Jun 3, 2014

JON McKIEL - Pigeon Row - 2014

"Opener 'New Tracy' begins the EP with a crunchy, distorted rock stomp. From there, 'I Know, I Know'' adds a peppy acoustic bounce, 'Twin Speaks' is filled with angular six-string quirkiness, and 'Accolades' and 'Chop Through' recall the moody atmospherics of Chad VanGaalen." - Exclaim!

"...a fun, energetic listen featuring some heavy guitar riffs that sit nicely in between the cool side of rock music while also keeping an eye on making sure they sound catchy." - Exploding Head Syndrome

"melody-rich songwriter numbers played through Phil Spector's Wall of Sludge." - Bob Mersereau, CBC New Brunswick

"Highly melodic stylized pop...great stuff from a true rising star in the world of underground pop." - Babysue

"...collégien et maître des jeux de mots ('Twin Speaks'), où le Graceland de Paul Simon semble overdubbé sur un 4-track avec Pinkterton en arrière-plan." - BRBR

for fans of Chad VanGaalen, Cousins, Mac DeMarco

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