Feb 28, 2011

The Candle Thieves - Glock's Corner [2011]

Genre: Indie Pop
TrY / BuY / MySpaCE

Excellent little Ep from this brit-rock outfit. Enjoy!

Camper Van Beethoven - Key Lime Pie [1998]

Genre: Alternative
TrY / BuY
Camper Van Beethoven's first record with bona fide crossover appeal, 1989's Key Lime Pie (Virgin), brought the celebrated indie band into the, ahem, lime light. Not surprising since Key Lime Pie joined David Lowery's playful, ironic songwriting, Morgan Fichter's soaring violin, and Dennis Henderson's artful production. While the percussive cover "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and the chugging "Jack Ruby" have historically gotten the most attention on this record, Camper Van Beethoven gems like "(I Was Born in a) Laundromat" and "All Her Favorite Fruit" should not be overlooked. A classic. --Nick Heil 

Love Axe - Phenomenomenons [2011]

Genre: Indie Pop-Rock / Indie Surf
TrY / BuY / BandCamP

Phenomenomenons cribs from the pages of many of the best alternative acts of the past thirty years, the end result being a spectacular mash-up or romping pop songs and raucous rockers. This is an album for cynics by cynics with central themes revolving around death and the end of the world - and the comparison thereof, but contains enough tongue-in-cheek witticisms in the thoughtfully constructed lyrics sheet to balance the bleak nature appropriately. Very Nice Listen...

David Lowery - The Palace Guards [2011]

Genre: Indie Pop-Rock/Alt-Country

TrY / BuY / SHOWs

Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker frontman David Lowery splits the difference between the former's loose eclectic twang and the latter's tight psych-country on his solo debut. Assisted by some Virginia studio pals, Lowery sticks it to celebrity on the acerbic title track and the cock-schlockin' "Baby, All Those Girls Meant Nothing to Me." He logs his own love story in the heady aquatic shimmer of "Deep Oblivion" and its sweetly redemptive sequel "Submarine." Sincerity trumps sarcasm, especially in his convincing cover of the Belgian band Mint's gloriously morose "Ah, You Left Me." Excellent!!! - Spin

Feb 22, 2011

Dean & Britta - Live in NYC

Here's Dean and Britta in an intimate live performance at Zipper Factory in NYC. The event featured renditions of Galaxie 500 classics, delivered in a wonderfully simple 21st century swagger. Enjoy! TrY

Dean, "Thursday evening, August 21 will see Dean & Britta and band back at the Zipper Factory on west 37th Street. The Zipper Factory is an intimate theatre (converted from, yes, a Zipper Factory) and everyon gets a seat. On this night we are going toconcentrate on songs by Galaxie 500."

Feb 19, 2011

Two-Headed Boy, Gardenhead, King of Carrot Flowers Pts.1,2&3

Prefect. Touring soon; need to see this guy play live... After years of shying away from public appearances, Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum has been slowly returning to the spotlight over the past year. Just yesterday, he announced two more shows as part of the Portishead-curated ATP I'll Be Your Mirror festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. And according to Mangum's friend and spokesman Ben Goldberg, head of the Ba Da Bing label, there's going to be more shows scheduled in the future. PitchFork

Feb 6, 2011

Covers & Compilations - tWo [2011]

This is the second installment of the covers series. Excellent covers that you all need to hear. TrY and EnJoY!

Gary Jules - Mad World (live)

This goes alone with the covers... Tears for Fears cover of Mad World... Excellent.