Jun 29, 2015

The Sidekicks - Runners In The Nerved World - 2015

So good! Excellent, melodic alternative rock...

Cattle - Somehow Hear Songs EP - 2015

This is the debut release (following a couple bandcamp-only singles) from a young, new shoegaze/dreampop band from Tokyo. This may only be an EP, but it packs quite a punch! These six songs fall on the powerful end of the shoegaze spectrum (think Pinkshinyultrablast or Ringo Deathstarr) - even when the band slows things down on the finale, "Birth", they never loosen their grip. The vocals are mostly female-sung (and what a sweet voice!), though there is some harmonization with the male singer. Also the lyrics are sung in English, but in fitting with the genre, they're blurred in with the music as just another piece of the tapestry of noisepop, so it's nearly impossible to tell. A very strong debut from a very promising band!

Dean Wareham - Luna Demos 1991 - 2015

These are demo tracks from the period after Galaxie 500 broke up, recorded at Wharton Tiers' Fun City Studios in New York City, featuring Dean Wareham accompanied by drummer Jimmy Chambers (Mercury Rev) and, on "I Can't Wait" by Hamish Kilgour of the Clean. Later versions of the songs appear on Luna's Lunapark album. 

Luna (at this early stage Dean Wareham) was signed to Elektra by A&R man Terry Tolkin who had previously worked at Rough Trade, Touch & Go and Caroline Records. Terry now lives in New Orleans and is gravely ill. He is fighting a rare and aggressive virus that has his doctors perplexed, and facing huge medical bills for hospital visits, thrice-weekly dialysis and prescription drug co-pays. 

All profits from the sale of this digital EP on Bandcamp are being sent directly to Terry to help pay his bills. Price is $7 but you are free to donate more. . .

Hanssen - Seven Years Week Remixes - 2015

Lesser Strays - Funeral Tropicana - 2015

She leaves before spring has arrived. The lesser stray replaces the right side of the bed with red wine that costs more, but hurts less. How much more time he has now to record a new album, which is a thousand worded musical insult to the passionless love pretenders he’s met in the west. “I’m making a new record,” he says. (They are half interested or have heard that three times this week from other sons of bitches with a keyboard and Garageband.) “What’s the sound?” Tropical gothic 80’s revival. Long live synth marimba and delayed congas.

Indie Folk, Electric project founded by Joshua Petroni. Lesser Strays relocated to Portland, Oregon after the "Epoch" EP released in the summer of 2013. The EP "Kid and The Queen" released in April of 2014. The following year the 7-track EP "Heaven and Hell" was released. After a year of playing in Portland, the first full-length album was released, and the project relocated to Milan, Italy.

Arkells cover of Can't Stop Thinking About You

“When I heard the Tobias record, I immediately got jealous. The chord-melodies and string arrangement are right up my alley. He’s channelling all the 70’s piano-balladeers that I love so much. I think there is a real kinship in our songwriting, and dude's got nicer curls than me too. Might be a long lost cousin."

Jun 27, 2015

Olds Sleeper - COWGIRL - 2015

Olds Sleeper makes all his music in Pennyslvania. He also records as Jellyspine Jenkins, and Amnesia Girl. keep it lofi.

Very fun summertime release….

Citizen - Everybody Is Going To Heaven - 2015

Ronald Ashey This album is like Brand New and Nirvanas love child. It's perfect and I'm completely in love with it Favorite track: My Favorite Color.

Mickey Feliciano So addicted. This album puts me in a trance much like "The Devil and God..." used to. I've been looking forward to this release for a while now, and though it's not what I expected, I'm so impressed. They're evolving really quickly for such a young band. Excited for what's in store for them! Favorite track: Numb Yourself.

Dominik Wehner Dark, heavy and the best release I heard for a long time. Also the first release for quite some time that lived up to my expectations, and is even better than I expected. Candidate for best album 2k15 for sure.

Heirloom - Heirloom - 2015

Heirloom is an orchestral folk band that will light your soul on fire. An imaginative mix of intimate folk music and classical instrumentation, Heirloom’s wistful songs are built from the lyrics up, and crafted with love and care.

Heirloom has released an EP, 'The Lexicon of Accepted Ideas,' an album, 'Makeweight,' and a music video for their singles 'Georgia' and 'Sister, Sister!'

Jun 26, 2015

The Whole Gang of us - The Five A​.​M. Fun Club - 2015

At times angry, sad, dreamy, and even a bit funky, dare I say? Kickstand Boyfriend is a group of (mostly) teenage geniuses led by Kevin Rogers.

bulldog eyes - thanks - 2015

rip the sidewalk
ikea, cross the graveyard
to peer upon the parking lot hill
play the parking lot two songs across concrete wall, 
call grief and awe away
funny false start
five funerals by the skatepark
ikea cross the parking lot hill

Mean Creek - "Best Of" Mean Creek- 2015


They today released a 15-track Best Of compilation available for download and stream on Bandcamp, with proceeds going to a Charlestown charity to aid those affected by the recent shooting in South Carolina.

The comp spans their releases since 2009, includes standout singles like “The Comedian” and “Young & Wild,” and features two new songs, “Forgotten Streets” and “September Moon.”

“We made a lot of music over our decade as a band, so we decided to compile a ‘Best Of’ for y’all to listen to and share,” Mean Creek write in a social media post. “Although this band is coming to an end, we hope that the music we created together will have an eternal life. All proceeds of the downloads of this album will go to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund to support the victims of the shooting in Charleston, SC. Let’s send them some much needed love and compassion. Listen, enjoy, download, donate, and share with your friends. Love, Mean Creek.” V

Ciggie Witch - Look Of Pain - 2015

New single of pure indie pop with that much appreciated slacker edge!

Jun 25, 2015

Indietracks Compilation 2015

This is the official compilation of artists playing the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire (UK) on 24-26 July 2015. 

All money raised from this compilation is donated to the Midland Railway Trust, the charity which hosts the Indietracks Festival.

Jun 23, 2015

gorgeous bully - dumb ideals - 2015

Hannah Fahoome the progression from Smiling, Laughing to this album is incredible. gorgeous bully consistently performs bringing us track after track of great music. much love 

Travis Button GB sent me this album about 6 months ago, but the cool thing is that now it's different with some additional tracks! I think I'm probably GB's biggest fan boy.

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) You can never go wrong with hitting the 'buy' button on something GB put out. 

little star - the romantic world of little star - 2015

With each song from Little Star we are afforded special access to private thoughts through pop with a sinister twist. The Portland, OR three-piece writes emotionally charged songs dripping with an intimacy that battles against the violent resistance to completely relinquishing the insights of our own sensitivities. Little Star puts insecurities on blast and embraces them with lines like “If I could just tell you how I feel once and for all I could sleep at night, but it’s hard to be myself,” only to immediately crush the sentiment under shredding guitar.

Standing in our own uncomfortableness for extended periods is not enjoyable. Maybe this is why across The Romantic World of Little Star confessions are followed with playful outs. The band builds on “Attention,” pleading “look at me, listen to me I need your attention. When it’s fall again I need your attention. No matter who you are I need your attention. Give me all of your attention.” Pleading personally at the start for anyone and expanding outwards into a universal plea for the complete focus of everyone. Our attention is fully invested in whatever it is Little Star is getting to. And then they go silent. No more words, only riding a riff into a fade-out... BostonH

China - Towards The Sun - 2015

China, the excellent project of Jeff Moller, Michael James Tapscott, and Raphi Gottesman, just released their second EP, Towards the Sun. The trio performs together in Odawas, but this project is much more roots-based than the spacey Odawas vibes. Although everyone takes their turn on lead vocals, but there’s plenty of delightful harmony where everyone gets a chance to sing, (although the boys in China aren’t sure why they’re there if you believe what they say on “May 21″.) Alleged confusion aside, China does a damn fine job making this kind of music. The BayBridged

Rolling Blackouts - Talk Tight EP - 2015

Abbey Murray How can you pick a favourite on this??? They all shred!

Peter Williams Great EP, many good songs :-)
They're good live too. 

Peter Hall Talk Tight EP, perfect for driving across flat landscapes and for the kitchen alternating between nervously looking out the window at your future and exercising your right knee. 

Jake Turner This thing has been on flat chat in the hilux since it arrived, and im not sick of it yet. Fucking magic. 

The Wandering Lake - Wend to Why - 2015

The first full length effort of The Wandering Lake. A project of founding Sw/mm/ng member Brian Kupillas that was kept tucked away in the bedroom for many years. He has taken large steps in introducing concreteness to the project which for so long lived without tempo or much in the way of traditional (though perhaps contemporary is a better word) rhythm. We are pleased to introduce The Wandering Lake and the first in a line of great work to come, "Wend to Why".

Emerald Park - GO​!​GO​!​GO! - 2015

In 2015, Emerald Park have taken on a somewhat more divergent musical persona; it’s not wholly different than the band who recorded those earlier records, but it certainly feels like a band more enamored with this idea of transformation as a viable means of creative expression. For their latest record, “Go! Go! Go!,” which was recorded in Gunneberg’s basement, as well as in the studios of Ola Frick and Carl Granberg, the band is still working within the same musical wheelhouse, but for the most part, they’ve left the acoustic guitars and ukuleles sitting on the studio floor. In their place, they’ve brought out a collection of Moogs, electric guitars, and various synthesizers to go along with lyrics that strive for a more instinctive and meditative tone than on previous outings.

Jun 21, 2015

Yea-Ming and The Rumours - Sign On My Window - 2015

Really beautiful vocals with much character, accompanied by subtle acoustic meanderings… Nice little release.

This one too…

The Carraways - Orange Juice Dreams EP - 2015

Salty British garage pop/rock with a nice swagger.

Ostrea Lake - Rippling Waters EP - 2015

A dynamic three piece indie folk band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ostrea Lake's music gently rises and swells, sometimes rippling, often calm. Centering strongly around the rich vocal abilities of lead singer and baritone ukulele player Elias Abi Daoud, Ostrea Lake builds powerful and enchanting songs. Rippling Waters EP brings forward their most melodically driven and carefully crafted music to date.

beko - oz do it better vol. 2 - 2015

the galaxy folk _42 04:46
chook race_sometimes 02:58
black vacation_germantown, tn 02:51
mallee songs_a warm breeze 03:28
kigo_you never remembered 05:28
good try_field trip 02:48
wizard oz_holiday 02:44
zone out_7 years 03:39
the s-bends_stanwell tops 04:16
blush response_your room 02:13
bad family_lilac mouth 02:32
parading_all in a good time 03:08
hideous towns_undone 04:32
contrast_sidewalk 04:10
deafcult_turing 04:33
bloodhounds on my trail_she's in my plan 06:18

Jun 19, 2015

Lorna – London’s Calling Me - 2015

Lorna is a six-piece dream pop band from the U.K. music centre of Nottingham who dropped their new album on April 18th. Modeling their style after bands like Yo La Tengo, American Analog Set, Teenage Fanclub and The Psychedelic Furs, Lorna have built up a following in the U.K. and Europe, as well as in the States, over the 15 years that the band has been together. We were enthralled the first time we heard their new album, London’s Calling Me, especially the synth pop goldies, “Wayne Mills” and “As She Goes By.”

The band members include Mark Rolfe (guitar, vocals); Sharon Cohen Rolfe (drums, vocals); Andy Bullock (bass, vocals); Madeline Leverton (violin); Matt Harrison (guitar, flute), and Rein Ove Sikveland (viola). Over the years, the band has opened for indie giants like The Psychedelic Furs, and bands like Midlake, Mark Gardener, and The Pernice Brothers.

Mittenfields - Optimists - 2015

Mittenfields’ songs like “Goliath FTW” and “My Mind is an Avalanche” made the rounds on local and college radio nationwide; local press and blogs picked up on the buzz with positive reviews. In the ensuing months, Mittenfields found themselves sharing the stage with bands like The Amazing, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Paperhaus, Left & Right, and Deleted Scenes. The EP demonstrates the band’s love of bands like Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Dinosaur Jr, Krill, Built to Spill, and the Pixies. IRC

Combining a densely layered three‐guitar attack with raw, nervy vocals, Mittenfields have drawn comparisons to some of the best indie rock acts of the 1990s. Far from an exercise in pure nostalgia, however, the DC‐based ensemble has crafted its own unique sound combining elements of indie rock, shoegaze and noise pop

Young Scum - Autumn August - 2015

Richmond, Virginia DIY band, Young Scum, combines the lilting jangle of The Byrds with the heavier pop sensibilities of Teenage Fanclub. The band has a bit of a task ahead of them because Richmond is historically a city known for its punk and metal scenes. The band members, as frontman Chris Smith contends, are well aware of the challenges they face “in a land devoid of traditional ‘indiepop’ bands.”

But anyone who is a fan of the post-punk, noise-pop/jangle pop era of music, which greatly influenced the founding and direction of indie pop and rock during the 80′s right up to today, will find solace in songs from the bands debut EP, Autumn August, including tracks like “Met You At A Party” and “Blue Slurpee,” to name a couple. “Chiming guitars, bouncy bass, and thrown-down-the-stairs drum fills, create the sound that make up Young Scum’s jangly pop. The best kind of indiepop: that kind that makes you cry and dance at the same time.” IRC

Jun 18, 2015

The Wailin' Smithers - Feels Good to Never Sleep - 2015 single

We are From Bloomington, Indiana and our debut self-titled album comes out June 29th. Its an album about being optimistic and crushed out but still being really dumb and naive. 

Indie pop you love to hate but with 90s guitar solos. Here is a song called Feels Good to Never Sleep.

Jun 17, 2015

Oh, Rose - SEVEN - 2015

Great indie pop album with a strong lineage to younger years alternative bands like Belly, Throwing Muses… it is a nice release overall.

Sorority Noise - Joy, Departed - 2015

slow build emo/punk songs - at times beautiful other frantic! Nice Release.

Bellows - May 5 to 12 Songs - 2015

Bellows is the bedroom recording project of Oliver Kalb. 

Bellows' sound is delicate but erupts with frantic wobbling drums and large orchestral sections that defy the limitations of conventional pop and folk. bellows is meant to be encouraging. thanks for listening.

Tiger Waves - Lost Album - 2015

Way back in 2012 Tiger Waves were on the cusp of releasing an album, but sometimes things go awry and plans fall through. The future seemed bleak for that album to ever find its way to your speakers and your hearts, that is until yesterday, when these locals posted this lost album in its entirety on their Bandcamp page for you to delight in the tracks that should have been. In this way, these masters of indie pop have announced that Tiger Waves are back, and we should be paying attention again. Are you? Take a listen to one of the lost songs below, called “Joyous Occasion,” which is a solid pop gem and crosses surf and electro pop with a Shins-esque spin, and lookout for new tracks from the band soon.

The Henrys - Quiet Industry - 2015

Toronto Star: 

"Old instruments, new sounds’ is the way Rooke describes what The Henrys do - they extract from a resonator guitar and other plucked acoustic instruments the harmonics, overtones and oblique noises behind the rustic notes to create landscapes that are aston­ishingly romantic, frightening, sexual, spiritual - and quite beautiful. Brave new music."

Jun 16, 2015

From Cover to Cover: 30 Years At Nettwerk

From Cover to Cover: 30 Years At Nettwerk, a brand-new anniversary tribute-in-coverage to the label’s own, and it’s a great one, with versions that run the gamut in selective scope and interpretive strategy. Takes on everything from Coldplay to Barenaked Ladies to Ron Sexsmith to The Be Good Tanyas call to the diversity of Nettwerk rosters past and present; the mix is solid and smooth in transition from track to track, and though only half of the album could truly be categorized under folk, the performances are consistently fine, indeed. CLD

From Cover To Cover: 30 Years At Nettwerk Track List

1. Let Her Go (Cover by Scars On 45; Original by Passenger)
2. Big Jet Plane (Cover by Coves; Original by Angus & Julia Stone)
3. You Me & The Bourgeoisie (Cover by Madi Diaz; Original by The Submarines)
4. World Spins Madly On (Cover by Joshua Hyslop; Original by The Weepies)
5. Wagon Wheel (Cover by Lily Kershaw; Original by Old Crow Medicine Show)
6. In Spite Of All The Damage (Cover by Dave Beckingham (Hey Ocean!); Original by The Be Good Tanyas)
7. Gold In Them Hills (Cover by Admiral Fallow; Original by Ron Sexsmith) 
8. I Hear You Calling (Cover by Dave Vertesi (Hey Ocean!); Original by Gob) 
9. Shiver (Cover by Run River North; Original by Coldplay) 
10. Yellow (Cover by Caroline Pennell; Original by Coldplay) 
11. Jane (Cover by Twin Bandit; Original by Barenaked Ladies)
12. Ice Cream (Cover by William Fitzsimmons; Original by Sarah McLachlan) 
13. What Was Going Through My Head (Cover by Great Lake Swimmers; Original by The Grapes of Wrath)
14. Assimilate (Cover by Radical Face; Original by Skinny Puppy)

Jun 15, 2015

The Sun Days - Album - 2015

Tight, linear Swedish indie pop… can it get any better? Nope! Lead by wonderful female vocals layered over happy guitar lines, crisp drums and bouncy bass lines all coated with a Swedish pop sensibility. Excellent release.

Post Modern Team - Today forever - 2015

"We are Japanese indie pop band.
Since 2012
We are inspired by NeoAco, Indie pop, Shoegazer"

Jun 13, 2015

PhemieC - Songs for Sad Trolls - 2015

Twelve songs about twelve kids with grey skin, orange horns and complicated destinies.

Beautiful harmonies and so much more… Worth a listen!

Various Artists - A Girl And A Gun - 2015

A Girl And A Gun is a celebration of the music of 007, come back every Friday to hear and download new interpretations of your favourites for free. 

the schedule so far is: 

27-Mar Jack Hayter Die Another Day 
03-Apr Robert Rotifer GoldenEye 
10-Apr the Weisstronauts James Bond Theme 
17-Apr Simon Fox All Time High 
24-Apr Michaelmas We Have All The Time In The World 
01-May the Sly and Unseen A View to a Kill 
08-May Darren Hayman Goldfinger 
15-May Citizen Helene For Your Eyes Only 
22-May Hummingbird Heart Three Blind Mice 
29-May the Great Electric James Bond Theme 
05-Jun Crock Oss The Man with the Golden Gun 
12-Jun Papernut Cambridge The Man with the Golden Gun 
19-Jun Elderly Live and Let Die 
26-Jun Seks Bomba Casino Royale


Gorgeous bedroom pop; simple, true, clean, innocent pop. When you do it yourself there are no constrains or answer to anyone - this release feels free… oh wait it is free, well what the hell else can you get for a buck? Enjoy.

Hidden Pictures - California Plates - 2015

Richard Gintowt moved to San Francisco, threw a big hissy fit about some parking tickets and decided that making an EP would calm him down. Jason Quever manhandled bass, keys, tracking and mixing in his home studio that narrowly sidestepped an apocalyptic torrent of sewage from a broken pipe up the hill. Melissa Kaitlyn Carter got fired from Uber because she took a day off to sing on tracks one and two. Doug Van Sloun mastered it at Focus Mastering Omaha while cursing the SF Giants under his breath. Patrick Giroux stayed up late to crank out the cover on a "tight deadline" and then we scratched our b-holes for three months before releasing it.

Hospital Sports - Whatever Happened? - 2014

Slashes of Idaho all over this mini release… Truly calming sounds that build upon themselves in the most satisfying way. Have a listen!

Jun 12, 2015

Tomiji - Tomiji - 2015

Tomiji is one of Thomas Guilcher's solo projects. A true indiepop lover, the Parisian does not hesitate to mix influences as varied as The Pastels, Acid House Kings, The Field Mice or The Jesus & Mary Chain to write catchy and melodic songs.

Automatically Yours - The Trouble With The World Is Me - 2015

When Ross came to Madison, WI from Australia, a cursory google search of "indie pop Madison" brought up two things: 

1. An indie pop radio show on the local college station

2. some bedroom demos by Luis.

Soon enough after a bar meetup AY came together, later joined by Matt, Alej and AJ.  

Jun 11, 2015

tyler burkhart - Sweet spell - 2015

sweet sweet bedroom pop by one of my favourite DIY artists… I'm happy now!

never surprise - w i n t e r s - 2015

The Never Surprise has changed a lot in a small amount of time. Starting as a collaboration between David Gaudet and Nick Eakins in 2011, harmony driven indie folk ideas have given way to more electric indie rock musings. Eakins's departure from the band in 2013 was an identity shift, and Gaudet is now the band's sole creative engine. "winters" is the latest offering from the Vancouver artist. 

TV Girl - Natalie Wood - 2015

Here are two songs that probably won't appear on our forthcoming album "Who Really Cares" 

Although these songs easily stand alone as self contained pieces of art, they also act as a promotional device for our upcoming summer tour. Dates and tickets for said tour can be seen and acquired here: tv-girl.tumblr.com

Hugo Mendoza 'Like We Planned (Ft Madison Acid)' is just so much more different than any of the other songs I've heard from TV Girl. Plus I think this is the first time there's ever been someone else featured on their tracks other than sampled voices from vintage television. Madison Acid needs to be featured on more TV GIRL!

Arbes - Swimmer - 2015

Love the constantly developing guitar parts, very danceable but also very chill, and a great backdrop for those gorgeous vocals. Tasty drum grooves tie it all together nicely.

Jun 10, 2015

supermoon - comet lovejoy - 2015

Halie Miller Catchy songs, lovely vocals. Music to put you in a good mood.

East of Youth - East of Youth - 2015

East of Youth is a guitar pop band from Athens, Ohio

Lovers Turn to Monsters - Hard to be Around - 2015

Lovers Turn to Monsters is a tiny man from West Lothian in Scotland. He wishes he could be one of those guys who tours all the time, but he likes his own bed far too much. So instead he stays in his room and makes lengthy albums of emotive lo-fi nonsense.

The newest lo-fi collection from ol' Lovers Turn to Monsters, to finalize some sort of cassette trilogy alongside "Mumblecore" and "Fireflies" 

Completley recorded at home using a stolen Tascam 424 MKIII, an SM57, a variety of broken instruments and the occasional outboard effect c/o of my Boss br900. Which I also used to record all the (Digital Versions)