Jun 23, 2015

little star - the romantic world of little star - 2015

With each song from Little Star we are afforded special access to private thoughts through pop with a sinister twist. The Portland, OR three-piece writes emotionally charged songs dripping with an intimacy that battles against the violent resistance to completely relinquishing the insights of our own sensitivities. Little Star puts insecurities on blast and embraces them with lines like “If I could just tell you how I feel once and for all I could sleep at night, but it’s hard to be myself,” only to immediately crush the sentiment under shredding guitar.

Standing in our own uncomfortableness for extended periods is not enjoyable. Maybe this is why across The Romantic World of Little Star confessions are followed with playful outs. The band builds on “Attention,” pleading “look at me, listen to me I need your attention. When it’s fall again I need your attention. No matter who you are I need your attention. Give me all of your attention.” Pleading personally at the start for anyone and expanding outwards into a universal plea for the complete focus of everyone. Our attention is fully invested in whatever it is Little Star is getting to. And then they go silent. No more words, only riding a riff into a fade-out... BostonH

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