Oct 29, 2022

Bret Koontz & Truancy Club • "Lonesome Rambler" • 2022

"The sound at the center of A Sparkle Road Cult is Bret’s voice. It’s an idiosyncratic writer and composer’s voice that has shades of the outsider sounds of Robert Wyatt, Syd Barrett, and Arthur Russell. The accompanying arrangements bring to mind the songcraft of the Carpenters and Prefab Sprout-esque Sophisti-Pop shaken up/down by a touch of the large format boogie of Wings and raw Power Pop of Big Star."
- Glide Magazine

Denni Ian • So This Is How We Dance • 2022

Ian's new single “So This Is How We Dance" is an underplayed eruption of emotion. The ballad features piano lead and strings swirling around a vibrant vocal performance, with lyrics elevating a profoundly poetic and haunted vision of amore disperato.

Oct 27, 2022

TVOD • MANTIS • 2022

"'Mantis' is a blast of driving no-frills punk, capturing both the band’s irrepressible persistent energy and their surprisingly sticky melodies. It very much encapsulates the punk ethos of loud, fast, and simple, with blaring guitars, machine-gun percussion, and jittery melodies driving the track forward."
- Under the Radar

"Beautifully noisy and chock full of lyrics an audience can chant along to, it’s easy to imagine this new single riling up a crowd of concert-goers engaged in absolute mayhem"
- The Big Takeover

"Tearing back through our tympanic membranes like a siren, TVOD has landed back to earth and crashed its ship on the rocky shores of Brooklyn with a brand new single 'Mantis.'"
- Full Time Aesthetic

Awkward Branches • A Frame (Not a Window) • 2022

‘A Frame (Not a Window)’ is the first single to be shared from forthcoming debut EP due out next spring. The debut single is a tranquil sun-flecked number, driven by bouncy acoustic guitar and verdant synth, with tender vocals that speak to the nature of trust, faith and dogs. The song is complemented by a charming animated video, created by Mike Barrett, that satisfyingly mirrors the colourful textures and sanguine spirit of the song itself. Barrett on the video: “The video began life as a simple zoom through abstract spaces, inspired by a craft-paper collage Phil had made as a potential EP cover. Using a blend of hand-drawn elements, original footage and AI-assisted animation techniques, it soon evolved into a somewhat labyrinthine journey across a variety of fantasy landscapes, culminating In the slightly tongue-in-cheek / slightly deadly serious ascension to heaven for the final scene. Mostly it was a chance to indulge my affection for kitsch architectural forms, potted plants, and - in a nod to the first line of the song’s lyrics - the illusive joy of dogs”

Oct 23, 2022

UJI • FLECHAS • 2022

"The vocals in vernacular languages add another layer of mysteriousness to the production that must be better appreciated on a dancefloor." [On "Flechas"]

"In the context of the 2000s Latin American folklore movement (in which ZZK Records is still a leading force), Uji approaches this extremely rich shared cultural baggage with his mind set in the technological present, offering a sweet, conscious and danceable clash of the ancient and the modern."
Rhythm Passport

"Amid gurgles, water drops, and swooshing sounds, also featuring artist and healer Zola Dubnikova, the song is an evocative, meditative affair that drifts into the abyss"

Pillars of a Twisted City • Incinerator • 2022

The album finds Stewart incorporating banjo, accordion, and classical nylon string guitar into his compositions. The recording of these more exotic instruments took place in the aforementioned floating studio, housed in a shipment container entitled Sentinel, thus also serving as the inspiration for the album title. “The goals of this band are to push boundaries, explore new sounds, and write good songs. Pillars of a Twisted city is an artistic collaboration celebrating freedom of creativity, removing consumer pressure, and concentrating on unique recording and songwriting experiences," explains Stewart.

Oct 22, 2022

True Body • "Jade Green" • 2022

"True Body are gorgeous new(ish) entrants in the diverse modern scene encompassing post-punk, goth, dream pop, synth pop and related genres"

"Ten wide-eyed, fence-swinging songs that divinely balance post-punk tradition with anthemic ambition"


"A lighter, dreamy tone and a deep, baleful mood amid glimmers of reverberating guitar chime and miasmic washes of synths, and airily sighing backing vocals"
The Big Takeover

Fake Shark • Paranoid • 2022

Jacklen Ro • "Sunshine, I'm counting on you" • 2022

"A blissful and vibrant atmosphere"

"'Side By Side' is a dreamy ballad with ’60s doo-wop sensibilities. Throughout the single, Jacklen Ro deliver shimmering melodies, upbeat percussion, and soft, sweet vocal lines."
- Indie88

"A song about a love being tested by distance, Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins have once again delivered a single with a lyrical twist that gives pause"
- Country Queer

"Making the video about trying to survive vampires came from the line 'sunshine I’m counting on you,' as in the sun will kill the vampires. We did it completely DIY with our bassist Lauren directing and producing it, and our drummer edited it. We had friends helping every step of the process, and shoutout to them. We couldn’t have done it without you! We’re just love bugs trying to spread it all around."

Oct 19, 2022

Field Medic • "i had a dream that you died" • 2022

Few songwriters are able to pinpoint difficult emotions and address them with such devastating clarity and disarming humor quite like Field Medic. The long-running musical project of Los Angeles-based musician Kevin Patrick Sullivan, he makes music that’s so startlingly honest that it can cut the tension in any room. He’s excelled at self-reflection and making deceptively simple folk songs about loneliness, sobriety, and growing up. But for his latest LP, grow your hair long if you're wanting to see something you can change, which is out October 14 via Run For Cover, Sullivan decided to completely reinvent his approach to recording. The result is his most ambitious, fully-formed, and emotionally resonant collection of tracks yet. 

Oct 13, 2022

Sweet Baboo • Good Luck • 2022

Cradling an uncomplicated guitar, a man in trousers of artful proportion pours tender tales into your ear; my ear; the tubes-and-funnels ear of a retrofuturistc listening device. Plucking nylon strings as he sings of waitresses who gaze through checked café windows, weathered fishermen who cast lines under blue-grey skies, and beloved, untameable dogs who stretch their long legs too far from home, is the enigmatic Sweet Baboo: musician as mirage, great beautifier of the mundane; each of his songs an ode to the tragedy and the comedy and the magnificence of life’s minutiae, momentarily appreciated before the world goes spinning on. 

Oct 11, 2022

Bibi Club • Le matin (Session Live) • 2022

Today Montreal duo Bibi Club is releasing a choir version of their song “Le matin,” in a new video directed by Yann-Manuel Hernandez. In a cozy living room, Helena Deland, Emilie Kahn, Estée Preda, Joséphine Rivard and several others lend their voices to harmonize with Adèle, while Gus Englehorn shares guitar duties with Nicolas Basque. “Le soleil et la mer,” Bibi Club’s critically acclaimed debut album, is now available via Secret City Records. The song “Le matin” has been added to the official playlist of France Inter, while the album just entered the Top 30 of the NACC 200 in the United States, a tour de force for an album mostly in French.

Oct 7, 2022

Midwife • Sickworld • 2022

On record, she produces intricate and lush sonic environments in her own little corner of the heavy music scene. She describes her sound as "Heaven Metal," AKA emotional music about devastation: catharsis. Johnston writes primarily about grief, and the many faces it can inhabit. 

Oct 3, 2022

Fujiya & Miyagi • New Body Language • 2022

To convey the almost 20-year career of the band is to take a deep dive into all forms of electronic music - from pop to house to disco to acid - along with nods to 1970s Germany, psychedelia, funk and art pop. And that’s exactly what Slight Variations does, while also capturing the duality of a band who can craft meticulously constructed studio music as seamlessly as they can lock into unpredictable yet infectious grooves on stage. Within the wide variation this record displays, "New Body Language" incorporates 1970s West African funk and high life around a house music template.

"It's a delight to hear that, over 20 years into Lewis and Best's partnership, they are pushing their recognizable but rarely formulaic sound into fresh territory."

"F&M hit peak funkiness on this fat-free blent of Krautrock pulses and pop melodies." **** 4 Stars

"Slight Variations reaches back into the archive and out into the void in equal measure, splicing the best bits of the group's enviable catalogue of linear, krautrock driven grooves with just enough off-piste eccentricities to keep things fresh."
- DJ Mag

Oct 2, 2022

Driveaway • Wishing Well • 2022

In the infamous words of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, Florida indie-pop band Driveaway have metaphorically “sold their turntables and bought guitars” on today’s release of “Wishing Well.” Stepping out from their typical synth-driven indie pop earworms, today’s single dials up the angst and let’s the guitar and drums take center stage. Lyrically, the song documents too many days bleeding together from putting on a front for others and where that breaking point lies – Stream.

Minutes from June • true love will find you in the end • 2022