Sep 28, 2017

Fairy Godmother - Siphon - 2017

Sep 27, 2017

Nassau - Heron - 2017

the album centers on the concept of change and balance- the Heron often representing an ability to progress and evolve in folklore. A warm, full-bodied sound envelopes each track giving breathing room for interweaving guitar lines, meditative rhythms and Wilcox’s gentle vocal delivery. Relying only on guitars, drum machines, and synth, the duo capitalize on using ambient textures as a base layer for each of these 8 beautiful tracks. 

Sep 26, 2017

Intimate Strangers - EP - 2017

The EP finds its footing in a groovy fusion of disco, house, and 80s boogie, all illuminated with numerous vocalists in the realms of soul and R&B. The release has found a fitting home with Brooklyn tastemaking label Bastard Jazz who are behind the release. 

The Bees Knees - A Compilation For Dan - 2017

Dan Wild-Beesley is an extremely talented and well loved musician who you may know as one half of turbo-prog heroes Cleft and more recently of a third of noise rock nutters GUG. 

Dan is currently battling two brain tumors. We need to raise £50,000 so he can seek treatment that isn't available on the NHS and has an 80% success rate of getting cancer patients into remission. This album has been created to help reach his target. 

This compilation features a bunch of bands and artists that been 
inspired by Dan's musical talents. It has some previously unreleased stuff, some super exclusive stuff, some pretty rare stuff as well a few bangers from current releases.

Sep 25, 2017


Stars in Coma - Defunct Summer - 2017

On Defunct Summer, there is a harsh reality to come to terms with, as André observes in "This Damn Reminder," a commentary on the border controls introduced over the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Unlike the dreamy haze of Escapist Partisans, resignation is no more. Confusion and anxiety are no longer the prevalent moods, but rather determination and the desire to act. A recharged fighting spirit and a newfound sense of hope blossoms, accompanied by acoustic guitars and the romantic rosiness of flutes, violins, and cellos.

Max Gowan - Far Corners - 2017

Recorded and mixed in my dorm, at my parents' house, and various places around Raleigh and DC. 

Sep 24, 2017

Little Kid - SUN MILK - 2017

Woozles - Wasted Nights - 2017

20 Big Ones - 2012

20 Big Ones is Chapter Music’s 20th birthday compilation, celebrating two decades of eclectic, engaging sounds from one of Australia’s best-loved independent labels. 

Happy Sadness - EP 1 1​/​2 - 2017

Sep 23, 2017

RIP - Charles Bradley


Charles Bradley's remarkable, against-all-odds rise has been well-documented -- how he transcended a bleak life on the streets and struggled through a series of ill-fitting jobs (most famously as a James Brown impersonator at Brooklyn clubs) before finally being discovered by Daptone's Gabe Roth. The year following the release of his first album "No Time For Dreaming" was one triumph after another: a stunning performance at South By Southwest that earned unanimous raves; similarly-gripping appearances at Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Newport Folk Festival and Outside Lands

Sep 20, 2017

thanks for coming - google search: what to do with your life when the world is ending - 2017

Thad Kopec - The Shadow and the Caster Live - 2017

Live recordings from the WELD concert on May 12, 2017

VA - The Moon - 2017

This is a 3/3, from three-volume compilation project called: "The Sea", "The Sun", "The Moon". 

Only with theoretically unknown bands that deserve all the attention. Sensational artists, that, we all need to hear, buy and share their records. 

Obviously, following the TBTCI's rule, these compilations serve to show everyone who says that nothing good is done nowdays, which is a real lie. 

Damon & Naomi - Everything Quieter Than Everything Else (Live in Japan) - 2017

New on September 20, Everything Quieter Than Everything Else is a collection of live Damon & Naomi performances recorded in Tokyo, 2008 and 2005. Featuring Michio Kurihara and Masaki Batoh of Ghost, Bhob Rainey, and Helena Espvall, the album was produced by Disk Union and is available as a CD in Japan.

Sep 17, 2017


a certain smile - Fits & Starts - 2017

Jesse Fantastic album, definitely living up to the legacy of name-checked OG dream poppers Aberdeen and Portland's own Rocketship.

Spartan Jet-Plex - Uncomfortable Quarters - 2017

Really nice...

Sep 16, 2017

Jordan Klassen – Housefly - 2017

Jordan has been described as a mix of Noah and the Whale, Okkervil River or Sufjan Stevens with his unique blend of choral-fused folk.

Sep 13, 2017

Strange Relations - Editorial You - 2017

Big Thief - Masterpiece - Live

Fishplate - Heavy Heart - 2017

We are excited to offer the full band premiere of New Orleans country/indie rock act Fishplate! Singer/songwriter Grady Bell, formerly of Grotto Girl, originated Fishplate as a solo project and spent the summer of 2016 crafting Heavy Heart, a showcase of crystal clear, catchy alt-country candor, with Buncho bandmates Nick Corson (also of Pudge) and Duncan Troast, session drummer Pat Kelleher from local funk trio Organized Crime, and the studio talents of Ross Farbe (Video Age, formerly Sun Hotel and Native America). Bell imbued Heavy Heart with his appreciation of Wilco’s first two albums and country legacies Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings toward the end of a charming resonance with Community Records labelmates Ratboys and Pope.

Sep 12, 2017

grandaddy - under the western freeway

Under The Western Freeway didn't start its own scene. No, what made this record and this band unique was that they took their interpretation from many different scenes, as viewed from their skewed perch of Modesto, California, and made their own way into indie rock's top echelon. From the trucker hats to Lytle's hand tattoo that says "skate," to the taking of the best bits of ELO and dropping it into a blender - all of this made for a powerful record released just at the right time. Just enough guitar and keyboards, just enough sadness, just enough ironic, manic-driven happiness that captured what so many were thinking and feeling in the fall of '97.

Big Thief - Mary - Live on The Current

Big Thief: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The power of Big Thief lies in the stunning voice of Adrianne Lenker — as well as the band's intense rhythms, the guitar playing of Buck Meek and, right, the lyrics. Come to think of it, everything this band does serves the muscular warmth of these brilliant songs, which are not only memorable, but meaningful.

"Masterpiece" is the first song in this Tiny Desk Concert, as well as Big Thief's best-known tune. It's a song of mortality and walking through life with your friends by your side. In fact, all three of these songs, all from the group's 2016 debut, are about passion, friendship, reflection, life and loved ones — it's music profound and beautiful enough to even work well in a brightly lit office in the middle of the day.

The National @ Centquatre - Pitchfork Live - 2017

Kamikaze Girls - Seafoam - 2017

Big Scary Monsters is an independent currently label based in Oxford. It has so far been responsible for releases from the likes of Minus The Bear, Andrew W.K., Pulled Apart By Horses, Gnarwolves, Kevin Devine, Into It. Over It, Cursive, Meet Me In St Louis, Bear vs Shark, Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Tall Ships, Matt Pryor, Walter Schreifels, Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwallader and many, many more.

Sep 11, 2017

Billow - Maps - 2017

Billow - Lenka Slováková, Jakub Zbořil, Vojtěch Veselý, Ondřej Malina
Recorded and mixed in Prague, Warsaw and the White Carpathians. 

Sep 9, 2017

Moon Moon Moon - Journal Entry 2: Not Climbing on Stage at the Belle and Sebastian Concert - 2017

If you're hearing this, it means that I am dead. 
At least in a hundred years if this song still exists by then. 

Sep 8, 2017

Sóley - Endless Summer - 2017

Sóley’s latest offering is the warmth beneath the snow at the end of winter, the seeds waiting to grow as spring whispers to us. From the heavy organs, synths, and minor keys of her last album Ask The Deep, 'Endless Summer' emerges with a kind of hopeful sweetness, and feels even more vulnerable, as Sóley climbs with us to incandescence. "The idea for the album came pretty randomly one night in beginning of January 2016 when I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote a note to myself: ‘Write about hope and spring’," she says about the LP’s general direction. "So I painted my studio in yellow and purple, bought a grand piano, sat down and started playing, singing and writing." 

And 'Endless Summer' delivers just that, opening with the song "Úa" (named after her young daughter) that washes over us like a hopeful dream. It’s based on an adventurous acoustic arrangement reminiscent of Joanna Newsom or Agnes Obel, which sets the tone for what is to follow in its wake. Throughout the new album, Sóley’s arrangements for a small orchestra give 'Endless Summer' a colorful touch: Take, for example, the track "Never Cry Moon", in which the sound of clarinet, trombone and cello beautifully engulf Sóley’s repetitive piano playing. 

Belle-Skinner - We Shut Our Eyes - 2017

Belle-Skinner is an indie-folk artist from upstate NY who writes about weird dreams, mermaids, werewolves, deserted landscapes, and ephemeral creatures.
Kind of like a cross between Joni, Sufjan, Francoise Hardy, Lana Del Rey, and Angel Olsen - she mixes mid-century pop with fingerstyle contemporary folk, and then makes you cry

ANNA OF THE NORTH - Lovers - 2017

"Anna of the North is Norway's Rising Star."
Pigeons & Planes

"A popstar on the rise"

"Soft, soul-bearing electro-pop"
Interview Magazine

RADIO WOLF - Song On The Radio (feat. Marika Gauci) - 2017

As Radio Wolf, Oliver has written and produced original songs with guest vocalists, Marika Gauci (Hotel Motel), Sarah Blackwood (Client), Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps) and Holly Dodson (Parallels). The sound is a unique fusion of electronic music and rock ’n’ roll, with a distinct retro-futuristic edge. The songs are crafted with lyrical and melodic power, combining uncanny rock guitar hooks, lush electronics and distinctive vocal delivery.

Synead - Lost In The Wild - 2017

"Lost In The Wild" represents a grittier incantation of Synead's music. A stunning cut of fierce, dancefloor-ready R&B, the track is produced by NYC-based artist Richie Quake alongside Synead's executive producer Matt FX, best known for his work as music supervisor of Broad City.

Spaceshow - Uzamaki - 2017

I killed amy bruce and now spaceshow remains. I am bad at mixing and outta my realm with this new change. But ya gotta start somewhere.

Sep 6, 2017

the anatomy of frank - south america! - 2017

For fans of... The Antlers, Sufjan Stevens, Sea Wolf, Freelance Whales

"... a breathtaking and intimate
exploration of life, love, travel and
- atwood magazine

"... a melancholic folk-rock masterpiece."
- the line of best fit

"some of the most inspiring melody arrangements & progressions."
- impose magazine

Sep 5, 2017

Leal - Don´t Hype This - 2017

Melancholy, guided by scintillating melodies, that many know as Dreampop, Leal, created his work, distancing himself from the basic connections of his band, abandoning the guitar pop, to give rise to a sweet and candid experience exhaling the greater feeling that summarizes the disc

Tenth Court - Spring Sampler - 2017

Tenth Court is a new independent record label from Brisbane, Australia whose MO is to make available to the world the wealth of beautiful scumbag talent inhabiting our fine city, aswell as the occasional gem from other areas of the Motherland.

Sep 4, 2017

Swordfish - Rodia - 2017

Rodia takes cues from the beautiful guitar licks of American Football, the vocal urgency of Sorority Noise and the instant gratification of Joyce Manor, all while elegantly incorporating trumpet throughout each well crafted song. The eight tracks work together to bring the musings of anxious and heartbroken adolescents to a broader scale.

thanks for coming - protagonist dies in the beginning - 2017

mostly sad and stupid and always in my bedroom

Sep 3, 2017

Indietracks Compilation 2017

This is the official compilation of artists playing the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire (UK) on 28-30 July 2017. 

All money raised from this compilation is donated to the Midland Railway Trust, the charity which hosts the Indietracks Festival. 

Louie Louie - Friend Of A Stranger - 2017

VA - The Sun - 2017

This is a 2/3, from three-volume compilation project called: "The Sea", "The Sun", "The Moon". 

Only with theoretically unknown bands that deserve all the attention. Sensational artists, that, we all need to hear, buy and share their records. 

Obviously, following the TBTCI's rule, these compilations serve to show everyone who says that nothing good is done nowdays, which is a real lie.