Dec 30, 2012

My 2012: Porcelain Raft - Strange Weekend

I will start out this evening with an assertion:

Fantasy is a place where it rains

Genre: shoegaze, dream pop

Porcelain Raft borrows liberally from both the shoegaze and dream-pop playbooks, and so we get layers of sonic gauze shot through with delicately strummed acoustic guitar patterns and Remiddi's reedy, rather androgynous voice. In the spacey somnolence applied to venerable classic rock sounds and structures-- Lennon's most obviously on  "Unless You Speak From Your Heart", Bolan's on "Picture"-- Remiddi very much shares a kinship with Beach House. There's some of Porcelain Raft touring partner M83's elegant sweep here too, while the woozy, hypnotic beatscapes of "Is It Deep Enough For You" and "If You Have a Wish" aren't far removed at all from chillwavers like Neon Indian. Many of the melodies feel familiar but can't easily be precisely placed, which not only makes them good earworm candidates but also enhances the album's dreamlike, half-remembered feel. PF

Secretly Canadian
Great label...

The Skies of Dunham

With snow falling from the skies these days like it has been, we are surely making up from the non-winter of 2011-2012

Dec 28, 2012

My 2012: Now, Now - Threads

Now, Now are babies, musically speaking. This is their second album to date and their first on Chris Walla’s Trans-Records label. They’re only a few years out of high school, and the faces peering out from their promotional photos suggest angst-laced lyrics of a sort not heard since bands like The Used went out of vogue. This is why, when one actually gets down to the business of pressing “play” on the first track of Threads, what emerges from the speakers is a thrilling surprise.

Threads is an impressive accomplishment, especially in light of the tender age of Dalager and bandmates Brad Hale and Jess Abbott. In fact, the only sleight against it is that it’s fairly derivative–as much as the band members might deny it, their fast, female vocal-driven sound is, at times, a little reminiscent of trendy pop punk acts like Paramore. But Now, Now have plenty of time, and if they stick together, they may be able to branch out into something truly extraordinary. CoS

My 2012: Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship

A Different Ship, the band's third album, makes a go of turning the anxiety of non-commitment into its own kind of commitment. One song is called "How Do I Know"; another is called "Make Up Your Mind". The first line Temple sings is, "It's hard sometimes to be close," and throughout, he makes an effort to keep his distance. He hums, he floats, he glides politely over the mix. The band splits its time between airy ballads and dry, hypercaffeinated stuff built from layers of interwoven guitars and synths-- music that creates a revisionist history of the 1980s where tightly-wound bands like the Feelies and Devo cohabitate with yacht rock. The title track alone may herald some kind of subterranean Sting renaissance.

It's an impeccably polished and careful record. But like a shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck, sophistication can wear a guy out. Whatever rough edges the band naturally cultivated on their first two albums have been neatly shaved off and sanded down with the help of producer Nigel Godrich, who makes everything sound vacuum-packed and expensive. Thinking about Godrich inevitably makes me think about Radiohead. The creeping irony of "Everything in Its Right Place" is that it sounded like something, somewhere, was desperately wrong. The paradox here is that the band pretends at anxiety in a way that seems perfectly comfortable. It's George Clooney playing Woody Allen. PF

Top 50 Songs of 2012

2012 had some great music from all around the world... I have put together a top 50, ordering is random really, these are all great tracks that have occupied many an hour in my library cycle this year. I want to thank the many great blog friends out there that have shared their music with me - I love you all and hope that 2013 is as great a time as 2012... Enjoy!

Dec 23, 2012

A Christmas Gift for You

Probably the greatest collection of Christmas hits ever. Legendary producer Phil Spector and his "wall-of-sound" technique is perfectly suited to the music of the season, as he proves with layer upon layer of piano, sleigh bells, buoyant percussion, and, of course, those legendary Spectorsound harmonies. The Crystals turn their sassy interplay into sheer magic on "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town," The Ronettes stroll sweetly through numbers like "Sleigh Ride," while Darlene Love delivers a real knockout punch with her yearning version of "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)." Sure to become the soundtrack for your holidays... fms

1 Darlene Love – White Christmas 2:56
2 The Ronettes – Frosty the Snowman 2:20
3 Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans - The Bells of St. Mary 2:58
4 The Crystals – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 3:28
5 The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride 3:05
6 Darlene Love - Marshmallow World 2:27
7 The Ronettes - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 2:41
8 The Crystals – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 2:34
9 Darlene Love - Winter Wonderland 2:30
10 The Crystals - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers 2:58
11 Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 2:50
12 Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans - Here Comes Santa Claus 2:07
13 Phil Spector and Artists - Silent Night 2:10

Dec 22, 2012

The Velvet Underground & Nico by Castle Face and Friends [2012]

For the 45th anniversary of The Velvet Underground & Nico, some of the Bay Area's finest are set to cover the seminal classic. 

The Velvet Underground & Nico by Castle Face and Friends:

01 Kelley Stoltz: "Sunday Morning"
02 Warm Soda: "I’m Waiting For The Man"
03 Ty Segall: "Femme Fatale"
04 Blasted Canyons feat. Jeremy Cox (of Royal Baths): "Venus In Furs"
05 White Fence: "Run Run Run"
06 The Fresh & Onlys: "All Tomorrow’s Parties"
07 Burnt Ones: "Heroin"
08 The Mallard: "There She Goes Again"
09 Here Comes The Here Comes: "I’ll Be Your Mirror"
10 K. Dylan + The Black Angel’s Death Songsmen: "The Black Angel’s Death Song"
11 Thee Oh Sees: "European Son"

My 2012: Neil Halstead - Palindrome Hunches

Genre: indie folk, singer-songwriter

One night while in the studio with Neil Halstead a friend questioned him as to what kind of music he played. Neil’s extremely thick beard turned into a smile as he said “Nylon Rock” before laughing and turning back to his beer.  I don’t think that description offered any clarity to the asker, but to me it seemed perfect: a self effacing term to help him deal with the fact that he, a former shoegazer, was making a solo record and his main weapon was simply a nylon string guitar and a couple of shakers...
... So if "Wittgenstein's Arm" draws its lyrical inspiration from the story of a wounded pianist from World War I (and therefore includes piano) and if the title track is indeed all about palindromes (you'll never think of Satan quite the same way), then everything still comes back to that point of origin. But as with his earlier bands, it's the choice of arrangements and performance that drives his solo work, a specific aiming for a sound. Halstead's performing reinvents no wheels but never is anything less than well-done regardless, and the full performances can often find their own impact, the violin of Ben Smith-- one of several performers from Band of Hope playing as the backing group throughout-- often providing a softly killer touch on songs like "Love Is a Beast", "Full Moon Rising", and especially in the nervous opening moments of "Tied to You".
By the time of the piano-led "Hey Daydreamer", one of the peppier songs in context, the album's been the type of thing that seems right for the closing in of the year through fall, something best heard in fading light, bundled a bit against the cooler air, a little shared warmth-- cozy sweater folk, indeed. Nope, it ain't shoegaze as it's been codified and re-codified. But why be disappointed in someone following his muse to a logical conclusion when that path was always the one he walked on?

Dec 20, 2012

Lower Dens - Nootropics Remixed [2012]

Baltimore's Lower Dens went into new, motorik directions on their second album, Nootropics so it makes sense that tracks from the record might work well in the remix world. Hence, the Nootropics Remixed EP which takes three cuts off the album and puts them into the hands of Trentemøller, Cex, and Steve Moore. 

Meanwhile, Lower Dens shared with us their picks for Best of 2012. All four current members contributed lists and none of them were straight LP lists, mixing media with inclusions for live shows, books, food, film and ephemera.
Lower Dens - 2012 Top 10s

Michael Rother & Camera - Camber Sands (National ATP)
Jennifer Castle - Red 7 (Austin, TX)
Austra - Voxhall (Pop Revo Festival, Aarhus, DK)
Rob Delaney - Sons of Hermann Hall (Dallas, TX)
Louis C.K. - Jones Hall (Houston, TX)
In the Land of Pain - Alphonse Daudet (book)
Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius - Ray Monk (book)
Horse Lords - s/t (album)
Novoline - Golden Hits No. 1 (self-released cassette)
Steve Moore & Majeure - Brainstorm (split LP)
The Comedy (film)

Deep Time - Self-Titled Album (album)
Novoline - Golden Heads vol. 1 tape release (album)
Jennifer Castle - Castlemusic (album)
Beach House - Bloom (album)
Dan Deacon - America (album)
All night concert series at the Soft House in Baltimore
Kronos Quartet's performance of Tusen Tankar (One thousand thoughts) (live performance)
Tetzlaff performing live at the Berlin Philharmonic
The Master (film)
Alantutorial (youtube)
Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World (book)

unicorn hard on and container live at the bank, baltimore
drainolith "fighting" lp
nova line "golden hits vol. 1" cassette
moon pool and dead band live at the mug, detroit
addiction to peruvian chicken at chicken rico in the highlandtown neighborhood of baltimore
kick ass bandmates marriages in houston and new hampshire
gay marriage and marijuana legalization 
horse lords lp and live, various locales, baltimore
austra live at pop revo, aarhus, Denmark
lord bird "2012 is real" cassette

swans - live @ bowery
deep time - s/t (album)
novo line - live in the uk
savages - live @ la route du rock, st-malo, fr
dirty three - live @ prima vera, barcelona, es
damien echols - life after death (book) 
tim hecker -live @ all tomorrow's parties, camber sands, UK
darktown strutters - live, houston, tx 
austra - live in aarhus, dk
ssion - live in monterey, mex

The New Christy Minstrels [1963]

01 Beautiful City
 02 Tell It On The Mountain
 03 One Star
 04 Christmas Wishes
 05 The Shepherd Boy
 06 Sing Hosanna, Hallelujah
 07 Sing Along With Santa
 08 It'll Be A Merry Christmas
 09 Tell Me
 10 A Christmas World
 11 Parson Brown (Our Christmas Dinner)
 12 Christmas Trees
 13 Snow In The Streets/Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine/
Wassail, Wassail

Stealing Sheep - Genevieve [2012]

“…when these three Liverpool lasses let their freak-folk flag fly their abandon is contagious… Their voices are great, which helps, but it’s the unexpected instrumentation that really seals the deal.”
The Independent ****

Stealing Sheep’s debut album is a delightful bag of pick ‘n’ mix… It’s the small details that stand out on this beguiling debut.”
The Guardian ****

Dec 19, 2012

My 2012: Imperial Teen - Feel the Sound

Genre: Indie pop

The fifth album by Imperial Teen, Feel the Sound, succeeds completely at its goal, plainly stated in the collection’s title. Like the sharpest pop music, Feel the Sound gets you to keep coming back for more, but unlike so much music today, it rewards you for doing so, giving you the experience of a fulfilled and yet still yearning, lively potential, one that will be further realized when the songs are performed live. From the exhilarating, propulsive “Runaway,” which features the entire band on lead vocals (how many other groups can make that claim?), to the expansive final statement of “Overtaken,” Roddy Bottum, Lynn Perko Truell, Will Schwartz, and Jone Stebbins feel the sound themselves and, in turn, make the listener feel it in ways immediate and pleasurable but also lasting and haunting.
ELO-like symphonic pop has become a touchstone for everyone from Justice to Cut Copy in recent years, but Feel the Sound makes it manifest through live instrumentation that possesses a Krautrock level of intuitive synchronicity and a desert island jukebox’s sense of fun. So many bands lose momentum and focus over time, but a little past its sweet sixteenth year of existence, Imperial Teen somehow grows both younger and wiser, connecting four characterful lives through creative friendship and deep trust, and forging a communal power that continues to grow stronger. Feel the sound of a one-of-a-kind group that’s never sounded more like itself.

Dec 17, 2012

Uncut Top 15 [2012]

1. Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute [04:37]
2. Sharon Van Etten – Give Out [04:18]
3. Ty Segall & White Fence – Scissor People [03:31]
4. Allah-Las – Don’t You Forget It [03:05]
5. Dexys – Nowhere Is Home [04:58]
6. The Liminanas – Salvation [03:20]
7. Dr. John – Revolution [03:27]
8. Bill Fay – The Never Ending Happening [03:42]
9. Goat – Let It Bleed [03:55]
10. Lightships – Two Lines [03:52]
11. Anais Mitchell – Young Man in America [05:29]
12. Pond – When It Explodes [05:24]
13. Field Music – From Hide and Seek to Heartache
14. Go-Kart Mozart – As Long As You Come Home Tonight [03:15]
15. Six Organs of Admittance – Even If You Knew

Dec 15, 2012

My 2012: Angus Stone - Broken Brights

Genre: Indie folk pop

Broken Brights generally feels laid-back even in its rockier electric moments. Its easy-on-the-ear rhythms call up Dire Straits, while Stone’s sporadic distorted guitar solos evoke Neil Young in his Crazy Horse era, especially on songs like “Bird On A Buffalo” and “Only A Woman”. It’s hard not to admire his skill as Stone adds brightness and color to even his downbeat tales. On “The Blue Door”, tremolo guitar and flute mirror the cautionary lyrics with Western ambience, and he sprinkles tiny sound effects over the guitar-woven space oddity “Apprentice Of The Rocket Man”.

Touches like these lift Broken Brights above the mundane, as Stone demonstrates production skills worthy of an addition to his resume. Superficially, this album could be filed as “easy listening”; and to some extent, it is. But it redeems itself by demanding careful listening: There’s always something unexpected around the corner.

My 2012: Advanced Base - A Shut-In's Prayer

"There's no comfort in sympathy
She's up state with her family
I'm still at the same address
Still believe I can love the best
The sound of music from the kitchen boom-box."

Home / BuY

A Shut-In's Prayer is the proper debut from his new project, Advance Base, and it's easily the most wistful work he's committed to tape. Couched in the most immediate and affecting melodies of his career, many of the stories told on A Shut-In's Prayer look back at the past mainly to remember its contents. Ashworth's flair for narrative detail is in top form, achieving a level so microscopic that, at one point, he zooms in while ruminating on familial ennui to describe a scene in a horror movie that several characters are watching together. Sometimes, as on the album highlight "Riot Grrrls", these trips down memory lane end with resolution-- or, at least, as much resolution that you could get from two college-age outcasts "Wondering if we ran/ Who'd miss us." Elsewhere, memories take on the form of child runaways and faded filial relationships, as Ashworth is left with disconnected threads between the past and present and not much more.

Dec 12, 2012

Christmas Vol. 2

Silent Night Low
White Christmas ROBERT BURNHAM
Song for the Angels  Great Lake Swimmers
CHRISTMAS TREE Bewitched Hands
Christmas  Slow Club
In This Home On Ice Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Get Down for the Holidays Jenny O.
California Christmas Sleepy Rebels
It's Christmas Coconut Records
Jesus Claus mix 2 Crystal Stilts
I Heard the Bells Pedro the Lion

My 2012: M.Ward - A Wasteland Companion

Genre: indie folk pop

M. Ward opens his new studio album, "A Wasteland Companion," with a lovely acoustic ditty called "Clean Slate." But a clean slate is hardly what this indie-folk heavyweight is working with here, given the boost his profile has received lately thanks to acclaimed collaborations with Zooey Deschanel (as She & Him) and members of Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket (as Monsters of Folk)...BB

Goodnight to all you late night tv watchers,
And let me say good morning to you all,
At the sound of my voice through this microphone line,
Consider that your wake up call.

My name is Billy (????) ,
I'm not the man you think I am,
Some mistake me for a writer,
Some mistake me for another network man.

I am the guy who has just hijacked this channel,
This telecast is now under my control,
And now that I have the chance to say what's on my mind,
Let me tell you tales untold.

For 30 years I've worked here at this tv station,
In an editing room no one has ever seen,
Inserting laughter after every punchline,
And gasping after every scream.

But now I want you to give me back,
The years that I have wasted,
Staring at these television screens,
And now that I have your attention,
Let me show you what I mean.

Because I remember back when I was in high school, 
I never thought I'd stoop so low,
I thought I'd be the guy on unmasking the clown,
Not the guy out polishing his nose.

So tomorrow on your way into work,
Who will be wearing the emperor's cloths?
Watch the show.

Dec 11, 2012

My 2012: Whistle Peaks - Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls

Genre: indie experimental pop

Whistle Peak is pop music in disguise and experimentation at its core. It is music that takes you on a journey of the imagination, inhabiting fantastical lands while drawing from life experience. It is the particular phrased in the universal. It is children’s stories told by grown men. bandcamp

They sound like little children discovering toys in their grandparents’ basement, a place where miniature Casio keyboards sit next to antique washboards and pieces of stray china. Throw in a toy piano, a tuba, some clever lyrics and some dogs barking in the distance and you have New Folk with a sense of humor.
Infinitely more interesting than a lot of mandolin-driven crap being hyped these days. Thank God is all I can say about that. MV

Dec 8, 2012

Taken By Trees: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The power of Taken by Trees lies in understatement. Victoria Bergsman sings almost as if she doesn't care — but that contrast to almost every other singer I know is what makes me hear her words, and grants me space to think about her emotions. It's almost as if she etches the lines of a song and leaves listeners to fill in the rest.

In 2009, Taken by Trees put out one of my favorite records of that decade, East of Eden. The album explored and was inspired by a visit to Pakistan, while her new Other Worlds was inspired by a journey to Hawaii. These songs seem to come from a place somewhere between a dream state and waking life: There's restraint to the way the players approach this music, almost as if they're trying not to wake the baby in the other room. There's charm to that. And, though Bergsman was under the weather when Taken by Trees performed at the Tiny Desk, it all works wonderfully. --BOB BOILEN

Set List
"I Want You"
"Only You"

Christmas Vol. 1 [2012]

A collection of holiday music to inspire and coat with the season's joy!

Winter Wonderland  -The Rainbow Collections
Just Like Christmas - Low
Let it Snow - Her Space Holiday
White Christmas - Mark Kozelek
It's Christmas Time - Yo La Tengo
Little Drummer Boy - Laurie Berkner
Amazing Grace - Sufjan Stevens
Christmas - Death Cab for Cutie
2000 Miles - Coldplay
Jinglebell Rock - Arcade Fire
Happy Christmas - The Polyphonic Spree
You Are My Joy - The Reindeer Section
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Silver Bells - The Pines
It's Christmas  - Frightened Rabbit
Jeff Buckley - Amazing Grace
Merry Christmas - Renee & Jeremy

Dec 5, 2012

My 2012: Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

Folk Pop, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

You don't want new ideas from Leonard Cohen. You want to sink into that coal-black pit of a voice and contemplate the essentials: lust and loss; failure and redemption; the appalling comedy of existence and its inescapable end. His 12th "manual for living with defeat" answers that longing, while ever so gently ribbing it. "I love to speak with Leonard," he rumbles on opening song Going Home, "he's a sportsman and a shepherd, he's a lazy bastard living in a suit." In other words: don't take everything he says as gospel, even if it's frequently dressed up as such. Perhaps inevitably, it's the debonair sportsman, not the earnest shepherd of lost souls, who has the best tunes on Old Ideas. The Guardian

I love to speak with Leonard
He’s a sportsman and a shepherd
He’s a lazy bastard
Living in a suit

But he does say what I tell him
Even though it isn’t welcome
He just doesn’t have the freedom
To refuse

He will speak these words of wisdom
Like a sage, a man of vision
Though he knows he’s really nothing
But the brief elaboration of a tube...

Dec 3, 2012

My 2012: Smile Smile - Marry a Stranger

Indie Pop, Pillow Pop, Lovely

I saw Smile Smile preform in a small club in Austin Texas a couple years ago, and have had the biggest crush on them ever since. They are not really touring or loving anymore, but whatever, the tunes on this album are real delicate dandies, and downright soothing to my soul. Ryan Hamilton will be touring again soon - in a living room near you... This album is catchy acoustic driven sweetness that tends to pluck at your musical instincts.

Dec 2, 2012

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Christmas Eve Can Kill You [2012]

The Holiday Season begins...

Like Sufjan Stevens, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and frequent collaborator Dawn McCarthy (of Faun Fables) are getting in the spirit with a holiday-themed record, in the form of a 7″ featuring a pair of Everly Brothers covers. But unlike Santa Stevens, who is turning Xmas into a blood-soaked stain on our psyches, Billy and McCarthy use the video for “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” to prove festiveness isn’t about lights or presents, but rather a feeling in the old ticker.

The video utilizes footage from the recording sessions at the Butcher Shop Studio in Nashville and the lush hills of McCreary County, Kentucky, creating a summery vibe of down-home family life that couldn’t be further from a White Christmas. Still, the music itself makes up for the holly jolly deficit, with lyrics about hitchhiking to see family in the middle of a snowy downfall set to gentle, mournful strings as crisp as the air on Christmas Eve.

Dec 1, 2012

Foxygen [2012]

Foxygen is the Los Angeles-bred songwriting duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado. They are the raw, de-Wes Andersonization of The Rolling Stones, Kinks, Velvets, Bowie, etc. that a whole mess of young people desperately need. They create a sometimes-impressionistic, sometimes-hyper-real portrait of sounds from specific places and times. Yet, it never comes across as anything but absolutely modern music. They bring the manic, freewheeling qualities of an artist like Ariel Pink to those aforementioned influences to make for one of the most refreshing listens of the year. They are the real deal and total savants.

Nov 29, 2012

VA - This is [PIAS] Nordic [2012]

Oh The Places We Go • 2012

Oh the places you'll go!

Dignan Porch [2012]

Optimism is infectious, and there can be few more optimistic statements than the title of the 2012 album from Dignan Porch, Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen. As you listen to the warm-hearted, weirdo pop within, as you re drawn into their world, you might be inclined to agree with them.

Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen is Dignan Porch's second album, though in many ways it's their first. 2010's debut, Tendrils, was written and recorded as a solo concern by singer Joe Walsh. Here, he's joined by the full band, comprising brother Sam Walsh plus close friends Ben Goodwin, Hayley Akins and Stephen Keane.

Recorded at Homerton s Sound Savers studio with Henry Withers (Lovvers / Sharm El Shakes) Mark Jasper (Bastard Sword) and Alex Clegg (Breathe Out), the album was taped live on reel-to-reel tape with minimal overdubs. The resulting album is a thing of raw beauty, its melancholy melodies shining through the fuzz and filth, singers Joe and Hayley crushing you with emotion throughout.

Nov 27, 2012

Santa is Coming to Town [2012]

Santa hits Montreal...

JJJ Like A Version Anthology - [Best Of Volumes 1 to 5]

"OMG! No WAY! Are you telling us that this CD actually contains THE VERY BEST of live music cover segment Like A Version from the years 2005 to 2009?! ... Ben Folds performs Such Great Heights with a piano and tin foil and a towel and spoons; Philadelphia Grand Jury makes Jay-Z go country; The Wombats put a banjo on The La's' There She Goes and The Herd compel us all to reflect with their profoundly stirring rendition of Redgum's I Was Only 19. We know the love that's out there for Like A Version is overwhelming, and it's a pleasure to reward that love with this compendium of classic LAVs for fans both old and new."

Track Listing
Disc 1:
Ben Folds - Such Great Heights
Sarah Blasko - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
The Kooks - Kids
TZU - Heavy Heart
Philadelphia Grand Jury - 99 Problems
Bob Evans - Not Fair
Crowded House - Everybody's Talkin'
Jamie T - Hoover Street
Katalyst - Hang Me Up To Dry
The Panics - Wide Open Road
PVT - Woman
Tegan and Sara - Dancing In The Dark
Lior - Needle And The Damage Done
Grinspoon - Drugs Don't Work
End Of Fashion - Quicksand
Missy Higgins - Moses
67 Special - Scar
The Tea Party - The Maker
The Cat Empire - Hotel California
Custom Kings - Boys Of Summer
Evermore - Relapse

Disc 2:
The Herd - I Was Only 19
Regina Spektor - Real Love
The Wombats - There She Goes
Sparkadia - This Boy's In Love
Hermitude - Joga
Bluejuice - Every Little Step
Lisa Mitchell - Romeo & Juliet
CW Stoneking - Seven Nation Army
Paul Kelly - Rehab
Eskimo Joe - Hey
Gomez - Breakfast In America
Angus & Julia Stone - Tubthumping
The Drones - Words From A Woman To Her Man
Whitley - Dancing Queen
The Magic Numbers - Crazy In Love
Little Birdy - These Boots Were Made For Walking
Kisschasy - Alex Chilton
Josh Pyke - The House At Pooh Corner
Liam Finn - Old Man
The Kill Devil Hills - Look At Miss Ohio
Willy Mason - The Way I Am