Apr 28, 2018

Mogwai - Donuts - 2018

Olan Monk - INIS - 2018

Nobody enters the second zone

there are always enough others to exist

you drift hopelessly through other people

the love they give is more than a geographic boundary

a feeling extends through the infinite flow

half submerged, you connect in, bliss out

INIS shadows the mood of ANAM, this time opening the horizon of the meditative instrumentals into a digital wasteland, inhabited by detached voices which haunt the contemplative zone. 

VARSITY - Parallel Person - 2018

Parallel Person is a record about the uphill battle of isolation, popularity, and artistic frustration. 

Famous Problems - Hey! It's Raining! - 2018

sugary indie power-pop

Jordan Lovelis - 2018

Jordan's debut songs produced by Kelly Winrich of Delta Spirit and mixed by Joshua James, are inspired from the likes of John Lennon through to Brian Wilson.

About Black and White; "I was raised in a conservative religious home and the older I got the more foreign it all seemed to me. When something is engrained in you from a very young age it becomes part of your identity. So, this was a poem to my mother about me coming to terms with probably not believing in the concept she spent her whole life trying to convince me of. Life’s a trip.”

On I Got No One: "This songs about living in LA and watching all your friends fall in love and feeling lonely. It’s also about the pressure of everyone around you asking about your love life, or lack thereof “

To celebrate the release of his debut songs Jordan also hit the road supporting Matt Costa throughout California.

Apr 26, 2018

RJ STORMS - Sundown - 2018

If you stayed by my side 
It wouldnt last forever 

Even with your hands holding me tight 
I can not keep you here 

You wish i could wrap my head around the crazy things we do 
If i could use my arms in this dream, Id wrap them all around you 

But now the suns down , I wish it would slow down for me 
But you will never know how much i've grown since you been gone 

Once i wake on my side , you wont remember 
Even with my eyes closed tight, i still cant keep you here 

How was your chance to shine 
Shine on 
Shine on 

But now the suns down , I wish it would slow down for me 
But you will never know how much i've grown since you been gone 

So you said , Every body is looking for you 

But now the suns down , I wish it would slow down for me 
But you will never know how much i've grown since you been gone

Apr 25, 2018

Girl Ray - The Way We Came Back - 2018

Deliluh - Day Catcher - 2018

“Creeping Tom is just one of several standout jams on Day Catcher, an underachiever’s paean to modest resolve in bleak times.” – NOW MAGAZINE

Apr 23, 2018

Ulrika Spacek - Suggestive Listening EP - 2018

Beginning in the 1980s, many so called "singles" have been sold in formats with more than two tracks. Because of this, the definition of an EP is not determined only by the number of tracks or the playing time; an EP is typically seen as four (or more) tracks of equal importance as opposed to a four-track single with an obvious A side & three B-sides. Suggestive Listening is an EP written by Ulrika Spacek

Andy Burns - Excited - 2018

Apr 20, 2018

Moon Racer - Is It Really a Secret? - 2018

All songs by Moon Racer, except “Meaningless,” by Stephin Merritt. 
“Pull the string, I come untied” is lovingly recited from Superchunk’s “Untied.” 

Apr 19, 2018

Poptone - 2018

• The debut album from founding Bauhaus members Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins playing the songs of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Tones On Tail and more! 

• Includes the classic TOT singles "Go!" and "Christian Says" plus Love & Rockets tunes "Mirror People" and "Ball Of Confusion," Bauhaus's "Slice Of Life" and lots more! 

Hudson Taylor - Easy Baby (Acoustic Session)

The multi-talented siblings having honed their craft busking on the streets of their hometown of Dublin as well as cities all over Europe.

Harry Permezel - Bonehead - 2018

"a sombre yet poetic offering that beams brightly with a witty, observant songwriting eye." - Clash

Apr 18, 2018

plant food - koalas hug trees to keep cool - 2018

perfect slow morning listen…

"Plant Food's album is one that is full of hidden surprises. Much like koalas and their trees, you'll want to wrap yourself around it and cling on for a long time to come" - SPECTRAL NIGHTS

Apr 16, 2018

Daysdeaf - Everybody Fools - 2018

The English-language idiom, 'small world', is used when two people coincidentally share something unexpected; usually when two people know the same person, or meet each other in an unforeseen place. The idea behind Big Small World is to illustrate the surprising mutual connection that stems from the common adversity we face. The album uses themes of mental illness, materialism, love and loss, family and immigration to describe an atmosphere of belonging among us through our shared struggles and difficulties. The world may seem larger when one feels isolated by their problems or situation; they often forget that many people are going through the same thing at the exact same time. Consequently, the album is about personal connection, the bond between us; we seem to be facing our trials and afflictions alone, but we're not - we are linked by shared experience. And, when the stories of our troubles are unexpectedly bridged to one another, the world doesn't seem so big after all..

Earth Dad - Townies - 2018

really good release by ztapesrecords.com

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Sixty Minutes and Sixty One - 2013

a couple of melodic acoustic songs by a great...

Getulio Silenzio - Pesadelo - 2018

The new work draws inspiration from several different sources (greek mithology, marvel comics characters and others) and combines the dark and gothic mood of his previous band with ethereal and climatic instrumentation.

Say Sue Me - Where We Were Together - 2018

“… an addictive amalgam of sugary indie pop and gritty surf that showcases a finely-tuned sense of melody and technical skill… Nary a song on Say Sue Me isn’t a total ear worm.” Bandcamp Daily 

Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton - When It Ends - 2018

no such thing as too old! a cute compilation! - 2017

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with such talented and wonderful people. To celebrate a full year of having Molly on the team and two and a half years of existing we are happy to share more new tracks from the musicians we love so much. All proceeds will be going towards the St. Louis Legal Fund: 

Apr 12, 2018

Topshelf Records - 2017 sampler

Flying Fish Cove - Flying Fish Cove EP - 2018

lying Fish Cove play pure indiepop in the style of Heavenly, Go Sailor and Tiger Trap, with nimble guitar melodies and layers of sugary-sweet vocals on top of four memorable songs. 

Apr 10, 2018

NXNE Sessions - Rah Rah - "Prairie Girl" - 2014

Tom Rosenthal - Don't Die Curious - 2018

Pole Siblings - Sköljer bort dig EP - 2018

After living apart for nearly 10 years, Johan and Sofia Stolpe came together when both of them found love on the other side of the Baltic Sea and moved to Sweden almost simultaneously. They started a band together as an outlet for processing their mutual history as well as creating a necessary way to stay connected to their homeland. Love came and went, but both of them decided to stay in Sweden and they are now living just a block away from each other in the small town of Falun in the Dalarna region.

thanks for coming - back at it again - 2018

Juliana Hatfield - Pussycat - 2018

“It was a blur. It was cathartic,” says Hatfield. “I almost don’t even understand what happened in there, or how it came together so smoothly, so quickly. I was there, directing it all, managing it, getting it all done, but I was being swept along by some force that was driving me. The songs had a will, they forced themselves on me, or out of me, and I did what they told me to do. Even my hands—it felt like they were not my hands. I played bass differently-- looser, more confident, better.” 

Phalcons - Swim Away - 2018

Phalcons second single, the follow up to the majestic psych folk of 'Idle Ways’, is instantly recognisable Phalcons. The first dreamy reverb drenched chords entice you yet again into their world.  As Ben Ellis, the band's singer and principle songwriter explained, the song came from a dream.

Ongakubaka Records - Psychosphere: Vol. 1 - 2018

Apr 9, 2018

Winter - Ethereality - 2018

Hearts Grow Dull - Blush Response - 2018

Blush Response was born out of the conflicting desire to combine catchy pop songs with the ear-splitting sound of speakers tearing themselves apart.

Declan Kennedy - If I Only Had No Heart - 2018

This album is not a self portrait, but rather it is a few bits and pieces of my humanity. It is not an autobiographical documentary, but a scrapbook of polaroids

Apr 7, 2018

Raavi & the House Plants - and i miss you already - 2018

Jen Cloher - B Sides and Rarities - 2018

This is a collection of songs that have appeared on various EPs and Singles over the years. I thought I'd put them all in one place for you. Pay whatever you can afford.

Marissa Nadler - covers 2 - 2018

Soccer Mommy - Cool - 2018

Anna Burch - With You Every Day - 2018

Growing up in Michigan, Burch’s fixation with music transitioned from a childhood of Disney and Carole King sing-alongs to more typically angsty teenage years spent covering Bright Eyes and Fiona Apple at open mic nights. By 18 she was deep into the lifestyle of the touring musician, juggling all the regular trials and changes of young life while on a schedule that would have her gone for months on end. 

Apr 6, 2018

Air Waves - Warrior - 2018

Nicole's voice and the layering of pop simplicity, makes this latest release a "go find this record"  moment. 

MIEN - 2018

This may have been a record put together at a distance - yet the chemistry between these four gures is manifest amidst a kaleidoscopic series of atmospheres and excursions whereby the fertile songwriting of the golden age of ‘60s psychedelia is transmitted into a transcendental realm above and beyond the second decade of the 21st century. 

Good Looking Friends - Settle In, Decay - 2018

excellent release… "Cut from their debut LP, Settle In, Decay, this one grabs the innocence of millennial punk ears and doesn’t let go until we’ve all had the proper dose. - All Things Go

Apr 4, 2018

Slow Clinic - Still Haunts - 2018

Slow Clinic began following a sleepless night and a sunrise walk around Cardiff Bay. The field recordings gathered during this walk provided the foundations of the first Slow Clinic self-release, 'First Works'. Slow Clinic is an experimentation with sound and surrounding environments.

lotte kestner - other versions - 2018

❀ Foliage ❀ - B​-​Sides // Covers - 2018

A small collection of songs that never got to see the light of day, along with two covers...