Sep 24, 2022

Steady Holiday • People Take Pictures Of Each Other (feat. Bedouine) • 2022

People Take Pictures pokes fun at our obsession with capturing our lives instead of living them. We all do this, right? Bedouine and I are constantly catching each other in these moments, and we thought it'd be fun to cover a song that takes aim directly at them. This song was originally released in 1968 and it sure has snowballed in relevance since...

Candy Moore • Memory Of Hope • 2022

Sep 18, 2022

Paula Espinosa • All Summers End • 2022

Axis Neptune • Cherry Red • 2022

Axis Neptune is a project created by Josh Cotterill, a producer from Scarborough, UK. His music is heavily inspired by soul, jazz, indie, and synth pop, creating falsetto-driven songs with live instruments and deep grooves. He learnt to play guitar at the ago of 7, after becoming obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante.

Sep 15, 2022

bonny doon • San Francisco • 2022

Sep 13, 2022

Rubblebucket • "Cherry Blossom" • 2022

"Rubblebucket is the inspired music of singer and saxophonist Kalmia Traver, trumpeter and singer Alex Toth and their wailing band of big-sounding fun."-  NPR 

“The indie rock Miami Sound Machine” - ROLLING STONE 

“joyful, sparkly pop zest” - Paste

“A uniquely New York anxiety, erupting into a cacophony of sounds." - FADER

“The beautiful sounds of Rubblebucket” Kerrie Cosh - BBC Radio 1 - Future Artists

Live Dates
02/11/22: Brooklyn, NY @ Public Records [sold out]
30/11/22: Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
01/12/22: Portland, ME @ State Theatre
02/12/22: Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
03/12/22: Woodstock, NY @ Bearsville Theater 

Sep 11, 2022

The Ember Glow • Silent Love • 2022

“The Ember Glows is just such a time-shifting device powered by the spiraling lead lines reminiscent of the early Cult sound, woven of the same ornate intricacies as Echo and The Bunnymen, as anthemic as The Mission at their most bombastic best" ~ The Big Takeover

"At the intersection between post-punk intensity, the romanticism of new wave and trippiness of psychedelic rock... their sound is more akin to late 20th century northern England" The Spill Magazine

"Moodily brooding to dynamically vibrant songs that are drenched in ruminative baritone vocals, darkly shining guitars, low-register bass lines, and pushing drum beats" ~ The Record Stache

Montreal-based indie rock / post-punk quartet THE EMBER GLOWS (formed of members of Montreal-based indie artists ROOM CONTROL, REPO, SCENE NOIR and CITYLAKE) will soon release their 'Where Spirits Play' EP, teasing this 4-track offering with the single 'The Mirror'. Frontman MARTIN SAINT says, "This song is about how most nations carry skeletons in their closets - even the so-called peaceful ones. Sooner or later, we must face the weight of history and the past hits us hard collectively... The lyrics are only a personal reflection that came about some two years ago after some of my work in association with APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), but prior to the ghastly Canadian Residential School mass grave revelations."

Cosmo Gold • Wildflowers • 2022

"Catchy and upbeat" 
Paste Magazine

"Undeniably sweet"

"Full of catchy pop gems"

The album is the result of a highly collaborative effort & was co-produced by the band and their longtime engineer, Neil Wogensen (Valley Queen) and mixed by Jason Kingsland (DeerhunterBelle & Sebastian). The band and Wogensen were living together when the pandemic struck and felt compelled to dive deep into their imaginations as a form of escape. 

Geiger von Müller • Space Digger #1 • 2022

'Avant-garde slide maestro' -It's Psychedelic Baby Mag

'The future of music. This is how music will be' -Is This Thing On

'Exceptional great piece of guitar playing' -Rebellious Jukebox

'completely unique musician, instantly recognizable with a sound all of his own' -Roots & Fusion

Sep 8, 2022

The Queen is Dead • 1986

Farewell to this land's cheerless marshes
Hemmed in like a boar between archers
Her very Lowness with her head in a sling
I'm truly sorry, but it sounds like a wonderful thing

"I say, Charles, don't you ever crave
To appear on the front of the Daily Mail
Dressed in your Mother's bridal veil?" Ooh, ooh, ooh
And so I checked all the registered historical facts
And I was shocked into shame to discover
How I'm the 18th pale descendant of some old queen or other

Blondshell • "Sepsis" • 2022

Sep 6, 2022

fine. • Fine • 2022

fine. is 

Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon)

Alice Kat

Grade School • 2022

Quivers • I Just Wanted To See You So Bad (Lucinda Williams Cover) • 2022

Aug 30, 2022

Ezra Furman • Live at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA • 2020

1:49 Queen of Hearts
7:10 Haunted Head
11:52 In America
15:15 I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend 
19:38 Love You So Bad
23:57 Watch You Go By
28:31 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
33:05 Transition from Nowhere to Nowhere
37:05 Hour of Deepest Need
43:00 The Refugee
47:09 God Lifts Up the Lowly
52:00 Body Was Made
54:47 I Can Change
1:01:06 Trauma
1:05:35 Ordinary Life
1:08:41 Cherry Lane

Ezra Furman • "Forever In Sunset" • 2022

Ezra Furman knows that the joys and fears of trans women are doubled to either extreme compared to those of their cis counterparts, as violent transmisogyny continues to run rampant and women who share her experiences are forced to live in the shadows. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a woman,” Furman wrote in an April 2021 Instagram post, “and yes for me it’s complex, but it’s complex to be any sort of woman … Trans people deserve to pursue the lives we want, on our terms.

Aug 29, 2022

The Roof Dogs • Weather • 2022

"The band packs into crunchy guitars paired with crisply delivered vocals for a crowd-pleasing indie rock delivery."

“Yelping and howling over driving proto punk guitars and syncopated rock and roll rhythms”
- Under the Radar

The Roof Dogs' new single "Weather" is here! A precursor for their debut LP, Here You Are (due Spring 2023 via Earth Libraries), this indie-rock tune is sure to get you tapping your feet! The accompanying video takes you on a visual tour through the song's lyrics, packing a surprise ending. Featuring crunchy guitars and dreamy vocals, this song is only a taste of what is to come from The Roof Dogs.

Aug 27, 2022

dwi • Party4One • 2022

Rundown Kreeps • NOLA • 2022

""NOLA" observes and compares the theme of escapism in relation to the banality of everyday life. Whether it's work stress, financial struggle, emotional hurt, or the hunger to accomplish a dream; we're all either running towards or away from somewhere. Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Mireles (audio engineer for Travis Barker as well as Machine Gun Kelly's "Tickets to My Downfall).

Aug 24, 2022

Talk Show • Leather • 2022

Today, London-based four piece Talk Show shared “Leather,” the latest single from their forthcoming EP Touch The Ground, out on September 23 by Missing Piece Records. Produced by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Al Doyle (LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip) in their Hackney studio, the six-track collection is the sound of a band who have stopped, re-evaluated, and emerged as one of the most exciting and unique prospects around.

Aug 23, 2022

Z Tapes • Summer 2022

It's hot out and our Summer 2022 compilation is here to cool you down! 

30 refreshing indie tracks from bedroom pop's best and brightest, guaranteed to cure (or give in to) your summertime sadness. 

All profits made from this comp will be donated to l'ECG, a community-run center in the Guillotière neighborhood of Lyon. It's a collective living space, a food bank, a class struggle organisation base and much more. 

Please consider contributing if you have the means! <3 

Enjoy and finish your Summer off nicely :) 

- Angie & Filip

Aug 18, 2022

Junior Brother • This Is My Body • 2022

Junior Brother has released a great new music video for the song ‘This Is My Body’, from the forthcoming album The Great Irish Famine, which is out September 2nd via Irish label Strange Brew.

After ‘No Snitch’, ‘This Is My Body’ addresses the decaying, changing nature of our physical vessels, as people navigate relationship over time.

Directed by Ellius Grace, the video sees actor Bryan Quinn embody various objects in and out of the home to underscore the theme. Naiil

Aug 16, 2022

BADSOMA • Heat and Disorder • 2022

"Heat and Disorder" is a new track from BADSOMA, fusing rock and electronic soundscapes amidst lush vocals and hypnotic production.

Based in Orange County, California, BADSOMA is the brainchild of Iranian-American songwriter and music producer, Armin Fard. Having previously worked as a film composer, BADSOMA is Armin’s first solo project.

Armin was born in Iran. Growing up, his father worked as an educational psychologist, while his mother had begun a career as a painter and an artist. Armin was exposed to a wide variety of art and music from an early age, and started taking lessons in classical piano at the age of seven.

Mini Trees • "Let Down" • 2022

Off the back of her critically acclaimed 2021 debut album Always in Motion and tours with Death Cab For Cutie, Julien Baker, Hovvdy and more, rising songwriter Mini Trees (aka Lexi Vega) today releases her version of Radiohead’s cult classic, ‘Let Down’ via Run For Cover. The release comes ahead of her newly announced UK / European tour dates with Gracie Gray.

Tour Dates:
08/24 Málaga, ES @ Canela Party
08/25 Madrid, ES @ Sala Siroco
08/26 Barcelona, ES @ Sala Upload
08/28 Darmstadt, DE @ Golden Leaves Festival
08/30 London, UK @ The Lexington *
08/31 Newport, UK @ Le Pub *
09/01 Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book Club *
09/02 Nottingham, UK @ Rock City Beta *
09/03 Manchester, UK @ Manchester Psych Festival
09/04 Birmingham, UK @ Sunflower Lounge *
09/05 Southampton, UK @ Heartbreakers *
*with Gracie Gray

Aug 15, 2022

Thyra Hilden • I Miss You Watching Me • 2022

Danish Radio just recommended Thyra’s dreamy indie sound, witch gave name to a new genre: EXISTENTIAL POP. Every line of her lyrics could be a Rene Magritte painting, flipping your presence to a new meta perspective. About her previous release the press just wrote: “The depth of the song is remarkable. The song has an incredible richness of language by saying very little. The tune demonstrates the concept that a little goes a long way perfectly.” ( 16/7 )

Slow Buildings • I Never Could Leave You • 2022

Deer Scout • "Suspended In Gaffa (Kate Bush Cover)" • 2022

Today, Deer Scout is sharing a new track, a cover of the Kate Bush classic "Suspended In Gaffa", ahead of an East Coast tour that will begin on August 26th in Washington DC, and end at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn on September 5th. Delivered in Deer Scout's homespun style, with an arrangement that gently gathers momentum under Miller's graceful vocal performance, this new version feels like a distinct iteration of the well-known song, approached with a subtlety that beautifully recasts the nuance of Bush's lyrics. 

The Well Bears • Song 8 (Prod. by Shay Moshe Moshe) • 2022

Disclosure - Song 8 started out as a filler song for the alien concept album they are working on, which probably explains its banal name (this is the eighth song they have ever worked on together). However, while working the song evolved into a powerful and interesting enough piece, which eventually led to the decision to release it as a single.
  The song has a fast and disturbing rhythm, simulating a sense of persecution, and the lyrics are gloomy as well. The song deals with a stressful situation, but the chorus has a slightly soothing character in relation to the stressful versus. The result is strange and interesting.
The edgy clip conveys messages of chaos and persecution, yet manages to remain comical as well. It's still unclear if The Well Bears are more serious or more cynical around this issue of aliens.

Aug 11, 2022

Fake Palms // Civil Liberties • 2022

Fake Palms, the project of Toronto-based musician, Michael le Riche is today sharing his new single, "Civil Liberties" – it comes as the final advance preview of his new record, Lemons which is set for release via Hand Drawn Dracula (Young Guv, Tallies, Tess Parks) on September 16. Lemons has found support so far from Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim, CBC Radio and more for the early singles, "Visions" and "Satellite" – it arrives as the third full-length from Fake Palms and reintroduces the project after a short break in which le Riche focused on his electro-synth project, Sauna.


”Break My Heart Again” is actually a very early song in our history, and although it's a kinda mellow song it has a real mid-80s hardcore feel to me. The verse sounds really Dag Nasty, although the chorus sounds like The Wannadies haha.. The lyrics are classic heartbreak about a relationship ending too soon."

Aug 9, 2022

Hurray For The Riff Raff • Full Performance (Live on KEXP 2022)

Belle and Sebastian • String Bean Jean (Live on KEXP) • 2022

I got my fingers dirty at the school of rock
Yeah I got my fingers dirty so I took a walk
I went up to the country park and hung around till after dark
Till the girls got home
Till the girls got home

Did I tell you 'bout the one I know, she's on the rag
She spent the summer day inside her sleeping bag
Yeah she spent the summer day inside until it's time to work
And she works all night
Cause the girl's all right

The girls have got a house that's like a caravan
And it's like your holidays whenever you go round
And we always have a laugh and then we all get in the bath
To save on the leccy bill
Me & Jo & Phil'

Jul 31, 2022

Jul 25, 2022

Big Thief • Tiny Desk (Home) Concert • 2022

Bob Boilen | July 20, 2022
I love seeing friends playing comfortably at home, especially when those friends are members of my favorite band. What we see in this Tiny Desk (home) concert is playfulness substituting for the intensity that I normally find in Big Thief on a big stage. This band has made many of my best-loved albums in the past few years, beginning with its 2016 debut Masterpiece and including its 2022 double-album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You. The first three songs in this set all come from that album and were written by singer Adrianne Lenker, with "Certainty" co-written with guitarist Buck Meek.

Big Thief songs are often filled with tender tales and poetic and playful words. I can say the same for Adrianne Lenker's many solo albums and for Buck Meek's 2021 solo album, Two Saviors. Drummer James Krivchenia produced Big Thief's recent album and also a 2020 ambient album of his own, A New Found Relaxation. Max Oleartchik plays upright bass for this intimate acoustic set on the top floor of a house in "windy Connecticut."

There's a bit of a "hold on to your hat" feel here, with players watching each other for a possible surprise. Maybe it's James Krivchenia's banjo percussion, the galloping rhythm on "Certainty" or how the four musicians sing aloud on a chorus; it is so much fun to see it all unfold. The final song was the biggest surprise; it's an unreleased song Big Thief has been performing, appropriately called "Happiness."

"Dried Roses"

Adrianne Lenker: vocals, guitar
Buck Meek: guitar, vocals
Max Oleartchik: bass, vocals
James Krivchenia: percussion, vocals

Jul 19, 2022

Jacklen Ro • "Life With You" • 2022

"'Side By Side' is a dreamy ballad with ’60s doo-wop sensibilities. Throughout the single, Jacklen Ro deliver shimmering melodies, upbeat percussion, and soft, sweet vocal lines."
- Indie88

"A song about a love being tested by distance, Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins have once again delivered a single with a lyrical twist that gives pause"
- Country Queer

"Opening with sweet acoustic guitar lines and soft, buttery harmonies, ['Time Bomb'] slowly builds into an anthemic indie rock tune. It’s a pretty stunning energetic, yet angsty ballad that’s sure to get you singing along."
- Indie88

"Sweet, nostalgic"
- Brooklyn Vegan

“The song has a dreamy, child-like quality that is immediately endearing.”
- Adobe & Teardrops 

 “Truly a breath of fresh air”
- Country Queer

Girlpuppy • Wish • 2022

"Playful and easygoing, as [girlpuppy] paints a hopeful summertime daydream...if anyone's pandemic sidehustle sticks I hope it's [hers]."

"One of indie folk’s most promising newcomers...her knack for lyrical scene-setting and gossamer melodies that seem to hang in the air like the scent of a freshly baked fruit pie."

"A breezy ode to less-than-effotrless love" 

"Destined for stardom. Her debut EP Swan features heartfelt serenades and bouncy indie rock jams that make her irresistible, and her delicate voice is simply magical."

Jul 18, 2022

Green/Blue • Paper Thin • 2022

The dark and dreamy halftoned realism of Green/Blue comes into near-perfect focus across 'Paper Thin'. Ever the prolific recording duo, Jim Blaha and Annie Sparrows are back with their third album in as many years, following previous releases on HoZac and Slovenly. Their Minneapolis basement studio has yet again translated to tape what many in the post-punk realm often fail to realize - a certain icy-cool confidence. Chilling vocal harmonies resonate atop melodic guitar leads and a razor-sharp rhythm section as the album stretches to just under twenty-five minutes. Green/Blue evoke a certain somber and honest set of sonics, distilling the now and pondering the future as these ten tracks spin vibrantly at 45 RPM.

Jul 13, 2022

Boule de Crystal • Amoure • 2022

Boule de Crystal est un duo de trap emo composé de Yanka (aka DJ Yanka) et d’Anotine (Sound Love Studio). Cette rencontre musicale est née d’une amitié queer et d’un goût commun pour la poésie urbaine. Sonorités médiévales, auto-tune, punch lines street et cosmiques, instrus trap et vaporeuses, textes féministes et queer...un rap d'avant-garde expé qui bouscule les codes normés.  
Pic by Rémy Perrier 


Low at Primavera Sound 2022

Flox • In The Shade • 2022

As you may have heard, Franco-British artist Flox has just released a new innovative album of nu-reggae titled ‘Square’.
As his seventh album the ‘Square’ is wide open: old school rhythms or techno-like approaches, vintage dub or futuristic take offs, thick sound basses and melodies, scraped to the bone...

Rhett Miller • Follow You Home • 2022

Rhett Miller announced his new album The Misfit with the dreamy and reflective debut single “Follow You Home,” featuring vocals from Cassandra Jenkins and Annie Nero. The album marks his first solo full length album in four years and will be released on September 16 via ATO Records. The Misfit, now available for pre-order, was co-written and produced by Miller’s Hudson Valley, NY neighbor Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Danger Mouse) and continues their musical partnership that began on 2018’s The Messenger