Jul 31, 2013

Reptile Youth - It's Easy To Lose Yourself - 2012


The Danish act get remixed by a whole host of producers with wildly divergent results. There's a huge distance between the Slow Hands take on "Fear"with its contemplative piano lines and 'woo woo' vocals stretched out over slow beatsand the Broke Party Anthem remix of "Fear"a big room trance affair that would make Tiesto proud In between these extremes Terranova delivers a fine tribal house take on "Black Swan Born White"; Smash TV dish out a bubbling stripped back version of "Speed Dance" and Peaking Lights turn "Be My Yoko Ono" into a frenetic punky strutreplete with lo-fi synths.


Summer Under the Trees

Spent a week below these magnificent trees listening to Michael Feurstack's Trees... Paradise Reborn.

Jul 30, 2013

Pardon My Dust

In this short film titled Pardon My Dust directed by Adriel de la Torre, we catch a quick glimpse of Han at work as he works with his students and draws some impressive illustrations that of course meet a fateful end under a felt eraser. 

BY Designer Peter Han

Wise Words

I should have known... Now life should be better to me.

Jul 29, 2013

Age Of Consent (Cover) - 2012

A great cover on a classic New Order song by ex-wife!

Kowalski - For The Love Of Letting Go - 2013

The Irish indie electro outfit Kowalski bring together their 
echo-laden guitars and synthesizers to create an upbeat
shimmering dream pop for the modern age.

Spazzkid - Desire 願う - 2013

I really wanted “Desire” to have an eclectic sound to reflect the different sounds I’ve been listening to while recording the album. In particular, I found Bibio’s 2011 album, “Mind Bokeh” an inspiration in terms of eclecticism and wanted to achieve that same level of variety. I also found myself taking inspiration from a lot of my peers on soundcloud who make beats, post-dubstep, chillwave and techno tracks. I knew I wanted my sound to be very “electronic” but I also made it a point to sound warm, organic and imperfect. 

Jul 18, 2013

Your Song Here - Volume 11: Oceans - 2013

Hey all... what you have here is the 11th installment of Your Song Here's ongoing songwriting series. This time around, the theme was "Oceans". Feel free take a look, have a listen, and enjoy! 
And and as always, the songs are free, too.

happy summer to all my friends... enjoy the freedom - this is a great backdrop soundtrack

Jul 11, 2013

Rainbow Danger Club - Souvenirs - 2013

Bandcamp - name u r $
“Souvenirs elicits a strange feeling, like a memory of the future. There are worlds within worlds trapped inside the plastic cases and binary codes that house the band’s output."

The Joy Formidable - Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen Cover)

Cover Time...

Jul 10, 2013

Fossil - The Devil Tree EP - 2013

Bandcamp - Name u r Price!

"Mickey was a silent light, and he was alwayz burnin. He left a trail of true bluez from Galveston to NYC, then back to Sun Valley. I'll see ya again he told me, and that was the last thing he told me. Trouble seems to find men who leave their hearts open. His was blood on blood. Once men lose trust it all just turns to dust. Mickey put that juice in veins to try and stop all the hurt, thinking it might bring him and Angeline closer to God. The ones who are brave enough to love and live seem to get the worst hand. And when I pass Butterfly Bay at night I still think off all of em...Melissa and Mickey and mom and dad. This was before Tommy and Rachel and after Tess and Frankie. Mom still says I'm just like dad, but dad left so I guess should too. I'll be back around one these nights, but for now I'm headin down this road, all the old days and dreams in that rearview dust. It's time leave. So long for now. See ya on the wrong side of Heaven." Luv Alwayzz, Foszzil

Jul 8, 2013

Playlists - Some Velvet Coast Compilation #1

Disc 1
01 Lower Heaven - Knife (4:04)
02 Du Pacque - Walk straight (3:31)
03 Yeti Lane - Twice (Team Ghost Remix) (3:44)
04 Punk TV - A dream within a dream (Radio Edit) (neue Version!) (3:13)
05 Contre Jour - Paris 2052 (exklusiver Track!) (4:07)
06 Masquer - Sordid lie (4:54)
07 The Mary Onettes - The companion (3:56)
08 Secret Shine - No more inside (brandneuer Track!) (3:52)
09 Klaus & Kinski - Ley y Moral (4:49)
10 Mono in VCF - Spider rotation (5:17)
11 Gemma Ray - 100mph (in second gear) (3:04)
12 Cats on Fire - Draw in the reins (3:22)
13 The Ballet - In my head (3:39)
14 Sambassadeur - Final say (2:40)
15 My Violaine Morning - Morning angels (3:15)
16 Jellybelly - Lonelyness dreamer (4:39)
17 Levy - Rotten love (3:12)
18 Seeräuber Jenny - Push it away (Alt. Version) (3:33)

Disc 2
01 Future Islands - Walking through that door
02 Scary Mansion - Over the weekend
03 Eightman - All into one
04 She, Sir - I love you, blowtorch eyes
05 Magic Bullets - China beach
06 The Soft Moon - When it’s over
07 Cosmetics - Soft skin
08 Experimental Products - Anasthetic
09 Xeno And Oaklander - Blue flower
10 Led Er Est - Scissors
11 Further Reductions - Not unknown
12 Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting
13 Tranznational - Blue it is (Billy MacKenzie Cover)
14 Lazarus - Lord I know because I told you to go away
15 The Paper Hats - Parliment of birds
16 Young Michelin - Les copains

Jul 7, 2013

Playlists - MIXTAPE covers

01/SHARON VAN ETTEN / SHEARWATER  - Stop draggin’ my heart around (Steve Nicks)
02/ OURGANG – Dreams (feat.Juliana Girardi) (Fleetwood Mac)
03/ MARION – Psychokiller (Talking Heads)
04/ SONIC YOUTH – I know there’s answer (Beach Boys)
05/ DINOSAUR JR – entertainment (Phoenix)
06/ TEENAGE FANCLUB – have you ever seen the rain? (C.C.Revival)
07/ DEAN WAREHAN –Hey You (Pink Floyd)
08/ SADESPER RECORD – Soon  (My Bloody Valentine)
09/ COLD MAILMAN – Fifty-fifty Clown  (Cocteau Twins)
10/ EVAN DANDO – Looking for Space  (John Denver)
11/ LOVEBUGS – Hold me now (Thompson Twins)
12/ TAME IMPALA – remember me (Blueboy)
13/ CANDY MACHINE – 10:15 Saturday night  (The Cure)
14/ CHROMATICS – my my hey hey (into the black) (Neil Young)
15/ MEG BAIRD – beatles and stones  (House of love)
16/ GENE – the ship song (Nick Cave)
17/ BEACH HOUSE – play the game (Queen)
18/ FOXES IN FICTION – the world is a soft as lace (Felt)
19/ MATERIAL ISSUE – run to me (Bee Gees)
20/ RICHARD HAWLEY – some candy talking (J&M chain)
21/ VICTORIA AND JACOB – under the milkyway (The Church)

Thanks to... Always something Awesome happenin' over at this blog :-)

Clem Snide - We Leave Only Ashes - 2013

This record is a rough and tumble collection of songs that giddily disregards any attempt at a sense of cohesion. Some songs may be familiar to long time fans while others may not. Some songs are fast while others are slow. Long time favorites "We Are Flowers" and "Enrique Iglesias' Mole" are once and for all available along with some Beautiful and Moment In the Sun EP tracks.

Longtime fan of Clem Snide - tons of songs by Eef - some acoustic, some full band all good!

World Naked Bike Ride rolls through Montreal

To our surprise we got a glimpse of this bare ride... Makes you think for sure!

Jul 6, 2013

VA – The Lone Ranger: Wanted - 2013

1. Ben Kweller – Holy Water (03:33)
2. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Devil’s Train (03:27)
3. Shane MacGowan – Poor Paddy on the Railway (03:06)
4. Pete Molinari – So Long Gone (03:26)
5. Sara Watkins – Central and Union (02:58)
6. The White Buffalo – The American Dream (02:57)
7. Dave Alvin – Lonesome Whistle (04:11)
8. Iggy Pop – Sweet Betsy from Pike (04:00)
9. Iron & Wine – Rattling Bone (04:47)
10. The Rubens – Cowboy (02:53)
11. Lucinda Williams – Everything But the Truth (04:02)
12. The Aggrolites – The Truth Lives On (03:48)
13. Gomez – Butch’s Ballad (05:37)
14. John Grant – Saddle the Wind (02:42)
bonus track
15. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three – Red’s Theater of the Absurd (03:02)

Really fun soundtrack!

Jul 5, 2013

Pixies - Bagboy (single) - 2013

“The lyrics, coincidentally, were composed at a Starbucks Coffee in Harvard Square in Cambridge, about a hundred feet from where, 25 years ago, I composed some of the lyrics to an old Pixies song called ‘Break My Body.’ Twenty-five years later, some Starbucks in Harvard Square…I thought that was kind of interesting. The music for the song has been around for a few years. There are some demos I made with Joey and David a few years ago in Los Angeles, related to a film idea that still has yet to see the light of day, although work on the music continued. So a lot of the musical idea had been kicking around for awhile. It’s pretty simple, kind of a blues-based, two-note kind of thing, really.”

Ryan Hamilton - Rose Covered Mansion - 2013

Ryan Hamilton - Stone by Stone - 2013

My new single, Stone by Stone is officially available everywhere!! So excited to share this song. HUGE thanks to Erik Chandler for playing bass & singing background vocals, Linus Of Hollywood for the PERFECT solo, Salim Nourallah for making it all sound awesome, and Jaret Reddick for encouraging me to go for it. Enjoy the new music! More very soon. Love -Ryan


Al Lover & The Reverberation Appreciation Society present the first edition of “Elevated Transmissions”, a new mixtape series from San Francisco producer and sonic explorer Al Lover.


Genesis Intro
The Janitors - A-Bow
Villages - Spilling Past (Al Lover Remix)
Elephant Stone - A Silent Moment
Creeping Pink - Eris # 7
Adrian Younge - 12 Sirens
Thee Oh Sees - Night Crawler
Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings
White Fence - To The Boy I Jumped In Hemlock Alley
Burnt Ones - Vision forever
The Cult of Dom Keller - Swamp Heron 
The Janitors - A-Bow (Reprise)
Cool Ghouls - Earthquake
Fuzz - Fuzz's Fourth Dream
The Holy Drug Couple - Paisley
Wall of Death - Believe Me or Not
Uncle Acid and The Dead Beats - Mind Crawler
Sudakistan - El Movimiento 
Ty Segall - Music for a Film 
Uh Bones - Amess
The Shivas - Living and Dying Like Horatio Alger

Jul 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day - 2013

Decided to throw together a mix in honour of the day in which we call, 
Canada Day!

Enjoy Canadiana