May 30, 2021

Moby • 'Porcelain' (Reprise Version ) [feat. Jim James] • 2021

Reprise is the 19th studio album by American musician Moby, released on Deutsche Grammophon on May 28, 2021. It features orchestral and acoustic arrangements of songs from his career, performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra, a string quartet, along with multiple guest artists.


May 28, 2021

Cheval Sombre • Well It's Hard • 2021

skirts • Bus Dream • 2019

demos of songs that I wrote & recorded in my room using a casio sk-1, fender mustang, zoom rhythmtrak rt-123, & boss br-600. they don't really fit the album I'm working on. featuring the birds outside my window on alex 22 

Emby Alexander • "You Can Do It" • 2021

"Positively upbeat and hook-filled"

"Revolving around steely electric guitars and percussion made from sounds of a half-filled bathtub, this dreamy tune is definitely a must-listen."
- Indie88

A native Phoenician, frontman Michael Alexander grew up in punk and garage bands, and utilizes that scrappy DIY mentality in music that stretches into ethereal majesty. The compositions of SOARS ERA similarly blend seeming opposites in their recording, utilizing taut technological instrumentation and loose human improvisation in equal doses. Drawing from the new wave and no wave traditions of bands like Joy Division, Talking Heads, and Suicide, Alexander and bandmates Kyle Grabski, Austin Harshman, and Jeremy Lentz then explode the results like fireworks in the night sky. 

Skirts • Always • 2021

On her 2018 EP, Almost Touching, Montenegro was firmly of a lo-fi, bedroom aesthetic, but despite being recorded across a number of home studios, Always sees the Dallas songwriter widening her scope. The trill of heavy strummed acoustic guitars still runs through the heart – but there’s a warm ruffling of the fur wrapped up in its dreamy synths, soft, double tracked harmonies and the brief passing of sliding country motifs. Always is another example that the Texas’ music scene is burning – and skirts is its newest star.

May 27, 2021

The Arthur Brothers • Watson • 2021

The full length song itself is a mini modern two part rock-opera about Artificial Intelligence posing questions such as, could man made intelligent machines develop complex emotions and become almost human? If so, what kind of conflict would that cause for both man and machine? The story plays out through the voice of Watson, a vulnerable and confused sentient being unsure of who or what he is and eventually culminates in a menacingly hypnotic riff, thunderous drumbeats and intricate instrumentation combining as the perfect soundtrack for the widescreen, cinematic interplay between Watson, his human creators and a vast array of supporting characters. 

Voka Gentle • Necrofauna/The Garden Of Eden feat. Wayne Coyne • 2021

‘Hard to classify and even harder not to love’ UNCUT

‘Ambition and self-assured daring’ MOJO 

‘songwriting purists’ The Independent 

‘A kaleidoscopic adventure in sound’ The Skinny 

May 26, 2021

Saccades • Lady Blue (Peaking Lights Remix) • 2021

May 24, 2021

My Name Is Ian • Fantastic Company • 2021

The band’s standard ‘prolific-and-terrific’ approach, culminating in no less than 18 releases since 2010, has been put to one side, with their latest being written and recorded over two years, with time spent in four different locales (Cardiff’s Rat Trap and King’s Road Studios, the pop-up Snowbird Studiosin Riofreddo, Italy and Axe and Trap Studioin Wells). The resultant LP takes a substantive shift from the garage-pop of previous records and leaps double-footed into a charmingly wonky, indie-dance parallel universe where almost anything seems possible.

May 21, 2021

The Barr Brothers • Tower of Songs • 2018


The Barr Brothers have been making music in Leonard Cohen's hometown of Montreal for the greater part of last decade — long enough to know the trials and pitfalls any songwriter worth their salt needs to learn to navigate.

CBC article

May 20, 2021

Deadstar • shapelessness • 2021

A collection of quiet, loose soundtracks for people who live alone.

Dormer. • Deep End • 2021

Model Village • World Of Carp • 2021

May 16, 2021

Husks • You Will Find a Garden (Live From Home) • 2021

"Husks is a perfect combination of haunting and ethereal" -VENTS Magazine
"(Husks) Fuses the remote aural nuances of ambient horror with electronic rhythms and progressive, textured patterns"

Brooklyn, NY- Husks is the brainchild of Brooklyn singer, producer, and composer Connor Small. A multi-instrumentalist, Small has a penchant for crafting dark, experimental electronic-pop atmospheres: fusing icy synths and booming industrial percussion with delicate, vulnerable vocals.
His work is influenced by his religious upbringing, exploring themes of purity, anxiety, tension and isolation in the face of cosmic uncertainty.

Dassie • No Echo • 2021

Dassie is the solo project of David Moffatt, best known in South Africa as the guitarist and co-songwriter for indie/alt-rock band The Dirty Skirts. David’s latest Dassie release, No Echo, sees a return to that classically familiar guitar-driven sound (think Bloc Party, Interpol, Razorlight) following the gentle electronica that earned him a South African Music Award nomination for his first Dassie release, Mistress. With No Echo, David manages to skilfully balance the natural optimism of the genre with lyrics that are more soberly focused on the violence and anxiety of the society that surrounds him.

May 15, 2021

The Babe Rainbow • Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest • 2021

"Hippie" is a term that gets thrown around a little too lightly these days. When we think of patrons to the '60s counterculture movement, we think of Woodstock, an abundance of tie-dye, and a resistance to capitalistic conformity. While this term has evolved over the last half a century or so, Babe Rainbow continues to challenge such hippie ideals and etch their own cornerstone on the psychedelia-dipped quilt.

Lights at Night • 2021

May 12, 2021

Glassmasterer • "Turn On The Big Machines" • 2021

‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is latest single from genre bursting electronic musician Glassmasterer (Lewis Bigham) and it’s an explosive one as the Scottish artist puts forward his most vigorous foot proving he can do much more chilled beauty.

The new single sees Glassmasterer erupt into a yet another genre avenue, marauding down a rave congested steps into a sweaty, adrenaline fuelled basement club; this single is unlike anything we’ve heard from the mysterious artist, yet at the same time is unquestionably his.

Following up from the blissed out wonder on ‘Trouvaille’, ‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is a complete u-turn; a brash, muscular number that echos the sheer bravado of The Prodigy.

Quivers • "Chinese Medicine" • 2021

This latest single opens much the way you’d expect, with semi-wayward jangles and Nicholson’s voice; the steady beat keeps things moving, giving the listener this undeniable connectedness. Soon, a synth note twinkles in the far off night sky, matched by some very faint backing vocals that build towards a burst…a shooting star of pop falling across the song’s skyline. While all this goes on, sit back and watch the great video animated by Jordan Thompson of the Ocean Party; I’m a big fan of the line work there. But, the song’s not done, as the vocals swell, joined by more of a backing chorus, letting the guitars ring silent as the song fades into a tinkering piano line that eventually disappears into the world. Just another string pop number from the forthcoming Golden Doubt, out on June 11th via Ba Da Bing/Bobo Integral/Spunk."

May 11, 2021

Babygirl • Million Dollar Bed • 2021

Scores • Over / Under • 2021

The scrappy, drum and bass guitar-driven rock of “Over / Under” is accented by synthesizers and a tinge of surf-rock psychedelia -- an encapsulation of Scores’ love for both old-school rock band instrumentation and modern production. 

Brendan Scott Friel • All In • 2021

Friel’s dedication to enchanting truths, breathless vocals, and stunning instrumentation makes up the wonderment of this latest project. A collection of experiences, memories, and wishes are detailed on the 10-track sophomore album Friel worked tirelessly to stitch together.

“I wrote this album in the afterglow of some major exciting life events,” Friel reveals. “I had married the woman I love; we had bought and fixed up a small home together; I was working with one of my favourite producers… So many things I had been chasing came together, rather suddenly, and after the initial excitement, there was this odd calm and almost sadness.

May 6, 2021

Charlie Martin • September • 2021

This september
I’ll do it again
Commit myself to dreamin’
I orchestrate it
They said i could not do this
They said but i could try
I tell myself i’ll prove it
I’ll show them again

Know you’re a believer
Ya know you are a champ
I did not touch my dinner
I was so excited
He said i could not do this
He said but i could try
I tell myself i’ll prove it
I’ll show them again

Imaginary People, a character-heavy work of light, fresh indie, came together from the surplus of music Martin has written both inside and outside of his partnership with Hovvdy’s other half, Will Taylor. With another Hovvdy record on the way, the time afforded to Martin by the life-halting effect of the pandemic allowed him to simultaneously create this solo work with the help of his friend and audio engineer, Evan Kaspar. paste

PLEASURE CENTRE • Blue (Bertha) • 2021

This second track is about our friend’s car, aptly named “Bertha”, it’s a little blue Ford Fiesta that we drove about North Yorkshire to go to friends’ houses or parties and everything in between.

Charlie came up with the guitar riff and some sort of chord progression and then Aneela fitted some lyrics. Then Charlie made a demo and the whole band started adding to that then we took it to Young Thugs in York and did it properly.

To Twelve • The Return • 2021

To Twelve's music is about being on the road. With folky guitars and polyphonic vocals, Olga and Jasper tell their story of endless summers "on the road", about leaving and coming home, and all the adventures in between.

Parks N' Rec • "Wish I Was Here" • 2021

"A Little Cruel" deals with how painful finding closure in a relationship can be. It was written on a communal farm in the jungle area of Manzanillo-Gandoca in lower Costa Rica. The ethereal subtle Caribbean sounds in the back of the track are my favourite ingredients.. There's a melancholy here that is both empowering and easy. I think we (as in I) can easily sweep pain under the rug, and we all know how well that works out...right?!

Dutch Wine • Whisky • 2021

"The idea started as a sort of speakeasy vibe and it just developed from there. More than anything else it was a fun experience putting it together. I'm still fairly new to this music video business and I feel like I'm learning so much with every project we do."

May 2, 2021

Super Pyramid • No Discipline • 2021


Good Morning • Mollyduker / Keep It • 2021

Tristan Welch • Temporary Preservation • 2021

RIYL: Noveller, Tim Hecker, Rhys Chatham, Planning For Burial, Jesu 

"there’s also something in his music that goes beyond representation into the ineffably sublime..."  ~ Marc Masters, Bandcamp Daily

"This Washington DC-based ambient guitar wizard successfully blends power ambient sonic backbone with ethereally stunning celestial textures to a triumphant effect, creating a thing of uplifting, subversive beauty, the core of his artistic credo." ~  A Closer Listen

Ruby Bones • "Don't Lose Your Head" • 2021

Ruby Bones was at a precipice. Did they need to write a record lamenting the current doom and gloom of the world? To highlight the never-ending news, the feelings of being stuck inside? Or did they want to write an album for the aftermath -  a party record for their friends to rage to.

They chose the latter.

Paying tribute to all their favorite indie rock bands and instilled with youthful nostalgia, Laser Tooth Tiger merges overdriven guitars with classic rock riffs and an underlying sense of adventure. It’s a record detailing the trials and tribulations of being young while reaffirming that it’s all worth it and you’re going to be just fine. 

FENCES • My Pale King • 2021

The new EP 'Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble' Available Now

"...breezy, rustic, big-hearted indie folk songs that should appeal to fans of Lord Huron, Manchester Orchestra, and other stuff of that ilk."- Brooklynvegan

"....rustic, folky and achingly, emotionally beautiful."- Riff Magazine

"The five-song indie folk rock release mixes surprising modern pop elements with his mellow sound."- Orange County Register

Beta Radio • The Lowlands • 2021

“Brimming with poignant beauty and shivering warmth…(Beta Radio’s) work leans heavily on the ethereal indie folk side of life, with the juxtaposition of rich, lush sounds and high lead melodies.”
“Sonically lovely…The lyrics are continually catching you up short with their simple elegance.”
“Cinematic in an emotionally impactful way.”
“Beta Radio draws you in and takes you back…with multi-instrumentalism and rustic vocals that bloom with favorites of the past.”

May 1, 2021

Waterparks • You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You) • 2021

Waterparks never sit still. The Houston trio—Awsten Knight [vocals, guitar], Otto Wood [drums], and Geoff Wigington [guitar]—manically move forward, shucking and jiving between fits of rock, alternative, and electronic with pop ambition and hip-hop’s bold and blatant disregard for the rules.  As they usher in the Greatest Hits era, the band only pick up the pace. Waterparks has garnered a cult following for their animated musical stylings.