Aug 31, 2017

Sincerely, L. Cohen - 2017

“Sincerely, L. Cohen: A Live Celebration of Leonard Cohen” featured performances by Josh Ritter, Okkervil River’s Will Sheff, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Holly Miranda, Patti Smith Group’s Lenny Kaye, and more. Today, Brooklyn-based label Royal Potato Family has announced that the tribute show will get a digital and vinyl release as a live album this fall. The digital edition is out September 21 (what would’ve been Leonard Cohen’s 83rd birthday), while a limited edition double LP on vinyl (only 500 units available) arrives on November 24.

01 Delicate Steve – “Hallelujah”
02 Leslie Mendelson – “Sisters of Mercy”
03 Osei Essed – “Diamonds in the Mine”
04 Holly Miranda / Joan as Police Woman / Invisible Familiars – “I’m Your Man”
05 Josh Ritter – “Chelsea Hotel #2”
06 Amy Helm – “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”
07 Elvis Perkins – “Is This What You Wanted”
08 Richard Thompson – “Bird on the Wire”
09 Richard Thompson – “Story of Isaac”
10 Lenny Kaye – “Beautiful Losers”
11 Ian O’Neil – “Memories”
12 Cassandra Jenkins – “In My Secret Life”
13 Teddy Thompson – “Ballad of the Absent Mare”
14 Alana Amram – “Suzanne”
15 Lee Ranaldo – “Famous Blue Raincoat”
16 Will Sheff & Friends – “So Long, Marianne”

Aug 29, 2017

Wild Honey - Messed Up - 2017

Wild Honey continue their sweet home run today with 'Messed Up', a new single and video combo arriving just in time for a five date, tri-state tour kicking off next week. 

Despite its jangly carefree surface and indie-pop finesse, 'Messed Up' holds a deeper world-weary lyricism. Front man Thom Moore says the track came about when he started to question his own routine of “putting up with whatever I had to do through the week, hanging out for the weekend when I could get loaded, but then too soon its Monday and I’d press repeat. How many times can you do it, before you begin to wonder if as well as well as losing time, you might be losing a bit of yourself in it”.


"Talullah pushes through the pain and suffering, the songs sound as if we were sitting in an alternative rock opera musical. You can hear the soul and anxiety in her music, but as they play, she gets stronger and moves on with her life."
- Impose

"a slice of post-Courtney Love, post-Fiona Apple alt-rock that sounds like it was plucked straight from the mid ’90s."
- PopCrush

VA - The Sea - 2017

This is a 1/3, from three-volume compilation project called: "The Sea", "The Sun", "The Moon". 

Only with theoretically unknown bands that deserve all the attention. Sensational artists, that, we all need to hear, buy and share their records. 

Obviously, following the TBTCI's rule, these compilations serve to show everyone who says that nothing good is done nowdays, which is a real lie. 

Aug 28, 2017

How Scandinavian - Emma (a single) - 2017

It's a bit of a mixture of things, Elvis Costello styled rock/pop with noise rock textures, and maybe some 90's-ish anthem qualities

Aug 27, 2017

Eef Barzelay - Find Love (2017)

A recent re-working of it….

Aug 26, 2017

Alan Getto - Versus LP - 2017

"The melody and familiar rhythm make it sound like a song to rouse a group of friends at the end of a night of camping, after drinking a few beers."
- Atwood Magazine

"Inspired by paradoxical elements of life and examining his own transition into his current lifestyle, Alan Getto finds a perfect balance between various dualities through his artistic expression."
- American Blues Scene

"Alan Getto stands out with pure musical simplicity."
- Indie Band Guru

El Ten Eleven - Unusable Love - 2017

The first ever El Ten Eleven EP with vocals, Unusable Love marks yet another exciting chapter in the history of this fascinating band. 

Aug 25, 2017

ELLIOTT BROOD - 'Dig A Little Hole' - 2017

"The band moves with the easy flow of musicians who know each other well, 
which in turn lends its rootsy songs lived-in authenticity." - NPR

"Most polished release to date of anthemic folk-rock, combining crunchy electric guitars 
and a variety of more rootsy instrumentation with catchy song hooks 
and epic sing-along choruses." - KEXP on 'Work and Love'

"Their songs overflow with catchy melodies propelled by jangly guitars 
and carefree harmonies." - Twangville

Aug 24, 2017

Dog In The Snow - Child - 2017

So this song is my tongue-in-cheek and desperate attempt at blackmailing humanity as a path to a sustainable future and a way to regain ownership of one’s body. It’s also me attempting to come to terms with the mixed expectations of women’s roles in society.

Aug 23, 2017

thisquietarmy - Democracy of Dust - 2017

Eve McGivern I love all of his output (as thisqietarmy or otherwise), but I feel this is the most powerful work Eric has put together yet. The intensity can clearly be felt, even in the quietest passages, and this is simply experimentation that will take you to a zone pretty quickly. It has both a meditative yet anguished quality to it, a fierceness that resonates anger and just as quickly slides into resignation -- but the subject matter perfectly lends itself to that.

Frankie Rose - Red Museum 7" - 2017

Joplin Rice - Farewell Station 2095 - 2017

joplin rice - voices/instruments/songs/words/cover art 

gorgeous bully - great blue - 2017

SPC ECO - Calm - 2017

Aug 20, 2017

Slow Leaves - Enough About Me - 2017

Slow Leaves is the project of Winnipeg’s Grant Davidson. His music calls to mind a 1970s California country-folk record newly discovered in your parent's attic. Slow Leaves writes deeply personal songs — reflections on an ordinary life where meaning is invented and comfort is found in the realization that there are no answers. Known for his easy delivery of sincere, poetic lyrics and lilting melodies, Slow Leaves’ songs linger in the timeless spaces where heart and humility endure.

01 Enough About Me
02 Careless And Serene
03 How Do I Say
04 Piece Of Advice
05 Love And Honesty And Kindness
06 Slow Leaves
07 Moth
08 Chinatown
09 Perpetual Sleep
10 Long Goodbye

Aug 19, 2017

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle​.​jpg - 2017

The Mod Fun - Past​.​.​.​Forward - 2017

Past...Forward is a retrospective of previously unreleased material, UK-only tracks, LP cuts and new mixes by brilliant New England '80s pop band The Mod Fun. This material was recorded from the winter of 1983 through the summer of '87. They were doing the “indie 3-piece” sound a decade before it became a fashionable commodity as part of the so-called “alternative” market. These are the songs of relationships gone bad, bad relationships (never) ending and, of course, psychedelics-induced visions and paranoia! 

Gel-Sol - Horse Head Bookends - 2017

Horse Head Bookends is the new full-length record from Andrew Reichel who performs and creates music under the moniker Gel-Sol. A long-time composer with multiple international releases and tours under his belt since 1998, Gel-Sol has been known for creating vast soundscapes, wild improvisations and intensely deep compositions. He uses a brazen approach to sampling- “plunderphonics” and philosophical take on genre- “Paracosmic” (parascosm being a fictional universe and his art existing in his own paracosm). 

Aug 16, 2017

modern folk - band - 2017

"slow rock'n'roll from an injury contributed shacks in oregon"

thanks for coming - bad at this - 2017

Soft Pastels - No Loss - 2017

Aug 15, 2017

Camp Cope - Audiotree Live - 2017

Camp Cope is an alternative rock band from Melbourne. Lead singer Georgia McDonald's seasoned, resilient vocal tone relays stories of regret, shame and embarrassment with deadpan humor and acute self awareness. Her deep natural twang adds a tier of passion to the simplest lines making Camp Cope the perfect companion for self-expression on even your worst days. 

Aug 14, 2017

Leggy - Audiotree Live - 2017

Leggy is a feminist trio who speak openly about consent, self-worth, sexuality and female empowerment. They're fronted by longtime friends and band-mates Veronique and Kerstin, whose sputtering vocal delivery is often shouted in unison to amp up each punchy tune. Check out the performance if you're looking for dreamy garage punk that's aggressive, melodic and meaningful. 

Nice Try - Restart - 2017

Aug 13, 2017

After Hours, Velvets In Another View - 2017

All songs originally recorded by The Velvet Underground 

The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967) 
White Light/White Heat (1968) 
The Velvet Underground (1969) 
Loaded (1970) 
Squeeze (1973) 
VU (1985) 
Another View (1986) 

This Tribute is to remind everyone that without the Velvets, everything would be very different, the music we love would not be exactly as it is, so, it's time to revere the masters of everything. 

Our eternal thanks go to Lou, John, Sterling and Moe. 

In memory of Lou and Sterling. 

Aug 12, 2017

Reduction Plan - Somewhere - 2017

darkwave drenched in melancholy - wow always wanted to say that!

BMX BANDITS - It's In Her Eyes - 2017

Even the most out-of-it people have to know that “BMX Bandits Forever” is one of the best albums in Duglas T Stewart’s 30 year career and that “It’s In Her Eyes” is one of his best songs. The duet between Duglas and Chloe Philip evokes sunny, lively, fun images that could perfectly illustrate a musical starring Dick Van Dyke.

Aug 10, 2017

Aug 9, 2017

Echo And The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon – The Singles 1980-1990

Here we get cuts like the orchestral-steeped "The Killing Moon" and sparkling "Silver," both off the group's 1984 landmark Ocean Rain. Similarly compelling are early numbers like the driving "The Cutter" and "Over Wall." These are nervy, kinetically delivered productions showcasing guitarist Will Sergeant's warmly acidic lead style and late drummer Pete de Freitas' edgy, jazz-informed sound. Elsewhere, we get the band's magisterial flagship "Bring on the Dancing Horses," and an anthemic, Scott Walker-esque "Seven Seas." We also get an inspired cover of the Doors' "People Are Strange" featuring organist Ray Manzarek off The Lost Boys soundtrack. Sadly, most likely due to rights issues (or perhaps the fact that the band wasn't happy with the production?), this anthology eschews everything off 1987's self-titled effort, including, most egregiously, "Lips Like Sugar." On the other hand, also ignored here is everything from 1990's post-McCulloch album, Reverberation, recorded after the singer left the band to be replaced by ex-St. Vitus Dance frontman Noel Burke. For what it's worth, fans largely ignored that album, too, and McCulloch eventually returned. Despite these omissions, The Killing Moon: The Singles 1980-1990 works as a useful single-disc summation of the Bunnymen's career from 1980's Crocodiles through to Ocean Rain, the latter of which many consider to be the band's grand opus. AllM

01. The Killing Moon
02. The Cutter
03. The Puppet
04. Bring On The Dancing Horses
05. Silver
06. Back Of Love
07. Rescue
08. Enlighten Me
09. People Are Strange
10. Never Stop
11. Over the Wall
12. Seven Seas
13. A Promise

flatsound - i stayed up until sunrise but got to fall asleep to the sounds of birds singing - 2017

(a compilation of songs from 2008​-​2013) - that means forty tracks - yes 40!

DUMP HIM - Venus In Gemini - 2017

wonderdog Every track is succinct - think The Ramones crossed with The Bangles!

Yi - EP1 - 2017

"Thurston Moore once said “Teenage Riot” was about appointing J Mascis as a de facto alternative dream president; when “Not So Dead” changes direction halfway through with a searing new guitar melody, you could easily believe Mascis got a second term in office.” ~ THE LINE OF BEST FIT 

Music for Dead Birds - Nail & Tooth EP - 2017

Now in their 10th year of existence, Music for Dead Birds continue to add to their ever increasing back catalogue of lo-fi folk rock. 

The first release since 2015’s ‘Your Brand New Life’, Music for Dead Birds have been quiet until the release of this EP, having only played two live shows in the last two years, opening for Girl Band and Overhead, the Albatross in their native Mayo. 

Produced by the band in their rehearsal studio in Dublin, the EP deals with themes of spirituality, complicated romantic relationships, and male sacrifice. 

Aug 6, 2017

wished bone - spring demos - 2017

wished bone's share of profit from these songs will indefinitely be donated to the transgender law center. 

these are the early demos from our full length album, cellar belly, that is nearly finished. thank you for listening

Hypoluxo - Taste Buds - 2017

deep vocals accompany an array of chiming guitars - nice little EP

Aug 5, 2017

Bicep - 2017

The Bara Bara Band

We are heavily influenced by traditional folk, so our own songs reflect that, but also we create new arrangements of traditional songs and tunes, so for example the track ‘What Put The Blood’ is set to a more modern sounding folk rock arrangement. We also write songs that are inspired by traditional songs and music, but take on more contemporary subject matter such as All Look The Same in its reference to the camps at Calais; More and More in its reflections on the life of a capitalist fat cat; and Telling Me I Should Know, which echoes of the bombardment of information and misinformation in an age where there are so many forms of communication that it comes at you from all directions and you just want to close your eyes and ears and lie in a field.

Aug 4, 2017

Stephen Bailey - Silo - 2107

Stephen Bailey, frontman for Perth slow burning psych purveyors Mt. Mountain has announced his debut solo album Silo. 

Silo is bursting with classic pop cuts - some steeped in sonic revery of Kikagaku Moyo, others in the more sparse, slowcore indie of Galaxie 500. 

Wildhoney - BONGS DON'T CRY - 2017

All proceeds from today will be donated to the Transgender Law Center