Oct 3, 2022

Fujiya & Miyagi • New Body Language • 2022

To convey the almost 20-year career of the band is to take a deep dive into all forms of electronic music - from pop to house to disco to acid - along with nods to 1970s Germany, psychedelia, funk and art pop. And that’s exactly what Slight Variations does, while also capturing the duality of a band who can craft meticulously constructed studio music as seamlessly as they can lock into unpredictable yet infectious grooves on stage. Within the wide variation this record displays, "New Body Language" incorporates 1970s West African funk and high life around a house music template.

"It's a delight to hear that, over 20 years into Lewis and Best's partnership, they are pushing their recognizable but rarely formulaic sound into fresh territory."

"F&M hit peak funkiness on this fat-free blent of Krautrock pulses and pop melodies." **** 4 Stars

"Slight Variations reaches back into the archive and out into the void in equal measure, splicing the best bits of the group's enviable catalogue of linear, krautrock driven grooves with just enough off-piste eccentricities to keep things fresh."
- DJ Mag

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