Oct 31, 2015

Holy Shadow - The Portable Holy Shadow - 2015

folk songs from way up north, incredibly proficient songwriter droppin' some new tunes on us all

1000x zoom-in on a vinyl disc

Vita Bergen - Disconnection - 2015

Sometimes the most intimate, pained songwriting can only be expressed in something vast.

It's almost as if by moving inwards, the music must push outwards, in the opposite direction. Vita Bergen - a duo, real names William Hellström and Robert Jallinder - seem to exemplify this.

With a handful of demos leaking online and a few gigs played, Vita Bergen are already causing a stir. Their sound - epic, rooted in electronics with a powerful sense of instrumentation - is matched against lyrics that speak frankly about the inner workings of the heart. CM

Get Inuit - Luge Lessons - 2015

Look at Get Inuit having literally the BEST fun. We loved I Am The Hot Air so much that it seemed they should have a fantastic video. So via a green screen and some nifty digital wizadry, they came up with this, which DIY describe as a series of shots that merge pop punk madness with rock star fantasies.

The best news about this hit though? Well it's taken from a new EP - 'Luge Lessons' - due out with your fine pals at Alcopop! (that's us y'know) on 16th October. Fresh from ripping up the Isle of Wight's Bestival, they're off on a UK tour with Broken Hands this October... That's after stopping by for a VERY special show at the Tooting Tram next Wednesday with our pals at Rose Coloured. 

Check out all Get Inuit's dates, and probably go to at least half of them...  


07 Leeds, Headrow House (w/ Brawlers)

10 Aldershot, Crashlanding Fest (w/ The Xcerts, Demob Happy)

13 London, Barfly

17 Manchester, Carefully Planned Festival

28 Manchester, Soup Kitchen (w/ Broken Hands)

29 Glasgow, Broadcast (w/ Broken Hands)

30 Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge (w/ Broken Hands)


01 Bristol, Start The Bus (w/ Broken Hands)

02 Brighton, Green Door Store (w/ Broken Hands)


Yeahhhhh - we've created this f**king awesome compilation for Halloween. It's specifically the least scary thing we can come up with, 'cos while ghosts and ghouls and all that jive are OK - they don't make decent music do they? 

So while you're ghostbusting, eating candy and doing other spooky things - you can listen to this :-) It's free to download, but only today and tomorrow. From Monday, it'll be a fiver. A fiver well spent mind you. But you could be spending that that on Egon Spengler. He aint afraid of no ghosts…

Oct 30, 2015

Shadow Folk - Split - 2015

There's so much good coming out of this Halifax band; groove, psychedelic overtones, slightly trashy persona - time to listen again!

Adeline Hotel - How Strange It Is To See - 2015

Michael Steiner Listening to these four songs lets you feel the massive step forward AH just took with this EP and is evidence of growth with no signs of slowing any time soon. Favorite track: Red Coat.

wonderdog Well worth a listen, which will be followed naturally by a purchase.

Keep - Hypnosis for Sleep - 2015

MusicLover I can't really add more than what's been written already. But I have to anyway join the club and express how fantastic these songs are. How is it possible that this is the only material from you guys on bandcamp??? As far as comparisons go: if you're into 'Winks and Kisses' from Airiel, or Solar Powered People, this one is definitely for you!

Jack Sonically diverse with enough power to make your head bang and enough ambience to make your mind drift. Strong and catchy vocal melodies layered on top of wall-of-sound instrumentals. I'm extremely excited to see what comes next from Keep.

Goodman - s/t - 2015

here are four tracks that were cut from the upcoming full-length album. not because of quality, mind you, but because a 16-song album seemed excessive in this digital age. enjoy this as an overture, and stay for the main act, coming soon.

Florist - Holdly Ep + 6 Songs (2015-2014)

from a song a day project that emily did in may with eskimeaux, frankie cosmos, small wonder, and japanese breakfast. you can see the whole project here: may5to12songs.tumblr.com 

these are the first songs that i wrote on guitar after not being able to play for 3 months because of an arm injury.

Oct 27, 2015

Birdtapes - Hank Williams Compilation - 2013

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) The songs of Hank Williams, filtered through a ‘DIY-Bedroom-Musician’ filter? Yes please.

Dad Rocks! - Year of the Flesh - 2014

Danish singer/songwriter Snaevar Njall Albertsson, who performs under the cringingly tongue-in-cheek nom de plume of Dad Rocks!, appears to try to have it both ways on his second long player, Year Of The Flesh.  Contrary to the stage name, Dad Rocks! trades in something altogether different from that clunky, plodding dinosaur of style.  Musically, Albertsson fixes his gaze skyward, augmenting his bouncy folk rock with epic baroque flourishes of swelling strings and horn sections.  It’s a dependable avenue to traverse as such grandeur has appealed to us for centuries.  There is a risk, however, that the constant reaching for the stars wears thin – and quickly – prompting a sense of arrogance… TLOBF

Hungry Mountain - Weird Pills - 2015

Great pile of groovy indie rock tunes out of Chicago… 

gorgeous bully - Smiling, Laughing - 2014

Sam Maroney brilliant, understated songwriting Favorite track: Sixty Bore.

Hannah Fahoome jam after jam. this album rocks my world. Favorite track: Misery Loves Company.

Keisha Armand Ugly and bummed and uncomfortable in all the right ways. Favorite track: Misery Loves Company.

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) never met a gorgeous bully tune that I didn't like. Favorite track: Sinking Feeling.

Travis Button Nice collection of a few older singles that never had an official home along with some new ones too. Gorgeous Bully never gets old! Favorite track: 5 AM.

Dubb Nubb - It's Weird In This World - 2015

Twin sisters playing folk songs and love stories from the Midwest. We want to play music in your living room and meet your dog.

Dubb Nubb songs are sweet and mean, and the stories paint a colorful map inspired by highways and cities, nature and concrete, love and loss. Delia and Hannah sing the kind of harmonies that only twins can make over classical inspired guitar, ukulele, and poetic yet fierce songwriting. 

From St. Louis Missouri, the 23 year-old sisters have been playing music in their own scene and beyond since they were 15. They have independently released five albums and EPs, including 2013’s ‘Wild Dreamin’ and the recent 2015 release, ‘It’s Weird In This World.’ River Front Times described ‘Wild Dreamin’ as “elliptical songs about travel and roots and friendship that don't tell stories as much as they establish moods.”

Brittle Brian - Verisune - 2015

carter soundtrack to a long drive home when it is early in the morning and youre watching the sunrise fade the stars away and you truly understand the beauty of friendship and the world

Oct 26, 2015

bulldog eyes - split w​/​cat be damned - 2015

experimental goodness for the diy heart...

Grandparents - Sincerely, Bagman - 2015

The mark of any great band is the ability to evolve. Over the past five years, Portland’s Grandparents have shape-shifted in only the most engaging of ways, posturing blustery, expansive psych-pop into unexplored aural corners with each new recording.

With the successful production of several self-recorded lo-fi EPs to their credit, the space-y six-piece are whetting appetites with the arrival of the Kids in the Alley cassingle. On the strength of the impossibly catchy title-track, Kids in the Alley delivers audacious, jangly pop music with an eye toward the hallucinatory, prompting visions of psychedelic royalty like the Seeds or early Kinks while decidedly forging their own sonic pathways.

Ari Roar - Cassette - 2015

There’s an air of wistful retreat coursing right through the heart of Ari Roar’s new self-titled EP that perhaps lends it to graceful summer reclines rather than gloomy october days, however such is the strength of the songwriting that went in to its creation, it still manages to feel not only like a compelling addition to the latter stages of 2015, but a completely vital one.

Though the building blocks share a similarity with much of what we tend to unearth via Bandcamp (sunken vocals, hazy melancholy, DIY/bedroom recording dustiness), there’s a brittleness to Ari Roar’s songs that tend to deny their skeletal posturing, lending a warmth and captivating sense of mystery to the magic that is housed deep within them. And let be said that much of this new tape is indeed somewhat magical. Opener ‘Sunburn‘ is a slightly ambiguous starter-point but ‘Glow‘ is a sumptuous pop song, all smart melodies and, well, glowing sentiments that positively shine out of the speakers and in to your day. GFP

ÒOR - punctual - 2015

wonderful experimental bedroom pop, overflowing with character.

Oct 24, 2015

a Couple from Alcopop!

The Secret Seventh Cassette Day Compilation
by Various Artists

Luge Lessons
by Get Inuit

Oct 22, 2015

Catholic Easter Colors - Not the Silence that was there Before - 2015

a big thank you to jamie finucane for recording these songs and danny howard for drumming. we recorded these songs over a few days and sat on hillsides and almost saw the king of saudi arabia during recording breaks. it all seems like a dream now. everything distant and unreal, broken into buildings, crowds, colors, but always still there in front of you.
thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy.

Alex G - Beach Music - 2015

Over the course of six self-recorded and mostly self-released LPs, Alex G has built a body of work unassuming in its presentation but astounding in its depth. Beach Music, his seventh full-length and his debut with Domino, was written and recorded in Giannascoli’s apartment between the Fall of 2014 and the Spring of 2015, during breaks from touring with the likes of Elvis Depressedly, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and Gardens & Villa. While its predecessors often came in uninterrupted bursts—from his head to the internet in a matter of hours and days—Beach Music was shaped in part by Giannascoli adapting to life as a touring musician. Songs were written within months of one another rather than all at once, with influences ranging from noise music to piano-based laments to Southern rock to the rhythmic focus of techno—whatever he happened to be most interested in at the time. The result is Giannascoli’s most cohesive and beautiful work to date; a stand-out addition to a catalog whose rewards continue to evolve and multiply with every listen.

Cigarettes After Sex - Affection - 2015

amazing pace… again, again...

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Laid (James cover) - 2015

Always been a favourite - great cover of a James classic.

Eerie Summer - the way i don't understand anything anymore - 2015

Eerie Summer has a new album out! Yes!!! And it is the last they will make together. Noooo!!!
Maxim from Turku, Finland and Victoria from St. Petersburg, Russia makes lovely melodic indiepop together, and have done so for some time now. Their new album is their best, and I was just about to write “best so far”, but sadly the band won’t release any more songs as a duo. You should definitely buy this one, and I am pretty sure you’ll love it.
I first fell in love with their music when they released the wonderful self titled mini album in 2013, and was very excited when I saw that a new full length album, “the way I don’t understand anything anymore” was out. Bought it instantly and am still very excited. It is really, really good. Really. Really. Good.
The lofi sound that was very present on their debut, is not that present here. This sound better produced, and the songs are also stronger. EDM

tyler burkhart - Back against the wall - 2015

Lovely contemplative songs from this awesome diy artist. Fall into the textures.

Give Back To The Future - 2015

As it has been 30 years since the 1985 Back to the Future movie came out, we have all learned various lessons in life. A time will come when we will have to look back at what has happened since ______ , and it isn't about what we will have in the future (such as fax machines, hoverboards, and AK-47's from Libyan Rebels) but what we will "give back" to our world to provide a better future. For now, Kosha Dillz has come up with a song that every geek needs in their future, or at least for today…

Oct 15, 2015

bulldog eyes - asleep - 2015

A great gathering of bedroom lo-fi pop songs… When I think diy bulldog eyes is a go to artist. Subtle, melodic, innocent all come to mind when listening to this release.

pet cemetery - dietary requirements ep - 2015

When pet cemetery‘s Saam sent us the new video for champ (our grammar skills aren’t skipping – pet cemetery prefer to play it low key in lower case), we thought it was way too cute not to share with y’all.

The song is the first to be taken from the new pet cemetery EP, dietary requirements (out on Z Tapes in Slovakia – check out their back catalogue it’s a gold mine!), which is actually the first kinda full length release from Saam and Dean (Saam is also ne half of the band Slaylounge and one third of post-punk trio Nudes fyi). Saam says that, “champ is about wrestling with your comfort zone to find new and exciting adventures in hope of finding some resolution – life is lush but it’s easy to get lost.” BJ

Old Wolves - The Hellish Here - 2015

Haunting deep folk melodies and vocals.

Fall - 2015

Oct 14, 2015

free cake for every creature - shitty beginnings - 2013

Rough bedroom recordings with great charm.

Sleuth - Out of the Blue Period - 2015

Are you looking for the perfect place where Alvvays and Allo Darlin meet? That perfect indiepop comes in way of Vancouver’s Sleuth. The vocal qualities seem to lean more toward the former, while the musical aspirations closely resemble that of the latter. It harkens back that perfect late 90s era of pop music…no bullshit, just great songs. They’re doing a limited release of their latest album, Out of the Blue Period, via Kingfisher Bluez and Jigsaw Records this month, so if you know anything about modern indiepop, you know this is always a trustworthy source. ATH

squirrel flower - early winter songs from middle america - 2015

NzPzSsz I love when I come across poems or songs that breathe words into an experience I was already having.

The sounds of Squirrel Flower are ones you immediately fall in love with. Her previously released material is a collection of captivating “ambient-folk” inspired by the surrounding landscape - cornfields with no hills, no water and big sky… tge

Will Wood - Broken Man - 2014

His songwriting is noted for its country/folk aspect that draws from a wide timeline of influences who exuded the same forthright attitudes and story-telling songs, ranging from the original folk troubadour/activist Woody Guthrie through to early Johnny Cash and onwards through Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons and more recent influences like Billy Bragg and Justin Townes Earle. Will's adherence to the values of minstrels like Woody Guthrie has seen him adopt a willingness to play anywhere at any time, in addition to touring with large acts and playing festivals and concert venues he is just as at home playing in living rooms and basements and busking on street corners all over the world, there is even video footage of a midnight performance in the middle of a carriage on the London Tube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ekbFtVoGps). He has played support for acts like Shakey Graves (USA), Frank Turner (UK), The Handsome Family (USA) and Mick Harvey (producer/member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds). Sbids

Places To Hide - Strange Lyfe - 2015

The Lost Sandal on Radio Free Pensacola Actually I love every song on here. They are pretty much a lock on a great album and this is definitely their best yet. All of the albums are great, such a great band. Buy the records!! Favorite track: Spooky Molder.

The Spook School - Try to be Hopeful - 2015

The Spook School return in October with their brand new album, Try To Be Hopeful. Fun and empowering, Try To Be Hopeful is brim full of noisy, tuneful and triumphant queer pop songs about identity, sexuality and being awesome.

The Spook School are Anna Cory (bass and vocals), Adam Todd (guitar and vocals), Nye Todd (guitar and vocals) and Niall McCamley (drums).  Since forming in 2012 they’ve become increasingly involved with the DIY queer punk scene, taking inspiration from the passionate, like-minded people they’ve met along the way, and from bands such as Martha, Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund and Tuff Love. Citing influences including Buzzcocks, T-Rex and the noisier end of C86, the new album is louder, bolder, fuller-sounding and captures more of their live sound—aided and abetted by producer MJ of Hookwormsbily

The Drive Home - Fall In Love And Fall Apart- 2015


Oct 12, 2015

HEIRESS - 2015

Every village has its ghosts and folklore. Heiress commands our attention, a mythical Revolution generator. Locals have long memories about her. These recordings unearth a piece of that story. 

Born with an almost clairvoyant mysticism, her lyrics often come to her in one fell swoop over the span of half an hour. Exquisitely comprehensive, they express the universal through the often highly personal narrative. -Marissa Provenza 

Audrey - EP - 2004

An oldie but the subtle touches of sound hold up these natural vocals so well. 
Glad I found you xo

Alcopop! vs Dog Knights Split feat. johnny foreigner, Doctrines, Doe and Playlounge - 2015

Welcome to the online home of Alcopop! Records, a UK based independent label born from - and dedicated to - the finest indie pop the world has to offer!

My Feet Keep Moving Still: Songs for Steps Of Faith - 2015

Steps Of Faith is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to providing prosthetic care, hope, and comfort to amputees needing financial support. We restore the freedom of mobility! Executive Director Billy Brimblecom and friend Jake Ousley are both musicians and amputees who bonded over the loss of a limb. Billy and Jake called upon several of their musician pals to come together to create this amazing list of artists. 27 great songs from 27 great artists, all coming together to help Steps of Faith change the lives of amputees in need.

Thank you for you tips, and thank you for spreading the word!

This compilation is available exclusively on Noisetrade from Oct. 3rd-31st.


Transistors - Cuppa Jarra Brossa - 2015

After building hype with the release of their catchy-as-heck single 'Confidence Man' last month, Christchurch trio Transistors have dropped their highly-anticipated EP Cuppa Jarra Brossa. The blustering five-song record was laid down on four-track tape in an isolated bach in Manuka Bay, North Canterbury with engineering and mixing duties tackled by good friend Joe Sampson. Stream Cuppa Jarra Brossa below now, and then head over to the Transistors' Bandcamp page to pick up the whole thing for free… UTR

Oct 9, 2015

Tiger Waves - In Retrograde (featuring Jana Horn) - 2015 Single

Sunken - The Pink Noise - 2015

Following on from her double sell out EP 'Honey, Milk and Blood' and the comic book single 'Our Names' we're delighted to be able to finally unveil the debut album from NZ based, but LA born Marina Sakimoto, otherwise known as Shunkan

Whereas the EP recordings were shrouded in a cloud of lo-fi blissfulness, 'The Pink Noise' sees Marina filling out her sound with a full band. In doing so she has managed to avoid the pitfall of many bedroom-pop-prodigies and has managed to make sure the songs have not lost any of their heart or emotion. Instead it is placed directly in front of you, bared and bruised. 

Oct 8, 2015

Jawbreaker Reunion - Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club - 2014

Scintillaluz It is raw. It is fun. It is as all punk should be. Favorite track: Straightedge Revenge.

riya everything about this album is perfect, i'm in love Favorite track: E.M.O..

Kaitlin Brack Honestly love this band so much. gurl power. Favorite track: Tearing Down Posters.