Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lower Dens - Nootropics Remixed [2012]

Baltimore's Lower Dens went into new, motorik directions on their second album, Nootropics so it makes sense that tracks from the record might work well in the remix world. Hence, the Nootropics Remixed EP which takes three cuts off the album and puts them into the hands of Trentemøller, Cex, and Steve Moore. 

Meanwhile, Lower Dens shared with us their picks for Best of 2012. All four current members contributed lists and none of them were straight LP lists, mixing media with inclusions for live shows, books, food, film and ephemera.
Lower Dens - 2012 Top 10s

Michael Rother & Camera - Camber Sands (National ATP)
Jennifer Castle - Red 7 (Austin, TX)
Austra - Voxhall (Pop Revo Festival, Aarhus, DK)
Rob Delaney - Sons of Hermann Hall (Dallas, TX)
Louis C.K. - Jones Hall (Houston, TX)
In the Land of Pain - Alphonse Daudet (book)
Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius - Ray Monk (book)
Horse Lords - s/t (album)
Novoline - Golden Hits No. 1 (self-released cassette)
Steve Moore & Majeure - Brainstorm (split LP)
The Comedy (film)

Deep Time - Self-Titled Album (album)
Novoline - Golden Heads vol. 1 tape release (album)
Jennifer Castle - Castlemusic (album)
Beach House - Bloom (album)
Dan Deacon - America (album)
All night concert series at the Soft House in Baltimore
Kronos Quartet's performance of Tusen Tankar (One thousand thoughts) (live performance)
Tetzlaff performing live at the Berlin Philharmonic
The Master (film)
Alantutorial (youtube)
Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World (book)

unicorn hard on and container live at the bank, baltimore
drainolith "fighting" lp
nova line "golden hits vol. 1" cassette
moon pool and dead band live at the mug, detroit
addiction to peruvian chicken at chicken rico in the highlandtown neighborhood of baltimore
kick ass bandmates marriages in houston and new hampshire
gay marriage and marijuana legalization 
horse lords lp and live, various locales, baltimore
austra live at pop revo, aarhus, Denmark
lord bird "2012 is real" cassette

swans - live @ bowery
deep time - s/t (album)
novo line - live in the uk
savages - live @ la route du rock, st-malo, fr
dirty three - live @ prima vera, barcelona, es
damien echols - life after death (book) 
tim hecker -live @ all tomorrow's parties, camber sands, UK
darktown strutters - live, houston, tx 
austra - live in aarhus, dk
ssion - live in monterey, mex


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