May 31, 2012

Siskiyou [2010]

Video "Twigs and Stones" - amazing song!

Siskiyou is a collaborative project between Canadian musicians Colin Huebert, formerly of Great Lake Swimmers, and Erik Arnesen, who still plays with that group. Their name comes from a coastal mountain range that stretches from southwestern Oregon into northern California and is home to what is likely the world’s only Bigfoot trap. The cover of their self-titled debut features a heart-wrenching portrait of the Sasquatch on its cover. Rendered in beautifully colored crayon, the legendary loner appears unusually humanoid. His features are worn; his eyes are mournful and weary; and what might at first sound like a tossed-off, goofy idea for a record cover is in fact a perfect, poignant emblem for the collection of songs at hand.

White and Pink [2012]

June Walk-About - everyday is a new discovery...

Inventors Workshop [2012]

This is another stop motion video I created with students I worked with during a claymation workshop. Shouldn't every classroom be like this... authentic learning my friends.

The music is by Labradford; one of the greatest albums ever!

Grumman '78 presents - Les 1ere Vendredis [2012]

Be sure to try out La Mangeoire...

May 30, 2012

La Mangeoire Food Truck [2012]

My youngest brother is about to embark into the food truck business. 
My sister will run the truck, little brother will keep it in business.
The official launch is on June 1st.

May 27, 2012

Young Man - Vol. 1 [2012]

With Vol. 1, Young Man mastermind Colin Caulfield leaves his dorm room for his first studio album with a full band. The second in a planned three-album cycle, Vol. 1 sports a meatier sound, with Caulfield augmented by more instrumentation and more band members. Opener "Heading" is a warm, hazy trip with a meandering keyboard and soothing bassline. "By and By" ambles with easygoing hums and bright, shimmering reverbed guitars, while "21" pulsates with an intense, swirling piano lead that morphs into the deliberate, aggressive snares and disorienting guitar melodies. - RS

May 24, 2012

Purple and White

The May Walk-About

Leonard Cohen - Live in Fredericton Ep [2012]

This previously-unreleased EP features some of his best-known songs, recorded live during the first show of his 2008 world tour.

Bird On The Wire
Dance Me To The End Of Love
Heart With No Companion
In My Secret Life
Who By Fire

The Story of David Lowery [2012]

David Lowery lead Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker and a solo album released last year. This compilation plots his voyage from indie ska band, indie pop band, alt-country band to finally a rootsy solo album.

Official Video of "Take the Skinheads Bowling"

Interview 1992...


May 21, 2012

Victoria's Garden [2012]

Canada celebrated Victoria Day, and the farmers say it is the optimal time to plant. So with kids in hand we enjoyed our day to the max... Photo essay entitled, Victoria's Garden.

Our seeds: sunflowers, beans, peas, flowers, carrots, cukes, and a tone of herbs.
The crew...
The weeds ran deep
Team work went well
T. was pleased with the results... Just anxious to eat the sweet peas!
But she got over it pretty quickly with some slip and slide
Lee too... The local nudist
We watched the sunset and crashed!

People on Vacation - It's Not Love [2012]

“Oh sorry, I was taking life seriously.”
― Bill Hicks

Advanced Base - Summer Music [2012]

some recollection of symmetry
it was hazy & 70
& her in a summer dress
half a beer & her hair a mess

the sound of music
from the kitchen boombox

with a heart like a symphony
cymbal crashing infinity
it came under some duress
she left with my happiness

the sound of music
from the kitchen boombox

there's no comfort in sympathy
she's upstate with her family
I'm still at the same address
I still believe I could love her best

the sound of music
from the kitchen boombox

May 20, 2012

Football, Chess gets you Wet [2012]

Sebastian started Sunday off on a high, with "real hard hitting" during football camp. He was hot, tired, and happy. Off for some fuel before his next activity...

The Regional Junior Chess Tournament. He was the defending champ, but was pretty relaxed about the whole process, he had game face! Was a comeback King with 3 wins 2 losses, starting of in 9th and finishing in 4th. What a day... It is only appropriate to get silly wet.

Admiral Fallow - The Paper Trench [2012]

Scottish quintet Admiral Fallow has released its first proper music video from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Tree Bursts in Snow.

The band worked with Paul Savage (Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub) in Glasgow to mix and produce Tree Bursts in Snow . Greg Calbi —who has worked with Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and The National— mastered the record in New York City.
Vocalist Louis Abbott says about Tree Burst In Snow"...the title refers to the sound and the image of an artillery shell exploding into a cluster of snow-drenched trees... I'm also astounded by the sheer volume of gun related violent crimes throughout the world but in particular in the U.S. '"

May 18, 2012

Advance Base - Shut-In’s Prayer [2012]

Advance Base

You'd expect him to be chopping down trees or selling paper towels rather than crafting short, softly sung and intensely felt vignettes about young folks who are lost - Pitt Chron.

"There's no comfort in sympathy
She's up state with her family
I'm still at the same address
Still believe I can love the best
The sound of music from the kitchen boom-box."

May 17, 2012

Sawyerville Workshop [2012]

This is a workshop series from ETSB. My college Thierry Refour (Mr.T) loves to get the students involved in their learning, and this video will give you a taste of just that! Looks like he is experimenting with iMovie, lots of flash and sounds. Very cool. 
I love my job :-)

GOD: The Failed Hypothesis [2008]

"Darwin chased God out of his old haunts in biology, and he scurried for safety down the rabbit hole of physics. The laws and constants of the universe, we were told, are too good to be true: a setup, carefully tuned to allow the eventual evolution of life. It needed a good physicist to show us the fallacy, and Victor Stenger lucidly does so. The faithful won't change their minds, of course (that is what faith means), but Victor Stenger drives a pack of energetic ferrets down the last major bolt hole and God is running out of refuges in which to hide. I learned an enormous amount from this splendid book."
Richard Dawkins

Maika Makovski - Thank You For The Boots [2012]

Before listening to this record I had never heard of Maika Makovski but by the end of it I was in love with her lush voice and swirling tunes.

The album begins with “Language” that builds slowly with instruments being added as the song goes along. Beginning with bass, then drums, then vocals then Maika on piano. It’s 232 seconds of brooding pop loveliness. On “Get Along” Makovski sings ”You know you’re stuck with me, I know I’m stuck with you” much to my liking. I’d happily listen to these songs all day. It’s a thundering foot-stomper built that, along with “Your Reflection”, show her penchant for big fun choruses with a punch. It sounds a bit like a radio-friendly version of Cat Power.


This Will Make You Smarter [2012]

What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? This is the question John Brockman, publisher of, posed to the world’s most influential thinkers. Their visionary answers flow from the frontiers of psychology, philosophy, economics, physics, sociology, and more. Surprising and enlightening, these insights will revolutionize the way you think about yourself and the world. 

Richard Dawkins on experimentation 
Sam Harris on the flow of thought 
Lawrence Krauss on living with uncertainty 
Daniel C. Dennett on benefiting from cycles 
Steven Pinker on win-win negotiating 
V. S. Ramachandran on paradigm shifts 
Matt Ridley on tapping collective intelligence 
J. Craig Venter on the multiple possible origins of life 
Brian Eno on “ecological vision” 
Daniel Kahneman on the “focusing illusion” 
Jonah Lehrer on controlling attention 
Aubrey De Grey on conquering our fear of the unknown 
Martin Seligman on the ingredients of well-being 
Nicholas Carr on managing “cognitive load” 
Jaron Lanier on resisting delusion 
Frank Wilczek on the brain’s hidden layers 
Clay Shirky on the “80/20 rule” 
Daniel Goleman on understanding our connection to the natural world 
John McWhorter on path dependence 
Lisa Randall on effective theorizing 
Richard Thaler on rooting out false concepts 
Helen Fisher on temperament 

May 16, 2012


In one fell swoop the trees in Quebec exploded into spring with their new vibrant leaves, welcoming the warmth from the sun.
Makes me wanna rock out to this song all day!

May 13, 2012

Milk Truck to become La Mangeoire [2012]

Qui: un cuisinier de plateau et une maquilleuse convertie en «foodtrucker»
Véhicule: ancien camion de Natrel
 Spécialités: huit types de sandwichs gourmets, une spécialité du mois influencée par les produits locaux saisonniers, croustilles de légumes racines cuits dans le gras de canard, sucreries et boissons maison
Coming June 1st to the Streets of Montreal...

People on Vacation - The Carry On Ep [2012]

Official Video: Where Do We Go


When Dallas four-piece Bowling For Soup come to mind, cue thoughts of silly music videos, jokey lyrics and light-hearted pop punk. But take frontman Jaret Reddick from the band and pair him up with Smile Smile singer and guitarist Ryan Hamilton, then you have People On Vacation- an unusual mix of indie and pop-punk that is sure to surprise and bring a dose of sunshine to your speakers.

May 10, 2012

Richard Hawley - Seek it [2012]


New Album

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions [2012]

This year marks Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday, and our modern musicians have not let any commemorations fall by the wayside. The anniversary brings tribute concerts spread throughout the year, as well as new recordings by Guthrie’s legion of fans.
The first Mermaid volume sounds as gorgeous as it did upon its initial release in 1998. Bragg and Tweedy trade off powerful vocals, while the rest of Wilco’s musical input is just as important to the project’s outcome.

Miracles Happen in the Smallest Doses [2012]

I was in a school today in Stanstead, Qc. and witnessed the hatching of a small chick. The kids were floored to watch the very slow process of this tiny bird breaking through it's husky shell, slime and all!