Aug 31, 2018

THE WLDLFE - Towel - 2018

"Indie ensemble THE WLDLFE are working their way to the mainstream."
- Billboard

Greg Hill & Ayyuh J - Roll On - 2018

Inspired by precious lost moments with family members, the death of loved ones, and the loss of wide eyed hopeful machinations, this album follows the torment and turbulence of the simple mantra “we all grow up” but at times this is not always an easy process to live through.

PAPA TOPO & YURENA - Ese Hombre - 2018

Royal Canoe - RAYZ - 2018

Much like their material to date, ‘RAYZ’ aims to blend a whole universe of influences into one insatiable single. Taking influences from the swooning RnB sound and merging it with a psych-pop aesthetic, the new track emerges as a Glass Animals-meets-Animal Collective style jam that oozes summertime vibes.

Aug 30, 2018

Bye Bye Pride, A Tribute To The Go​-​Betweens - 2018

Geniuses will always be geniuses ..... 

The reunion of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan generated one of the most beautiful bands that the universe has given us, the name, well everyone knows, or should know, The Go-Betweens. 

Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered - 2018

The idea for this one was be a “C86” theme! Not strictly C86 as to what was on the tapes, but more as a genre in (twee)music. Think bands like the Wake, BMX Bandits, Brighter, Heavenly, McCarthy etc. 

The bands that were involved are indie's "hidden gems" and each of them brilliant in their own way, some more recoginised than others, but part of an extensive indie music network online that shares a devotion for music like no other…. 

We Are The City - WHEN I DREAM, I DREAM OF YOU - 2018

The album is joyful and intentionally imperfect. Featuring a guest appearance from Canadian hip-hop star Shad (who sings here, rather than rapping) and an abundance of overlaying gossamer melodies with static-soaked experimentation. This is the sound of lightning in a bottle.

Aug 29, 2018

Eva Luna - (ob​)​sessions - 2018

oddly interesting electropop out of Russia...


Based out of the central Swedish city of Trollhättan, Thomas Keen, Adam Johansson, Anton Thorstensson, August Johansson, and Tomas Berglund are creating rock music that spans the fiery garage rock of Japandroids to the clever indie rock of Yo La Tengo. This combination would make them indie stars if they lived in Brooklyn, Chicago, or London, and a label like Sub Pop or Secretly Canadian would have signed them. Instead, they’re plying their trade as true independent artists and gradually gaining a following. Last week, they released their new EP, Cult, which is one of the year’s finest mini-albums.

Aug 28, 2018

Advance Base - "Your Dog" - 2018

"Gorgeous in its warmth and simplicity... Owen Ashworth writes lyrics so intimate and empathetic that you'd be forgiven for thinking him a confessional songwriter. However, he's quick to point out that the majority of his songs are rooted in fiction, though that doesn't diminish their emotional heft; if anything, his willingness to explore lends to the universality of his music."
Consequence of Sound

Aug 27, 2018

Adult Mom Sings Walter Etc - 2018

Basement Revolver - Audiotree Live - 2018

Basement Revolver is an indie rock band who write slow-burning, introspective tunes. They meld serene synths and cyclical guitar patterns with lead singer Chrisy Hurn's understated, elegant vocal performance to create a balanced and evocative sound. Step into our studio and witness the subtle power and tranquil imagery of Basement Revolver. 

Sonny Falls - Some Kind of Spectre - 2018

"Ryan Ensley, (formerly of antifolk outfit Shiloh) showed his knack for melding spunky, unvarnished acoustic instrumentation with big rock ’n’ roll power."
- Chicago Reader

"The album examines the complexities of codependency in a variety of relationships, including those involving addiction."
- PopMatters

"Slam that repeat button because you know 'Easy To Lose' is already stuck in your head."
- The 405

Mimicking Birds - On The Warm Side​/​Hi Low - 2018

two honest, smooth songs out of Oregon

allegra weingarten - sunrise - 2018

he's a real rage slinger 
callus on his fingers 
hugging on your veins tight 
cowboy man 
rope in his hands 
he lassos while the girls cry 

makes me the beggar 
but when we're together 
he'll promise me his life 
the babes bow down 
he’ll take his crown 
and wander through the dead night 

but i'm the one who meets him at sunrise 

american poetry club - we are beautiful, even when we are broken! - 2018

it's not perfect but it's ours damnit 
just tryna get all the emo out of our system so we can finally go country like we always wanted to 
an album of tunes that make me cringe sometimes but are nonetheless unapologetically sincere

Aug 24, 2018

Falcon Jane - Ginger Ale - 2018

Falcon Jane is fronted by Sara May, a candid, virgo, stoner-songwriter who brings new depth to easy-listening music. The songs are honest yet subtle, with deep, exposed cores feathered by floaty melodies and righteous riffs.
The songs are fuelled by emotionally raw lyrics, but the influence of my incredible collaborators in Falcon Jane has turned sad songs into true plez rock.

"Stirring, but tremendously subtle" - Gold Flake Paint

Rådjuret - 2018

pure Swedish gem...

Paranoia Musique Vol. 4 - 2018

A Slice Of Life = 
Brutalist Architecture In The Sun = 
Burnt Souls = 
Fahl = 
Foxxxy Mulder = 
The Knutz = 
Luna Honey = 
Lunar Module = 
Miel Noir = 
Phobos Reactor = 
Seashore Darkcave = 

Copper Viper - Hung Up Alone - 2018

London-based folk duo Copper Viper have released their latest single Hung Up Alone. Beginning intimately with just Robin Joel Sangster (vocals /acoustic guitar) and Duncan Menzies’ (vocals / mandolin / fiddle) intricate vocal harmonies and the gentle hum of frogs croaking in the distance, a sense of warmth is immediately apparent. The pace then picks up as Menzies’ mesmerising fiddle playing comes into play alongside Sangsters’ melodic acoustic guitar, giving Hung Up Alone a truly traditional British folk feel.

SCHMIEDS PULS - Don't Love Me Like That - 2018

Delicate guitars are paired with staccato vocals that cut right through to the listener, giving you no choice but to stop what you’re doing and take note. Jazz knowledge and influences run through the veins of Schmieds Puls, while the tracks remain instantly catchy and full of pop sensibilities.

Aug 21, 2018

Elijah Wolf - Tell 'Em - 2018

"Releasing this album now feels like a weight off my chest, like every bit of frustration and nostalgic loneliness all leaving my body at the same time," concludes Wolf. "Making this record was the greatest therapy session I’ve ever had."

M.A.D. - "Everything" - 2018

Mario Barrio grew up in a family with a long history in music, a third generation guitarist he was never far from it. His passion continued throughout his life leading him to play in the bands Gantez and Avid Dancer who just recently toured the states with the band BORNS. 

Milk Flud - Thought Leash - 2018

cool fusion of hip hop beats mixed with an alternative thread that runs throughout…

Aug 20, 2018

Getulio Silenzio - Pesadelo - 2018

The new work draws inspiration from several different sources (greek mithology, marvel comics characters and others) and combines the dark and gothic mood of his previous band with ethereal and climatic instrumentation. 

David J - Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh - 2018

Between the end of Bauhaus and the beginning of Love & Rockets, David J recorded 5 singles, and 1 LP for Glass Records, and played on 2 albums by The Jazz Butcher. This LP, was and remains one of the crowning glories of the original Glass label, and has now returned to it's newest incarnation Glass Modern, on a long-playing record, remastered, slightly re-packaged and wrapped, for all you middle-aged indie kids and rock'n'rollers with one foot in the grave, and the other still tapping out that beat on the dive bar dance floor 
of glorious memory. Closing the circle, old friendships renewed and maybe a few new ones born.

Joplin Rice - Good Boy - 2018

Joplin Rice is a songwriter living in Lexington, Kentucky. 
He has released numerous other albums both under his own name and as Ezra Triste.
Every band he forms dies.

Aug 19, 2018

Elna Rae - Dexter (EP) - 2017

a great EP out of Arizona - chalked full of glittery raunch guitars and a voice looking for a home...

Gabriel - Untitled Video 46 - 2018

deadpan vocals message these two bedroom pop tracks to a very nice sad spot in life...

grieving club - halloween - 2018

indie emo with a depressed bedroom edge to it makes for a good Sunday listen.

Heart Eyes - Beer Nap - 2018

some sweet lo-fi experimental tracks coming out of Virgina… 

June Parker - 2018

indie rock with a dreamy lining throughout the songs…

SALES - forever & ever - 2018

subtle record with beautiful vocals… worth a listen

Chatham Rise - Meadowsweet - 2018

 A distinctive presentation of lucid dreaming delivered with psychedelic splendor, defining a journey that while earthbound on this outing, will have listeners returning again and again for these nocturnal slumbers where sound is made up of colours, and the colours go on about defining and redefining an organic pastoral reflection that washes and ebbs effortlessly, filled with bewildering slow motion luscious intoxication. - Jenell Kesler

Aug 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

RIP - Gone but will never be forgotten!

The Sunbathers - A Weekend Away With​.​.​. - 2018

The Sunbathers splashed onto the scene in 2012 with a cdep and 7" on the sorely-missed Dufflecoat label, and immediately impressed us with their gentle and hushed seaside-themed tweepop in the style of the Marine Girls.

Space Daze - Waves Collapsing - 2018

Even before Seapony went on their hiatus, their chief songwriter, Danny Rowland, started his solo project, Space Daze.

Aug 15, 2018

Geowulf - Saltwater For Strings (reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder) - 2018


Aug 14, 2018

mewithoutYou - Julia - 2018

Today, a thousand years 
of strained affection and prayer 
“out beyond ideas 
of right & wrong is a field” 

Will I meet you there? 

Aug 12, 2018

Maripool - Adult Weakness - 2018

Kinda of a dream pop Hole sound… quite lovely.

Bianca Scout - __Dislex​-​ia - 2018

An album about giving up on being a dancer. 

- Bianca Scout

gladness - Limbo - 2018

Gladness are an Indie band from Bath and Manchester, UK who play warm, moody, whispered pop songs, influenced by dreamy 90’s slowcore bands like Duster and Low.