Mar 19, 2011

Genre: Indie / R&B

TrY / BuY / SHoWs

We are very excited to say we are going to be supporting The Pixies for the entire North American leg of their Doolittle Tour 2011.

This debut album from Waking Eyes' multi-instrumentalist Rusty Matyas and sassy vocalist Marti Sarbit mines the past in a most effective way. Sonically, one can catch glimpses of almost every musical period stretching from the beginning of commercial musical sound reproduction through to the dance-driven electroclash sounds of today. - cA

Mar 6, 2011

Clea Roddick - Songs of the Year: Vol. 1 [2011]

Genre: Female Vocals / folk rock
TrY / BuY
Warm up this winter to Clea Roddick and her new EP "Songs of the Year Vol. 1", the first in a series of EP's to be released with each coming season. Volume 1 is the winter EP, but it won't leave you feeling cold at all... Calgary songstress Clea Roddick has the entrancing voice of a lark, the soul of a cheeky storyteller, and the heart of a passionate poet.
Her newest release entitled Songs of the Year: Volume 1 is the first in a series of four seasonal EPs which will be released this year.  She has found a creative way to combine her affection for nature with her distinctive voice and cleverly composed lyrics - nxew

The Smiths is Dead [1996]

Various Brit-Pop Artists
Genre: Indie Experimental Pop
TrY / BuY

The Smiths Is Dead is a tribute album to the 1980s' English alternative rock band The Smiths, released in 1996. It was compiled by the French cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles and released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 1986's The Queen Is Dead. The album was released at the height of the Britpop phenomenon and contained covers by many popular Britpop acts such as The Boo Radleys, Supergrass, Bis and Placebo.