Oct 27, 2015

Dad Rocks! - Year of the Flesh - 2014

Danish singer/songwriter Snaevar Njall Albertsson, who performs under the cringingly tongue-in-cheek nom de plume of Dad Rocks!, appears to try to have it both ways on his second long player, Year Of The Flesh.  Contrary to the stage name, Dad Rocks! trades in something altogether different from that clunky, plodding dinosaur of style.  Musically, Albertsson fixes his gaze skyward, augmenting his bouncy folk rock with epic baroque flourishes of swelling strings and horn sections.  It’s a dependable avenue to traverse as such grandeur has appealed to us for centuries.  There is a risk, however, that the constant reaching for the stars wears thin – and quickly – prompting a sense of arrogance… TLOBF

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