Feb 26, 2022

Down With Space • We Were Strangers • 2022

This is a song that encourages you to move your feet, with a driving bassline to carry you forward. It’s our way of acknowledging the feeling of nostalgia for something that almost happened in our lives but was never meant to be.

No Museums • Pale Blue Eyes • 2022

Woolfy • When We Were Kings • 2022

"The double singles expand Woolfy’s repertoire and prove that the artist is capable of not just covering many genres, but excels."
The Big Takeover

“One of the best songs of 2021” 
- Chris Douridas (KCRW / School Night)

"The original version of "Shooting Stars" is dreamy and anthemic, but Django Django take it into dubby territory"
- Brooklyn Vegan

"Gentle fireworks burst and shimmer throughout the track, a strong and echoing backbeat. It’s complimented with openhearted handclaps... it’s a comforting pick-me-up serenade."
- Earmilk

"Not just his most authentic and creative work to date, but also his most accomplished"
-Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Feb 25, 2022

NO CEREMONY___ - in anticipation of an ending. 2022

Fantastic Negrito • Highest Bidder •2022

Three-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, musician and activist Fantastic Negrito (neรฉ Xavier Dphrepaulezz) announces his most ambitious project to date, White Jesus Black Problems, out June 3 via his own label, Storefront Records. To accompany the full-length studio album, Fantastic Negrito created an entire companion film set to the music. White Jesus Black Problems was written, recorded, and filmed in Oakland, where the artist grew up and currently resides. The multi-media work is based on the true story of Negrito’s seventh generation white Scottish grandmother (Grandma Gallamore), an indentured servant, living in a common law marriage with his seventh generation African American enslaved grandfather (Grandfather Courage); in open defiance of the racist, separatist, laws of 1750s colonial Virginia.

Charlotte Rose Benjamin • satisfied • 2022

Brooklyn-based artist Charlotte Rose Benjamin announced her anticipated debut album entitled Dreamtina, set for an independent release on April 22. To mark the announcement, Benjamin has released the music video for her new single, “Satisfied,” a track with a campfire style earnestness hijacked by a Weezer-like gargantuan hook in which she recounts a story about a recent ex-boyfriend. Benjamin recruited her younger brother, Sam Benjamin, to create the music video, re-enacting the song with homemade, cigarette smoking, pink cowboy-boot-wearing puppets. Under the Radar covered the track, calling it an “irresistible power pop hook, paired with instantly quotable lyrics.”

Barbara • A Perishing of Cherished Things • 2022

A masterclass in nuanced, nostalgic pop beamed-in from another era, the track is the Brighton duo’s first release of 2022 and hints to a band with the brightest of futures. 

Balancing deceptively complex arrangements with a playfully colourful narrative, think Todd Rundgren teaming-up with the Alessi Brothers for a re-imagination of The Beatles’ “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da”. 

Coupling that maturity of sound with lyricism wisened by mistakes perhaps they’ll never make, latest single “A Perishing of Cherished Things” finds Barbara experiencing something of a mid-life crisis, far before their time has come. As Barbara explain:

“‘Perishing…’ is sort of about a mid-life crisis. Not that we’ve experienced one… yet! Almost no one ends up having the life they imagined for themselves when they were young. We thought it would be nice to have some characters - Wendy and Sharon - and that it might help to tell the story a little better (like Desmond and Molly in ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’). And they’re not particularly unhappy or anything. They’ve got kids and go on lovely holidays. They just sometimes wonder how things might have turned out differently…”

Feb 23, 2022

Particle Kid • Along the Timey Road • 2022

Discussing “Along The Timey Road", and how it relates to the album as a whole, Micah stated, "I’ve always loved the idea of writing a letter to your future self and putting it inside a time capsule - reflecting back years and years later, realizing how much you’ve grown and maybe what you’ve lost and must try to regain. This song is kinda a twist on that; the idea is essentially a letter/transmission from the future-self to the present-self, in hopes the message to stay humble will be received somehow. It kinda reminds me of the Voyager golden record sending information through the depths of space to make contact with extraterrestrial life and represent humanity, and so I love this idea of actually sending information through the depths of Time, to make contact with ourselves here on Earth…and perhaps remind us of our humanity. What better way to do it than via songs?"

Feb 22, 2022

Alabaster DePlume • "Mrs Calamari" • 2022

“Mrs Calamari” also comes with a gorgeous video, which is the directorial debut of Dan “Danalogue” Leavers (member of UK electro/jazz monoliths The Comet Is Coming), shot on 8mm film. Danalogue says: “The film explores the archetypal hero's journey, the symbolism of circles (transformation/death/life cycles). Mrs Calamari is represented as a squid goddess, a teaching of the 'other’. It is essentially a story about growth and being guided by love. I felt strongly about the magical, organic sound of the music, recorded live and to analogue tape. This gave me inspiration to film on Super8, an antiquated format that holds within a mystery and timelessness.”

The Legend of Billy The Whale • 2022

‘The Wailing’ is accompanied by a Manga style video, “The Legend of Billy The Whale” (The Wailing/Whaling – who doesn’t love a play on words), which depicts the desperation of a broken, Captain
Ahab type figure, vengefully taking on the beast he holds responsible for the death of his loved ones.

“A gorgeous, genre-bending, cinematic sounding instrumental that mixes Celtic folk and Beatles psychedelia” - Four Bombs - Louder than War

“A song that will transport you away from whatever situation you are in, to a void”- Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio

Feb 19, 2022

MAGIC GIANT • On The Pacific • 2021

Lead singer Austin Bisnow adds: Sometimes I wonder if I'm really here living, if I'm dreaming or if I'm floating somewhere between life and afterlife. When we're gone, we think we’re free of the burden we put on ourselves, but we have the power to unleash ourselves of that burden while we’re living. There's a hopefulness in tomorrow, but in the moment, when our world's crumbling, we hold on for dear life. The metaphor of the hurricane disturbs everything but also gives way for a new beginning. Even though it may feel contrary in the moment, the chaos and pain never last forever.


"It’s not unusual for Lumberob to leave his audience, be they newbies or experienced Lumberobbers, just about vibrating with awe. His is an innovative energy from every critical angle and once exposed you’re not only not likely to forget it but instead carry it with you forevermore, a sort of force-field second skin you’ll never shed."

 "A hell of a trip, a 22-track joyride to who knows where."
Backseat Mafia

"A playful track that revolves around layers and layers of instrumentals, as LUMBEROB’s dreamy vocals take the lead."

Feb 12, 2022

Kevin Devine • "How Can I Help You?" • 2022

"How Can I Help You?" –a thoughtful, drum-backed track, where Devine sensitively asks throughout, "How can I help you push through yourself to me? / How I can help you tell me what you need?" The track closes with this same soft, loving energy as Devine fondly declares, "When I see you gates unguarded / Aphrodite / evidence of God, I’m free inside." Gently knocking at the door of a heart's gilded cage, Devine knows what's possible with the key unlocked; he's been inside the castle of love, covered in roses and liberated -- enlightenment that was fleeting and yet everlasting. 

Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers • Always Waiting • 2022

What if a cute girl group scored a hit song about a car crash, then actually died in a car crash, but decades later, David Lynch conjured their spirits for a beach-themed Halloween special?

That’s a feeble attempt to describe the fun, spooky universe evoked by musician, songwriter and producer Curtis Godino with his latest project, Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers.

"'Always Waiting' is a ’60s-style love song with a bit of an eerie twist. With dreamy, bubbly harmonies, the track is definitely a must-listen."

"The Midnight Wishers maintain a 60’s psychedelic swagger [...] The swirl of female harmonies is the glue that holds it together as it moves like a modern La Luz but still takes you back to the hey day of The Shangri-Las. Godino connects these eras perfectly as The Midnight Wishers becomes more addicting with each play."
The Fire Note

"The woozy waltz takes you back to the glory days of girl-group pop, complete with deadpan vocals, angelic three-part harmonies, tragic lyrics and a vintage-sounding track built from the rubble of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound."

"The sound and the colorful imagery invite the listener to a strange, yet fantastic little journey through nature, color and sound. It’s definitely a trip we like to take."

"The 60s girl group formula, and knowing pastiche thereof, is integral to the band’s established sound, but ‘He Loves Me Not’ is a step away from such territory into something more ambitious."
Backseat Mafia

"A new band with a sound somewhat akin to the ghosts of a sixties girl group being channeled through a fuzzy transistor radio."

Feb 11, 2022

Z Tapes • Winter 2022


Z Tapes is back from hibernation with 50 songs for you to listen to during these winter days, sunny or gray. 

This is my first official release as head of the label, the first Lyon-organized release. I'm so excited and honored to share this comp with you all :) I hope you enjoy this seasonal compilation. It's a very first taste of what's to come from Z Tapes in the future <3 

Stay warm and stay safe. 

With love, Angie 
(& Filip of course ^^) 

All profits will be donated to le Centre LGBTI+ Lyon.

Feb 8, 2022

heavenly creature records • Death By A Thousand Covers • 2022

DBATC is a collection of taylor covers by artists across the globe. all proceeds go to Refuweegee. 

Refuweegee is a Glasgow based community-led charity that aims to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Scotland. 

'In order to be able to respond flexibly to the needs of those arriving; to raise awareness of refugee rights in the local community; and to host events that bring old and new Scots together, we rely on your cash donations.' 

they've just moved into new premises in the city centre and i would love to give them a big donation so pls give what you can 

Scottish Charity Number SC046843 

Feb 4, 2022

YOVA • An Innocent Man • 2022

Taken from the debut album ‘Nine Lives’, ‘An Innocent Man’, was recorded by the London based via Northern Macedonia YOVA pair of Jova Radevska (vocal / lyrics) and Mark Vernon (music / guitar) together with arrangements by PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi & Marianne Faithfull collaborator, Rob Ellis (musical box, Ondes Martenot, glockenspiel, celeste, piano, string arrangements, backing vocals), Anna Phoebe (violin) and Nick Holland (cello).
The video was produced by award winning animator Jess Cope of Owl House Studios, who was part of Tim Burton's animation team for Frankenweenie and has previously worked with Metallica, Steven Wilson, Opeth & Passenger.

Feb 3, 2022

Homeschool • "Wino" • 2022

"The warm, alt-folk lead single echoes the lush sounds of late-’00s and early-’10s indie rock"

"Homeschool feels freer and more whimsical, drenched in the same wit without the recollections of sadness and trauma. Instead, D’Agustino burrows deep into the recesses of his mind to string out feelings of insecurity into self-aware anthems with catchy hooks.

"It’s the best kind of simultaneously intense and chill indie rock"

"Breezy, welcoming acoustic energy leads into soaring indie rock hooks, all amidst the earnest poeticism of D’Agustino’s lyrics."
Under the Radar

"An indie rock anthem of existential proportions"
The Wild Honey Pie

D'Agustino recently signed to KRO Records/The Orchard (Lawrence & Yves Rothman's label), and his new music has been produced by David Greenbaum (Beck, Cage the Elephant) and Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Benjamin Booker). Aside from music, D'Agustino has recently been seen as a featured guest star on HBO's Gossip Girl, STARZ' Power, and NBC's Blacklist.

Speaking on "Wino," D'Agustino wrote:

"'Wino' isn’t a song about one central message or theme, but is a collection of images and moments from various points in a person’s life.  The drunk 16 year old anxiously waiting for their Facebook Wall to fill up with birthday messages, the 22 year old moving on from a broken relationship, the inner child that comes out at night, when everything is quiet. Wino questions why some experiences mean more than others, and whether some of the heavier experiences should be allowed to carry that much meaning in the first place."

Skinny Lister • Bonny's Eyes • 2022

“After recently becoming a parent, it felt kind of inevitable that a song would be spawned from such an emotionally potent experience. Though the song is blatantly inspired by having a child, it’s fundamentally a song about returning home from travels to a loved one. So it has a universality that can just as easily apply to any relationship.  Like the title track of our new album A Matter Of Life & Love, the song is essentially about recognising that despite all of our searching and far reaching ambitions, sometimes the things that really count in life are a little closer to home. The song is a gentle little reminder to treasure those things.”

Midlake • "Bethel Woods" (Meanwhile in Texas) • 2022

Midlake has unveiled an exclusive live performance of their recently released new single, “Bethel Woods,” streaming now via YouTube. The captivating performance – filmed at Dallas, TX’s Modern Electric Sound Recorders by director Rett Rogers (Nicole Atkins, Nathaniel Rateliff) and co-director Barbara FG – marks the second in a new multi-part series of exclusive live sessions, “Meanwhile In Texas,” with additional installments set to premiere in the coming weeks.

Feb 2, 2022

Pinegrove • "Orange" • 2021

"Orange" is a new song by Pinegrove. 

orange, a waltz about the climate crisis, was written on the day in 2020 that the photos of oregon's eery, bloodshot sky circulated the internet. the song tries to balance outrage at those preventing progress—politicians elected in good faith to protect us who instead believe themselves celebrities—with the etherial, almost dissociative feeling of being alive at the end of history. the mirage on offer by today's political theater does nothing to assuage our concerns as we watch where the money actually goes: the american military, one of the single greatest global sources of fossil fuel emissions. so for all who have on one hand heard the desperate scientific prognosis, & on the other seen the already-weak promises on the campaign trail traded in for endless wars—it's tough not to lose heart. this isn't a song trying to convince anyone that climate change is real. it's for people horrified at the government's inaction to what we can all see with our own eyes. as this summer progresses, breaking all sorts of records across the northern hemisphere, & the conclusion sinks further into our collective gut, it's essential for people with a microphone to start shouting, & in whatever way we can to affirm community, to step in & help one another cope in the absence of our government, & take seriously the need to organize for a better world.