May 12, 2021

Glassmasterer • "Turn On The Big Machines" • 2021

‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is latest single from genre bursting electronic musician Glassmasterer (Lewis Bigham) and it’s an explosive one as the Scottish artist puts forward his most vigorous foot proving he can do much more chilled beauty.

The new single sees Glassmasterer erupt into a yet another genre avenue, marauding down a rave congested steps into a sweaty, adrenaline fuelled basement club; this single is unlike anything we’ve heard from the mysterious artist, yet at the same time is unquestionably his.

Following up from the blissed out wonder on ‘Trouvaille’, ‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is a complete u-turn; a brash, muscular number that echos the sheer bravado of The Prodigy.

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