Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maika Makovski - Thank You For The Boots [2012]

Before listening to this record I had never heard of Maika Makovski but by the end of it I was in love with her lush voice and swirling tunes.

The album begins with “Language” that builds slowly with instruments being added as the song goes along. Beginning with bass, then drums, then vocals then Maika on piano. It’s 232 seconds of brooding pop loveliness. On “Get Along” Makovski sings ”You know you’re stuck with me, I know I’m stuck with you” much to my liking. I’d happily listen to these songs all day. It’s a thundering foot-stomper built that, along with “Your Reflection”, show her penchant for big fun choruses with a punch. It sounds a bit like a radio-friendly version of Cat Power.


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