Jul 31, 2020

Molly Tuttle • Olympia, WA (Rancid Cover) • 2020

Molly Tuttle has released her cover of Rancid's “Olympia, WA” The new song is joined by a companion visual and will appear on Tuttle’s forthcoming record …

Kitchen Dwellers • Hey You • 2020

“The Kitchen Dwellers have been cooking up something special”
 - American Songwriter 

“an impressive feat of musicianship that shows you don’t need a studio and tons of overdubs to do Pink Floyd justice” 
- Cover Me Songs

Heartless Bastards • Revolution • 2020

Revolution is about self love. I think if people loved themselves more there wouldn’t be racism, bigotry, and classism. smarturl.it/hbrevolution

Jul 27, 2020

Andy Shauf • Judy / Jeremy's Wedding • 2020

It was so nice I thought the bridesmaids looked beautiful Jeremy’s suit was a little stiff but that’s how it goes, Judy  Why didn’t you come say hello in the receiving line? I think he would have liked to have said hi Oh you look so nice, Judy  Part of me misses you almost all of the time You say “Out of sight, out of mind” Oh, I disagree Judy  Smoke a joint on the side stairs, it is so nice You ask me if I wanna dance Oh it makes me laugh, Judy  Skip a step Land on your toe, you make a face You forgot that I’m so bad at this and I’m so stoned And it makes me laugh, is it all okay Judy? And it makes you laugh, is it all okay Judy?

Boosegumps • 5 Demos • 2020

These 5 songs are considered demos but Heeyoon's beautiful and delicate songwriting shines through like a beacon of hope and light. "Perfect Autumn Day" is a sure standout and could possibly be mistaken for a lost track by The Softies. A meandering, melodic lead guitar line floats atop of the rhythmic guitar strums while two layered, harmonizing vocal tracks beautifully detail, well, a perfect autumn day. Each song is a cozy portait of an intimate scene, vivid and comforting in a time when we need tenderness and connection more than ever.

John K. Samson • Fantasy Baseball At The End Of The World • 2020

I manage my fantasy baseball team better than I manage my anger these days, and I’d trade my best pitcher for a draft-pick and picture of the president writhing in pain. It’s a weird thing to wish for but I can’t stop wishing, refreshing the browser, someday if I live long enough and the world doesn’t end my wish will come true, in a way, and he’ll die like we all die, in pain or asleep, and we’ll still have our fantasy baseball, and the next fascist fucker in line for the job of demolishing hope for us all. So I’m putting in love now, I’m putting in faith, putting fear on a long-term IL. I’m going outside, I’m going to help organize something better. Something beautiful.

Jul 26, 2020

Various Artists • Text Me When You Get Here • 2020

Text Me When You Get Here is a collection of home recordings from the spring of COVID-19. 

Jul 25, 2020

Blame Baby • Silhouette • 2020

“’Silhouette’ is about incomplete relationships, the tense push and pull of secret lovers, and the phenomenon of explosive human chemistry. Embedded in the shoe-gaze-inspired tune is a structure that mirrors this tension and release. Tight staccato rhythms launching into soaring distorted guitars underpin a longing and lascivious dreamscape.  ‘Silhouette’ is one of the most beautiful sounding words, all at once evoking feelings of fantasy and playfulness with mystery and darkness. For this very reason, the song began with the title and then it wrote itself.”

Jul 24, 2020

Tilly and the Wall • I Want to F​*​ck It Up: Tilly and the Wall 2002​-​2013 • 2020

three singers, a tap-dancer, three songwriters and songs meant to be thrust into the sky with joyous punches. Recorded in a basement by Conor Oberst, the album’s danceability and “f*ck it up” chants, it’s sorrow and punk, dress up brawling and bottled call to friendship and grab-it-off-the-shelf folk was like nothing that had ever come before. It took indie pop and kissed it on the forehead leaving a glitter smear. It stomped on hate and refused to be part of any scene that wouldn’t let every single kid in the door. 

Lowland Hum • 1UP (featuring Timothian) • 2020

The Allman Betts Band • Magnolia Road • 2020

‘Pale Horse Rider’ was a really fun one to write,” Devon Allman, told Rolling Stone Country, “Duane had this almost vertigo-inducing descending melodic pattern that was so unique. Once I started the lyric about a man feeling so lost and isolated with the world out to get him, the story just kind of wrote itself. The Wild West seemed like the perfect to setting to tell the tale.”

Jul 22, 2020

Nicolas Michaux • Parrot • 2020

 'Parrot' is my personal favourite from the new record drawing on some of those 60s British invasion sounds, Manfred Man, The Kinks, The Faces etc with a driving rhythm section (provided his band, The Soldiers of Love) and jangle-pop guitar patterns scattered over the top. Thematically, the track takes aim at apathetic a 'wait and see' attitudes, particularly in the face of political, social and ecological danger and strife.

Jul 17, 2020

Will Powers • RIVERS • 2020

Emerging artist Will Powers is back with his new single “Rivers”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“My family owns a cottage on the French River, and in recent years I’ve become more aware of its history as an important trading route in early colonial times,” said Powers.” “I’ve often thought about the significance of us occupying that land, which is now a pristine provincial park.”

“Living in the twenty-first century amidst a pervasive ignorance of colonial history has pushed me to learn about the general circumstances that enabled us to be there today, and obliges me to convey a message of respect to that place. 

Howlin' Banana Summer Sampler #7 • 2020

Summer is here, and so is our traditionnal summer sampler !

 14 tracks, including singles, unreleased tracks and demos, by bands we worked with this passed year.

14 tracks, downloadable for free on Bandcamp, to discover the label, or catch up on what you might've missed this year. 

14 tracks that sum up what we've been doing for over 9 years now: unearthing the best of the Post-Punk, Indie Pop, Garage, Indie Rock and Psych French scene.

Have a great summer !

01. Tapeworms Safety Crash
02. eGgs Still Life
03. Fontanarosa Out Of Mind (Unreleased Track)
Double Date With Death - Fluorescent (Demo)
Cathedrale Gold Rush
06. Cloud Factory - Talk Too Much
07. Th Da Freak - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)
Carambolage Weekend Nostalgie
09. Baston Primates
10. Special Friend - Motel (Demo)
Avions Lean On Me (Demo)
Pop Crimes - Where Do They Fly (Live)
Gloria Global Warning
14. Volage The Aftermath


Talking about the inspiration behind the track, Ryan explains “They’re an iconic pair, I know. But, for me, 2 of the ultimate examples of how no matter what, even with the best intentions, things will inevitably go wrong. This song was originally written in the first person ("I go to church on Sunday morning" etc...), and inspired by my marriage falling apart. But taking Stevie's (Van Zandt) advice, about getting away from myself, led the song in more of a story direction. Stevie also came on board as a co-writer for this one. He felt it was a big, important song, and I was thrilled to finish the song, and write it, together. Side note: the amazing Mike Peters (The Alarm) sings backing vocals on this one”.

Jul 14, 2020

Drug Couple • 2027 • 2020

Today, creative duo and real life couple Drug Couple share the first single "2027" off of their upcoming  EP, Choose Your Own Apocalypse, due out August 14th via PaperCup Music. Starting off with a bright, alt-folk sound, the song "suddenly grinds into higher gear near its end with a blast of jagged guitar distortion swirling like a dream-rock tempest around the pair’s coolly musing vocals," praises The Big Takeover, who premiered the track. "2027" follows the story of a couple of ghosts hanging out in NYC seven years after the 2020 Apocalypse -- oddly prescient, both the song and EP were written long before this year and all of its events occurred.

Carla J. Easton • NEVER KNEW YOU • 2020

"Bold, direct, and distinctly Scottish, 'NEVER KNEW YOU' is a remarkable return, one that revels in idiosyncrasy."  CLASH premiere

‘Her boldest pop broadcast yet’ -  THE SCOTSMAN

'Musically varied, packed full of symphonic strings, brass and synth arrangements, the LP is awash with her signature melody-driven, dreamy pop.' - SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

'Orchestral blowout' – THE GUARDIAN

The Happy Fits • Moving • 2020

The band’s upbeat nature comes from a desire to connect with a world that’s sometimes distant. What Could Be Better’s title track was inspired by Calvin’s isolation as one of the few Asian-Americans in his hometown. As the band’s stages get bigger, he knows he’s becoming the role model he didn’t have, saying, “It feels really good to be someone that Filipino kids growing up in America could look up to.”

Jul 10, 2020

Jealous of the Birds • Young Neanderthal • 2020

“Jealous of the Birds has a knack for slicing up genres and making music that sounds homemade and tiny,
 but also explosive and bombastic.”

“Naomi Hamilton’s angelic vocals are like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.”
– The Line of Best Fit

“Hamilton sings with poise and self-assurance in a voice equally capable of whiskey-toned murmurs and full-throated melodicism. Either way, she has a magnetic presence that makes these songs mesmerizing.”
 – Paste

Allegra Krieger • Forgot • 2020

Today, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Allegra Kreiger shared her new single "Forgot" from her upcoming album, The Joys of Forgetting, releasing August 7th, 2020 with Northern Spy Records. On the track, Krieger explains: "'Forgot' is the realization of losing one's self in a relationship, and becoming completely beholden to the will of another." Building from softly strummed guitars to a crescendo of distortion, Allegra discovers that in her effort to please, she “forgot” all about herself. One of the most sophisticated tracks on Krieger’s upcoming LP, "Forgot" represents Allegra at the peak of her creativity.

Rufus Wainwright • Devils & Angels (Hatred) • 2020

“A stately pop throwback full of Wainwright's signature vocal grandeur"
Rolling Stone

“Mighty return from Baroque Pop Renaissance man… has the kind of flourishing confidence of an artist recording at the peak of their powers.”
Q Magazine 4 star review

“Brimming with memorable melodies, swooning arrangements and smart lyrics dreamily sung…”
Uncut 9/10 review

Jul 8, 2020

Papooz • The Garden • 2020

'The Garden' upends the story of Adam & Eve's fall from grace, imagining a scenario in which it is Adam's greed, not Eve's, which is their undoing, taking cues both from Renaissance paintings & peak-era MTV. Starring Ulysse and his girlfriend - i-D-approved model Klara Kristin - and directed by Armand's other half, Victoria Lafaurie, the video was shot in South-West France during lockdown.

Precocious daydream pop
The Times

Kubrickian fever-dream pop The Line of Best Fit

Replete with luscious multi-tracked harmonies, and their penchant for psychedelic synths Mixmag
Unquestionably infectious V Man

Breezy pop NME Under The Radar

It’s an album of musical magic, lacing heavily androgynous vocals atop experimental backdrops GQ
Papooz have crossed genres and classic sounds to create a modern day pop song that’ll survive the test of time Indie Shuffle

The Goin' Nowheres • Curse Rotted Record • 2020

“The privileged classes can afford psychoanalysis and whiskey. Whereas all we get is sermons and sour wine. This is manifestly unfair. I protest, silently.”

Jul 7, 2020

Lauren Lakis • We'll Be Fine • 2020

"The video was made while in quarantine in Portland, Oregon. I’m fairly certain I was sick with Covid19 throughout the month of March, and at the tail end of my illness my producer/partner Billy Burke (who I was quarantined with) and I shot it along the trails near our apartment. When I’m in the woods, among the trees, I feel that I’m in nature’s domain, I’m not in control anymore. As a city dweller, I’ve lost touch with nature in many ways, and it can sometimes be a foreign, scary place. The woods represented the prison of my own mind, there will never be an escape. This again touches on the opportunity to go inward, to face one’s shadow, and in the video I am running from  it, going insane, to eventually emerge back out into the real world. Sometimes it feels like the nightmare will never end, but it does. It ends. This too shall pass. We’ll be fine"

M180 EP • 2020

 “We grew up with social media all around us and were recounting stories in Jimmy Mac’s tour bus, laughing about our school days with Facebook parties, pictures you weren’t meant to see and finding amazing music. A few days later I was reading about yet another teenager greatly troubled with mental health issues and the role the internet played. I had also been keeping up to date about the #MeToo movement and yet another profiled predatory pervert taking advantage of aspiration.”

‘Goodbye Beautiful’ is a maelstrom of frenetic energy that encapsulates all that the Grimsby outfit are about.’ Clout

“Like a fine wine, getting better with everything they release” It’s All Indie

‘Enraged Rockers MINT With Loud And Clear Wake-Up Call To Save Our Planet’ Turn Up The Volume

“You cannot help but find yourself under Mint‘s spell.” Clunk Mag

 ‘Mint have created a frenzied assault on the senses’ Indie Buddie

Jul 6, 2020

Maxximo • The best kiss... I'll never have • 2020

“I wrote this song after my heart realized that the most beautiful dream of love I had will never come true, so I wanted the video to show that dream, but also the power of letting go and strength that comes with embracing pain”, Maxximo Explains.

Jul 5, 2020

Sufjan Stevens • America • 2020

When the gods of music close a door, they open a window. Vanilla Ice may have had to cancel his Fourth of July concert due to a pandemic, but hey, Sufjan Stevens is here to cheer us up with a probably super-fun, patriotic track called “America.” What’s that? it’s a 12-minute rumination on disillusionment, suffering, and loss of faith in his nation? That makes more sense. Vulture

Phoebe Bridgers • Inner Demos • 2020

“inner demos” is the collection of 3 voice memos singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers posted on her Bandcamp, with the profits being donated to benefit bail funds.

Jul 3, 2020

Rosehip Teahouse • Regretting It • 2020

Cardiff five-piece Rosehip Teahouse (Faye, Tony, Will, Josh and Teddy) will take you on a journey through lovelorn landscapes and drop you off home just in time for tea. With gorgeous vocal harmonies, twinkling guitars and heartfelt lyrics, Rosehip Teahouse carry the indie-pop essence. Formed originally by Faye Rogers (Guitar & Vocals) back in 2015, playing only a small number of house shows and DIY gigs, Faye crafted these subtle and delicate songs, which command your attention, from start to finish.