Oct 15, 2015

pet cemetery - dietary requirements ep - 2015

When pet cemetery‘s Saam sent us the new video for champ (our grammar skills aren’t skipping – pet cemetery prefer to play it low key in lower case), we thought it was way too cute not to share with y’all.

The song is the first to be taken from the new pet cemetery EP, dietary requirements (out on Z Tapes in Slovakia – check out their back catalogue it’s a gold mine!), which is actually the first kinda full length release from Saam and Dean (Saam is also ne half of the band Slaylounge and one third of post-punk trio Nudes fyi). Saam says that, “champ is about wrestling with your comfort zone to find new and exciting adventures in hope of finding some resolution – life is lush but it’s easy to get lost.” BJ


  1. Hi i'm following this blog since a while. I just wanted to thank you for all the awesome sharings, since i never see anyone commenting and properly thank you :D
    Keep it up!