Sep 30, 2016

Bigott - My Friends Are Dead - 2016

Singer songwriter penning indie pop smoothness out of Spain….

She​-​Devils EP - 2016

Kinda Mazzy Star with a country swagger… Pretty

Art Fin Simple but hypnotic retro-sounding 1960's cool pop that is constructed from Kyle Jukka's samples with Audrey Ann's mesmerizing cooing on top. This charismatic, young Montreal duo with nice hair and big smiles has been getting much buzz on blogs. See the low-budget video made in the singer's bedroom:

Shake Your Halo Down - All In This City - 2016

Dripping Wet - "Friends Forever" - 2016

Dripping Wet is a sensible pop group comprised of five friends who really care about each ot her, based on Denton Texas. Thery write sincere songs from the heart. They don’t play gigs anymore, cause they are spread out across the USA, but Josh told me that thery are friends forever first and foremost so anything is possible.

Sep 27, 2016

Hello Shark album preview - 2016

Baker Island - Demolishing The Fourth Wall - 2016

Baker Island are a band from Newcastle who make indie-noise-pop like “the fuzzy love child of Pavement and Pixies” (NARC).

Pulco - Garden - single 2016

Past echoes from simpler times 
Forgotten tunes and finished mixes 
Every song has it's day 
So open your ears

Sep 26, 2016

MOLLY DRAG - everyone i love is dead - fog lake remix - 2016

Sep 20, 2016

Maps of Suburbia - EP - 2016

MAPS OF SUBURBIA is a collaboration fronted by Nick Perlman on lead vocals and guitar and backed by Andy Porta on drums, guitar, and mixing-board sorcery, Seth Nicholson on bass, and Danny Flinn on bodhrán, with everyone lending their vocal talents. 

Together they create a dynamic sound that slips back and forth between alt-country, surf-rock influenced folk and haunting soundscapes. Each song from "Maps of Suburbia" lingers somewhere between the past and present, and explores nostalgia, loss, and joy in equal measure.

Dark Mean - Settle Down- 2016

Yeah I guess we’ll see what you’re made of 
Yeah I guess we’ll see, once you settle down 

I don’t come around 

Yeah I guess you’ll see all your insides 
But I bet you’ll need a little bit of mine 

But summer’s up, the sun is out, I’m cooling off, I’m way outside your range 
Yeah but I won’t even, I won’t even change 

Don’t come around anymore 
I won’t come around anymore

Winter Waves - Bee and Bee - 2016

Some solid alternative rock with this underlining psych rock thread that runs throughout… Nice release…

Sep 18, 2016

The Wedding Present - Going, Going… - 2016

"This is a remarkable album by one of our most idiosyncratic bands. A joy from start to finish, Going, Going… is an album full of love delivered with style, speed and substance." [9/10, Louder Than War]

“The Wedding Present have never been afraid to wander off in strange directions... [and] their ninth long-player is in a similarly experimental vein.” [Q Magazine]

Going, Going… is an album that is full of left turns, sudden bursts of feedback-drenched guitars and luscious soundscapes. It is schizophrenic and unsettling yet full of beauty and melancholy. A hard album to grasp as it is constantly going through gear changes (even within the confines of one song) Going, Going… is the sound of a band throwing everything they have into the mix which has in turn created a work that is at once familiar yet progressive, homely and disturbing. louderthanwar

Hello Shark - Violitionist Sessions - 2016

3 Songs and 3 Questions. This is what happened in Denton, Texas.

Sep 17, 2016

moving in - sunburn - 2016

lazy, sleepy meandering indie space pop created in someones bedroom… perfect middle of the night soundtrack

a Singer of Songs - Fading - 2016

A Singer of Songs are Lieven Scheerlinck, Laura Räsänen, Pau Julià & Frank Rudow. 

All these songs were written in a notebook by Lieven. Afterwards they were ripped from the pages, arranged and molded into the music you are listening to by Laura, Pau, Frank & Lieven. The four of them then went to Pastallé Sound, surrounded only by horses, hills and nothingness. Frank put wood on the fire and recorded the songs, praying for the wind to go silent. The ten songs were brought back to civilization and mixed by Frank in the intimacy of his home. 

Kew - 1 - 2016

an initial rejection of boredom and complacency. four hundred and thirty-five new seconds of frustration. to be played loud.

Snails - Safe in Silence - 2016

Debut album from Bristol pop band Snails. Released on Undergrowth Records.

Sep 15, 2016

Polyvinyl Records 20th Anniversary Sampler - 2016

The Polyvinyl staff curated a 44-song digital compilation, drawing from throughout our entire catalog to celebrate our 20th anniversary (and maybe introduce you to some new music in case you’ve missed a few releases over the years).

Sep 14, 2016

TBTCI loves TFC - 2016


1990: A Catholic Education 
1991: The King 
1991: Bandwagonesque 
1993: Thirteen 
1995: Grand Prix 
1997: Songs from Northern Britain 
2000: Howdy! 
2002: Words of Wisdom and Hope, (Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair, (Domino, 2002) 
2005: Man-Made 
2010: Shadows 
2016: Here 


What can I say about Teenage Fanclub? 
I Love them, 
You love them, 
They love them, 
We all love them!! 

Sep 13, 2016

Acid Ghost - WARHOL - 2016

An album inspired by:
Jenny Hval 
Frank Ocean 
French New Wave Films 
Jean-Luc Godard 
VU's White Light Album 
Is The Is Are 
Sandy Kim 
Francesca Woodman 
Andy Warhol 

Strange Mangers - return eternal - 2014

so much space in this release…

Bellows - Fist & Palm - 2016

"Fist & Palm", the third full-length album by Bellows, documents the dissolving of a friendship. The album's narrative trajectory is an anti-narrative, beginning and ending in the same place: in the backyard of a shared house, on the night of a petty argument. The circularity of the album's timeline underlines an overarching theme of the record -- the realization that when the satisfaction of a real resolution is denied, beauty and meaning can be found only in its pursuit. As I pursue happiness and the discovery of beauty, I find that satisfaction exists for me only in a perpetual sense of 'going', of always moving forward, and accepting that although some goals can never be achieved, and some failures are guaranteed, there is "beauty in the certainty of never reaching what I'm after." 

The Minders - Into the River - 2016

At first listen, Into the River plays like a concept record. Two versions of the title track appear on the record -strategically placed as bookends on both sides of the album; however, each version is uniquely different, so much so that at first listen they appear to be two different songs. 
Into the River picks up where the band left off from its last release… with lush string arrangements that help paint a deep emotional back drop to the song craft that has become The Minder’s trade mark. Into the River is the most ambitious studio effort by The Minders, and it is on this record that the band has arrived with their best album to date. Please sit back and enjoy!

Sep 11, 2016

Chook Race - Around The House - 2016

Tenth Court is a new independent record label from Brisbane, Australia whose MO is to make available to the world the wealth of beautiful scumbag talent inhabiting our fine city, aswell as the occasional gem from other areas of the Motherland

Mini Dresses - Sad Eyes EP - 2016

Sep 9, 2016

Gallery 47 - Nice - 2016

For fans of… Iron & Wine, Ultimate Painting, Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, The Shins

Clean is Jack’s third album, which is a departure from his previous release. His latest album mirrors All Will Be Well by expressing his new found peace with songs like ‘Never Alone’ and ‘Dream Real’. Jack’s ability to reflect on personal experiences feels similar to the likes of Bob Dylan’s raw writing style mixed with Iron and Wine’s soft, bittersweet sound.

Jason Bajada - Volcano - 2016

«Avec ses touches rétro, dream-pop et psychédélique, ce volcano est très réussi» — Valérie Therrien, Voir

«S’il était dans la mode, Jason Bajada ferait de la haute couture… Très bien fait!» — Jean-François Côté, ICI Radio-Canada Première

«Un album bon pour le moral, à écouter en boucle les journées grises.» — Anicée Lejeune, Journal Métro

«Tranquillement explosif, bouillant, profond… Ce deuxième album en français du montréalais convainc d’emblée, sa voix au registre souple tempérant l’électricité des pièces, dont la fiévreuse Des grenades dans les yeux.» — Geneviève Tremblay, Le Devoir

«Un album raffiné, à la fois rempli d’espoir et d’émotivité» — Florence Breton, Québec Spot Média

Sep 8, 2016

lotte kestner - September Covers - 2016

very pretty covers… a bit sad but sometimes that's needed!

Sep 7, 2016

PV Digest #5 - Fall 2016

of Montreal, Ladyhawke, deerhoof, Owen and many many more… Great Comp.

Polyvinyl is still a 100% independently owned and operated company. We’ve grown steadily and organically: our catalog consists of over 300 releases from more than 100 artists. We’re proud of our Midwest roots. Polyvinyl HQ is located in Champaign, Illinois with satellite offices in Berkeley, California and New York City. We still work hard every day to tell the world about bands we love.

Elder Sister Plum - Lost Souls - Single 2016

It is with love and respect that I acknowledge that this track and the associated album were recorded on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territories of the Lekwungen First Nations.

Candy - Waiting For U - 2016

Sep 6, 2016

Morgan Delt - Phase Zero - 2016

The invocation of classic west coast psychedelia that permeates Morgan Delt's Sub Pop debut LP feels like a continuous sunrise, never concealing its influences yet perfectly putting its songs through a gauzy lens that blurs and obscures. Is such a thing even possible after witnessing umpteen reverb-jockeys creating their own take on the genre? Can anything truly different be done in the realm of being both original and reverent, wearing favorite records and artists' moves on one's sleeve? Definitely the case with our man here. After releasing a 6-song cassette in 2013 followed by a full length for the Trouble In Mind label, the California native now fine-tunes his sound world outwardly rather than honing in on a specific trajectory, allowing all of said influences to coexist together in a unique yet undoubtedly Californian vision.

Bad Kids To The Front - You Are Alone - 2016

I've been working on this album for two and a half years. In that time, my life has changed a lot. These songs capture a lot of the moments of change and struggling with moving forward. It feels crazy to finally send it out there into the world. I really hope everyone enjoys it.

Alex Calder - BEND - 2016

Frootful - Colours - 2016

Freestyle Records springs into 2011 with the release of the debut album Colours by Frootful, which is the name guitarist Nick Radford records under. The project bridges the gap between past and present, acknowledging influences, while reflecting the creative process of looking back to move forward. Those classic influences include 60s soul-jazz, latin, ska and R&B. Being an accomplished guitarist, Nick also cites players such as Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Boogaloo Joe Jones and BB King as a constant source of inspiration.