Sep 13, 2017

Fishplate - Heavy Heart - 2017

We are excited to offer the full band premiere of New Orleans country/indie rock act Fishplate! Singer/songwriter Grady Bell, formerly of Grotto Girl, originated Fishplate as a solo project and spent the summer of 2016 crafting Heavy Heart, a showcase of crystal clear, catchy alt-country candor, with Buncho bandmates Nick Corson (also of Pudge) and Duncan Troast, session drummer Pat Kelleher from local funk trio Organized Crime, and the studio talents of Ross Farbe (Video Age, formerly Sun Hotel and Native America). Bell imbued Heavy Heart with his appreciation of Wilco’s first two albums and country legacies Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings toward the end of a charming resonance with Community Records labelmates Ratboys and Pope.

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