Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pop! Fights The Flames (benefit album for the people of Australia) • 2020

A special digital BENEFIT album, whereby every artist on this compilation has donated a song to help support the people of Australia where many have been ravaged by the awful bushfires during the Australian Summer. 90% of sales from this album will go to the RFS NSW (Rural Fire Service) 

Dares • Less Than Love • 2020

Candace • Covers • 2020

Papur Wal • Meddwl am Hi • 2020

“Meddwl am Hi” is simply overflowing with power pop, distorted charm, tight yet lose, throwaway yet heartfelt. Papur Wal with tongue in cheek glee describe the song as their ‘attempt at writing a hit single’. With touches of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci subversive pop, 80/90s American alternative fuzz slacker kings Pavement and Dinosaur Jr and a sugared cherry of 70s west coast sunshine placed on top ‘Meddwl am Hi’ is irresistible. Lick your lips, this is a song to be savoured.....a taste of what other musical delights Papur Wal have in store for us this year...a year that will be known as theirs.

TJ Roberts • True Secret To A Happy Life • 2020

‘True Secret to a Happy Life’ is the first release from this new collection of songs and is at once a backlash against and an admittance of defeat to rising social pressure and expectation. Written in a transition period, both for the band and the country at large, its lyrics are an exercise in mindful rebellion and self-care. It is an acknowledgement that we all fall short sometimes and misread help for hate. Recorded at the end of 2020, this is a song undoubtedly of its time and place.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Luna Li • Trying • 2020

A strong female presence in the indie rock music world, Luna Li is unabashedly herself. With over 14 years of classical piano and violin training, Luna has a unique musical sensibility. The last year has seen Luna Li support Born Ruffians and Hollerado on their Ontario tour dates, as well as sets at MattyFest (Wu-Tang Clan, Descendents), River & Sky (U.S. Girls, Fucked Up), Crystal Lake (Orville Peck), NXNE (Dizzy) and many more. 

Little Misty • 2020

Little Misty is a progressive folk band from Montreal, formed by singer Kathryn Samman and guitarist François Jalbert. Known for their projects in the Montreal jazz scene and their work with bands like Bellflower and Tunnel, the young duo stepped out of the box into a more folk/bluegrass sound, mixing it with elements of progressive rock. Their album is set to be released in February 2020.

Lukas Ionesco • Time Is Gone • 2020

A new track, still fully folk and raw, from his new album "Magic Stone" scheduled for March 20th! The video clip is produced by his artistic and life partner Clara Benador, who once again shows the elegance and modern romanticism of this unique duet.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nation of Language • Rush & Fever • 2020

“ infectious new wave bassline and interlocking synth patterns that burrow straight into your skull."
- Stereogum

Film School • Swim • 2020

cabane • sangokaku - la gomera feat. bonnie 'prince' billy • 2019

cabane is the new project from former soy un caballo creator thomas jean henri.

features vocal performances by Bonnie Prince Billy, Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) as well as string arrangement by Sean O’Hagan of The High Llamas and mix by Ash Workman (Metronomy, François and the Atlas mountains).

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Winterhouse • An Unknown Season • 2020

An unknown season, a long way from here. 
On a curious path, 
When the leaves turn ... 
to impalpable forms. 

More soundscapes and intimate journeys. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Julian Cope • BBC 6 Interview With Radcliffe & Maconie • Jan 4th 2020

Celebrate the arrival of this new decade with Julian Cope’s rampant new album SELF CIVIL WAR. Crammed with songs that reach deep inside you, each possessed of its own micro-worldview, SELF CIVIL WAR showcases Cope’s songwriting at its most searching since JEHOVAHKILL. Road-testing the zeitgeist with kitchen sink psycho-dramas like ‘A Dope on Drugs’, ‘Your Facebook, My Laptop’ and ‘Billy’, SELF CIVIL WAR also showcases the insightful Heroic Ballads ‘Einstein’ ‘You Will Be Mist’ and ‘The Great Raven’. In typical Cope stylee, the 13 songs of SELF CIVIL WAR brim with sound FX, enormous orchestral arrangements, timeless uprisings of Ur-folk and hefty near-Krautrock anthems. It’s the first release in Cope’s ‘Our Troubled Times’ series, and a fine temporary refuge from our daily bombardment by media luvvies and fuckhead world leaders who take us all for idiots.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Romantic States • Jason Hatred • 2020

"It’s pretty great! ... What makes it special are the words shared by Madelaire, who establishes herself here as a cruel poet of the mundane, consistently hilarious and wicked with a lyrics sheet you’ll want to read."
— Matt Korvette (Yellow Green Red, Pissed Jeans)

Jillian Lake • Oliver • 2020

Vancouver indie artist, Jillian Lake, mixes velvet sounds and big feelings to transport you into her world of sweet sorrow in a way that will make you want to take your broken heart out dancing. Feelings transposed onto paper and into music, movements, and visuals - her complex collage of sound with moody folk undertones can be compared to indie female powerhouses like Feist, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers. Following her first self-recorded E.P. 'Honey' that embodies all the feelings of love and loss through hushed electronics, swooning dream-pop and ethereal ambiance, she connected with musician and producer, Jordan Klassen, for her follow up full length record. Klassen brought in his cinematic and syncopated style to her stripped-down singer-songwriter form. Together they created an album that combines her raw poetry and instinct for melodies with his expertise in song structure and instrumentation.

"Oliver" is a break up anthem that encompasses all the mixed bag of feelings that may come after a love loss. Think sad girl singing her heart out to a karaoke track, playing with the contrast of the wrong emotions coming out at the most unfitting of times. There's something about a broken heart prancing around a bar that can be so beautifully devastating. 

HMS Morris • Babanod • 2020


The impetus for writing 'Babanod' was the awkward moment in your friend’s wedding when someone feels compelled to reassure you that “you’ll be next”. In that situation, surrounded by married couples and young children, how do you assert your right to a slightly alternative lifestyle, something other than just moving directly from graduation to marriage to parenthood, without sounding like a total dick? Better to smile, bottle it up, and release it in a song when you get home.

Pulp Romance • "Sad Bath" • 2020

"They are reaching out to the listener through heavy riffs and stripped-down verses, shouting for their attention. It’s a heavy track that maintains an undeniable pop sensibility."
-J.S. Moses, Indie Current

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever • Cars in Space • 2020

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sea Wolf • Forever Nevermore • 2020

Alternative indie/folk artist Sea Wolf has released a contemplative new song, “Forever Nevermore”, along with an illustrative new video. The track depicts a specific, transformative moment in time with vivid imagery and a driving melody, as the narrator tries to move on while reflecting on what has transpired. “Forever Nevermore” is off Sea Wolf’s first new album in six years, Through A Dark Wood, which releases on March 20 via Dangerbird Records. 

High Waisted • Boys Can't Dance • 2020

"I had been cooped up for a long week of work and was really itching for a proper night out with my girlfriends. This song was ripped directly from my inner monologue; wanting to let my hair down, eager for the weekend and ready to do something I might regret. It’s an anthem for letting yourself have some much deserved fun. That weekend I remember noticing the dance floor was shared mostly by ladies as the guys lined the perimeter. And I thought, oh, these boys can’t dance because they have their hands in their pockets! There’s nothing more freeing than getting lost in your favorite song and letting your body wiggle, shake and twist void of worry or insecurities in the middle of a crowded room. Everyone deserves to dance." - Dye on "Boys Can't Dance"

“The band’s mastery of 50s era vocals and classic surf guitar will have you dancing in your chair while considering buying tickets to Hawaii.” - Noisey

Alexandra Lost • Fleeting Dance • 2020

To illustrate the song’s emotional landscape, we decided to dig into century-old public domain silent film footage. As we consider our music to be a sort of recycling of 20th-century popular culture, this approach seemed appropriate. We liked the idea of creating a new story from an old one, and of amplifying a film's existing emotional palette by juxtaposing handpicked images with contemporary sounds.

The Mystery Plan • Al Gore Rhythms • 2020

Promo image

"A chilled, dreamy, hypnotic sound... and the Beth Gibbons-esque vocals of Amy Herring" – Overblown Magazine

"Pure sensual dreamtronica awash in haunting melodies. It's guaranteed to set the serotonin flowing in the farthest recesses of any late night minds" – Guitar Magazine

"If you were ever a fan of Thievery Corporation, Solar Fields, Groove Armada, Cinematic Orchestra, or even the 4AD iconic collective This Mortal Coil, this is one band you should know about... a delicious smorgasbord for varied tastes - from chill out to dark dreamery and even massively beautiful modern classical music with a near-mystifying delivery" – The Big Takeover Magazine

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Honey Cutt • Coasting • 2020

Boston-by-way-of-Florida songwriter named Kaley Honeycutt who came up playing in New England with fellow Bostonians Palehound and artists like Stef Chura, Bully, Varsity and Peaer. She put out a couple of EPs under the name Baby!, including Sunny F.L. in 2018, which got some attention from spots like Stereogum and FADER, but the project underwent a name change ahead of the release of their first full length, Coasting that will be out on Kanine (Braids, Weaves, Fear of Men) on March 13th. 

Tour dates
February 21 - Boston, MA @ Pasta Planet
February 29 - Waltham, MA @ Brandeis University
March 2 - Toms River, NJ @ The Clubhouse
March 4 - Athens, GA @ Andy’s house
March 6 - Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover
March 7 - Asheville, NC @ Fleetwoods
March 8 - Thomas, WV @ Gradient Art Space
March 10 - Philly, PA @ Sympathetic Frequency
March 11 - NYC @ Pianos
March 12 - NYC @ Pianos
March 13 - NYC @ The Bowery Electric
March 14 - NYC @ Berlin
March 23 - Phoenix, AZ @ Cardiff Giant Tattoo 
March 24 - Los Angeles, CA @ Church of Fun
March 27 - Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
March 28 - Portland, OR @ Vinyl Underground
March 30 - Salt Lake city, UT @ House Party
April 2 - St Louis, MO @ The Nest
April 4 - Detroit, MI @ The UFO
April 5 - Cleveland, OH @ The Tavern
April 26 - Providence, RI @ The Good Will Engine Co.

Tiny Fighter • Strangest Thing • 2020

Promo image

“Tiny Fighter make one of the most unique tracks we’ve heard” – NeuFutr

“Conceptual and epic.. will leave you aching for more glossy ballads from Tiny Fighter… some of the most exciting new talent out of Sweden” – Hhhappy Magazine

“The kind of dreamy indie pop that becomes the soundtrack of your life… radiates pure vitality” – The Revue

"Dramatic structure... powerful and emotionally wrenching" – PopMatters

"True formula for success... recalls Four Non-Blondes, Sheryl Crow and No Doubt. With a voice similar to Karin Elisabeth Dreijer of The Knife" – The Spill Magazine

teepee • parallel world • 2020

“‘Parallel World’ grooves with a feverish longing for balance and tranquility. Soulful vocal harmonies and dramatic melodies help capture the magic.”
Atwood Magazine

“‘No Reason’ shows the ethereal vocals and the minimal lines of the sound.”
Son Of Marketing

Inspired by acts like RY X, Nick Drake, Son Lux, and Sigur Rós, teepee's sound is defined by intoxicating vocal harmonies, with Miroslav's gentle acoustic guitar enhanced by fragile notes from Tereza’s electric guitar. Subtle samples and synthetic embellishments provide a bed for their melancholic, confessional English lyrics - with elements of their sound drawing parallels to the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver, and Aurora.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Andrew Hibbard • "Running from the Enemy" • 2020

Whether it's paying tribute to the classics or displaying his own craft to match his musical mentors, Andrew Hibbard is sure to be a delightful and intoxicating experience to anyone who is a fan of Folk/Country/Blues at its best.

Andrew Hibbard is a musician, songwriter, singer and writer of poetry. Born in Hamilton, Ohio in the late months of 1995, he began playing guitar at the age of six when his father showed him some basic chords. Since high school he’s been picking and roaming, following the paths cut by his musical forebears -- Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Chet Atkins and Lightnin' Hopkins.

“A genuine talent” – Andrew Frolish, AMERICANA UK

“Intriguing… Hibbard injects plenty of twang into his high and lonesome, shuffling first single ‘Changes.’ His love of country music is evident in the honky tonk stylings that bring to mind the classics of the genre, but there is also a dark folk sound underlying the twang.” - Neil Ferguson, GLIDE MAGAZINE

 “… a perfect slice of Americana.” - Ken Sears, IF IT'S TOO LOUD

I Break Horses • Death Engine • 2020

Of the track, the lyrics of which highlight the troubled minds of today’s youth in our harsh contemporary times, Maria Lindén says: “The song, which was written in connection to a close friend's suicide attempt, also reflects upon the increasing reports that suicide is the second leading cause of death among Generation Z, with this age group having more mental health issues than any other generation.” 

Clapper the Rapper • Local Musicians • 2020

Nathan Clapper (The Rapper) is a hip-hop musician/bassist with pop influence from Massillon, Ohio. He has been making music with Producer, Steven Turner, for over the past decade. 

The two started in several bands until their side project of hiphop took the forefront. The duo has released hundreds of songs together with no signs of slowing down. Listen to their new single, Local Musician, now. 

Local Musician is the story of the home-town dreamer. The kid who never gave up but had to take a step back to survive. This is the story of trying to get back to Plan A.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A. harlana • my dear, i will think of you • 2020

when i close my eyes, 
i see the end. 
in my bed, 
in the dark, 
all alone, 
i fear. 

when it gets dark, 
all around me, 
and i feel lost, 
my dear, i will think of you. 
when it gets dark, 
all around you, 
and you feel lost, 
my dear, you can think of me. 

when i was a boy, 
mom and dad, 
would throw things at one another. 
i'm still a boy — 
with their blood. 
oh, it scares me, 
that i might be like them, 
to you. 

Chastity Belt | Loose Tooth • The Process / Lonely • 2020

Chastity Belt and Melbourne band Loose Tooth have shared a "digital split single" featuring new material from both acts: Chastity Belt's A Side "The Process" and Loose Tooth's B side "Lonely." 

Fifty percent of Bandcamp sales for either track will benefit Australian wildfire relief efforts, specifically the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities and the Country Fire Authority. 

HMS Morris • Babanod • 2020

“A multi-dimensional sound that traipses across hitherto unexplored regions of sound.”

 – Clash Magazine

"One of the best examples of how colourful our pop scene in Wales is”

 - Bethan Elfyn, BBC Radio 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Leonard Cohen • Moving On • 2020

In celebration of the album, NOWNESS has been collaborating with several filmmakers for their series Thanks for the Dance: Artistic Responses to Leonard Cohen, a collection of video responses to each of the album’s tracks. Friday, they shared the video for “Moving On” by Laure Prouvost and collaborator Ciarán Wood. The video is considered a tribute to one of Cohen’s favorite retreats, the Greek island of Hydra.

I loved your face, I loved your hair
Your T-shirts and your eveningwear
As for the world, the job, the war
I ditched them all to love you more

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Who broke the heart and made it new
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who

I loved your moods, I love the way
They threaten every single day
Your beauty ruled me, though I knew
Twas more hormonal than the view

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Queen of lilac, queen of blue
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who

I loved your face, I loved your hair
Your T-shirts and your eveningwear
As for the world, the job, the war
I ditched them all to love you more

And now you’re gone, now you’re gone
As if there ever was a you
Who held me dying, pulled me through
Who’s moving on, who’s kidding who

Son Little • "suffer" • 2020

Born to a preacher and a teacher in Los Angeles, Little first came to international prominence with his self-titled debut, released in 2015 on ANTI- Records. While Little’s collaborations with The Roots and RJD2 had already helped him make a name for himself by that point in his adopted hometown of Philadelphia, critics on both sides of the pond were quick to recognize the unique power of Little’s solo recordings.

Son Little, the bluesy R&B project of Grammy-winning Los Angeles artist Aaron Livingston, has shared his third album aloha. It’s his first album with an outside producer, and Livingston plays almost all the instruments on the album. aloha follows 2017’s New Magic and 2015’s Son Little. —Lizzie Manno

Graham Norwood • Greenfield • 2020

“The song really grew out of the guitar part, which was this sort of English folk / baroque thing I was noodling around with," says Graham. "As for the video — I’m blind, so I just tried to find a director I vibed with creatively, someone I could trust to make something visually interesting and reflective of the emotional content of the song. Hope it worked!”