Nov 25, 2022

LAVEDA • F*** • 2022

A windows down, wind-in-your-hair, late night drive-worthy track, “F***” sees Laveda perfecting their ansty and ethereal brand of dream-pop while tapping into the agitations and anxieties of young adulthood.

Blending chiffon shoegaze rhythms with propulsive ‘90s-tinged guitars and distant drums, the new cut builds gently to its shimmering conclusion like a college coming-of-age story that sees a disillusioned protagonist defeat their adversaries to come out on top. 

George Hennessey • Prisoner • 2022

With a glimmering guitar lick that Paul Weller or Noel Gallagher would have been proud to put their names to at the peak of their powers, the new single “Prisoner” is a psychedelic-tipped, Brit-Pop embodying joie de vivre. Finding nuance in nostalgia, the song is ultimately about escaping the constrictions of life through the music you love.

As George explains:

“"Prisoner" is about when luck isn’t on your side, and you feel like you're being held emotionally captive… your guitar and melody can be your only ways out.”

From its day-tripping lyrical wonderings, to its reality-crashing drum rolls, and its electrifying guitar solos, “Prisoner” is a record of fearless rock’n’roll escapism from an artist primed and ready to break into the big time.

Mike Legere • Memory Forming Clouds • 2022

“The final time I left no fanfare played me out, memory forming clouds”
The album was written about my profound feeling of loss. I felt like I needed to process the grief and loss I was experiencing; the feelings were so strong that I wanted to make something of them. Through the process of making the record, I also went through giant life changes and shifts, did a few years of therapy and found myself on the other side of this experience

Nov 23, 2022

Tom Rosenthal • To The Forager • 2022

Charlie Clark • ‘No Big Deal’ • 2022


“A superb piece of jangle pop classicism, it seems to reference everyone from The Byrds and Big Star through to Teenage Fanclub”

“His recordings are full of beautiful, haunted melodies and stripped down plaintive acoustic beauty.”

Immense choruses and deep heartfelt lyrics that serve to tighten the throat and quicken the pulse. It is vital and organic music: guitar driven indie pop at its very best

Taken from his debut solo LP, ‘Late Night Drinking’ (available 25th November, only via Bandcamp), “No Big Deal” stands as one of the lighter-hearted moments on the album. Shrugging-off the sonic finesses to capture a livewire atmosphere and lackadaisical feel, the single was recorded in a deliberately relaxed session with regular collaborator and producer Jason Shaw (Cambodian Space Project). 

Your ex and I • For All the Loves • 2022

Your Ex And I are a band in it for the right reasons. The Montreal-based rock group comprises five pals with very positive musical chemistry poised to explode on the scene with the debut single, “For All the Loves.”

Nov 21, 2022

That Old Quiet Lighthouse • Decade • 2022

“Like many of us, I had had all of my work disappear over-night, and in the midst of the despair and the uncertainty I had turned to the bittersweet comfort blanket of reminiscing over my last relationship.”, says TOQL frontman Ashley Garrod.

Lead singer/bassist Ashley Garrod channels the keen insight of Pinegrove’s lyricism, balancing from-the-heart melodies with passionately intricate bass lines. Gabe, as the rhythmically tight, emotive backbone of their alternative sound, sits comfortably beneath the expressive and varied textures crafted by guitarist James Cooke.

Nov 20, 2022

bulldog eyes • express • 2022

shiny happy records • So Much Fun • 2022

Labor of love since 2009.
Based In Tangerang, Indonesia

Nov 17, 2022

Motherhood • Shuttered Down • 2022

“sounds like Brian Wilson sipping cocktails with Ty Segall, as Chance The Rapper spits rhymes and holds court.” - Secret Meeting

“one of the most exciting and fiercely creative bands you’re bound to come across” Grid City Magazine

“insatiable atmosphere, gritty, dynamic, and provocatively raw” - Circuit Sweet

"an off-kilter cross of punk, folk and rock" - Post-Trash

Nov 16, 2022

Jacklen Ro • "Made of Sugar"• 2022

"Instrumentally, 'Made of Sugar' lives up to its name, delivering candy-coated harmonies paired with chugging guitars and warm glowing melodies. The band’s talents with charming pop songcraft and plaintive melodicism are on full display here, building the track into a heartfelt confession tinged with driving instrumentation."
Under the Radar

"The 11-track pick-me-upper that is 'Sunshine' is full of emotional high-fives. Beyond their penchant for sticky melodies, the duo wield their vocals, and especially their harmonies, in a euphoria that stops short (somehow) of sounding cloying. It’s cherub rock that is reminiscent of a straight-from-the-cradle Tegan and Sara."

Nov 14, 2022

Wesley • Not Sure That Was Me • 2022

"Wesley once again conjures the restless unease and pastoral beauty of indie folk with his latest effort, 'Not Sure That Was Me.' Westley’s voice is the honeyed centerpoint within a chiming haze of winding melodies, a plaintive style that fits perfectly with the moonlit locale and easygoing charm of the track."
Under the Radar

"An echoey aura of sound that creates a psychedelic whirl of imagination flutters through his work also touching musical cornerstones like Iron & Wine and Phosphorescent."
Glide Magazine

"He performs with a languid grace, vocals coming smooth and easy as a cosy afternoon nap."
Various Small Flames

"This track has a glorious lo-fi, psychedelic pop feel with fuzzed out riffs and beautiful powerpop-esque harmonies."
SPILL Magazine

Nov 12, 2022

Micah P. Hinson • What Does It Matter Now • 2022

“When I was half the man I am today, I left my hometown of Abilene, Texas for the first time and moved to Denton, TX to try this whole music thing on a different level,” explains Hinson. “Of course, upon arrival I realized that it wasn’t what I imagined - instead of playing shows and pushing a dream, I found myself working day-wage jobs, drinking probably too much, and was quite unfocused and confused by what surrounded me. During this time was when I turned this song out, recording it in my small apartment with my tailless cat, Pixie. To this day, I can’t quite recall if I had already written it in my hometown, or if it was a creation from those lonely Denton days of my youth. I do know that it captured a very lonely, sad, and painful time for me, struggling with the concept of whether losing love or gaining love is more painful.” 

Kit Major • I'm Bitter! • 2022

"If you had to place the sound of Vampire Saturday, it feels as if you traveled back to 2004, took everything on a suburban teen’s iPod, tossed it all into a blender, and reassembled it in 2022."
Under The Radar

"If you’ve been looking for that next great artist that checks all of the boxes of awesomeness, look no further than Kit Major."


"If you like MUNA, you’re gonna dig Kit Major."
The Alternative

"A grunge-pop jam that recalls the nostalgic modern rock theatrics of Chloe Moriondo and Olivia Rodrigo."
Beats Per Minute

Darko the Super • I Need a Haircut Too (One for the Biz) • 2022

Image item

“Darko the Super is music, Darko the Super loves you,” says the Philadelphia artist. Darko the Super is one of the most prolificly consistent artists in music history. Not just in releasing thousands of tracks over the course of his career but the variety in which he creates. Each album providing insight into Darko’s psyche and sending the listener on a new experience and adventure every time one presses play on a brand new album. When coupled with the massive amount of collaborations and performances it’s even more evident that Darko the Super will be written in the annals of hiphop for the rest of time.

Nov 9, 2022

Fixtures • Jimmy Needs The Money • 2022

Fixtures are back! After our 2020 collaboration (Weak Automatic), we are happy to present a new Fixtures song from a coming album.

Fixtures is a 6 piece Brooklyn band. Combining elements of power pop, post punk, krautrock, and 90s indie, one review of their last EP, Weak Automatic, called them “an unholy collision of Television, Ramones, Dino Jr. and The B-52s” Oh yeah, and there’s horns.

Their first full length album, Hollywood Dog, is coming February 24th as a co-release from Spanish indie-pop stalwarts Bobo Integral and new Brooklyn label Naturally Records. The first single, “Jimmy Needs The Money”, is shaded darker than their past blasts of sunshine but will still have you whistling the fuzzed out lead guitar line. Is Noir Pop a thing?

Nov 7, 2022

RIP Mimi Parker • 2022

Trying to keep time
Closer than we like
Memories still lie
Faces of the day
Pressed up to your spine
Blessings still to come
Precious things unsaid
As the night begins
Who will hang his head