Jun 26, 2014

Tape/Off - Chipper - 2014

Hailing from Brisbane, ‘Australia’s Most Liveable City’, as the four-piece’s opening track (ironically?) calls it, Tape/Off’s alt-rock aesthetic – shoegaze-blotted, drone-focussed, claustrophobic yet aggressive – is beautifully mirrored in the white-washed steel wool fuzz of Chipper’s sleeve.
An homage to the ton of do-what-feels-right independent guitar music they grew up listening to but firmly an album about living in Brisbane in 2014; the lethargy, the anxiety, the search for meaning, the sunstroke.

Benjamin Woods - And The Golden Dregs - 2014

Very Nice release

Dave Gerard & the Watchmen - I Climbed a Tree - 2012

The “I Climbed a Tree” EP is the new release from Gerard and the Watchmen, an acoustic folk collective based around the song writing of producer Dave Gerard. Gerard and the Watchmen combine the influence of 70s English and American folk with more modern alternative sounds and production. The record features prominent Vocal Harmonies, guitars and double bass, enhanced with, strings, lap steel, E-bowed banjo, mandolin and harp. 

“Usurping the standard folk formula and carving a niche of their own, Gerard and the Watchmen have a habit of grabbing whatever instrument comes to hand — be it guitar, banjo, mandolin, upright bass, strings.… - retuning it and going from there. With rich harmonies meeting melody full on, Gerard and the Watchmen could be the next alt folk heros" The Wireless. 

Influences – Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Veirs, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Alexi Murdoch, Beach Boys, Ryan Adams.

Jun 25, 2014

The Shanks - GERMAN HEAVY METAL GIRL video - 2014

The video got banned by the government in Turkey.

"GERMAN HEAVY METAL GIRL" is available from Squirtgun Records on 7" vinyl.

The SHANKS have performed in a variety of surreal situations, including in the midst of professional fireworks exhibitions, inside sheep pens, roller derby arenas and boxing rings. We have also played in many clubs—around the world!

Baby Guru - “Anticipation” - remixed by Larry Gus - 2014

Baby Guru is an ever-evolving musical organism conceived by three childhood friends, in a basement, at the end of 2009. Tired of the typical rock band thing, they lay emphasis on spontaneity and unexpected inspiration, while they cultivate an obsession with the kraut rock legacy, pop melodies, psychedelic music and mama Africa percussion experiments. They remain incurably charmed by the analog warmth of proto-electronica and the raw power of garage punk, while they demonstrate a driving perspective of instinctive grooves and vocal lines that range from meditative to Dadaistic.

Inner-Ear Records www.inner-ear.gr
Baby Guru http://www.babyguruband.com

Lunokhod - Single - 2014

Lunokhod is the project of two guys who live between Italy and Belgium. It is a sound journey that begins with space melodies and ends up in a tribal rain. Fernando and Alex, who have already played together in Black Flowers Café indie-band, fill the distance with beats and musical colors that they exchange through the web. In the spring of 2013 they decide to give birth to Lunokhod. Soon Sandro, other previous drummer of BFC, join the project and now they are ready to their bran-new release.

PHOX - 2014

One of the most prominently unifying fixtures of PHOX comes from deep in the soul of frontwoman Monica Martin. Her smoky voice serves as both the constant throughout PHOX and the motion that pushes songs in new directions. The almost a capella opener “Calico Man” focuses the attention on her, while on tracks like lead single “1936,” her layered harmonies weave into the greater instrumental collage. Although some tracks may blend together on initial listen, PHOX ultimately serves as a colorful debut from a promising young band.

Jun 17, 2014

Preludes - Buried Under Salt - 2014

My only problem is there are only two tracks! 
Utterly beautiful songwriting with dense dark character across this couplet...

Playlist: #IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue - 2014

We welcome Summer back as an old friend that's been away for far too long. We've brough together Art-Rock, Acoustic, Shoegaze, Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop and everything in-between to make the most exciting and diverse mixtape ever! With sounds from all over the world, Sweden, America, Australia and Turkey, as well as brand new acts from all over the UK.

#IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue Playlist

The Away Days - Your Colour
Moats - Snakepit
Bambi - Sheltered Eyes
Pixel Fix - Awake
Port Isla - Steamroller
Lyon Apprentice - Be Careful
Waste - Blow
Lovats - White Fire
Suvi - Find You
Iyes - Crazy In love
Bastille - Flaws (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Mutt Singles #04 - 2014

Mutt Singles #04 brings duplodeck making a statement of their affection for 90's guitar bands. Built on soothing riffs, dreamy voices and a lot of feedback, "Brisa" is a wall of noise that creates a sunset atmosphere.

Jun 15, 2014

Lowpines - Call Off The Hunt - 2014

New single from London songwriter Lowpines.
'Call Off The Hunt' featured on hit US TV show 'Bones' in season finale 'The Nail In The Coffin'.

Having made previous well-received forays with fuzzy-pop outfit Bear Driver, Lowpines came into being as a result of a few rough sketches of songs Deakin had that didn’t quite fit the bill, indulging a love for the more pared back sounds of Bonnie Prince Billy, Bill Callahan and Sparklehorse.  Where these earlier recordings were wrought with a quiet yearning, and sounded like they were recorded on an old tape deck, ‘Call Off The Hunt’ comes in a little warmer, a little more assured. The sound is still scratchy and confessional, but makes for a broader picture and a deeper reflection.

July 26 YORKSHIRE Deershed Festival
August 21 LONDON Boatshed
August 29 CAMBRIDGE Lodestar Festival

Zoya Zafar - I don't love you (Live @ Medusa Studios) 2014

Incredibly soulful singer songwriter with a heart wrenching live preform.

Jun 13, 2014

Osborne Again Sampler May 2014


Sally Fowler - I Will Cry At Your Funeral - 2014

So natural, yet feels like Sally is not from this world. Listening to her songs I feel like my chest is too big for my body. 

Fowler uses repetition, minimal orchestration, and restrained vocalization to focus the listener and tell more engaging stories. An old-soul record.

Sweet Benfica - Earthquake Lights - 2014

Sweet Benfica are two brothers from the peripheral of the Welsh Mountains. As a means to get songs recorded as quickly as possible using the Brain, Tape, Phone, Memory, the Computer. Tunes are captured as they float past in the atmosphere, melodies that have been in slumber for thousands of years, sounds from a dormant future, songs that were drawn on cave walls, are kidnapped then traced by their broken antennas.  

Shadow Folk - Season's End b​/​w Here At Home - 2014

a rock and roll/psychedelic band from Halifax Canada

Victor Florence - LIVE @ Display - May 31, 2014

The Victor Florence Experience is like extracting enough iron from human blood to make a sword.

Jun 5, 2014

Pug Records - Mutt Singles #03 - An Israeli Bedroom Pop - 2014

Mutt Singles #03 was recorded by an Israeli teenager on his iPhone. Under the name MCGEVZ, the anonymous 17-year-old boy's bedroom pop will please fans of Times New Viking, Velvet Underground and early Silver Jews

"Mutt Singles" is a series of singles available for streaming on soundcloud. You received this link because we think these songs might interest your readers. Keep it in secret until we upload the tracks on Soundcloud.

dark mean - samuel the phoenix - official video - 2014

Unassuming yet intricate acoustic sections with banjo riffs that will make you smile, driving drum patterns that don’t hide behind unnecessary flash, and well-crafted arrangements that are nearly impossible to fault—these are some of the treats you'll find in a Dark Mean record.

In the video we are performing the title track off our new EP, Samuel the Phoenix.

The Active Listener New Shoegaze Sampler - 2014

Here's something a little different from the Active Listener. You've probably noticed a few new shoegaze titles have been working their way into the reviews section on The Active Listener, so we've put together this sampler of the best shoegaze material that's been submitted to us. 

Greenhouse Magic

Any given day in spring, these are the gems one can find at any given market... 
I haven't seen colours dance like this in many moons.

Hush Hush Records Compilation - 2014

Run by KEXP DJ Alex Ruder, Hush Hush Records is dedicated to curating an emotional and introspective sound that's free of specific genre boundaries and ideal for headphone sessions, late-night travels and intimate encounters.

Home / BC

Jun 4, 2014

Heathers - I Know - 2014

Four-song Wedding Present covers cassette that we recorded in November 2013 for Part Time Punks as part of their annual John Peel celebration.

Cool - Best New Music - 2014

Ivory Hours - Mary - 2014

Alt-pop from London, Ontario.

Jun 3, 2014

JON McKIEL - Pigeon Row - 2014

"Opener 'New Tracy' begins the EP with a crunchy, distorted rock stomp. From there, 'I Know, I Know'' adds a peppy acoustic bounce, 'Twin Speaks' is filled with angular six-string quirkiness, and 'Accolades' and 'Chop Through' recall the moody atmospherics of Chad VanGaalen." - Exclaim!

"...a fun, energetic listen featuring some heavy guitar riffs that sit nicely in between the cool side of rock music while also keeping an eye on making sure they sound catchy." - Exploding Head Syndrome

"melody-rich songwriter numbers played through Phil Spector's Wall of Sludge." - Bob Mersereau, CBC New Brunswick

"Highly melodic stylized pop...great stuff from a true rising star in the world of underground pop." - Babysue

"...collégien et maître des jeux de mots ('Twin Speaks'), où le Graceland de Paul Simon semble overdubbé sur un 4-track avec Pinkterton en arrière-plan." - BRBR

for fans of Chad VanGaalen, Cousins, Mac DeMarco

Parkwave - Blow Out/In - 2014

“Grainy accoustics give way to a propulsive beat and angular guitars, recalling frenetic indie rock of the early-aughts.”
Impose Magazine

"I look forward to hearing more of the band and given the start I would expect many others will also get to hear the compositions by Parkwave.”
Emerging Indie Bands

“Energic post-punk of Gang Of Four, the first period of Cure […] direct connection to Franz Ferdinand”
The Blog That Celebrates Itself

"Coldplay-like riffs and Liam Gallagher-like vocals, these Italian guys know how to rock some Brit pop better than most Brits which is a talent in itself."
Rex Manning Day about their single Inside in free download here