Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Elijah Wolf - Tell 'Em - 2018

"Releasing this album now feels like a weight off my chest, like every bit of frustration and nostalgic loneliness all leaving my body at the same time," concludes Wolf. "Making this record was the greatest therapy session I’ve ever had."

M.A.D. - "Everything" - 2018

Mario Barrio grew up in a family with a long history in music, a third generation guitarist he was never far from it. His passion continued throughout his life leading him to play in the bands Gantez and Avid Dancer who just recently toured the states with the band BORNS. 

Milk Flud - Thought Leash - 2018

cool fusion of hip hop beats mixed with an alternative thread that runs throughout…

Monday, August 20, 2018

Getulio Silenzio - Pesadelo - 2018

The new work draws inspiration from several different sources (greek mithology, marvel comics characters and others) and combines the dark and gothic mood of his previous band with ethereal and climatic instrumentation. 

David J - Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh - 2018

Between the end of Bauhaus and the beginning of Love & Rockets, David J recorded 5 singles, and 1 LP for Glass Records, and played on 2 albums by The Jazz Butcher. This LP, was and remains one of the crowning glories of the original Glass label, and has now returned to it's newest incarnation Glass Modern, on a long-playing record, remastered, slightly re-packaged and wrapped, for all you middle-aged indie kids and rock'n'rollers with one foot in the grave, and the other still tapping out that beat on the dive bar dance floor 
of glorious memory. Closing the circle, old friendships renewed and maybe a few new ones born.

Joplin Rice - Good Boy - 2018

Joplin Rice is a songwriter living in Lexington, Kentucky. 
He has released numerous other albums both under his own name and as Ezra Triste.
Every band he forms dies.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Elna Rae - Dexter (EP) - 2017

a great EP out of Arizona - chalked full of glittery raunch guitars and a voice looking for a home...

Gabriel - Untitled Video 46 - 2018

deadpan vocals message these two bedroom pop tracks to a very nice sad spot in life...

grieving club - halloween - 2018

indie emo with a depressed bedroom edge to it makes for a good Sunday listen.

Heart Eyes - Beer Nap - 2018

some sweet lo-fi experimental tracks coming out of Virgina… 

June Parker - 2018

indie rock with a dreamy lining throughout the songs…

SALES - forever & ever - 2018

subtle record with beautiful vocals… worth a listen

Chatham Rise - Meadowsweet - 2018

 A distinctive presentation of lucid dreaming delivered with psychedelic splendor, defining a journey that while earthbound on this outing, will have listeners returning again and again for these nocturnal slumbers where sound is made up of colours, and the colours go on about defining and redefining an organic pastoral reflection that washes and ebbs effortlessly, filled with bewildering slow motion luscious intoxication. - Jenell Kesler

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

RIP - Gone but will never be forgotten!

The Sunbathers - A Weekend Away With​.​.​. - 2018

The Sunbathers splashed onto the scene in 2012 with a cdep and 7" on the sorely-missed Dufflecoat label, and immediately impressed us with their gentle and hushed seaside-themed tweepop in the style of the Marine Girls.

Space Daze - Waves Collapsing - 2018

Even before Seapony went on their hiatus, their chief songwriter, Danny Rowland, started his solo project, Space Daze.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Geowulf - Saltwater For Strings (reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder) - 2018


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

mewithoutYou - Julia - 2018

Today, a thousand years 
of strained affection and prayer 
“out beyond ideas 
of right & wrong is a field” 

Will I meet you there? 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Maripool - Adult Weakness - 2018

Kinda of a dream pop Hole sound… quite lovely.

Bianca Scout - __Dislex​-​ia - 2018

An album about giving up on being a dancer. 

- Bianca Scout

gladness - Limbo - 2018

Gladness are an Indie band from Bath and Manchester, UK who play warm, moody, whispered pop songs, influenced by dreamy 90’s slowcore bands like Duster and Low.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Over Unders - "Top of the World" - 2018

One Fine Day means that life is too short to be sad or get caught up in too many details. Many of the songs are saying "Get up, go live your life" despite worries and concerns." – Sam and Matthew Hellman 

Cold Fronts - Fantasy Du Jour - 2018

One's To Watch wrote "In 'Fantasy Du Jour,'...Cold Fronts delivers the same distinct, yet playful surf rock sound that has secured their fan base. Now, the band has released a video to accompany the song’s hypnotizing bass and melting vocals."

(Sandy) Alex G — "Bobby" Live at Third Man Records - 2018

Third Man is absolutely ecstatic to be releasing the excellent live document of (Sandy) Alex G's Blue Room performance. Recorded on the 2018 US tour supporting his critically-acclaimed album Rocket (Pitchfork Best New Music) and not long after a notable feature on Frank Ocean's album Blonde, this standalone LP is his first live set to be captured and made widely available for his very loyal fan base to enjoy. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cigarettes After Sex - Crush - 2018

I wanna line my walls with photographs you sent 
Of you lying in your swimsuit on the bed 
Can’t live without your love inside me now 
I’ll find a way to slip into your skin somehow 

I wanna fuck your love slow 
Catch my heart, go swim 
Feel your lips crush 
Hold you here my loveliest friend 

I love to watch you when you’re trying on your clothes 
& now you’re all I think about when I’m alone 
Can’t wait to feel your love inside me now 
We’ll have a drink or two & we’ll go to your house...


"The airy melody of the love song is soft yet strong, stringing together the messages of pain and memories of past relationships. With each lyric, the soft-spoken music group brings you back to that first moment of falling in love and the aftermath that follows behind it."
- Billboard

"Tender like your lover's hand wrapped around your ankle as he naps next to you on the couch; sad like that last fuck when you both know it's over; smutty because the private language between two is a code that keeps outsiders in the dark."
- Noisey

LINDA GUILALA - Mucho Mejor - 2018

“Mucho Mejor” has ferocious guitars, catchy choruses, psychedelic ambiances, hallucinogenic lyrics and a slippery structure. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Scattered Clouds - Justice - 2018

Scattered Clouds is the sound of post apocalyptic romanticism. The Hull, Québec experimental outfit manages to walk the razor thin line between cacophony and delight underscoring auto-fictional narratives with brooding rhythm, cavernous vocals, and precise noise. Terse retro-synthetic soundscapes call to mind the works of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream, paired with the uneasy ecstasy of Suicide or the tense, thundering underbelly of Liars. The fog and lo-fi static of their sound makes for a mood that is mysterious and entrancing, like neon-lights or driving down an unlit back road at night.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Indietracks Compilation 2018

This is the official compilation of artists playing the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire (UK) on 27-29 July 2018. 

Fufanu - Hourglass - 2018

"An airy synth ballad, “Hourglass” is a much blearier and melancholic approach than the band have delved into before. It’s further proof that Fufanu won’t settle into any one lane just yet, and that we may hear a lot of different versions of the band over the course of this year."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Western Medication - Devils Sing - 2108

"It's a self-deprecating riff on tropes that marked music videos from the late '80s and early '90s, with exaggerated camera work and visual effects and paint splattering every which way for no particular reason," they said of the video. "It's done in such a way that it shows they know how obvious their influences are, and they can laugh at themselves about it - something useful when you're trying to navigate growing up."

Crywank - Shameless Money Grab - 2018

Crywank are a Manchester based anti-folk band. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst named band in the country.

Tape Waves - Distant Light - 2018

Uma E Fernqvist - For U - 2018


Inspired by the ethereal 90s trip-hop movement/00’s downtempo society, spearheaded by Lamb/Portishead/Bonobo as well as her own involvement in the cinematic world of dance, Uma E. Fernqvist is setting herself up as an artist with great passion and a true eye for captivating rhythm, bringing together a mix of blissful instrumentation and pulsing percussion.

Sun Valley Gun Club - The Water, The Stars - 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Hunted Hare - Lost Wilderness - 2018

The Hunted Hare is the solo project from Dennis Kane, a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Washington, DC. His work is informed equally by early classical music, electronic and minimal music. 

The Mountain Carol - Starkiller and the Banshees - 2018

Debut album provides an enlightening experience, full of atmospheric, electro-pop waves
and sonic exploration; premiered on PopMatters

Blithe Field - Love Knot - 2018

pastoral, experimental… beautiful.

Lev Snowe - Faded Blue - 2018

"With nostalgia at its core, Faded Blue is a clever coupling of psychedelic and dream-pop that effortlessly sinks its sonic sound into the minds of its listener, establishing scenes of the past that drift in and out of focus as the EP progresses."

-Adrian Vargas, Atwood Magazine

Lilith - I'll Come Over / In Real Life - 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lachlan Denton - Two Months In Ben Woolley's Room - 2018

All songs were written and recorded by Lachlan Denton, except 'Boundary Rider', which was written by Rober Forster and Grant McLennan. It appeared the Go-Betweens final album, 'Oceans Apart'.

Jackson Reed - Dark Areas of Description - 2018

A native of Northern Ontario, Reed has undertaken many creative ventures and this album, his second as a solo act, is the most recent. 'Dark Areas of Description', in comparison to Reed’s previous album The November Gales, is a journey through uncharted waters while simultaneously being true to his folk roots.

Beanpole - "Farmer Loved An Onion" - 2018

When speaking about the song, guitarist Larry LaLonde says, "To get the vibe of recording a Beanpole song, you have to place yourself in a secluded farm valley full of mutant hillbillies trying to recreate melodies that were found on a broken record of Disneyland ride music."

Pan Astral - Color Field (Suburban Blues Teaser) - 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Grimm Grimm - Cliffhanger - 2018

At its most abstract Cliffhanger is a sonic soundscape evocative of the soundtrack music of a 1960's John Frankenheimer thriller, these are set in contrast with touching and expansive minimal acoustic ballads included here. Still Smiling', 'Final World War' and Yamanoha's cover of The Misfit’s 'Hybrid Movement' are highlights on an LP which is both nostalgic and contemporary in equal measure. 
-Theo Darton-Moore