Feb 28, 2014

I Know I Fucked Up

From singer-songwriter Darren Hayman - hefnet

No Bodies - 2014

This is the first release by the band No Bodies, a garage-psych outfit also out of Halifax; a tremendous release. 

Lunokhod - Cube ep - 2014

soundcloud - DL

Lunokhod is the project of two guys who live between Italy and Belgium. It is a sound journey that begins with space melodies and ends up in a tribal rain. Fernando and Alex, who have already played together in Black Flowers Café indie-band, fill the distance with beats and music colors that they exchange through the web. In the spring of 2013 they decide to give birth to Lunokhod.

Electric Litany - Enduring Days You Will Overcome - 2014

"Enduring Days You Will Overcome" is the fruit of a difficult and stagnant era. However, confirming every word of its title, it’s proof that the conscious perseverance of creation is the solution to overcome the problems and move forward. The album rises from the ashes of a lo-fi world, maintaining the lyricism and the characteristic "haunting" atmosphere of Electric Litany. The album expresses love, dedication and patience, which lead to beauty, creation and liberation. Simultaneously it records the practical difficulties and the everyday problems of life and survival as experienced by the band the last 3.5 years during which this album was recorded. 
In 2012 the band contacted legendary producer Alan Parsons who, after hearing "How To Be A Child And Win The War" agreed to collaborate with the band. The recordings were an adventure "hosted" in several London based studios as well as a studio in the Welsh countryside and the island of Corfu. Mastering once again took place at Abbey Road Studios. 

Yoko Temple - Yoko Temple EP - 2014

There is something familiar about Yoko Temple; retro slathered in a soapy shoegaze ooze.

Feb 25, 2014

Violent Soho - Hungry Ghost Album Launch -2013

What emerged on Hungry Ghost was a character study of the personalities and ideas of consumer society that inform their hometown of Brisbane suburb Mansfield, examining “the concept of the outsider, people who are a little bizarre and how they view the world.”

Hungry Ghost is the album Violent Soho needed to make. Intelligent, melodic, and dripping with attitude, it’s also a record you need to hear.

These beginning sessions are so raw, real and relevant; I Just can't get enough!

Martin Klimas - 2014

Martin Klimas, who uses music, paint, and his camera to create stunning photographs. Martin puts liquid paint on the cones of speakers and then blasts out loud notes to see what happens as the paint explodes from the speaker with accelerated by the power of sound. At the exact moment of the blast of sound, Martin snaps the photograph capturing sounds impact on the world.

Feb 22, 2014

Never- All The Luck In The World - 2014

We wish we wish and all we do is wait 
We hope we hope but never do we pray
Cause we know there's not much to say
We grow we grow but never do we change
We mould we fold we always rearrange a dream
When it is not a success

It's gotta be this one I know it is I know it is
It's this one I know it is I know it is
It's this one, it's you

Now and then I think of what you said 
And it eats me up running through my head
So just beat me up so I can feel your pain
Know, I know that you do think of me 
Not as a lesson learned but a fond memory
But I wish I never knew you, wish I never asked your name

It's gotta be this one I know it is I know it is
It's this one I know it is I know it is
It's this one, it's you

I know I know it's difficult, I know I know it's difficult
We've grown we've grown so far apart
But these ships these ships don't sail away
They wait they wait for another day
And they will float again

Oh no we're lost for words again

Now and then I think of what you said 
And it eats me up running through my head
So just beat me up so I can feel your pain
Know, I know that you do think of me 
Not as a lesson learned but a fond memory
But I wish I never knew you, wish I never asked your name

Feb 20, 2014

Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa - Boy, Look at What You Can't Have Now - 2014

Darren met Emma in Sheffield and told her he was suspicious of a band who all wore hats. Then her band all put hats on and went on stage. 
They started a friendship based on short scale basses. 
Darren started writing a song and thought the melody in the chorus sounded like something Emma might write and sing. To avoid legal action he asked her to sing on it. 
During the recording session they aspired to make the record sound as much like Bryan Adams and Sporty Spice as possible. If it doesn’t sound like that, then they’ve failed. That was their only objective. 
Emma told Darren it was the best guitar playing she had ever heard in her entire life. Ever. Bar none. 
There’s a video too, where they both play cat’s cradle beside canals. The video is less like Bryan and Sporty. 
There are rumours that Darren and Emma are now making an album of duets.

Feb 19, 2014

Feb 15, 2014

Thanks for the Snow

Thanks for 30 cm of new snow... 

Nate Henricks - SLEETMUTE (C​-​Sides from Neon for No One) - 2014

Excellent album, full of rural flavoured bedroom folk... A perfect Saturday listen.

Eef Barzelay - All The Way - 2014

his EP is made up mostly of fan chosen cover based around the theme of LOVE, and is there for being released on Valentines Day 2014.

Feb 14, 2014

Feb 7, 2014

Chalk And Numbers - Angelfuck - 2014

An outstanding single out of Brooklyn, where else!

"A girl group-drenched dollop of wonderfulness."
-The Guardian

"Pretty much perfection"

“Pulls from a wide array of influences to create their unique sound: both modern and timeless simultaneously.”

"Delicious slice of hooksome, soaring Spectorish pop."
-Irish Times

Feb 5, 2014

Death in Vegas - The Contino Sessions - 1999

In 1963, Andy Warhol said, "I like boring things. I like things to be exactly the same over and over again." Warhol didn't mean that he was bored by things, he meant that the more you look or listen to exactly the same thing, the more the meaning goes away, and the better and emptier you feel. Richard Fearless, 27, committed Warhol fan, the man who is ostensibly Death In Vegas and the man who has created the most astonishing album you're likely to hear all year, knows exactly what the pop artist meant. 

He and his Death In Vegas partner, Tim Holmes, know that in music today, meaning is nothing and feeling is everything. It is better to articulate emotion in any form than to try to say something, because there's nothing left to say and it's increasingly difficult to find anything to care about. Listen to 'The Contino Sessions' and you hear the same thing over and over again, but you never get bored; just as Fearless took as this record's blueprint the endlessly looped, piled-upon garage splendour of Spiritualized's 'Electric Mainline': nobody's saying anything. There's no need. NME

Opium Jukebox - Music To Download Pornography By - 2000

Thanks to Bruce for this one; a real gem!

We all know that covers are generally pretty lame. They are usually an opportunity for bands to either pay tribute to bands they really like by mimicking them, or are a way for a band to use the work of other bands for success. As I'm sure many of you write music, you probably find the idea of covers to be something reserved for beginners.

Such is not the case on this album, which is one of the most unique albums period, especially for a supposed "cover" album. The truth is, there are a few tunes on here where you have to listen close to find any sort of resemblance to the original, and none of them are even close to exact copies. Nearly all the tempos are slowed down, and the instrumentation is completely different, often geared to Indian stringed instruments and various percussion instruments. There are no vocals, except for spoken samples. No one sings the lyrics from the original songs, but most of the vocal melodies are present and played by some instrument or another. Long passages of music are completely fabricated, and not parts of the originals in any way. You may never look at "Smells Like Teen Spirit" the same way again, after hearing the the 7 minute, slow-tempo version found here. 

Feb 2, 2014

Kramies - the Wooden Heart - 2013

“… this EP is folk, velvet, intimate, a rich work in minor tones, we see touches of these people and that the creator is actually so and so so and so helped by another and another ( you can see the great artists are there) , the production is perfect, but these things do not explain enough what a wonderful listening experience this is and the fantastic spell it emanates. What I want is to give you the desire to become human during the time of this disc, closing the eyes little by little on the brilliant artwork of Jérôme Sevrette ( I quote a great love for the work of the photographer and his good taste when choosing work) and find out that The Wooden Heart is a true work of art , vital, indispensable . God I love music.” - A Decouvrir Absolument

“Built on a base dark and melancholic pop, these six songs enjoy a delectable atmospheric character that is reminiscent of the old inspirations of the genre. On the fly, we instantly think of Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse or Slowdive. Kramies moves in the same folk-rock liberator and vocal register, with one exception. Because unlike the three references cited above, his compositions are delicately enamelled electronic textures, handling the organic aspect of his work with shadowy and enigmatic feelings ( The Beginning,  Upon The Northern Isles ). Psychedelic light points on the pieces where Lytle is involved ( Sea Otter Cottage, Clocks Were All Broken ) also recall that wander in a dreamlike music involves some risk taking.” – IndiePopRock

Feb 1, 2014

Her - Arcade Fire - Supersymmetry - 2014


Benjamin Løzninger likes to cover his tracks : born in Toronto, he’s been adopted by France, where his family brought him up in a artistic twirl. His solo project, was launched between France and Canada, after his daughter was born. Mixing acoustic sounds and mellow whispered vocal with more electronic soundscapes gives birth to some haunting moments not dissimilar to Sparklehorse or dEUS.