ Co​-​Op Remix) - 2017

Oct 12, 2017

lotte kestner - Kickstarter Covers B​-​Sides - 2017

8 additional cover songs recorded in 2014/2015, all songs requested by Kickstarter patrons, and one newer bonus track cover

That Polyvinyl Sampler Really Tied The Room Together - 2017

Oct 11, 2017

Battery Point - Six songs of endearment for your livelihood - 2017

The first two EP's from the Chula Vista garage pop band available in a physical format for the first time. 

Heart Beach - 8am / Perfect - 2017

Recorded by Howard Bilerman at Hotel2Tango Montreal QC in August 2017. Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket. Written by Heart Beach.

Oct 10, 2017

Soccer Mommy - Audiotree Live - 2017

Soccer Mommy is the indie bedroom pop project of Sophie Allison. On bandcamp she refers to her music as "chill but kinda sad" which is an apt but reductive version of the personal, mournful collection of tunes Allison has been putting online since 2015. Allison has pushed back on the "sad girl" descriptor in the past year, directing listeners to 2017's Collection to highlight the progression from mopey lo-fi stories into the exciting full band project she now fronts. 

Oct 9, 2017

NÉONHÈART – Prison Break - 2017

NEONHEART have released their confident new single, ‘Prison Break’. The song explores the demons within us that hold us back. Prison break is about breaking the confines on which you put on yourself. The mental cage that we so often wear. The fear of failure; the fear of never being good enough; and even the fear of admitting that we’re afraid to begin with.

Oct 8, 2017

appalachian yard art - spacehelmethead - 2017

“March, April & May” Mix #2 - 2017

The second digital mix presented by February Records' “March, April & May” zine with tracks from Lilith, Lisa Bouvier, Panda Riot, The Fireworks, A Certain Smile and Rocketship. Tracks are all unreleased — either new songs or live or acoustic versions. 

Included with the fourth issue of “March, April & May.” Interviews with Panda Riot, Chickfactor zine, The Fireworks, Sodastream, Brad San Martin, Lisa Bouvier, Rocketship, Lilith and A Certain Smile. Plus more.

Pleasure Systems - Antumbra Pull - 2017

lo-fi electronic pop

Oct 7, 2017

Monster Rally - Sunny Sloth - 2017

Inspired by the sounds, visuals, and animals of a half-century's worth of travel and nature documentaries, Flowering Jungle acts as a companion piece to exploring new and exotic landscapes, wildlife, and communities. The album's artwork mirrors this concept by featuring portraits of jungle birds in flower-adorned 'nests' overtop an abstracted flag of The Flowering Jungle

John K. Samson - Prayer For Ruby Elm (May We Grow Film Version) - 2017

Every year in Winnipeg, which is home to both John K. Samson and the largest population of elm trees in North America, the city battles the dreaded Dutch elm disease by locating trees that are already infected, spray-painting them with an orange dot, and then sending crews out to cut them down in the hope that the disease won't spread to other trees. 

Oct 2, 2017


timbr - screensaver - 2017

"this album is about my feelings. each song is a snapshot of a moment and portrays how i was feeling in that moment to the best of my ability. i imagine each one of these songs at a picture that might end up on your screensaver slideshow. 

Sleep Movies - Sleep Movies Drinks the Potion - 2017

Oct 1, 2017

Gel-Sol - Torus - 2017

Torus is an epic, ambient journey into synthesis by Andrew Reichel, AKA Gel-Sol.

Stay - Always Here EP - 2017

lots of Teenage Fanclub inside this EP.

thanks for coming - last weekend - 2017