Nov 28, 2020

Adrianne Lenker • Tiny Desk (Home) Concert • 2020

By Bob Boilen | November 18, 2020

For her Tiny Desk (home) concert, Adrianne Lenker's home is a camper trailer parked somewhere in Joshua Tree National Park. It's the appropriate setting for the five songs she performs from her new album, tunes birthed in a wooden cabin in Massachusetts.

The songs, the words, the voice of Adrianne Lenker has been at the top of my year-end musical loves for the past five years, more so than any other artist. It began with her work as the singer and songwriter on Big Thief's electric debut album, Masterpiece, in 2016 and runs through this year's two sister solo albums, one titled songs and the other instrumentals. Those albums contain nothing more than an acoustic guitar, voice, and the bug, birds, and creatures captured while recording.

Her yearning voice, simultaneously frail and strong, draws me to those songs — songs about people, everyday life, everyday death, and ordinary places. All the while, she picks the tunes out of her guitar or paints the rhythms with a brush. These are songs worth spending time with, simple on first listen, but so much more profound once you live with them. 

    "zombie girl"
    "two reverse"
    "dragon eyes"

Bad Sauna • Haluun pois • 2020

The singles “Haluun pois”, “Moon Sun” and “Niin kuin se ennen oli” have all gained airtime on Finnish and Swedish national radio stations (YleX, Radio Suomi, Radio Rock, Sveriges Radio Finska), YleX (Finnish BBC) also picked Bad Sauna as one of the most promising new acts. The singles has also been featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists such as New Music Friday, Suomirock tänään (Finnish rock today) and Suomi-indien helmet (The Pearls of Finnish Indie). New album will be Album of the Week next week on Radio Helsinki, Finland’s leading indie station.

Nov 27, 2020

Cool Sounds • Hula Hoop Group • 2019

Yo La Tengo • NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives • 2013

We've been filming Tiny Desk concerts for more than 10 years. While revisiting our archives, we discovered that some of our earliest concerts never made it to YouTube! 
Watch Yo La Tengo’s Tiny Desk concert from 2013 

Nov 25, 2020

Andrew Bird • Night's Falling • 2020

Watch “Night’s Falling,” created and animated by Katherine Freer and inspired by Beth Bird, whose ​HARK! ​artwork comes to life in a vivid scene of seasonal soul-searching

Talkboy • Sky Is Falling • 2020

“An exciting new indie proposition, placing jangling melodies alongside joyful harmonies to beautifully playful effect” The Line Of Best Fit

“Harmony-laden indie-pop” Dork

“A woozy guitar pop ear-worm” Clash

“Talkboy are riding a wave of adulation at the moment…it’s time to start believing the hype” Gigwise

“Stringy guitars, kick drums and dominant vocals” Earmilk


Nov 22, 2020

October and The Eyes • Dark Dog • 2020

New Zealand-born, London-based singer/songwriter and producer October and The Eyes has shared her new single “Dark Dog,” alongside its music video. It’s the first track she wrote for her forthcoming debut EP, Dogs and Gods, out now through KRO Records. “Dark Dog” follows two previously released singles, “Playing God” and “All My Love.” October and The Eyes says of the new song, “It’s about the uneasy feeling of being watched, that at any moment something bad could happen. There’s an anecdotal malformed dog who’s always near—limping, snarling, growling and drooling. It’s one you feel equally sorry for as you do fear it. You cannot outrun this dark dog, so you decide to make peace.” —Paris Rosenthal

Nov 20, 2020

Anna McClellan • I saw first light • 2020

Anna McClellan began performing original songs in her hometown of Omaha, NE at the age of seventeen and has been actively recording and touring ever since. Her debut, Fire Flames, earned her an opening slot on a Frankie Cosmos tour. Through the doors that tour opened, McClellan eventually met Father/Daughter Records which led to the release of her second full-length record, Yes and No, in 2018. After a stint in NYC, several subsequent tours and meandering, Anna returned to Omaha and recorded I saw first light, her latest effort for Father/Daughter. 

The album was recorded over two weeks with a multitude of local cohorts, and it documents Anna’s journey from the Midwest to the east coast and back again, probing both the roots of her creative impetus and her ongoing commitment to social issues. The process of composing and recording I saw first light has both reformed and renewed her dedication to exploration, be it inward or external, and to her own boundless creative energy.

"...her most personal work to date." The FADER
"...the record stays with you, popping into the subconscious throughout the day. Anna’s lyrics are there with a knowing smirk." Raven Sings The Blues
"McClellan’s songs have a woozy and whimsical swing to them that’s distinctly her own." Consequence of Sound
"I saw first light continues her experimentation within the contexts of lo-fi bedroom recordings and folk rock..." FLOOD Magazine
"Anna McClellan’s music feels immediately sprightly, grounded, frankly ruminative, and playful all at once..." London in Stereo

Nov 18, 2020

Gold Connections • New Religion • 2018

Gold Connections is Charlottesville-based musician Will Marsh, a new Fat Possum signee with a self-titled EP on the way this spring. The record was actually recorded back in 2014 when Marsh was an undergrad at William & Mary, with help from Marsh’s classmate: Car Seat Headrest mastermind Will Toledo, who produced, engineered, and mixed it in addition to contributing drums, electric guitar, bass, and backing vocals. Marsh briefly played guitar in Car Seat Headrest, and Toledo spent time drumming for Gold Connections. Their history with each other runs deep; in an excerpt below, Toledo cites Marsh’s influence on his own music. But “New Religion,” the Gold Connections track we’re premiering today, is an animal of its own. Languid atmospherics give birth to howlingly aggressive rock ‘n’ roll that ultimately builds to a richly arranged climax. SG

Nov 17, 2020

Tomberlin • Projections • 2020

Tomberlin's new Projections EP (co-produced by Alex G and his bandmate Sam Acchione) continues the arc of her critically acclaimed 2018 debut At Weddings, weaving new collaborators and new techniques into her signature dusky milieu. 

A Choir of Ghosts • Skin & Bones • 2020

„The song is about the realization that you can’t always “fix it” for the people you love. Sometimes they have to solve it themselves, and you can’t do anything but watch and hope for the best. In order for things to grow to it’s full potential, you sometimes have to let go. - James Auger

Nov 15, 2020

Porridge Radio • Who By Fire • 2020

Brighton, U.K., rock quartet Porridge Radio have shared an impassioned Leonard Cohen cover that is certain to send you reeling into the weekend. Dana Margolin and company performed “Who by Fire” at St. Giles’ Church, Camberwell, in London, as captured by director El Hardwick. There’s a certain hushed emptiness to the venue that only adds to the performance’s poignance: Porridge Radio are seen socially distant and alone in the expansive space of St. Giles, fighting to fill it with the sheer emotion of their music. paste

Teenage Fanclub • Home • 2020

Nov 14, 2020

Edith Whiskers • Stop Stealing The Covers! • 2020


Listen here :

Hope you enjoy!! 


Nov 12, 2020

Teenage Fanclub • Home • 2020

Teenage Fanclub

Scottish guitar-pop greats Teenage Fanclub will return next year with a new album called Endless Arcade, their first since 2016’s Here. Its opening track “Home” does indeed feel endless in a good way. Soft but incessant and as deftly catchy as ever, the songs sprawls to seven minutes on the album, a journey worthy of a refrain like “I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be home again/ I just don’t know when I’ll open that door again.” The single edit out today runs just short of four minutes, but it’s good too.

Nov 11, 2020

Moullinex • Ven • 2020

'Ven' is the second preview of Moullinex's new record coming early next year. Warm synths and syncopated rhythms from the instrumental lay the foundation for the seductive vocals by Dominican-born, LA-based Ekstra Bonus, whose delicate tone feels like it's being whispered right next to your ears, ASMR style, resulting in a sexy, intimate song that begs to be shared.

Stream and buy ‘Ven’ here, and check out some stunning visuals for it. Can an artificial intelligence dream of intimacy? After training a machine learning model with under-lit erotic photography, these are the recordings of the dreams she’s been having.

Nov 10, 2020

Jacob Faurholt • Wake Me Up • 2020

Musically Wake Me Up is more than “a man with a guitar album”. After the basic songs were recorded live, Faurholt started fooling around with his Microkorg keyboard, adding spacey textures to the songs. He also got tracks sent to him by email from Daniel Crowell, a California based musician, who did his parts while quarantined in his home due to COVID19. The albums piano pieces were recorded in Switzerland by the classically trained Samuel Gray, who years back, released an album as Sam Gray Singing on Faurholt’s label Raw Onion Records. Faurholt’s wife Nadia and his daughter also added vocals to the album. Faurholt mixed the record himself and it was mastered by Canadian producer Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers). 

Billow • III • 2020

Although their DIY philosophy hasn't changed, there is an apparent shift in sound on their new record 'III'. While the fragile lo-fi debut 'Maps' aimed to reveal as little as possible and the following album 'Seascape' was carried on the wave of lo-fi indie rock, on its third album Billow become more open to pop music, though the overall mood of the album remains dark. 

Nov 7, 2020

Matilda Mann • Japan • 2020

Sam Burton • I Can Go With You • 2020

Tompkins Square is the early label home of such talents as William Tyler, Ryley Walker, Hiss Golden Messenger, Brigid Mae Power, Gwenifer Raymond and many more. Joining the stable is Sam Burton, from Salt Lake City, now based in Los Angeles. After several years circulating homemade cassettes on labels like Chthonic and embraced by blogs like Cassette Gods, Sam has recorded his first proper debut album with producer Jarvis Taveniere (Purple Mountains, Woods).

Nov 4, 2020

POPULATION II • À la Ô Terre • 2020

The first album by Montreal psychedelic explorers Population II sounds like transmissions from various locales in outer space, the trio recording and transmitting the drifting nothingness of endless expanses punctuated by the impact of comets, the blinding flash of exploding stars, and the beauty of distant galaxies. Singing drummer Pierre-Luc Gratton, guitarist/organist Tristan Lacombe, and bassist Sébastien Provençal are well versed in all forms of psychedelia, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out they had impressive collections of jazz and prog records at home too. 

Nov 3, 2020

Tindersticks • Here • 2020

I was dressed for success,
But success it never comes
And I'm the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad
And your jokes are always bad,
but they're not as bad as this.
Come join us in a prayer
We'll be waiting, waiting where
Everything's ending here.

Nov 1, 2020

The Shilohs • Nod • 2020

"This album is almost five years in the making, but it spent three of those years sitting on a shelf waiting to be heard. Usually, when one is so far removed from a project it loses its luster, but we never stopped loving this record. It is our best."

-The Shilohs