Jan 17, 2016

VA - Gods Will Be Gods - A Reverence To The Bunnymen - 2016


TRACK #1: ultraviolet – ‘Ocean Rain’
TRACK #2: The Electric Lazarus – ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’
TRACK #3: Between The Cities Are Stars – ‘Do It Clean’
TRACK #4: Cartesian Jetstream – ‘Villiers Terrace‘
TRACK #5: CLUSTERSUN – ‘Think I Need It Too‘
TRACK #6: Plasticstatic – ‘The Disease‘
TRACK #7: The Sensualists – ‘All My Colours‘
TRACK #8: Shalloboi – ‘Ocean Rain‘
TRACK #9: Dark Narrows – ‘Lips Like Sugar‘
TRACK #10: Bleu Velvet – ‘No Dark Things‘
TRACK #11: Melampus – ‘Turquoise Days‘
TRACK #12: L’Ordre d’Héloïse – ‘The Killing Moon‘
TRACK #13: Josephines – ‘The Cutter‘
TRACK #14: Soñder – ‘Rescue‘
TRACK #15: Camión – ‘Lips Like Sugar‘
TRACK #16: Grenade – ‘Ocean Rain‘

It is ‘without a doubt’ a true masterpiece of 16 artists from the atmospheric music world’s of  alternative rock, noise rock, post-punk, psych rock, psychedelic and shoegaze paying absolutely stellar music homage to these music pioneers. Every song of the 16 tracks bring out that ‘bunnymen’ aerial glitter as well as creating their own trippy music havoc mastering measures on these phenomenal renditions. I would have have gone ‘eek – ouch’ if hearing of a rumbling of a bunnymen cover tribute album year’s back, but with what this band has truly meant to atmospheric rock and roll in the almost 40 years and what I feel like millions of bunnymen all around the world with them receiving their just music dues, I am literally feeling elated and satisfied completely by these earth shattering song tributes to “Echo and the Bunnymen”, I can only go “Wow”, class music compliment all the way!

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