Dec 31, 2016

Best of 2016… FiVe more Songs

Milk! Records 2016

The Finks - Jamie's Got A Baby 
Taken from the 2016 album "Middling" 

Loose Tooth - Sherry 
Taken from the 2016 EP "Saturn Returns" 

Jen Cloher - Famously Monogamous 
Taken from the 2016 Milk! Records compilation "Good For You" 

Courtney Barnett - Elevator Operator 
Taken from the Grammy-nominated 2015 album "Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit" 

Fraser A. Gorman - Never Gonna Hold You (Like I Do) 
Taken from the 2015 album "Slow Gum" 

Ouch My Face - Eaten By Buildings 
Taken from the 2015 album "Bunyip" 

East Brunswick All Girls Choir - Dirty Bird 
Taken from the 2014 album "Seven Drummers" 

Jade Imagine - Stay Awake 
Taken from the forth-coming (2017) EP "What The Fuck Was I Thinking"

Dec 30, 2016

bedbug - Demos - 2016

many have said that bedbugs is one of the most outstanding bedroom pop artists out there… I can see that for sure… they have some moments in their songs that are heart wrenchingly beautiful… in a good way! 
Listen to their newest set of old demos.

bulldog eyes - seeya - 2016

two hand fills of bedroom pop… very emotional and sweet

Amy Bruce Spaceshow - Party Anthems for Agoraphobics - 2016

another release with a bunch of diy lofi basement pop ditties… always honest and true…

Best of 2016… Even more songs

Dec 28, 2016

Amy Bruce Spaceshow - 2016

Silent night. No holy sight. All is wrong and nothing's right. Come now hurry before I breakdown. There's no need to worry if you're not around. I'm caving from secrets I'm keeping and craving the peace I have sleeping.

MOLLY DRAG - white ferrari (frank ocean *cover​*​) - 2016

Dec 23, 2016

unlove - light comes in, you're forever - 2016

tim neave This is lovely stuff. Enjoyed immensely. A slightly different musical temperament, and a willingness to try different approaches. Excellent Favorite track: david sorry.

astrid weatherfield wonderful bedroom pop mixed with some acoustic stuff and some other kinds of stuff. it's so good. ztapes is my favorite around these parts and i'm so happy they give artists like unlove these opportunities. please listen Favorite track: different colors.

Filip Zemčík lo-fi sad pop for your lonely evenings Favorite track: david sorry.

Will Seifert Peaceful and beautifully arranged with poetic and ethereal lyrics and an excellent vocal delivery; wonderful music. Favorite track: instagram witches & brand new grimoires.

Odd Box 2016

Our annual round-up of the year. One song from each of 2016 releases.

Moon Moon Moon - Snow Humans - 2016

The Indie Rock Playlist asked Moon Moon Moon to write an intro for their December playlist, so I asked them if I could write a wintery-themed song and they said ok and then I did and this is the song. 

Also, I added a fresh remaster of our 2015 Christmas song.

Grouper - Paradise Valley - 2016

Niccolo Brown If the swallows really HAVE sharpened their beaks; if the chariots of angels really ARE colliding ... then I ... I AM captured... Love me. Destroy me. Raise me. Ruin me. You're all I need but I'm never enough. No words, just thoughts. Only YOU.

Best of 2016… Bandcamp Songs

Dec 22, 2016

Clara Engel - Your Halo is a Swarm of Bees - 2017

Six lovely guitar improvisations by Clara Engel on limited CD-R, for fans of Loren Connors, Harold Budd & Neil Young's instrumental works. 

"Your halo is a swarm of bees" features me improvising on electric guitar one afternoon and hitting "record" on a field recording device. These lo-fi unpremeditated sounds chronicle my mind's movement as I wade through the demoralizing dregs of 2016. 

My guinea pigs were napping peacefully in the next room the whole time I was playing, so this recording is dedicated to them."

Crafted Sounds - 2016

a bunch of artist off of crafted sounds label review 2016 for us… nice comp!

christmas compilation - 2016

compilation was curated by ray - laptop funeral 

To get that holiday spirit bubbling...

Other Songs Music Co. - 2016

four folk pop songs from four great Canadian artists… independent label

Joplin Rice - Nine Songs - 2016

9 songs off my chest to put the hundred in between to rest. 
lots of acoustic bedroom songwriting...

Dec 21, 2016

Best of 2016… Songs for Walter

After years of gracing the various backstreet and basement stages of his hometown, Manchester’s Laurie Hulme finally releases his debut album.
A hotch-potch of homespun folk and ramshackle acoustic pop, Songs for Walter is the eponymous tribute to the singer’s late grandfather. LB

Dec 19, 2016

Roman Lakes - Cross Thread - 2016

The Greater-Manchester-born singer-songwriter creates guitalele folk-pop with tones in the right zones. Influences include Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Morrissey, Lucy Rose and The Tallest Man on Earth.

Dec 18, 2016

Home For The Holidays: A Christmas Songbook

Tons of great artists and songs for the holiday season…

Arbor Christmas: Volume 17

17th Annual Arbor Christmas Show, Saturday December 17, 2016. Holy Saviour Gymnasium, Westmont, NJ

Best 0f 2016… Dope Lemon - Honey Bones

There’s a real Dylan vibe to Dope Lemon, the new Angus Stone project, which has just offered up its debut album, Honey Bones. Like Bob Dylan many years before him, Stone has sidelined the acoustic folk/roots material and gone (somewhat) electric. But that’s not the end of the similarities: there’s something Dylanesque about Stone’s laconic, sometimes meandering vocal delivery style, and also in the unadorned sketches of his songwriting. UP

What was the inspiration behind beginning the Dope Lemon project?
It was pretty unmapped, I had a bunch of friends around at my place and everything was set up. We’d have a few drinks and just step into the studio. Someone would start strumming a chord and someone would sit down at the piano and someone would sit at the drums and we were just recording the whole thing. Later on I’d go back to it and pick out what was good. It was just a cruisy session that became something really cool.


Cœur de pirate - Chansons tristes pour Noël - 2016

tous les bénéfices seront versés à la fondation le phare enfants et familles

Hypoluxo - If Language - 2016

lot like The National, and that's not a bad thing…

Take Your Time - Sleep In / I Feel It Every Day - 2016

‘Sleep In’ is about loving and believing in your pals. It’s really heartbreaking seeing your friends/loved ones struggle and be mistreated, when you know that they’re full of potential and deserve better – ‘Sleep In’ is like a big warm embrace for your loved ones, letting them know that you’ve got the time to give them what they need.

Gobbinjr - Vom Night - 2016

Bedroom pop encompasses such melodies that wrenches at the heart - the closeness is felt deeply in this release… it has it all, real female voxs void of any pretence, foundation synth drums, and just the right amount of electronic experimentation inside standard song structures. Outstanding! 
One more time…

Dec 17, 2016

Best of 2016… Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - I Had a Dream That You Were Mine

The pairing of the Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser and former Vampire Weekend producer/instrumentalist Rostam Batmanglij turns out to be an inspired one. pitchfork

The fingerpicked “In a Black Out” pulls away some of Rostam’s production theatrics, leaving an exposure of the big idea. It’s Leithauser, two acoustic guitars, and backing vocals, a deep elegy into which to sink. CoS