Jan 28, 2016

M. Ward – More Rain - 2016

It's been over three years since M. Ward released his last solo album, 2012's A Wasteland Companion. Today, he's announced the follow-up to that LP: More Rain, arriving March 4 via Merge. The record features collaborations with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, Neko Case, k.d. lang, the Secret Sisters, and NRBQ's Joey Spampinato. PF

More Rain:

01 More Rain
02 Pirate Dial
03 Time Won't Wait
04 Confession
05 I'm Listening (Child's Theme)
06 Girl From Conejo Valley
07 Slow Driving Man
08 You're So Good To Me
09 Temptation
10 Phenomenon
11 Little Baby
12 I'm Going Higher

Dr. Duloc - Bowl Cuts - 2015

Dr. Duloc is Dublin based wunderboy Henry Ernest, part of Mr. Rosso and an absolute lo-fi master in his own right. 

Bowl Cuts is Ernest's first release with LLR, an amazing lo-fi pop record which thinks outside of the box, bringing weirdo pop sounds together with spoken word synth tracks and introspective acoustic numbers. Throughout the album we hear switches between Alex G-esque dark pop tunes and funky Connan Mockasin meets Mac Demarco songs, with his influences infusing and becoming a melting pot for something truly unique in the lo-fi scene. 

For fans of R. Stevie Moore, Beck and Alex G

Thee Mightees - Smiling - 2015

Van Thomas It's pure jangle-pop at its finest; a little rough around the edges in part, but that lack of polish only adds to its appeal and charm. A belting debut; already looking forward to more in 2016! 

Alan Godsell Quite simply the best album of 2015. Jangly guitars and a little rough round the edges but melodies that will have you hooked in no time.

Animal Daydream - Citrus EP - 2016

"Last year, Animal Daydream appeared on the scene and took the indiepop world by storm, garnering positive press from all around the globe - pretty impressive for a new, enigmatic duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Now, just over one year after the release of their debut single, we are proud to present another small batch of songs that will just melt away in your ears. Not too far off from what they gave us the first time, these songs are reminiscent of later Teenage Fanclub and Fleet Foxes, but also borrow liberally from the sound of '70s soft rock, particularly Fleetwood Mac and CSNY, with their strong vocal harmonies and overall smooth, almost slick production. And once again, all four tracks are pure gold, solid gold."
- Jigsaw records 

Phooey! - VIRGIN BLUES - 2015

From smooth to chaos… how can so much beauty become so frantic so quickly? I don't know and I don't care! This is a great release.

ratbath - dead skin cells - 2016

maybe the places we are in change what we are 
maybe context rubs off on us the way we leave dead skin cells in the places we frequent 
maybe it leaves its cells on us the same way 
and we just trade back and forth 
until we aren't us or here or there but a new thing altogether 

- a poem by becca uliasz

Jan 26, 2016

Jacob Faurholt - Super Glue - 2016

Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt has for more than 10 years released albums both in his own name and under the alias Crystal Shipsss. His music ranges from lo-fi home recordings, 90es inspired indie rock to ambient drone metal.

Songs For Walter - 2016

"…songs that you feel have always been with you and remind you of all your favourite memories...life changing" Jacob Graham 'The Drums'

Regatta EP - 2016

Dream pop with wonderful hooks, pauses and crashes making this a very nice EP.

Lowpines - That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm (EP) - 2016

“a slow-burning torch song” Q Magazine – Tracks of the week

"Beautiful" Lauren Laverne 6Music

"joyous!" Steve Lamacq 6Music

"just gorgeous" Simon Raymonde Amazing Radio

"Mesmerising" God Is In The TV

"Sombre and sultry... we were blown away" The Upcoming

"Gorgeous lo-fi folk" Wake The Deaf

"Stunning..." GoldFlakePaint

"dustily defiant americana" Mad 

Jan 25, 2016

Windmill - Bumper Pack of Relics - 2016

"An exquisite and imaginative London talent, Windmill combines star-gazing and shoe-gazing without a hint of mediocre middle ground…” - BBC

Jan 24, 2016

Eleanor Friedberger - New View - 2016

Friedberger’s latest album is called New View, and it’s the third she’s released since the dissolution of The Fiery Furnaces, the indie rock band she anchored alongside brother Matthew throughout the ‘00s. It’s not as ambitious or eclectic as Last Summer, an album that leapt from funk to folk to pop-soul and back again, but it’s warm, rambling, and assured. And while much of Friedberger’s best solo work has mined romantic or social anxiety, New View finds her navigating the world with relative ease. That doesn’t mean it’s boring, but it’s consciously minor. the verge


Jan 23, 2016

Lubec - Concentration- 2016

"So now when I pry my eyes open to play a bit of a mindless video game, I will also duct tape the headphones to my ears, glue the volume control on the highest setting with Lubec in the player, and just let it all go into blissful meltdown" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Lubec blazes through the thick, fuzzy clouds of the Pacific Northwest with driving, melodic tunes." - Impose

"They are among the city's elite loud-pop heavyweights." - The Portland Mercury

"Lubec is a band that bounces well off the walls, forming the occasional bruise or bloody mark, but usually in the shape of something beautifully deceiving" - Impression of Sound

Harmoos - WRONGGG - 2015

Harmoos is a ghost rock band from around Boston, MA.  Motivational songs about freaking out and feeling ok.

Florist - The Birds Outside Sang - 2016

The Birds Outside Sang is an album about the speed at which rain falls, life goes on, and people grow. It's one part a personal, autobiographical, and almost completely chronological telling of a time in my life full of confusion, physical + emotional pain, loneliness, and hope. It is another part a rebirth of a musical friendship between my best friends in the whole world, and an attempt to highlight the importance of love and the things in life that give you something special to hold on to, to find a calm that can carry you through being alive and being scared. 

Waste​-​a​-​Life: Bedroom Suck Records - 2016


Jan 21, 2016

Still Flyin' - Perfect Future - 2016

Still Flyin’ are a silly, dumb blast of a bash worth attending.” – NME

WWNBB is excited to team up with Ernest Jenning Record Co. and Lost and Lonesome to announce Perfect Future, the fourth album from San Francisco’s Still Flyin‘.
Still Flyin’s Sean Rawls had a child at the end of 2012, a few months after their most recent album (On A Bedroom Wall) was released, which spelled a day job and no more world tours. In his words, “My identity as ‘dude in a band’ turned into ‘new dad who used to be in a band.'” Once an endless tinkerer who crafted songs constantly, he suddenly found himself with little time for any of that. He ended up having to carve out songwriting time between his son’s naps, and one of these short bursts of songwriting resulted in three of Perfect Future‘s tracks (“Get Out of My Car”, “Navarone” and “Tea Leaves”).
The band ended up recording in much the same way — all of the basic tracks were bashed out in three days of recording, which was much quicker than they were used to. Keeping with the general theme, the record was mixed very quickly by Phil Manley (Trans Am), and the result is raw, immediate, unedited and undeniably fun. wwnbb

Courtney Barnett - Third Man Records - Blue Series - 2015

A. Boxing Day Blues Revisited is written by Courtney Barnett (it is not the same song as Boxing Day Blues...) 

B. Shivers was written by the late Rowland S. Howard and first performed and recorded by The Boys Next Door.

Split 7" - (​Walrus​/​/​Shadow Folk​/​/​Gnarwhalz​/​/​Sheepman​)​

A 4-way split 7" vinyl released by Out Of Sound Records also featuring: 


Jan 19, 2016

Kissing Fractures - lost self - 2014

"lost self" is a collection of songs that were written and recorded between july 2013 and july 2014. together, they reveal how i dealt with everything that plagued me in the past year, and how i managed to find temporary solace.

“a woman once told me that if i mixed my tears with honey
i would feel nothing
but i’m not numb yet
and the winter solstice is oddly warm
and not knowing is slowly killing me
i just want to go back to sleep,”

Tiger Waves - Tippy Beach - 2016

This release is so much fun… beautiful female/male vocals combine with a western flavour making a memorable outing for this Austin, TX group, all with a name your price tag.

Courtney Barnett - Live at Electric Lady Studios - 2016

Courtney Barnett puts a lot of effort into sounding effortless. Her songs are wild and wooly and wordy, her lyrics plainspoken and delivered like she’s making them up on the spot.

Recorded on Thursday 24th April, 2014 
At Electric Lady Studios, New York 
By Phil Joly, Chief Engineer 
To a live studio audience, broadcast on WFUV 
Guitar: Courtney Barnett 
Bass: Bones Sloane 
Drums: Dave Mudie

Jan 17, 2016

A Journey of Giraffes - Dumb Angel - 2016

the solo music off-shoot by John Lane (of EXPO)

VA - Gods Will Be Gods - A Reverence To The Bunnymen - 2016


TRACK #1: ultraviolet – ‘Ocean Rain’
TRACK #2: The Electric Lazarus – ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’
TRACK #3: Between The Cities Are Stars – ‘Do It Clean’
TRACK #4: Cartesian Jetstream – ‘Villiers Terrace‘
TRACK #5: CLUSTERSUN – ‘Think I Need It Too‘
TRACK #6: Plasticstatic – ‘The Disease‘
TRACK #7: The Sensualists – ‘All My Colours‘
TRACK #8: Shalloboi – ‘Ocean Rain‘
TRACK #9: Dark Narrows – ‘Lips Like Sugar‘
TRACK #10: Bleu Velvet – ‘No Dark Things‘
TRACK #11: Melampus – ‘Turquoise Days‘
TRACK #12: L’Ordre d’Héloïse – ‘The Killing Moon‘
TRACK #13: Josephines – ‘The Cutter‘
TRACK #14: Soñder – ‘Rescue‘
TRACK #15: Camión – ‘Lips Like Sugar‘
TRACK #16: Grenade – ‘Ocean Rain‘

It is ‘without a doubt’ a true masterpiece of 16 artists from the atmospheric music world’s of  alternative rock, noise rock, post-punk, psych rock, psychedelic and shoegaze paying absolutely stellar music homage to these music pioneers. Every song of the 16 tracks bring out that ‘bunnymen’ aerial glitter as well as creating their own trippy music havoc mastering measures on these phenomenal renditions. I would have have gone ‘eek – ouch’ if hearing of a rumbling of a bunnymen cover tribute album year’s back, but with what this band has truly meant to atmospheric rock and roll in the almost 40 years and what I feel like millions of bunnymen all around the world with them receiving their just music dues, I am literally feeling elated and satisfied completely by these earth shattering song tributes to “Echo and the Bunnymen”, I can only go “Wow”, class music compliment all the way!

Featherfin - Wintersongs - 2016

Featherfin is an art and music project from Norway. The music is based on electronics, but has an organic pop-flavoured feel. Melody and harmonies are close to Featherfin's heart. He is inspired by everything from indiepop and noisy pop via folk and 60s pop to synth pop, electronica and modern experimental music. Sometimes his music is sweet, simple and cute, other times dark and complex.

DieAlps! - DieAlps! - 2014

“These genuinely nice humans play heartfelt rock with humor and intensity” 
- The Burger 

"Full of indie pop and plenty of spunk...a joy to watch from beginning to end.” 
- USF Bulls Radio 

"Finely textured Indie-Pop......a nice break from the ordinary" 
- Creative Loafing 

"a waltzy spin on indie rock, somewhere between the Pixies, Pavement and Cowboy Junkies." 
- Tampa Bay Times

Suzie - Isn't It Funny? - 2016 single

Suzie started as a simple platform for the exploration of emotion and the reality behind coming of age and discovering the world. Suzie is like a book, investigating different worlds and realities through the eyes of this central character finding themself and experiencing every emotion and seeing the world for what it is, while also retaining a sense of imagination and passion for the dream world and the unknown. 
All music is written and recorded by Mark Ritsema.

Cayetana - Tired Eyes - 2016

We named Cayetana a Band To Watch based on the strength of their high-energy and blisteringly honest debut Nervous Like Me, and today they’re back with their first new material since then, and it’s clear they’ve been honing their skills. The new two-track Tired Eyes EP sees the Philadelphia trio considerably restrained — “Freedom1313″ is a slow-burn that celebrates artistic freedom, at least for as long as it’s feasible (“So let me be forever hungry/ If it’s up to me, I will”), while their cover of New Order’s “Age Of Consent” hews closely to the down-trodden original. SG

Jan 14, 2016

The Pooches - Heart Attack - 2016

This first taste is a good one; smooth, rhythmic diy indie pop - crisp guitars with sweet vocals.

Mairearad Green - Star of Hope ft. King Creosote - 2016

Sensational track - can't wait for more coming in February.

Star of Hope is about a trading boat, of the same name, that came into her hometown of Achiltibuie from the Orkney Islands. After writing the song, Mairearead felt the lyrics were more suited to a male vocal and had a musician in mind for the part. She explained to Folk Radio, "a friend of mine who has worked with King Creosote before put us in touch and I was so chuffed that he liked the song and was up for singing it on this album. His voice is really perfect for ‘Star of Hope’ and it has really made the song. Since this collaboration, I have now played pipes on his forthcoming album”.

The single is taken from Mairearad’s beautiful new solo album Summer Isles, which is all about her life growing up in the Scottish Highlands. The Summer Isles and the folk tradition are deeply rooted in Mairearad’s composition and as a result, she has created an exquisite collection of acoustic, folk and cinematic vignettes that evoke an overwhelming listening experience. abof

Sandals - Dust Bowl - 2016

Sandals is the solo project of Ben Morin, a grad student based out of Kingston, Ontario, and originally from Montreal. Influences include Beach Fossils, Real Estate and Hibou.

We. the Pigs - DK31 EP - 2016

Expansive and beautiful shoegaze.

Jan 12, 2016

CENDE - EP - 2016

Power Pop at its' purest and most melodic… if this doesn't inspire you, good luck!

ATO Records - Winter Sampler 2016

As a new year gift, we've collected 11 of the hottest tracks from recent ATO releases for our new free Winter Sampler. Enjoy and spread the sampler love to your friends and family!

Featuring: Rayland Baxter, Drive-By Truckers, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Allen Stone, Benjamin Booker, SOJA, Other Lives, Joseph & More!

R.I.P David Bowie

Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, forever and ever
Oh we can be heroes, just for one day - Heroes

Jan 7, 2016

Jade the Moon - U Take Care - 2015 single

Haunting yet angelic female vocal propels the electronic accompaniment into a wonderful hook ladened journey of love and fear… The full album to come soon.

Daniel Markham & Claire Morales - Harmony in Hell - 2015

Daniel Markham & Claire Morales team up to bring you a gloomy groovy new album. It's getting chilly, the leaves are falling, stuff is dying, witches are hanging. Get your spook on, y'all.

Charles Bradley - Changes - 2015 single

Bradley’s remarkable, against-all-odds rise has been well-documented – how he transcended a bleak life on the streets and struggled through a series of ill-fitting jobs before finally being discovered by Daptone's Gabe Roth. Most artists appreciate their audiences, just as many are grateful for them, but few artists love their fans as much and as sincerely as Charles Bradley. 

Pinegrove - Everything So Far - 2015

Oliver Kalb yo high level songwriting here, particularly Angelina - love the urgency, vocal performance, just feels right Favorite track: Angelina.

Mark Thaxter An amazing collection of songs, these guys have a sound that flows so naturally. Listening to this record really makes you feel some things. Favorite track: New Friends.

Ben Hargreaves Pinegrove are one of the most beautiful and artistic bands I've ever come across. This record is a rollercoaster of emotions Favorite track: Angelina.

Jessica S There are life changing feelings on this record.Favorite track: Peeling Off The Bark.

Pinegrove is a fivepiece rock hard at work in the promotion of introspective partying! We are a band living out dreams in a reflective lattice of flavor and strength!! From the glass-lined tanks of old Montclair... we tender this premium aural experience!!! 

Lost Film - Temporary EP - 2016

Coming off the heels of this past summer’s Imago LP, we are pleased to announce Lost Film’s new EP, Temporary. Led by Jimmy Hewitt, the band’s sole permanent member, Lost Film is the minimalist – and in this iteration – lo-fi guitar pop project that followed Hewitt’s now defunct band, Orca Orca

Unlike the lush, full-band recordings of Imago, the Temporary EP brings Jimmy back to the place he feels most comfortable as an artist, and put simply, where it all began – isolated, and alone at the microphone. 

Melodic and often times dreamy, the instrumentation takes a much more tepid approach to the guitar-based indie pop Jimmy has developed as Lost Film. For one, it’s a lot less "pop" in the bombastic and hook-laden way you would routinely expect, but instead explores a more nuanced and introspective approach to writing that is still very obviously informed by, and at it’s core, pop music.

Neurotic Fiction - DEMO - 2016

"Three songs learnt and recorded over an August weekend in Cathays community centre, Cardiff. An excuse for four friends to hang out and write music. Neurotic Fiction was Sean Langdon-Dark, Rosey Brown, Livi Sinclair, and Rory Matthews. Recorded by Jon Mohajer. Artwork by Katie Harrington."

Jan 6, 2016

talons' - Growing Up - 2016

Experimental and sad in nature… but even down-trodden sounds can somehow find a way to lift one above the clouds.

Pretty Lightning - A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain - 2015

"These two pals from a small town in Germany have hit on an honestly impressive variation of Delta blues. When they summon a spooky drone, it’s been likened to the Amon Duul II hippy shake, but I hear something closer to Junior Kimbrough in its composure and hypnosis. They’ll hang on a single bobbling lick for a long time, and when it changes up, it’s both traditional and unexpected."  

staar girl - i'll hold this close - 2015

Ethereal acoustic music over expansive female vocals always works well IMO - this release is no exception!

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly - Girlfriend Friday Jewelry Show - 2015

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly is a 6-piece rock group from Brooklyn. They sound like Ra Ra Riot and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah making out in the bathroom. 

Transistors - Cuppa Jarra Brossa - 2015

A handful of power pop songs with lo-fi intentions… This album rocks hard with simple melodies and teen angst to boot; the perfect boost to a chilly morning when you'd rather just stay under the covers.

Palm Springs - 300 Acres / The Last Hour 7" - 2015

Haunting, dusty, folk music weights heavy on these dark tales. Lots of character in the vocals that spin these songs together.

Jan 5, 2016

Males - Go! - 2015

Depuis son debut EP en 2012, suivi par un excellentissime album (Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales) l’année suivante, Males, le trio de Dunedin formé par Richard Ley-Hamilton, Sam Valentine et Ben « Pipsy » Madden porte haut et fort les couleurs déjantées et festives de la pop surf garage locale. Avec « Go! », l’humeur espiègle est toujours au beau fixe chez nos kiwis préférés.

PNKSLM 2015 Label Sampler - 2015

We've had an incredible 2015 thanks to all our bands and all you guys buying, streaming & sharing what we're doing. To say thanks, here's 10 smash hits that we've pushed into your lives over the past twelve months. Download for free for the next 7 days. You're welcome.