Feb 28, 2012

Morphine - Cure for Pain

Morphine live...

Documentary on Mark Sandman

Islands - "This is Not A Song" [2012]

New album, A Sleep & a Forgetting

If Penny roams away then I will have lost everything
In many subtle ways I already don’t have anything
I hate to watch you go
Nick if you ever learn it never shows

And this is not a song
So why do I find it so hard to move on
Feels a crime to be cryin for this long

In upper atmosphere my head comes loose
And in the free fall I can feel the blues
I hate to watch you go
Nick if you ever learn it never shows

If this is just a song
Then why do I find it so hard to move on
Feels a crime to be cryin for this long

Dr. Dog • "Lonesome" • 2012

If you’re looking for a little down home country with themes of being “Lonesome,” check out the new track from Dr. Dog. They performed it live for Philly.com’s in the Mix feature. There’s some nice guitar work on this. From the new album “Be the Void.”
What does it take to be lonesome?
Nothing at all
What does it take to be lonesome?
Nothing at all
My thoughts are wicked and rotten
My goat don't wanna be gotten
And I had my fill of the whippoorwill
When he broke into song I shot him
Leave me alone
Well the train is loaded and leaving
And the Lord only knows I don't need it
And I snub my nose when the whistle blows
But it's never enough to get even
Get out of here and leave me alone
Get out of here and leave me alone
The moon can do what he pleases
He can cry so much that he sneezes
And if a falling star falls in my yard
Well I'll pick up the pieces
Get out of here

Feb 27, 2012

The Kills - The Last Goodbye

The Kills celebrate their ten year anniversary this poignant and playful video for 'The Last Goodbye', taken from their latest album 'Blood Pressures'. Directed by the Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton, who made her directorial feature debut with the critically acclaimed 'The Unloved', this is her first music video. 
Shot in monochrome on crisp, silvery 35mm, the video reflects the beautiful simplicity of the track, with an old-school photo booth providing an intimate backdrop for Mosshart's intense and heart-warming opening performance followed by a series of touching to-camera poses reflecting the musicians' longstanding, spirited friendship.

It's the last goodbye I swear
I can't rely on a dime a day love that don't go anywhere
I learn to cry for someone else
I can't get by on an odds and ends love that don't ever match up
I heard all you said and I took it to heart
I won't forget I swear
I have no regrets for the past is behind me
Tomorrow reminds me just where
Can't quite see the end
How can I rely on my heart if I break it with my own two hands?
I heard all you said and I love you to death
I heard all you said don't say anything
It's the last goodbye I swear
I can't survive on a half-hearted love that will never be whole

Secret Garden Video: Fanfarlo SXSW edition

Secret Garden Video Series: Fanfarlo (SXSW Edition)
from hoovesontheturf (sarahana)

Look up, open the clouds
Here comes the bombshell
On the way home…
And now we want the coal?
Confusing times
Cry murder, cry what you like
Just let the comets lead the way

We’ll tear it down
We’ll hold the truth by the neck
Kick in the doors and burn the books
Try to forget

And wear it like flag
Try to be patient
On the way home
Cause inside, behind every curtain
They count the minutes, they count the days
If you look at the horizon there is always something ducking out of sight
When you’re looking at the treetops and they’re scratching out their patterns in the sky
Look up, open the clouds
Here comes the bombshell
On the way home…

Feb 25, 2012

Jay Jay Pistolet - Bags of Gold

footage of the south of france and ibiza in the 1950s

Winter Feb 2012

I woke up this morning...

Passenger - I Hate [live, 2012]

Old Man Winther - Everyone's Going Somewhere [2012]

Eux Autres from the album Sun is Sunk [2012]

Feb 23, 2012

The Story of Galaxie 500 / Luna / Dean & Britta [2012]

This debut album by Luna is a delightfully low-key affair that should greatly appeal to fans of Wareham’s former band, Galaxie 500, though there are definitely differences between the two bands.
Luna had actually been credited as Luna2 on Lunapark due to some new age musician who went by that name, but after paying her off the band, now officially named Luna, released the Slide EP before delivering Bewitched, the band’s first full-length album as a four piece, new guitarist Sean Eden having been recruited via an ad in the Village Voice.
Whereas Lunapark was mostly laid-back, it sounds almost jaunty by comparison to Bewitched, whose gently melodic, subtly understated songs are consistently strong, consistency being Wareham's calling card above all else. Though its dreamy, melancholic ambiance makes Bewitched work as an actual album, there’s no denying that its first two songs are the standouts, as "California (All the Way)" has a nice relaxing riff and is an unassuming winner in the band’s best style, while “Tiger Lily” is a multi-tracked delight bolstered by a simple but irresistible low-key groove.
Penthouse was another winner that gets better the more you get to know it. In fact, I think that the common consensus is that this is Luna's best album, and I certainly wouldn't dispute that assessment. Much has been made of the obvious debt the band owes to The Velvet Underground, but here another equally important influence is made apparent, with Television's Tom Verlaine providing guitar help on "Moon Palace" and "23 Minutes In Brussels," two of the album's most impressive tracks in large part due to his singular presence.
Pup Tent is a little tougher to embrace than previous albums, as several songs run a little long and the album is more abstract and less memorable on the whole.
After being dumped by Elektra and eventually picked up by Jericho, Luna returned with this wordily titled (for them) album, which seems to have received the most lukewarm reviews among the band's records. I can see why, as some of the band's melodies seem awfully familiar at this point, and there's also some validity to All Music Guide reviewer Sanz Lashley's complaint about the "the lack of emotional nuance in the vocals."
Dean's recent divorce is probably the impetus for weary, bitter lyrics like "I'm tired of having no future, and I'm tired of pushing my luck" and "let me tell you about the agony of love," but hindsight is 20/20 and we all know now that he fell in love with bassist Britta, whose airy, honey voiced backing vocals greatly enhance standout tracks like "Weird and Woozy" and "Renee Is Crying," plus the two also duet on "Mermaid Eyes," another winning entry.
 Rendezvous starts extremely strong with fast-paced highlights such as "Malibu Love Nest," "Speedbumps," and "Astronaut" (the latter remade from a previous EP, Close Cover Before Striking), all of which show off the band's melodic gifts and impressive dual guitar interplay. ± sfloman

Burn Rubber, Burn Out!

But if you turn the porch light out
And let the marble night withdraw
You can smoke a cigarette on the wooden steps
The mosquitos are not vampires
The moon is not your mother
Even if she is preparing for a total eclipse

Get behind the wheel
Stay in front of the storm
Get behind the wheel
Stay in front of the storm

The clouds they dream disorder
They make faces they make mud
On some ancient order which is no longer in force

The sugar bowl is full of ants
And your sister is a dumpy mess
And you're cutting off your head to spite your shoulders

Get behind the wheel....

After a long day of travel an iPad spells relief

Feb 20, 2012

Low- Little Argument with Myself (acoustic)

LOW HoMe. Incredible.

Galaxie 500 - When Will You Come Home (Live -1989)

Galaxie 500 playing "When will you come Home" under a basketball hoop in a school gym (Boston, 21 April 1989) just before they found success. It reminds you how short their time was - school gym one day - thousands of punters a few weeks later - then it all ended. God I love them.

Feb 19, 2012

The Mountain Goats - The Smokey Life (Cohen Cover)

To celebrate Leonard Cohen’s legendary 40 years in music and his new album “Old Ideas”, a handful of today’s artists have recorded a cover of their favorite Leonard Cohen song.
See More HERE

A.C. Newman - Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Cohen Cover)

The Leonard Cohen covers keep on coming! Here's the New Pornographers' A.C. Newman performing Cohen's "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye" as part of Vimeo's "Old Ideas With New Friends" series, via the Matablog

Feb 18, 2012

if it be your will mixtape one [2012]

The slacker was a great catalyst for many a band throughout the late 80's, early 90's, and still to this day influence the sonic landscape... The sense of not caring about what others might think of what you sound like, but doing music for the absolute need from within. Here is a small but lovely sampling of some of those tunes.

Feb 17, 2012

Porcelain Raft - "Put Me to Sleep" [2012]

See them at Secretly Canadian

Stop to complain, turn your head around
Restrain yourself and then you die
Did you tell your friends how much you missed them all?
How great it is living a brand new world!
And it’s hard tonight for me to talk
Is too late, the party is over, and I really need to go

Would you do something for me,
Do something for me?
Would you put me to sleep,
Put me to sleep?

Porcelain Raft - Come As You Are (cover)

Tindersticks - Medicine [2012]

"Medicine" from the new album "the something rain" (2012).
A film by David Reeve and Patrick Steel shot in the band's Le Chien Chanceux Studio.

Feb 11, 2012

The Holy Hour - A Tribute to the Cure [2012]

Brown Bread - Fire In Cairo 

Gathered Ghosts - Hot, Hot, Hot 

Pedeninious - Cold

Setting Sun - Pictures Of You

Kelly Schirmann - A Night Like This

Flower Orgy - Killing An Arab

Four More Years - Friday I’m In Love

Leopard Smoke - Catch

Ghost Animal - Just Like Heaven

Vacation - Close To Me

Live on Soundcheck: Colin Stetson

Little BGCG

From Here...  As the week of love continues...

Feb 10, 2012

Coming Home from Austin Sucked!

All of this happened... I have no luck, no wonder I am alone...

VA – Mojo: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered (2012)

01. Suzanne (Field Music)
02. Master Song (Emily Barker And The Red Clay Halo)
03. Palace Songs (Winter Lady)
04. The Stranger Song (The Miserable Rich)
05. Sisters Of Mercy (Liz Green)
06. So Long Marianne (Bill Callahan)
07. Hey, That’s No Way To Say… (Michael Kiwanuka)
08. Stories Of The Street (The Low Anthem)
09. Teachers (Cass McCombs)
10. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Father John Misty)
11. Famous Blue Raincoat (Diagrams)
12. Last Year’s Man (Paper Dollhouse)
13. Bird On A Wire (Marc Ribot And My Brightest Diamond)
14. Avalanche (Dan Michaelson)
15. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (Scott Matthews)

Smile Smile - Truth on Tape [2010]

I saw them recently, so the buzz continues in the spaces between my ears.
New album coming the spring 2012.

Feb 9, 2012

Imperial Teen's New Video for "Runaway" [2012]

The new album “Feel The Sound” is available now online and in stores!
For a limited time, a full stream of the album is available at Merge Records.

Mumford & Sons - 'Little lion man'

Weep for yourself, my man,
You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep Little Lion Man,
You're not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself,
Take all the courage you have left
Wasted on fixing all the problems 
That you made in your own head

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?
Didn't I, my...

Tremble for yourself, my man,
You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble Little Lion Man,
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days Biting your own neck

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Home [2010]

This video for Home is a collection of some of our favorite memories over the past few years. We hope it feels like Home wherever you are watching this.

Let me go home
Home is wherever I'm with you
Ah, home
Let me go home
Home is wherever I'm with you

Lovers Like To Listen To Love Vol. 1 [2012]

So love day is right around the corner - for all you lovers out there play some nice tunes for your best, hug, kiss, touch - make the world new once again... For all the rest of us, the music is all I got for ya! 
Get busy!

Beulah - You're Only King Once [2002]

A great song from a band that is no more...

Have you seen that moon-faced kid?
That burned out hill hangs right above his head
It's so hard not to be crushed
When you're praying for too much
And the stars refuse to shine for you
They do it just to spy
Well they know you're trying to hard

Hoping for a little more than just another kiss goodnight
Your face is full and paved with lines
Your hair is receding fast and so is your mind
And i'm lazy, i won't budge
Because you're praying way too much
And don't take that pill
Your head will swell
You'll only be king once
Just once,
You'll only be king

Smile, please smile
I just want you happy
Smile, please smile
I just want you happy

And the stars refuse to shine for you
They do it just to spy
Well they know you're trying to hard

Smile, please smile
I just want you happy
Smile, please smile
I just want you happy
I just want you happy
I just want you happy

Feb 6, 2012

One Word Liam

Recently my youngest has started to use one word for everything.




Feb 5, 2012

Rosie and Me - Home feat. Joshua Thomas [2012]

New Album: Excellent!

Genre: Indie/Pop/Folk/Acoustic
Country: Brasil

01. Home [Intro] (Feat. Joshua Thomas)
02. Where The Heart Is (Feat. Joshua Thomas)
03. Shotgun To The Heart
04. Light You Up
05. Southern Home
06. I Couldn’t Reach You
07. Treehouse
08. Arrow Of My Ways (Feat. Greg Thomas)
09. Jamie
10. Carry On

Feb 4, 2012

The Story of M. Ward and She & Him [2012]

New Album Coming in the Spring 2012

M. Ward's rise to international renown has been something of a slow burn. Initially a well-kept secret of his peers in the Portland folk scene, his star continued to rise with each record's release, and he is now one of the most acclaimed American musicians of the decade. With 2003's Transfiguration of Vincent, his first recording for Merge, Ward's honey-soaked vocals, deft finger-picking, and beguiling lyrics caught the attention of fans like Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, who invited him out on tour. 2005's Transistor Radio, a love letter to the golden age of AM radio, was a critical success, earning a plethora of excited reviews. He spent time touring with Conor Oberst and Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) playfully billing themselves as "The Monsters of Folk" and was taken out on the road with the White Stripes. 2007's Post-War was something of a breakthrough, landing Ward and his band on the late-night chat show performance circuit and winning the public praise of such disparate talents as Norah Jones and Oasis' Noel Gallagher, the former taking him on a global tour as her sole support act. 

The success of She & Him’s Volume One came out of left field, as Deschanel and Ward’s seemingly unlikely pairing—the effervescent actress-singer and the sought-after yet self-effacing guitarist—proved to sound absolutely right. When the record was finished, they didn’t so much announce themselves as simply step up to the mic and start playing. Their choices of band moniker and album titles were deliberate; as Deschanel told the New York Times: “I wanted a name that was very humble, modest and anonymous.” Matt agrees: “We wanted the music to come first, which sort of explains the band name as well as the names of the records. The songs are what we want people to remember.”

Silver Jews - Random Rules (1998)

M. Ward 'Rave On' (Official Video - 4AD)

Feb 2, 2012

Mirel Wagner - No Death [2012] - Part Two

This stuff just crawls under your skin and sends sad & beautiful shivers into your heart. Kind of like early Leonard Cohen meets stripped-down Mazzy Star, if that makes any sense. Maybe it doesn’t, but I can’t come up with anything better, because right now I’m just staring into the darkness with these beautiful songs as my company. This is obviously extremely highly and monstrously recommended material. Just check out her brilliant folk/blues songs on her myspace and spread the word. An album should be out in february or thereabouts. It will be released by Kioski Records.


Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

Feb 1, 2012

Hospitality - "Friends of Friends" [2012]

Hospitality - "Friends Of Friends" from stereogum on Vimeo.

The angular, intricate, and intelligent compositions of Hospitality signal a sophisticated new pop voice. Singer Amber Papini’s idiosyncratic songwriting and incisive lyrics coupled with the band’s rich arrangements on their self-titled debut explore youth, New York, and the bittersweet commingling of past and present in a way that feels just right, right now. MComa

Mirel Wagner - No Death [2012]

Mirel Wagner - No Death from Aki Roukala on Vimeo.

My baby has a swollen face
Long stiff limbs
Them eyes are black pits
Of a place where I've been
Her hair is long
Still smells like mud
She answered to my kiss
With a rotten tongue

No death can tear us apart
No death can tear us apart
No death can tear us apart

Her body is cold
Well it's gonna get colder
But my love will ignite
What was left to smoulder
I move my hips
In her I am home
I'll keep on loving
Till the marrow dries from her bones

All day
I stay by her side
But death has a claim
And a right to my bride
I shut the doors
Pull the curtains and hide
I heard something moving
Somewhere outside

But death comes a sneaking in
Trough the keyholes
He's clever and he knows
What's beneath the floorboards
Death comes to feast
Like a greedy hungry beast
He wants it all
And here he crawls
Here he crawls
Here he crawls
Here he crawls...