Jun 7, 2015

Man meets Bear - Huronian Cadence - 2015

Man meets Bear has been a lake scientist from Ontario and the name of a totem pole in British Columbia which depicts a man climbing up a tree, facing a bear climbing down the tree. Today she includes a solar engineer and an Experimental Housewife.

The photo of collaborating artist Experimental Housewife standing in Lake Huron is reminiscent to Man Meets Bear’s cover art. Songwriter Soren Brothers wears his art on his sleeve, bridging his composition with his dedicated hours to limnology with visual transparency.

Huronian Cadence is an ethereal voice resting on nylon string. Soft textures of Latin and classical folk invoke images of a crash test dummy awaiting the ravage of a jersey barrier of heavy modulation. “Go Wild” is particular with cartoonish wails, becoming scratchier and alluring with high gain vocals. Other tracks feature a gated and compressed percussion, adding a closed dimension to the roofless, ambient siren call of Soren Brothers from across the lake. WC

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